Friday, August 31, 2018

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Tell Zinke: Hands Off the Endangered Species Act
In the latest assault on the Endangered Species Act, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has proposed radical changes that would gut the law, driving imperiled animals and plants closer to extinction.

The changes would weaken protections for hundreds of endangered animals and plants and the places they live, putting polar bears, borderlands jaguars and other species in even deeper peril than they already face. And hundreds of other species waiting for the Act's protection — like monarch butterflies — would face existence-threatening delays or be denied safeguards altogether.

Please: Take a moment now to speak up for vulnerable plants and animals. Tell the Interior Department to immediately withdraw its disastrous proposals.
In Defense of Animals
Save the Endangered Species Act. In July, Republicans in Congress introduced a series of bills intended to gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA). These bills are the latest of over 300 legislative attacks directed at the ESA since 2011. These legislative attacks are coming at a time when, unfortunately, the Interior Department itself is proposing drastic changes to the ESA, including provisions that would make developing of infrastructure such as pipelines easier in key wildlife habitat. We can't let this happen! TAKE ACTION

It's a one-two punch that packs deadly intent. First, Republicans in Congress snuck riders that would harm the Endangered Species Act into must-pass bills. Now, the Interior Department, led by Trump-appointed Ryan Zinke, has proposed radical changes that would gut the Act and drive imperiled animals and plants closer to extinction.

Together these actions represent the worst onslaught the Act has ever faced.

The Interior Department's proposed changes would weaken protections for hundreds of endangered animals and plants and the places they live, putting polar bears, borderlands jaguars and other species in even deeper peril than they already face.

The proposed changes would also mean that hundreds of other at-risk species waiting to be granted protection under the Act — like the monarch butterfly — would face existence-threatening delays or be denied the safeguards they deserve.

Will you speak up for wildlife? Tell the Interior Department to immediately withdraw its disastrous proposals.

During the past year and a half, the Trump administration and Congress have launched over a hundred attacks on the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the bedrock law that protects imperiled animal species and their habitats.
On July 19, the Trump administration dealt the latest body blow to the ESA and vulnerable wildlife by proposing the biggest rollback to the law by any administration in decades. The proposed changes would weaken the ESA regulations by making it harder to secure federal protections for endangered and threatened species, while also making it easier to remove species from the protections of the ESA. These species—bald eagle, grizzly bear, and southern sea otter—are here today due to the protections of the ESA. The Humane Society Legislative Fund is at the forefront of this battle, but we need your help. Please support our work by voicing your opposition to this proposed rule.
Here is a sample comment:
The proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act regulations by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service would weaken the ESA regulations by making it harder to secure and maintain federal protections for imperiled species. The FWS and NMFS should keep the existing ESA protections to save threatened and endangered animals from extinction.

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The ESA is essential to the protection of animals, and we’re doing our best to turn back threats to its integrity and efficacy. And so can you.
church used live animals

Church Treated Lion, Ram, and Other Live Animals Like Props During Sermon

The animals came from Hollywild Animal Park, an exhibitor that was cited for failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care. 

Tell this church to extend compassion and mercy to all members of creation by leaving animals out of its future events.

The Islamabad Zoo Has a Horrible History of Animal Cruelty and Negligence. Demand Better Treatment for These Animals.
Earlier this month, a wolf got into the deer enclosure at the Islamabad Zoo. The predator attacked the herd, and killed five helpless deer. A staff member at the zoo was forced to take matters into their own hands and shoot the wolf dead to stop it from hurting any more deer.

Sadly, this not the first time that animals have been mistreated at the Islamabad Zoo. 

Visitors have repeatedly reported that animals look lethargic, and many suffer from untreated injuries. Poor animals can be seen weaving back and forth in their enclosures — a tell-tale sign of "zoochosis," a mental illness for animals in captivity. 

We must come together as an international community to stand up for these animals. Let's start by getting proper animal welfare laws for animals in captivity in Pakistan. 

ASPCA Advocacy Pigs Need Your Voice Again! Tell the USDA to Drop Inhumane Rule

Earlier this year we asked you to oppose an inhumane proposal that increased slaughter speeds for pigs. Now new evidence has emerged of lines running so fast that pigs being are butchered while still conscious. We need your help again to stop the USDA from finalizing this rule.

Paulina Rubio Learns the Hard Way: Hot Cars Can Be Deadly for Dogs
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 
Paulina Rubio helps dogs

WATCH AND SHARE: If You See a Dog Locked Inside a Hot Car, Take Action. Singer and actor Paulina Rubio teamed up with PETA Latino to make a video about the dangers that dogs face when they're left in a hot car, even for "just a minute."

Interview with Raj Patel at IAWS 2018
FOUR PAWS International 
Hens Slammed against Metal Boxes, Gassed inside of Them
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

Thousands of Hens Found Dead, Beaten, Gassed, and Neglected at Kroger Egg Supplier. A PETA eyewitness investigation revealed that tens of thousands of hens were roughly yanked out of their cages, slammed against metal boxes, stuffed into those boxes, and then crudely gassed with carbon dioxide—an acidic gas that can cause extreme pain. Urge Kroger to reconsider its relationship with this supplier.

In Defense of Animals
Call Out Judge Who Failed to Deliver Justice to Habitual Animal Abuser. Three-time animal abuser Charoyd Henrence Bell is infamous for his horrific acts of animal cruelty. Bell was found guilty of fighting dogs who had been stolen from their family homes and mutilated, but Mississippi Sixth District Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders gave him just 14 months jail time. Tell this judge that animal abusers like Bell must be punished to the fullest extent of the law! TAKE ACTION

In Defense of Animals
Wild Horse Foals Run to Death by BLM Helicopters! The Bureau of Land Management is murdering young foals and older horses in its terrifying helicopter roundups in the West. Terror-stricken wild horses are "accidentally" chased into barbed wire fences and young foals are literally run to death. We must demand that our legislators put a stop to this! TAKE ACTION
Revelator: The Lion-bone Trade


As if Trump letting trophy-hunters import dead lions weren't stomach-turning enough, there's something else just as disturbing going on behind the scenes.

As The Revelator reports, South Africa has 200-plus "lion farms" that raise the big cats to be shot by gun-toting tourists. The lions' heads and skins become hunters' "trophies," while their skeletons are legally exported to Asia, where the bones are ground down to be used as "medicine" or as a wine component. How will this trade impact lions in the wild? Get the grisly details.

Brews for Bears
Brews for Bears: A Nationwide Call to Halt the Griz Hunt
Bear lovers nationwide this week turned up the heat on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, calling for more protections for Yellowstone's grizzlies — and to stop hunts planned next month in Wyoming and Idaho.

A huge thanks to those who showed up to more than 40 events on Tuesday as part of "Brews for Bears," a national day of action organized by the Center's Ignite Change. We're working to stop grizzly trophy hunting this fall for more than 20 bears that wander out of Yellowstone National Park.

We're also putting up billboards opposing the hunt and will have activists in Yellowstone later this month urging visitors to get involved.

Learn more.

Win for Oregon's Plush-furred Humboldt Martens

Humboldt marten

Following a petition by the Center and allies, Oregon's wildlife agency must draft rules to safeguard the state's remaining Humboldt martens from trapping. Only about 200 of these forest carnivores survive in the state.

Humboldt martens are under review for federal and state Endangered Species Act protections, but until now Oregon allowed trapping for their gorgeous fur.

"We're so glad Oregon's tiny, fragile Humboldt marten populations will be protected from trapping," said the Center's Noah Greenwald. Read more.

Suit Launched Over Pesticides in National Wildlife Refuges
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has abruptly reversed a ban on the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides and genetically modified, pesticide-resistant crops on national wildlife refuges.

The decision was made without assessing potential harm to protected species that live in refuges. That assessment is required by the Endangered Species Act — so the Center and allies filed a notice of intent to sue Wednesday.

"It's shameful that the Trump administration is promoting greater use of highly toxic agricultural pesticides on wildlife refuges," said the Center's Hannah Connor. "These special places were set aside to protect America's wildlife, not to protect agriculture practices that rely on dangerous pesticides known to harm animals."

Read more in our press release.
Please join me for Mercy For Animals’ fourth annual Hidden Heroes Gala! With an amazing celebrity honorary committee and some of the best and brightest animal advocates in attendance, the gala is a celebration of our courageous undercover investigators and those who support their work.

Held at the historic Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15, 2018, this life-changing black-tie event will inspire you. You will enjoy an outdoor reception, a gourmet vegan dinner, a star-studded awards show, and an amazing after-party under the stars!

You will also have the opportunity to mix and mingle with MFA staff, former investigators, and celebrity guests, including Moby, Carrie Ann Inaba, Joaquin Phoenix, and Evanna Lynch.
Your support of the Hidden Heroes Gala will help us secure the future success of MFA’s work, empowering us to help more farmed animals across the United States and around the world.

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