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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

GLOW, Southern Charm: Savannah, Ashton Kutcher, Jared Kushner speaks, Justin Bobby, Rough Night, The Hills, Donald Trump, Chelsea, Jarrod Carmichael, Talk, Tell, Tackle, Howard Stern, Robin Quivers...

I am watching Friday night's Chelsea. Have I ever mentioned her dog and how the dog hangs out on stage? I love that and Selma Hayak is on now.

I just dazed off because I started to have a conversation with someone on IM about The Hills. I just finished watching the last three seasons. I never saw the last couple seasons and man oh man what a dandy of show.

I have so many questions about them.

Justin Bobby is actually a decent drummer. Where the hell did that come from? I just like saying Justin Bobby. Lo gets such props for coming with one of the best nicknames in the history of television. Justin Bobby. Justin Bobby. I wonder what the hell he is doing today? He should drum. I am telling you he is a sick drummer. I hate to say it but Justin Bobby is good a lot of things. Like surfing. He is a solid surfer and again, a totally solid drummer. I wonder when the show ended. What year did it end? I am assuming it ended like 7 years ago at least.

And, so wait a second, the last scene was them on a studio lot? What was that all about and where or how do I find out what they are all up to day?

Like Lo whom I mentioned here already. What is she doing today? And Whitney. She left to go to Willamina or some high end fashion place I should say (not an agency). I like that girl. She is gonna be something in the broad scheme of life. And, of course what about Audrina? What could that girl be possibly doing to make a living today?

I am very sorry that i am hashing this all out in my head and then in turn in writing here because now that I think of it, Heidi and/or Spencer and the sister were on this wilderness show and I seem to remember that Spencer lost it. That was however, where I first saw whichever one of their sisters when they were all on that wilderness reality TV show. But then aside from me used to seeing what they did from watching Talk Soup, Joel McHale's old show, I cannot even begin to know what any of these people are up to today.

And, honestly, I am not even looking but if anyone wants to tell me where they are today, please do.

I know that Kristin Cavalieri is married to Jay Cutler. Where are they living today? Is Cutler even playing any more in the NFL?

And, most of all, what is Lauren doing today? Oh, someone just told me that she has a clothing and jewelry line. Maybe it is one or the other but that sounds a bit familiar.

I feel like I have seen Frankie's name lately or who knows, I assume that Brody is on the Kardashians or on Caitlin's reality shows. I have never seen any of those shows.

Audrinas new place on the beach is sick. That has to be a 2 to 4 million dollar house and so again, how does she pull in that kind of money to get that place? Her especially I have not seen since whenever this show was on. Joel McHale would poke fun of her and so I just assumed she was a total dumb ass. I don't think she is the most worldly of women, however, she does have some socio smarts if that is a real sentence. What I mean is that she is sincere which I love. But her draw and delivery is very slow which I think if you parse or edit a conversation with her and anyone else, it could come off as her not being the brightest bulb in the bush. However and again, when you see her in action, she knows her shit.

But more notably and because I had no recollection of some of the secondary characters, is where is that chick Stacie today? She was pivotal and on the shows a lot more than I ever knew. I also forgot about Jayde. What could these people be doing in real life today? Especially Jayde.

I just found out via IM that Audrina is married to that Australian guy. They have a kid.
Image result for the hills
Regardless of The Hills, I wish I cared more about the migrant and immigration issue because Chelsea has a segment on it. I am sure its good but Jarrod Carmichael is on now. I love him. His show is amazing and you would know him from Neighbors maybe but again, he is very funny and he is very smart. I am hearing how Universal wants to pull one of his episodes about gun safety. Actually, that episode if more about mass shootings. Why would Universal / NBC not air that type of an episode? He is criticizing NBC for pulling the so called mass-shooting Episode.

Oh. I see what is up rationale wise, the episode would have been broadcast on Wednesday night — the same day that Steve Scalise, along with three others were shot while practicing for a congressional baseball game by that asshole down on Alexandria, Va.

I have to hope they will air it during a week when we did not have a random mass-shooting happen to us.

It is Saturday night and I am watching movies tonight. I want to see 'Once Upon a Time in Venice' which I will watch and i am gonna watch 'Dudes and Dragons'.

I'll let you know how they are because I am wasting time until this Chelsea segment with Jarrod ends.

Is it Trump's Birthday soon? Chelsea is dressed as Marylin singing Happy Bday with some funny Trump blurbs (covfefe, chocolate cake, etc.) intermingled in between lines. That was great. Actually, here its is. They posted it at YouTube:
Both of those movies I saw over the weekend sucked BTW.

I just heard Jared Kushner speak. Wow. That is the first time I have ever heard him speak and honestly, I have no clue what he is talking about here.

I assume it is about him hiring lawyers which who cares, I just saw on the monitors at the gym that the kid that came back from North Korea in a coma died. That is fucking heartbreaking.

Anyway, that Jon Osoff election on Tuesday. He needs to win it but I know he won't. He had that chance in the initial election and he could not get over that 50% mark. One on one in that district probably will not work and there will be no room for error. Every gerrymandered section will have to meet expectations or he will not win. And, conversely, it will be a blow if the Dem's lose it at this point and no matter if it is considered to be a red district if you will.

Oh jeez. This Savannah Southern Charm has seriously kicked into gear. I love Hannah and I decided tonight that I love her future husband. I love Catherine and Lyle too and what was said between Hannah's dad and her boyfriend was just priceless. Wait the hell until he see's that segment. That is is what you would call a quintessential sloppy drunk guy. That guy that talks to you all close when all you smell is liquor. He was a complete mess. And, what he was saying about her mother was awful.

This Ashley chick from Southern Charm Savannah is a tool. She is just a drama queen and the funniest thing was how she was sitting on the couch while they were talking all lovey-dovey being totally drunk as she just threw up all over herself. That was amazing. I have never actually seen that before where somebody just threw up all over herself while staring directly at someone while they are speaking to them until now. Let alone a girl. She is also in the oddest marriage relationship ever.

By the way, Willie Geist is on Andy Cohen's Show tonight with Kathryn Dennis of all people.

Speaking of Southern Charm in Charleston now, I'm not really sure what to make of tonight's episode. I will tell you though that Chelsea chick is really hot. I am not sure what I was getting at here because the real story is Craig and his girlfriend. They are going to end. That is a bad relationship right now. I want to like the girl because I think she's astute and I do see how she does pick up on dumb situations but at the same time, she does not handle Craig well at all. It is hard to watch and you know why? I think I acted that way back in the 90s. Regardless of me being an idiot when it comes to my old relationships, she needs to either embrace him or she very much needs to get rid of the relationship. I think Craig is an idiot when it comes to self awareness and him being tactful (or lack there of), however, I will give him that fact that he is indeed a great-looking guy. He's got his law degree and so now he just needs to pass the bar if he even wants to become a lawyer. I could see how someone would take a chance to buy into this future. But he is coming off stupid trying to be the person to bring others together friendship wise, when he should not even be nearly involved in it.

I'm watching Willie Geist and Kathryn Dennis on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen. One of the questions on Watch What Happens is why did Kathryn order a margarita and I was kind taken back by that too. I just think it's a little too soon and I don't know if I would have done it in that environment. If it were at the time I stopped partying, I would not have opt myself in that situation but then again and remember too, it was a year since she started rehab. I just do NOT want her to have anything hanging over her head right now. I want her to do well in life. I pray she does not lose it ever again, let alone on TV. 

I really think Kathryn Dennis is smoking hot. Katherine looks great in those model pictures and especially that one with the kid when the bubbles were in the air. That was a really good shot. She kind of reminds me of Natalie Merchant. Not Natalie Merchant. What am I saying here? Natalie Crescent. Natalie Cressman (sorry, the voice recognition is not picking up what I want to say). CRESSMAN. Or chain saw or hacksaw or I forget what her dad's name was but did you ever hear that weird story about how I actually thought that woman was like my age? This was a few years ago but for some reason I had thought I had seen her in New Orleans or wherever back before she was born I think. I'm not sure where I thought I knew her from (setting TAB aside of course) or what I thought I knew her from but I think it had something to do with her nickname (hacksaw or chainsaw). And then I found out like two months ago that she's like half my age which I know is neither here nor there except to say how great of a testament is to her playing. I definitely thought she was a seasoned veteran for like decades now and again, I think she was born in like 1994. I thought I saw her play live at Jazzfest in like 1998 which would have been quite a thing being two years old.

Her sound that I love so much is that quintessential NOLA style. I have only heard her new stuff at her live show last month. Most of her new songs I think have vocals which I did not even know she sung. I know that we tried to get songs placed over the last few years but I was not a part of that effort. And, nothing came of it although we did get some other jazz tune placed on the Vice Network.

And so who are they talking about that's getting married or something they're saying where they're both going? That went over my head or by me.

How dare him (Andy Cohen) ever say that about Joe talking over other people. Morning Joe is by far the best show on television.

Andy Cohen just hiccup'ed right at the point when Kathryn said that Craig and his girlfriend were going to make it. 

Someone just called in to ask if Willie got an engagement present for Mika and Joe. I cannot believe how many people are wanting to know about their relationship. It's really weird. 

A woman from Maine really drowned a raccoon with her bare hands? I'll have to find that one for the Animal Welfare report but anyway this is a weird segment. Andy is twirling around in his seat and I didn't really understand what was going on here.

Both me and Willie literally said 'ewe' at the very same time we saw those two people making out with the hand on the neck.

It's time for me to watch Veep. I'm hoping to fall asleep because last night I woke up at 4:08 and I started working at that time. Even though I got more work done in some regards, I did not finish everything on my to do list. It was productive in one sense but yet I didn't get everything checked off so you know how it is, I'll have to get back caught up in the AM tomorrow.

I forget what the hell happened in the last couple weeks on Veep. I do remember getting annoyed by Hugh Laurie's character but I forget what happened last week. This dynamic between Julia Louis-Dreyfus character which I guess is the Veep and the daughter and the daughter's girlfriend is the best. That comment about whether she has a penis or not cracked me the hell up. 

I don't know what to make of Donald Trump and I know I have said that same sentence at least 14 times in the last two years. He is one of the oddest guys on the planet. Did you hear what he said with the head of Panama about the Panama Canal? He was saying how the Panama Canal is working great almost insinuating that he did it and then the leader of Panama responded thank god by saying it was built 100 years ago. Trump is just really weird and I don't think he knows much or maybe he acts that way because he has anything to say. And so he falls back on these odd comments that really make no sense. He does that a lot. 

Okay. Below Deck is on now. They literally pick up right where they left off last week when the chef guy left the dinner and with Malia going back after him. I guess that was nice but that is sending a loud message to not only everyone else, but also right at Wes. That sucks for Wes. When Malia got back to the yacht, the chef guy made drinks for them which broke the ice (no pun meant). She did make a funny joke asking if there were onions in it but what is really hilarious on that boat, is that dude Max. Holy shit is he funny. For two weeks now. I didn't even know the guy's name before last week and now all of a sudden he is just cracking me up again this week. And, what would be a discussion about Below Deck anywhere when Hannah is on the show/yacht, without us mentioning her incredible body. And notably her chest. She shows it off which is why it has to get noticed and mentioned by me every week, but setting that body of hers aside, she does create a lot of drama. I wish she would lay off Bugs already.

I also wish Malia did not like that Chef guy. It weirds me out watching them. 

And, what just happened is exactly why I love Hannah outside of her body type. She just referred to somebody as Plastic Fantastic which was perfect and the way she deals is in a serious way which makes it even more funny.

In politics today, it looks like both races in South Carolina and in Georgia accordingly are both going to the Republicans. That was a lot of running around to get nowhere fast and like I alluded to this week, that is a definite blow to the Democratic Party. They cannot win.

I guess I'll watch The Challenge before I fall asleep.

You know what I never addressed after all these weeks and I thought of in the first episode of The Challenge is that I definitely like Victor Cruz. He is the host of the show and I know that he ain't no TJ but I would say that he knows that too. I knew nothing about Victor Cruz and I like the guy a lot. He's doing well on this Challenge. He intervenes at great times but at first it took some getting used to. I also know that it's got to be sort of hard for him but he does well fitting in.

You know who I really like besides Lolo and of course that blond snowboarder, is that football player that I never heard of before this Challenge Pros vs Champs started. Cameron his name is but it may be Kamerin with a K. He seems really nice.

I don't know why people throwing up lately makes me laugh, it is again this week's challenge. Oh my God. Kam throwing up almost made me throw up. I gagged. That was gnarly to watch. The producers and editors did the replay in slow motion. This long gross saliva string is dangling 14 inches down from his lip and its ever so lightly swaying in the wind as he turns his head.


The Champs are also puking up a storm. You know something? I have no clue what they are even eating. It is an array of things but I do not think it is horses guts or gross things. I think it is just food that is hard to eat. Let alone keep down. Like I think they are drinking lots of milk unless it is some weird kind of milk.

No puking will be even be close to the one on this week's Southern Charm Savannah. That woman was just gazing as if she was listening to what Hannah was saying and out of nowhere and without notice, she yack's up this white fluid stuff all over her body. And, all over Hannah's parents couch though I think the blankets got the puke. There was no better throw up. She has this stone face glassy eyed stare and then boom, she pukes on herself.

I'll never forget the time I basically yakked on someones amp right at the edge of the stage. He didn't notice it though but one person did. It was actually funny because it became an ongoing joke with my friends at that time. 

Ashton Kutcher is on the Howard Stern Show. It's a great interview. I'm getting the most insight and information about Aston Kutcher by far that ever knew about that guy. I kind of liked him. He was on Bill Maher's show like 3 to 5 years ago or maybe further back and I remember being impressed that he was ballzy enuff to do that show. And, he came off very well that night. I followed him since then. I have to admit though that I totally forgot about him being in Two and a Half Men and I saw everyone of his episodes. I just forgot about him taking that lead role. I honestly forgot about Punk'd. I never watched Punk'd. I have seen a few minutes of some of his antics and I also think they reviewed them also on Talk Soup with Joel McHale. I forgot about a lot of what he did however, I did yoga next to one of his acting mates from Dude Where's My Car one time at Maha Yoga in Marina del Rey or not Marina Del Rey. In the Pacific Palisades. Maybe Santa Monica. I forget technically where it is or was and I have not been there since 2007.

I'm now watching Rough Night. It is so bad that I can't even believe it. I thought it was a Nicholas Stoller film and there's no way it is because the editing is so awful and honestly there's no story line here. It's just an attempt at exploiting partying and an attempt at Sisters meets Neighbors meets Bridesmaids but nothing in it is even close to those films. I did laugh out loud at two jokes so far and I'm not even halfway through it but I was expecting so much more from these actors. I wonder who wrote it and who is the Director and Producers.

The dialogue is just downright awful in this film.

Besides, where do you go after you kill someone accidentally by knocking them over onto a fireplace made of stone? There is blood all over the place. The reaction to the death is very odd and just not funny. So far I think the only saving grace is the girl from Broad Street or broad something on Comedy Central. It is called Broad City on Comedy Central. She's actually quite good. She's going to be a star. She's already a star but you know what I mean.

Scarlett Johansson's character is just ridiculous and the other funny girl that was also in the Night Before movie with the Broad City girl is just falling flat on her face with these horrible one liners. I am in shock right now. I was psyched for a second to see the storyline change back to the men doing the wine tasting but that was short-lived because it was like a 30-second scene before they went back to the girls frantically going crazy around a hotel room before they even killed some guy. I thought maybe they were going to intertwine a storyline between the men and the women. I'm assuming the men are going to head down to Miami. 

Why would Kate McKinnon do this phony Australian accent? I'm not saying her Australian accent is bad per se but I'm just thinking it's a waste of her talent.

I am also so confused because the girl from Broad City and then the pseudo black girl all of a sudden came driving up in the driveway in a taxi cab but I don't even remember why or if they left the house in the first place. They're using a lot of that slow-motion crap of them walking down a street which is not funny. And, they use it 88 times which is a waste that shows you have nothing to say if you keep falling back on slow motion. Do not get me wrong. It is effective in some scenes in certain films. But in moderation please.

You know what I hate to say? I'm wondering if Kate McKinnon can transcend from the Saturday Night Live skits to major motion films because she's literally acting the same way she did in Ghostbusters.

Alright, that storyline I said with the men turns out to be nonsense banter dialogue that is awful. They also do that slow motion thing with them too for gods sakes. 

Howard is a crack up while talking about John Wick 2. Robin happened to also watch it last night. He is wondering why John Wick goes around killing people but in John Wick 2, I am pretty sure those people are after him. I am pretty sure that he is defending himself and so in essence he has to kill all those people. The next one is set up in the same way where it ends with whomever being still after him as John Wick walks away in the final scene of this John Wick 2. John Wick 2 basically had no resolve.

Did you see the Trump speech at that rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? He made a lot of claims in that speech last night and as Mika just said, he told a lot of lies in that speech. The three hotties behind Trump was good to see. I could only really see two of them but you know how it is with young girls, the hot ones hang together.

Like remember when he said that his pipelines for the Dakota and for the Keystone were to have steel made in America. They are made in Russia or maybe it is China. Yet he repeated that lie about them being made in America again last night.

He said last night to those people in Iowa that he himself signed hundreds of billions of dollars worth of deals with middle east countries when many of them were done by Barack Obama. And, many others are still preliminary needing further negotiations.

He then said something about this incredible brand new coal mine that opened up last week in Pennsylvania for the first time in decades when it happened last spring, and again, under the Obama administration.

Trump went on to talk about someone building these studios for the likes of CNN and while saying that sentence that made no sense, he said they (CNN) turned off their camera's live feed. That was not even remotely true but then again, he has used that odd tactic during his campaign. Regardless, no one turned off any camera which all news outlets aired everything in real time and live.

He also said that homeowners are starting to build again when it is realistically at bad point hitting an eight-month low.

He then lied about some new legislation being enacted soon stating that we won't allow immigrants to collect welfare for five years. However, those laws already exist.

He said that he could also give us stats. He could tell stories. He could show us reports while providing more stats and that he could go on all day showing us the catastrophe the Paris Climate deal calling that deal NOT non binding when it is non binding. There are no penalties if the U.S. pulled out in any ways.

Just when I thought things could not get more odd with regard to this POTUS, he is now almost insinuating that him lying about there being recordings of meetings with him and former FBI head, James Comey, was done to make sure he (Comey) stayed honest. That interviewer feeds into it calling him brilliant for that move.
This is a cross between that kiss ass fest of a meeting he had when his cabinet members said how it was the best thing in the history of life to be able to work with Trump coupled with this odd rationale about why he lied about their being tapes.

I just re watched it again and I am realizing it was for an interview on Fox and Friends. I thought it was Kellyann Conway (it was someone from Fox News) and I thought Trump released it conveniently because he wanted to say what he said about there being no tapes. Even though it is a another kiss ass fest and even though I would bet Trump put her up to it, it is not as horrible of him releasing that kiss ass meeting he had with the cabinet members. This is up there though. The fact that it is an interview saves it a bit but not really. It hardly does. It is still odd behavior.

This week's Chelsea's show is on again. I like it when having nothing to do watch on a given day, and then I remember that I have not watched the latest Chelsea show. That has happened every week since I started watching her new shows on Netflix. I do get psyched.

That is the beauty of Netflix I suppose. At the same time, I wish they would email us when something we want to know has a new episode. They tell you when you login but you need to remember to actually login to get that message. And, I think you have to add it to favorites in the first place to get the alert.

The dog just got up for a split second. She settled in but I have not seen her move till now. I mean aside from her following her mom around out from backstage. Who is this woman on the show now? I recognize her and whatever show or movie she is promoting has that girl from Orange is The New Black. The one that got killed and written off last season and the premise for why the riot and prison takeover in this season. OH. It is Elisabeth Moss. She has been a lot of stuff I have seen. The first time I ever saw her was when she was the daughter of the POTUS in West Wing. She is a good actor. I have no clue what she has been lately but she was also in Get me to The Greek. Which is a movie I love. I just watched that recently. Sean 'Puffy' Combs stole the show in that film.

I can't figure out what is happening here with Chelsea speaking with some Asian guy in her backyard. Not that I know it is her backyard but I am guessing. I think it is her backyard. They are set at a fire pit and he said something about them being in Bel Aire. Who is this guy? And, what is the realm of this conversation? They are discussing Asian stereotypes.

Janet Mock is now on the show. The first time I ever saw her was on that Melissa Harris Perry show years ago and I totally made a comment on her forum about how hot this woman is on her show. That girl was Janet Mock.

This skit at the Gracie center is hilarious. I am losing it. Talk, Tell, Tackle.

OMG. I was just watching GLOW on Netflix (I saw the first three episodes so far) and the girls from it are also on Chelsea. I honestly remember when GLOW was on TV for real and when it was a thing in our society. Was it the 80's? I thought 70's but maybe it was when I was in high school. That makes sense. There was that one heavy lady in the real GLOW but it was always the worst production. And, there were maybe 4 rows of people at the show. If that many rows. It was so fake too.

I agree about Jenji Cohen. She has very specific styles of production and everything she does somehow works. I say somehow because her subjects and story lines and I mean the overall premises of every one of her productions are so unique. And, cutting edge. Alison Brie though is by far one of my favorite comedic actors today and I guess over the last however many years or since I initially saw her in Community. Another Joel McHale reference. I have then seen most of her work since. She is a great sport and is behind a lot of great humor.

Wait a second. Eddie Guerrero's brother (Chava) coordinated the wrestling moves on GLOW? That is great even though it is extremely random unless he (Chava) does that for a living. Maybe he works with WWE people to get their chops like a lot of old wrestling stars do now. He tried to deal in the WWE but he never quite made it longevity wise. He had a decent run. I was not really watching wrestling at that time though I remember him a little bit. I seems to think he won something big after eddie dies but that was obviously gratuitous. And, I am almost positive that him and Eddie were tag team champs.

Anyway, I have breakfast with my dad in the AM tomorrow on Sunday and then I have the Dead & Co. in Camden, New Jersey at night. I am sure I will have something to say about it next week.