Saturday, July 29, 2017

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It is Friday now. This has been another awful week for the POTUS and for his administration. The dysfunction, tension and the infighting is just a hot mess. Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore and nothing had ceased to amaze me many times.

The new head of the communications department, Anthony Scaramucci, sent out a tweet basically saying that Reince Priebus is leaking something that mind you, is public information but setting that minor issue aside, he called him out for leaking that (public) information. I am pretty sure he accused him of a crime because he cc'ed the DOC. It was pretty weird.

Not as weird as our President's speech to the Boy Scouts of America. That was astonishing to see this week. The head of the Boy Scouts sent out a press release denouncing that speech saying in so many words how it was unprecedented and unusual. I want to know who was cheering. There were cheers and applause after him going down that checklist of greatest hits of things to say at a Trump rally. My point is that it was indeed like a normal every day Trump rally but it was supposed to be the Boy Scout kids. I can safely say that considering the content in that speech, that it was not kids in the Boy Scouts cheering like mad after every applause line.

There was also some tirade with some very descriptive language by Anthony Scaramucci in a New Yorker article released yesterday. I think that I heard this is the second time ever that the New Yorker had to use curse words in an article since they started the magazine. It was quite an interview. The spin by the admin is that sometimes he uses "colorful language." They also are somehow trying to bring back up Hillary Clinton which is a go to thing they do when more turmoil hits them. I am pretty sure this colorful language included words like 'cock' and I guess I can find it. I'll post a link of it leak at least (click the pic).
The most intense thing was John McCain and how he waltzed onto the Senate floor to vote 'no' on that new health care bill. That was unreal because I was told that he was "leaving his care for his ailments just to vote for people to lose their health insurance". People were pissed at him and it was verbalized to me in a very harsh way. I was surprised how people thought about him leaving his care to fly back to do the vote. I heard that a few times this week. So, to see that was pretty astonishing. It was quite a spectacle on that Senate floor. You can watch him go from Vice President Pence over to Diane Feinstein and Amy Klobuchar and I forget what other Democrats he went over to discuss the specific issue in that bill. There was someone else in that mini circle and also, Senator Schumer was at the desk bent over to hear what McCain had to say. McCain then left the room with Pence. I think it was to go to talk to the POTUS. When he came back and was called to the podium for him to vote, no one knew really what he was going to do. He put his thumbs down saying 'No'. There were gasps and a slight applause afterward. And, this was all done at like 230AM BTW. This was all happening in the middle of the night. It was crazy.

Now, by not having an ability to pass a bill is just monumental but what is really monumental is how the GOP did not stop talking about replacing Obamacre for the last 8 years. And, it was platform point number one on the campaign trail for the last two years. Yet, they have not been able to come up with any way to repeal and replace it? They have nothing to replace it with? That really says it all about that GOP. They will say and do anything to win. Now they are left hung out to dry because there is absolutely no leadership. Even the POTUS has no ability to do anything. And, they control all three branches of the Government.

Both major parties are a hot mess.

Anyway, the Baker's Dozen run of shows have been exceptional this week. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were great from beginning to end whereas I felt the other three shows had elements of greatness but I also found elements of them not being on it flow wise from beginning to end. This week's shows though, there were no down times. I thought Sunday's show was headed in that direction of being on from the first note of music until the last one after the encore. It just petered out for me and I am a fan of 'Wading for the Velvet Sea'. I am just not into seeing 'Miss You' into 'Boogie On Reggae Woman' that has that one level of playing, into the likes of Wading to end a 2nd set. I was half asleep. Take no offense please because the set one part of the show was one of favorites so far and before Tuesday and Wednesday's shows which I loved the best so far.

I will tell you though that I am very psyched to have days off from shows this weekend. I'll go Saturday. I'll also go of course to the show on Jerry's Birthday and then I am set up for the next show on Wed. too. I will also no doubt be at the last show. 

It has been a long two weeks which I love, but now that it is gone, I cannot believe July is about to end. 
Jul. 23rd 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Sunday Morning
Axilla I
Your Pet Cat
Back On The Train
How Many People Are You?
Theme From The Bottom
It's Ice

Wolfman's Brother
Miss You
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Wading In The Velvet Sea

Sweet Jane
This was a wild show. I could not wait to assess what what went on all night after the show. They did not disappoint. The jams were all at a high level. There was no meandering to speak of and no noodling and the jams had great ups and downs but the downs if you will were almost like a way to take a quick breather so they could jump back up to this huge level of playing. 

They not only jammed out the likes of 'Lawn Boy', they also went back into it as part of the 'Julius' encore. 

Now I got why they did this monster jam after 'Wombat' last week in Pittsburgh. Now I get why. It was to practice how to come out of any type of a song into a monster jam session. Lawn Boy was the epitome of that. I thought a jammed out 'Wombat' was insane until they out did themselves tonight. It was almost like the verses were them revving up and then boom, they just went to level of playing that was just so high. 

I confirmed that too by listening to the show this AM already from beginning to end. The 'Crosseyed and Painless' was like 30 minutes long with that thing I describe where in the middle they took it way down and the next thing you know we are just back up to that high level I keep saying.

My point is having jam night could have really sucked. Remember Big Cypress? Do not get me wrong, that was such an unreasonable but amazing concept to play the first 7 hours of the year before the true new millennium but there was lots of going nowhere during those hours overnight.

Speaking of Pictures of Nectar and Julius being played tonight. Why is Katy Tur throwing out Phish references because when she did the Pictures Of Nectar thing on TV last week or whenever lately, it turned my head because it meant she knew a little bit about the band. I then get an email sent by Twitter of her saying some line in Julius today. It is kind of annoying. The point of hearing Phish references or Grateful Dead ones back in the day before 'Touch of Grey' broke, was because it was done in obscure ways. Do not get me wrong. Myself and Jake Sherman are the only ones that know what that line means anyway, but we get that Jake Sherman sees shows. So does Robert Costa. I think I saw Jason Sedakis Night 1. Regardless, what I want to know is what do you think her readers think about her saying whatever was a Picture of Nectar and then by the same token, what do her readers think "a week is month is an hour a day" means in real life? Besides, there is no way she has ever been to a show and so she is exploiting it which cheapens it. 

Anyway, here is that set list. I thought they did three songs in one of the sets because I forgot about some songs played last night. 

Like I said, I walked out asking myself, 'what just happened?' 

I also wonder what a first timer would think about this show if they attended it. They jams were at a high level that they could have feasibly been into it. I guess it hit or miss.

Sample in a Jar
Lawn Boy
My Friend, My Friend
Bathtub Gin

Crosseyed and Painless
Makisupa Policeman
End of Session

Lawn Boy

We spent the day in Central Park. In all the years I lived here in NYC, and I guess whenever I went to Central Park, I went to the same places every time. 

I had no clue there was all of this stuff going on at Central Park and we walked a few miles today. But we still only walked like 40% the length of the Park. I am thinking that aside from seeing music here in Central Park, and an occasional walk through it because I do remember that large grass area where people lie out and play hacky sack and Frisbee. I thought that was called 'The Mall'. I realized 'The Mall' is another area we walked through today. I never saw Strawberry Fields or the Imagine area. I never saw Alice and Wonderland and the Nature Conservatory area. I also walked through Cherry Hill and where they did the Friends opening with the Rembrandt's song playing on top of it. I never went to either of those areas or at least I don't think I ever did before in my life.
Show tonight was fun but again, I am so glad to get the hell out of New York. And, I am so glad to not do shows for a few days.
Jul. 26th 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

White Winter Hymnal
Cars Trucks Buses
My Soul
Roses Are Free
The Very Long Fuse
Yarmouth Road
Pebbles And Marbles

Carini >
Mr. Completely >
1999 >
Steam >
No Quarter
Character Zero


I watched the Challenge XXX and I forget what happened. I was half asleep but I don't think anything monumental happened this week. I do remember that Aneesa hooked up with that guy a few hours after he kissed that other cute girl. As long as CT and Bananas are still in which I know there are, that is all I care about. 

BTW, as for the redemption house, I like it because that black dude who's name I forget does not deserve to be out. He may have won or came close to winning lately. He is a strong competitor. Plus, I love that short girl from the show I never saw. She cracks me up and I kind of think she is cute. Something about her. I think it's her brashness so long as it's contained to just making fun of overall situations and not at people directly. The other two people I forget who they are and where they are from. I remember the one guy that annoys me and has no business being in a challenge that is maybe the brother of that guy that always brings up the kid card which is also annoying. 

Why does that guy bring up providing for his kids? The challenge is not the cavemen days. You can provide for your family if you will, in so many ways this day and age. Being on the Challenge is a gift. And, it looks fun as hell. I get that it is career. And, it should be. But, come on, it is implied with regard to the game of life if you are a part of a married family with kids, that you deal. 

As for the girls BTW, no one has risen to the surface to the point where I want to root for them. Beside Kara Maria but she scares me so I have to keep my distance. I can't remember any other chix that I would be maybe into winning and as you know, I base things on how hot or their looks and then I go from there diving into their personalities.

I am really into Big Brother this season. I am also glad Cody clawed his way back into the house. There is a good power thing growing which is healthy for now. The problem though is if it becomes anything like Survivor which there are tiny elements of it in BB in general. They (Cody and Paul) are two gihugic targets. Meaning Paul and Cody of course who seem to be battling things out against each other a lot. I like them going at it vs. each other and they are both handling things pretty decently. They both have partners if you count Alex and Paul. I like that Alex rises to the occasion. She needs to combat with Jessica to even things out. Jessica is fucking smart and great at this game. She is really good at it and it sorta came outta nowhere for me. She is indeed impressive as Cody says. But it goes in waves and Alex is also smart to be hanging back even though she did win a week. What am I saying and that is the point. She dealing sweetly without seeming to be an over the top threat. You hear Jessica and Cody's name every week.

Further, I want Xmas to do well but I am not sure what is up with her. Now it comes out that she is the first female NASCAR tire changer as part of some pit crew. What am I saying here, she evidently is part of Michael Waltrip's crew. I know him and I don't even follow racing. That is as big as it gets.

And, I told you in an earlier post that she needs to stop with that Broncos busting game she did with the rodeo clown. Low and behold she busts her ankle after he basically falls on top of her out back. She can't win now. I would like to see a list of competitions and POV events ahead of time. They can't alter that later because of her broken foot. I commend her for playing. I would not even think about playing but if things get changed to events or challenges to make it conducive for her to play, that would not be cool. However, if she does make it to the end, that would be sick. And, I am rooting for her. I just don't think she has a chance to win with a broken foot and a cast on it. I don't even think she can do anything involved with going in the water. 

Anyway, I am rooting for her but I have a lot of energy invested in this Cody, Jessica and Paul (and Alex) dynamic. It's a great level of competition. Cody is a machine and Paul is a scrapper. Jessica is great and like I said, very, very smart and Alex is also very smart but way lower keyed than Jessica (although remember that could be the editing about who gets shown more than others). Mark and that grey haired guy are disappointing on every level so far. They should win or come close to winning and they are never even close to winning a thing. They have a horrible social game. They are very easy to figure out. And, you cannot believe their words. 

Below Deck: Mediterranean was pretty good this week. They have swingers on the boat that will lead into next week's episode. The thing that grosses me out again is Hannah and the Chef guy Adam hooking up. I have said this 88 times because I get that I am not into guys per se, but I can appreciate a good looking guy. Especially in the sense that it would be amazing to be that great looking where you did not have to make any effort to meet women. I get that big time and I just don't see it with this Adam guy. He has cool eyes but here is my issue about his eyes. Are they real? Who knows? He is a lair. We have seen that. This entire season was a farce in a sense. I can easily see him using colored contact lenses.

The chick that Wes is about to hook up with at that bar is way hot. Much hotter than Malia and anyone on that boat. Malia is OK and yeah by her admission 17 times, she is cute but at the very best she is cute. And, she may not be cute forever. I see flaws but I wonder if it's because of how her personality manifested all season is why I feel this way today. I forget if I called her hot in past posts. I doubt it because I see these things right away. And, I won't call someone hot for the sake of it or because everyone else says it. Besides, looks are relative. But ya know, I hope she did learn a lesson. She did blow off what she did as being 'whatever' when the fact is there are feelings involved. She should have thought about the other two people's feelings unless she was like dudes, "I just want this to be physical only" and she did not. Then, she was upset that they hooked up with whomever else. It is all on her. She got greedy.

I went to Philadelphia today to do some sightseeing at the Art Museum. We then drove around towards City hall and to Independence Hall and to the Liberty Bell. We also went to that copper Ben Franklin statue and the Betsy Ross House. 

I had to then do another airport run this week and I was going to head out to see Steel Pulse. But I blew it off. They won't go on till after 10PM. There is too much lull time from the time I have to leave the airport and by the time they start. There is also no opening act. The TLA expects whomever to show up and drink I suppose, while we get to listen to the music on the loudspeaker. 

Reince Priebus is out. General John Kelly is in. This Presidency and this Administration is a total mess. It is chaos at its best. I am assuming that Steve Bannon could be on the block since he was blasted in that New Yorker interview with Scaramucci. Although, they made need him to cover his base. 

Tonight is the 6th show of the Baker's Dozen run of show at the Garden in New York City. I think the donut theme is Chocolate.

Jul. 28th 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Chocolate Rain
Ass Handed
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
The Dogs
Destiny Unbound
Divided Sky
Things People Do

Have Mercy
Chalk Dust Torture
You Sexy Thing
Mercury >
You Sexy Thing
Backwards Down The Number Line
Rock and Roll

Space Oddity

I wonder if there is a new Chelsea tonight. I assume so. I am still catching up on  this week's The Carmichael Show, Pawn Stars, X-Files, Odd Mom Out. There is hardly any TV on this week. And, nothing is being recorded all weekend and until Sunday's Big Brother.

Tonight's theme is Cinnamon. I am thinking Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young or the Butthole Surfers tune, 'Pepper' with the line "cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies" would be way more obscure.

Jul. 29th 2017

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
Ya Mar
The Birds
The Line
Water In The Sky >
Train Song
I Am The Walrus


Blaze On
Twenty Years Later
Alumni Blues >
Letter To Jimmy Page
Alumni Blues
Harry Hood


Cinnamon Girl