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A Total of 154 Mass Shootings so Far in 2018, The Capital Gazette Newspaper's Office, 5 victims of the Capital Gazette shooting

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A gunman opened fire at the Capital Gazette newspaper's office in Annapolis, Maryland today, killing at least 5 people and wounding others.

Americans are facing the threat of gun violence in their everyday lives — in our churches, our movie theaters, our classrooms, our nightclubs, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces.
We're demanding action. Find an event and join us!
Capital Gazette shooting: Man with grudge kills five - TomoNews
Capital Gazette shooting: Man with grudge kills five
These are the 5 victims of the Capital Gazette shooting
Five people were killed after a gunman opened fire on the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland Thursday afternoon. The suspected gunman, a 38-year-old white man, had a long-running grudge against the Capital newspaper, and had allegedly harassed its journalists repeatedly for years prior to the incident.

According to police, four of the shooting victims were killed at the scene while a fifth person died of their injuries in the hospital a short while later. Several others were injured in the attack.

Police confirm deadly mass shooting at Maryland newspaper was ‘targeted attack’
Those who survived the incident described the scene as a “war zone,” according to The Baltimore Sun. Staffers hid beneath their desks as the gunman fired and reloaded his shotgun. Police said the suspected gunman used smoke grenades in the attack as well.

Throughout the shooting and in its direct aftermath, Capital Gazette journalists continued reporting, tweeting updates on the incident and refusing to let the attack derail them.

“I don’t know what else to do except this,” reporter Chase Cook said, working from the back of a truck across the street alongside photographer Joshua McKerrow, who had been working offsite and rushed to the scene when he heard about the shooting.

In total, five of their colleagues were killed Thursday afternoon, each one a beloved and irreplaceable member of the Capital Gazette team.

Here are their stories:

Rebecca Smith
According to her Facebook page, Smith joined the Capital Gazette in November and was responsible for maintaining the sales office operations each day.

“She was a very thoughtful person. She was kind and considerate, and willing to help when needed,” Capital Gazette advertising director Marty Padden, Smith’s boss, told The Baltimore Sun. “She seemed to really enjoy to be working in the media business.”

Smith was engaged and had one daughter. On Facebook, she described herself as a “Bonus Mom to the best kid ever.”

“This cant be real… I will ALWAYS love you, no matter what,” her fiancé wrote on his own Facebook page Thursday night. “As you used to tell me, ‘You are my human.’ No one ever put up with or attempted to make me a better person like you did. I will love you forever… To the moon and back. … I love you more. Til we meet again beautiful, til we meet again.”

Rob Hiaasen
Hiaasen had a “wryly observant writing style and his generous mentoring of young journalists assured him of roles in several newsrooms,” The Baltimore Sun’s Jean Marbella wrote Thursday evening.

“He could be deadly serious about doing investigative reporting, but he also had a soft side,” Tom Marquardt, former editor and publisher of the Capital Gazette, told the outlet. “He had a special insight into people’s lives and their character. What Rob really brought to the game was his great writing ability and sense of humor. …He was a great mentor to younger reporters.”

Hiaasen recently celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary with his wife Maria, a former journalist and current English teacher.

“He was a tall man, 6-foot-5, but he was a giant not just in stature but in character,” Maria told the Sun. “He was just the best husband. He loves words, he loves humor. …He loved journalism, he loved helping those young writers at the Gazette.”

Hiaasen leaves behind three children: Ben, 29, Samantha, 27, and Hannah, 26.

Wendi Winters
She spent the early days of her career working in fashion and public relations in New York but later migrated to journalism, moving to Maryland with her four children and establishing herself as “a prolific freelance reporter and well-known community resource.”

“My mother was a wonderful woman and a fantastic reporter,” Winters’ daughter, Winters Geimer, told the Sun. “Her life was a gift to everyone who knew her and the world will not be the same without her. We are grieving and trying to make sure all of us can be together to celebrate the life of our mother.”

On Facebook, friends and family remembered Winters as a compassionate, positive “force of nature.”

“The world is a better place because of her and it will take longer to become better because she is no longer in it,” one friend wrote beneath a photo of Winters on her daughter’s page.

John McNamara

Washington Post
 · 23h
Replying to @washingtonpost
Wendi Winters devoted more than two decades to community journalism

John McNamara

McNamara, 56, was a Capital Gazette sports reporter. Beloved by many in the industry, those who worked with him closely remembered “Mac” as a deeply intelligent writer who took on a number of responsibilities during his career.

“At a small paper like that, you have to be versatile,” former Capital Gazette sports editor Gerry Jackson, who first hired him, told The Baltimore Sun’s Andrea K. McDaniels. “He could write. He could edit. He could design pages. He was just a jack of all trades and a fantastic person.”

Barry Svrluga, a sports columnist at the Washington Post, recalled McNamara as “relentlessly kind.”

“John McNamara, who was killed today in the Annapolis shooting, was one of the first five people I met in DC sports media,” Svrluga tweeted Thursday night. “Relentlessly kind from Day One. Incredibly understated. So humble. Loved his job. This is heartbreaking.”

McNamara’s wife, Andrea Chamblee, told the Sun her husband was a “devoted,” loving spouse. “Our biggest argument was about who was lucky enough to have the other,” she said. “He was devoted to his friends and family. He was devoted to his craft and he was devoted to me.”

On Facebook, only two and a half weeks prior to his death, McNamara had posted a short review of the documentaries RBG, about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, about Fred Rogers, the late host of the beloved children’s show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. In the post, McNamara urged others to see the two films, praising their positive messages.

“In these troubled times, when the forces of darkness seem to have gained the upper hand, it’s nice to be reminded that there is still justice and kindness in the world,” he wrote.

Gerald Fischman

Capital Gazette shooting victim Gerald Fischman: Clever and quirky voice of a community newspaper 
Fischman, 61, had been working at the Capital since 1992. According to The Baltimore Sun’s Erin Cox, the editorial columnist was beloved by his colleagues for his “brilliant mind, wry wit and ‘wicked pen.'”

“For more than 25 years, Fischman was the conscience and voice of the Annapolis news organization, writing scathing, insightful and always exacting editorials about the community,” Cox wrote Thursday. “He was the guardian against libel, the arbiter of taste and a peculiar and endearing figure in a newsroom full of characters.”

Fischman’s coworkers recalled the many late nights he would spend at the paper, hammering out editorials and leaving them on their desks with sticky notes and requests for fact-checks in the morning.

“He was kind of a mysterious guy. He wasn’t social, and this was the most interaction we had with him. It was a testament to his work. We used to joke that he had them printed in mass,” former Capital Gazette reporter Joshua Stewart told the Sun.

Marquardt, the paper’s former editor and publisher, remembered the columnist, who married an opera singer late in life, as an endearing workplace character and an incredibly intelligent writer.

“He had ability that, I thought, deserved a higher calling than The Capital,” Marquardt said.

Katina's Fin is f*cked, Whales Make Rainbows, Iceland Is Still Killing Endangered Fin Whales, Sea Life Trust beluga whale sanctuary, West Coast Orcas & 10 News Stories About Whales!

Wild & Weird: Whales Make Rainbows
Yes, whales can make rainbows with their blowholes. And yes, these "rainblows" contain luminous whale snot.

Check out this beautiful cetacean exhalation, refracting light into its constituent colors, on Facebook or at Sunset TV.
Katina the Orca's Fin Looks as if It Is About to Fall Off, Yet SeaWorld Forces Her to Perform. In April, one of SeaWorld's several killer whales was spotted with a horrific injury to her dorsal fin and according to recent photos, she still hasn't gotten the veterinary care she needs to help her heal.

According to SeaWorld, they have no idea how Katina got a deep gash on her fin that seems to be several inches deep. It looks as if it could tear off at any moment.

Initially, SeaWorld waited two weeks before alerting the public that Katina was even injured and then denied that they knew how it happened, even though the park has cameras everywhere.

The park then suggested that the injury was due to normal interactions with other orcas — something that marine mammal scientists refute.

Regardless of how it happened, in Katina's current state, she needs to rest, not work. Unfortunately, SeaWorld has had her performing daily.

The poor captives of SeaWorld live an unhappy and dangerous life. Whales have been seen ripping the skin off of one another, biting each other and even demonstrating signs of severe stress.

Despite what they say, SeaWorld only cares about their bottom line, not the whales that help make them rich. These types of parks should no longer be allowed to keep marine mammals and force them to perform, it's cruel and wrong.

Please sign the petition and tell SeaWorld to end its orca program and give their current killer whales to a sanctuary.

Iceland Is Still Killing Fin Whales Even Though They Are Incredibly Endangered

With a population of just 40,000 recorded in 2015, fin whales are considered to be “critically low” in number outside of the Central North Atlantic region surrounding Iceland. And yet, the commercial hunting of these precious, majestic creatures is still perfectly legal in Iceland.

As Iceland’s “summer whaling season” began earlier this month, whaling giant Hvalur hf (Whale Inc.) announced its intention to send two huge vessels into the waters surrounding the island country. Their goal? To hunt 161 fin whales — the Icelandic government’s 2018 “quota” —  plus fulfill the unmet 2017 quota by killing an additional 30 fin whales.

Disturbingly, this is all so that the company can make profits by selling the endangered whales’ meat to Japan, where it will appear on dinner plates and be used to make gelatin “for medical purposes.”

Appalled by the fact that Iceland is still allowing its innocent fin whales to be slaughtered for human benefit despite the critical endangerment of the species, a crew from marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK has traveled to the Nordic nation to expose Hvalur hf’s uncalled-for commercial whale hunting.
So far, the crew has captured video footage and photos of the whaling kingpin’s Hvalur 8 vessel returning to its whaling station with seven lifeless fin whales.
Before long, another one of the company’s ships, Hvalur 9, will reportedly begin hunting fin whales as well so that even more can be brought to land and butchered.
As Robert Read, COO of Sea Shepherd UK, stated in a press release, “[Hvalur 9] will soon be whaling alongside its sister ship Hvalur 8, effectively doubling the work for our crew who have traveled to Iceland from four countries to expose this archaic commercial hunting of endangered whales.”

If you believe that the practice of killing already-threatened whales so that people can make money is wrong, please consider donating to Sea Shepherd UK here or here. Your generous contribution will help the charity’s selfless crew intervene and continue raising awareness about the brutal slaughter of fin whales.

And even if you are unable to donate, you can still help bring an end to this ridiculous practice by SHARING what you’ve learned with everyone in your network. Together, we can speak up for whales in Iceland and get senseless, for-profit whaling banned for good! (Image Source: Sea Shepherd)

Crisis Deepens for West Coast's Southern Resident Orcas - The news for West Coast orcas just went from bad to worse:

Researchers announced over the weekend that another Southern Resident orca has died — driving this population to its lowest levels in more than 30 years.

The death of the whale named "Crewser" now means there are just 75 left in the wild.

This news comes in the wake of a Center legal petition pressing Trump to protect Southern Resident orcas' habitat off California, Oregon and Washington.
Southern Resident orcas
Researchers announced this weekend that another orca has died — driving this population to its lowest levels in more than 30 years.

Hunger, disease and starvation are pushing these whales toward the brink of extinction. They can be saved but only if we get the Trump administration to act.

Please help with the Endangered Species Defense Fund and support the Center's fierce legal battle to save these beautiful creatures from extinction.

The whale that died, known as L92 or "Crewser," is the latest victim in a rapidly unfolding tragedy for orcas that summer in the Puget Sound and Salish Sea and feed along thousands of miles of the West Coast.

After Crewser's death over the weekend, only 75 of his kind remains in the wild. As one of the most endangered mammals on the planet, West Coast orcas need action now.

The Center petitioned in 2014 to protect the orcas' habitat along the West Coast and the National Marine Fisheries Service promised to do just that by 2017. But they haven't kept that promise. Now we're heading to court to secure those life-saving protections.

Please with the Endangered Species Defense Fund to support our fight to save these intelligent, graceful creatures from starving to death. 

Sea Life Trust beluga whale sanctuary
In Spring 2019, two beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, will leave captivity in China and become residents of the world’s first wild sea beluga whale sanctuary through a ground-breaking project between WDC and the Sea Life Trust. 
Whale knocks surfer unconscious at Bondi beach in Australia. Whale Dies in Thailand After Swallowing 80 Plastic Bags. Japanese Whalers Have Been Caught With a Dead Minke Whale in Protected Waters.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mena Suvari, Caroline from PETA, Wyoming's Governor, Matt Mead, Yummy: Dog Meat, Canadian Egg Farms, In Defense of Animals & much more animal welfare, crime & cruelty to report at the Sustainable Action Network (SAN)!

Animals Buried Alive in Feces on Egg Farms
Behind the Scenes: Why Did Mena Suvari Trash Her Bedding?
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

Gov. Mead Signs Off On Wyoming's 1st Grizzly Bear Hunt In 44 Years
On Thursday, June 21, 2018, Wyoming's Governor, Matt Mead, approved rules that will allow up to 22 Grizzlies to be killed in a wide area east and south of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

The grizzly bear hunt is scheduled to take place this Fall.

Please continue to sign and share our petition.
Our demonstration against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Last Tuesday, we organized a powerful demonstration and attempted to deliver our petition with more than half a million signatures to the Chinese consulate in São Paulo, Brazil. The consulate refused to meet with us. However, around the world supporters are joining together to deliver our petition to the Embassies and consulates in their own country.
This week a Canadian supporter will deliver their petition to the Chinese consulate in Vancouver, and we want to send a strong message before the end of Yulin by asking the United States to be next.

If any supporters are interested in delivering our petition with more than 850k signatures, will help support to ensure a successful delivery. Please get in touch by emailing:
Like You, Only Different: Animals Used For Food
In Defense of Animals
Demand Reform After Lenient Sentencing of Sadistic Snapchat Dog Slayers. We are deeply disappointed and very angry about the paltry sentence Judge Carl Sharp handed down to two Louisiana men who sadistically traumatized a gentle dog, brutally slit his throat, and then posted a video of the killing on Snapchat. We must not let this travesty of justice go unchallenged! TAKE ACTION

In Defense of Animals
Stand up to Fairlife's Deceptive Animal Welfare Advertising. As public concern over the treatment of farmed animals grows, numerous meat, egg and dairy brands are deceiving well-meaning consumers with "happy" farm imagery and misleading animal welfare claims. "Fairlife" milk, which is distributed by Coca Cola, is one such company intentionally misleading its customers. It's time to call Fairlife out! TAKE ACTION

In Defense of Animals
We've Just Dropped 60 Massive Billboards Across Los Angeles Exposing the Dairy Industry! We're excited to announce that our farmed animals campaign has teamed up with viral YouTuber Erin Janus to launch 60 massive billboards across Los Angeles featuring her Dairy is Scary video during June "Dairy Month." READ MORE

In Defense of Animals
Activist Burnout: A Personal Story of Recovery Through Self-Care. After experiencing extreme burnout, activist and filmmaker Chase Avior took a break from his intense activism to study methods of self-care. Chase continues to empower people to take action for animals, while practicing self-care. Join our webinar with Chase to learn how to recognize the symptoms and causes of burnout and then how to prevent and reverse it. READ MORE

In Defense of Animals
Victory in the Senate for Wild Horses and Burros! Late last week the Senate released its spending bill for Fiscal Year 2019 with protections still in place for America's wild horses and burros! Previously, the House version of the spending bill had called for the mass sterilization — using brutal procedures — of our beloved herds. This is a moment to celebrate an important victory, but we must remain vigilant to make sure that the House language is not included in the final bill. READ MORE