Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump's First 100 Days, NFL Draft Experience, Survivor: Game Changers, Total Divas, Southern Charm, The Challange, Silicon Valley, Veep & more....

I have to say that I am still very much attracted to Stephanie Cutter. I have not seen her a while. I am also finding Chelsea Handler not only way hot these days, she is also up on current events a lot more than I remember. I had seen her recently on Bill Maher's show and so I just watched the latest three Netflix shows which are her first shows of the new season over at Netflix. That show and its format is great. I definitely like it better than her old format and I was not that into the mainstays on her old show. Then again, I never really watched it or got into her until last month. Oh and also, she faces things head on like with what I sense are some leaked pictures that may have been taken before her getting some work done. And, she showed her nude shot which is impressive. Never saw them before. I cannot tell if they are real or not because the picture of her looking seemingly drunk with her shirt up above her boobs came and went fast. They did look rather perfect and again, I see her now in a totally different light than I have before.
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OK. So far it seems that with regard to General Michael Flynn's illegal activities, that it could only land him up to 5 years in prison for him doing what he did in illegal ways. This administration is so arrogant that the new POTUS could easily just pardon him after a short period of time so long as he doesn't sing and so long as he continues to cover up for the POTUS. The thing that I don't understand is that from my seat here, this administration is so corrupt and not only in your face corruptness, you can easily see that they are also so guilty of colluding with the Russian Government

Now listen though. I do not think for a second that Donald J. Trump at that time last summer was proactive in tapping the Ruskies to do that work. I think that people like Flynn or Carter Page (who was trying to kiss Trump's ass in every way) got the situation going and they may have told Trump about it. I could see Trump just kind of not getting it but totally saying "yeah, yeah, yeah", do whatever to win.

The admin unveiled this odd tax outline that they are calling 'a plan'. The entire Tax Plan press conference was a joke. It was all smoke and mirrors because they have nothing laid down when it comes to tax reform. What they showed us is a mere outline of a potential plan. When you cut the corporate tax in half, where are you coming up with those low trillions of dollars? Or, will we just spend a trillion dollars for a certain element to get a tax break?

Hedge fund people and people on Wall Street will love this tax break. I mean Tax plan.

They are also saying that America will have GDP growth at like 4% (I am even hearing now that they base it on 5% growth) which it has never been above 2% to 3% tops since before World War I. Trump threw that number out of the air without any basis to it:

Increases the Deficit

Simplify tax brackets+$1.5 trillion
The plan moves from seven tax brackets for individuals to three — 10 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent — and lowers the top rate.
Repeal the A.M.T.+$0.4 trillion
The Alternative Minimum Tax limits the deductions wealthy people can take.
Double the standard deduction+$1.5 trillion
The standard deduction currently allows individuals to deduct $6,350 and married couples to deduct $12,700 from their taxable income. The new plan would double that.
Repeal the inheritance tax+$0.2 trillion
Taxes are currently levied on estates worth more than $5.5 million when the estate is passed from a deceased person to his or her heirs.
Reduce the corporate tax rate+$3.7 trillion
Mr. Trump’s plan cuts the corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated that this would directly reduce revenue by $2.2 trillion. The deficit could increase a further $1.5 trillion because the change would encourage individuals to use creative accounting to take advantage of the lower corporate tax rate, it says.
Repeal the tax on investment income+$0.2 trillion
This plan would eliminate a 3.8 percent tax on investment income that helps to fund the Affordable Care Act.
Expand child care benefitsUnknown
The Trump administration is considering increasing tax credits for child care.

Decreases the Deficit or No Impact

Repeal most deductions except for mortgages and charitable giving–$2.0 trillion
Administration officials said they'll get rid of all deductions except the sacred mortgage and charitable deductions. That could raise up to $4.5 trillion. Just capping deductions, as Mr. Trump proposed during his campaign, would raise only $500 billion.
One-time tax on overseas profits$0
A one-time tax on money currently held by companies overseas would be accompanied by a new method of only taxing companies on income generated in the United States.
Repeal other tax preferencesUnknown
The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget did not try to estimate the effect of the “Eliminate tax breaks for special interests” proposal.
And, can we even remotely afford more deficit of 3 to 7 trillions dollars over the next however many years (I think it's ten (10))? It is supply side economics at its best. Which makes sense to me because Trump and his people have their heads so far up the 80''s asses.

This President has done nothing but break things up by turning everything upside down and he lies to himself in a delusional way. Which may be redundant so I am sorry about that but let's be real. There is no tax plan. 

Honestly, I feel that this admin is doing a lot to make themselves to look busy but in reality they have not done a thing but take stuff away from people, including his base.

The only true successes if you will, for him and his administration is all perception. Which to the rest of the world is us dialing back to a few decades ago and there is a serious dismantling of various things that are making me ill (ie: allowing coal companies to pollute rivers, allowing potential drilling in the Arctic, etc.). Especially against environmental issues. Like I said on November 9th last year, the climate and wildlife will take a serious hit because of this outcome. It just pains me to be actually facing it in real life. 

Even his claim to fame (Supreme Justice Court's Gorsuch's nomination) was all Mitch McConnell. It was not Trump himself doing anything. McConnell was diabolical in his way to get that nomination through the system with his Nuclear option. Personally, I can care less about who is on the Supreme Court.

Generally, you want to come out of the box on a serious and high note, but Trump has had no legislative successes and again, anything he has done was to roll back Obama based laws. Trump has done 24 Executive Orders so far while Obama did 19 and George Bush Jr. did 11 Executive Orders. There have been 28 bills already signed to law with 13 opposing Obama era rules. 9 are ceremonial bills.

This is with the GOP controlling all three branches of government. No one trusts Donald J. Trump. When you add how he got into this office which is shady at best, and misleading people on a good day, this is just a complete nightmare.

The problem with this administration is that everyone with a brain has a first reaction towards them that they are lying and what they are doing is NOT for the common folks. I do not believe a word they say. If for anything at all, he is good at diversion & defelction. Or, people are just idiots for buying into what they say. I think one comes with the other.

I just realized that the Media Dinner is happening Saturday night this week. I am surprised that Trump is not showing up. I think he should face them head on and even go at them in funny ways. The problem is that he is not funny and he is so NOT self deprecating which makes it hard. 

Remember when he did his shtick at the Al Smith dinner during the campaign? That was painful to watch.

What else? As far as the Trump admin foreign policy, I cannot even begin to figure that out. Does anyone know what is up with regard to this admin's foreign policy? It seems like we are all over the place and back again. Just like with NAFTA. He literally was ending that deal at 3PM one day and then decided not to pull from it a few hours later that evening. Plus, he made that a key part of his platform every day of the campaign which is another promise he has gone back on. 

I do know that Trump has travelled to ZERO (0) foreign countries so far while Obama travelled to 9 different foreign countries in his first 100 days. George Bush Jr. travelled to 2 foreign countries. Trump did not even beat Bush Jr. in that regard.

Therefore and overall about these first 100 days of the Trump presidency, he claims that he has done more than any other President in their first 100 days. I can safely say that without even fact checking one word of it, that is a false claim. 

I am not sure what I am trying to say  because taking him literally is something I get caught up in. The fact is though no matter what he says out loud or on his Twitter board, you cannot believe a word that Donald J. Trump says (he averages 4 lies a day since the inauguration). 

I will say that we have a ton of deflection and distractions in these first 100 days.

What Trump has done so far on a monumental level is to deliver an effective congressional address when exploiting someone being killed at war but again, it was perceived as total success of sort. Then, we were told to accept what are 'Alternative Facts'. We watched an awkward appearance with the German Chancellor where he did not even shake her hand. Even when she asked to shake, he ignored her claiming he did not hear her (however, he had an ear piece in his ear with a translator telling him that she made that request but anyway...). Moreover about these first 100 days is that 80% of Trump's stay since inauguration day has been at his Mar-A-Lago resort down in Florida. He has already played 16 rounds of golf since January 20th, and even while in Florida while staying at his resort, he bombed the dirt near that airport in Syria. Which of course was symbolic but it changed the media's narrative about the Russian investigation at the drop of a dime.

Speaking of which, we found out by the FBI that the Trump administration has been under investigation for that collusion with the Russian government since last July. Trump does not admit to it. He said yesterday or today on Fox News that the democrats are making that up when we all know that it was the FBI making that announcement and not the Dem's.

Then of course we had the false wiretap claim about Obama surveilling the Trump administration. Even though it was another deflection, that was over the top to me. And, it now set a line in the sand between Obama and Trump. If I were Obama, I would start to do what he did last night. He defended himself vs. Trump's false claims for the first time ever (he made it clear that Obamacare is more popular at 65% approval rating than Trump is with his 40% approval rating).

The health care debacle failure led Trump to admit how difficult it was to repeal and replace the content in that health care bill. Same goes with the travel ban. That failed when the Federal Judges (which Trump of course wants to dismantle in that district) blocked it. 

His biggest accolade which is not even his per se, is that Judge Gorsuch nomination for the Supreme Court. Like I said before and many times, that was all 100% Mitch McConnell getting that through and it had nothing to do with Trump. 

Anyway, enuff politics for the week.

I went to the NFL Draft and to the NFL Draft Experience yesterday (Friday). The Rams after all, did not have a first round pick this year. I had one eye on the draft Thursday night in the far fetched event that the Rams traded up for a first round pick. That never happened. As a matter of fact, I posted pictures of the Rams so called 'war room' on day one which was pretty mellow.

As for the entire NFL Experience, it was a scene. There had to be at least 65K people there at the times I was walking around which was dinner hour and leading up to the Rams pick in the second round. Just as I thought I could see their first pick and bolt home at like 730PM last night, they make a trade moving them down the line to pick no. 44. I was like what the hell is going on here Eunice but regardless and again, about the experience itself, you could easily get around the entire production. The lines though were long. Especially for the exhibits which I did not care about. The NFL Museum was accessible and it was anti climactic. All I saw were uniform designs over the years. And, I did not care about seeing any other exhibit. Beer was $12 for a large cup. I am not sure of the size but it was huge. Almost too big. Definitely too big.

As for the Rams picks so far this year, I think it has been Good. Not great and not bad. I would grade it down the middle. The thing about the Ram team is that we are not that bad at all. Therefore, we could easily stop on a dime to be contenders by next year. I feel we will be in the Super Bowl in 2019 (every time there is a championship held in Atlanta at that stadium, my team wins (Maryland won the National Championship there in 2003 and the Rams won the Super Bowl there back in 2000). I would have liked to get this one receiver but when the team traded down, I knew he would get snagged up. He did either on that pick or the next one. The team then picked up a Tight End and I was not excited about it until I heard Coach Sean McVay say he is his Jordan Reed (TE on his old redskins team). And, that he had him circled to pick from minute one. Plus, the team has no real TE. 

Then, we picked up a WR and a Safety that are total needs. 

Today ends the Draft with rounds 5, 6 & 7 happening throughout the day.

Watching this week's episode of Survivor: Game Changers was like watching paint dry. Although thank the Survivor gods that Debbie is out. You could tell because the editing team for Marc Burnett always show cockiness if you will, on the days they get voted out. I am glad it could have been done without Sarah using her Secret Advantage which begs me to ask, "WTF is wrong with that Mikaela woman?" I have never seen anyone that does not want to be there more than her. She has the worst attitude and her temper is so bad that she pouted so much for not being picked in last night's episode during the reward challenge, that she did not even notice that Special Advantage clue that was at her feet.

It was hard to watch. Last night's episode was so boring and so reflective with so much boring dialogue and confessions about reflecting on things that it reminded me of those boring episodes when like 3 people are left. You know what I mean? You know what i am talking about? When they reminisce about the players they voted off? They don't show that anymore because it is boring as ballz.

Ozzy BTW, lost his edge which you could see for the most part throughout the entire season. When he initially won on Survivor, he went on a tear winning every challenge at the very end. He even said when they talk to you after getting voted out that he needed to replicate that this time. And, he came up just short in that last challenge he did before he was voted out.

That would be my strategy. I would win as much as humanly possible even though I would suck at puzzles.

Did you watch this week's Total Diva's yet? Natalia used to annoy me but she is actually a cool chick. She saved the day with Russo and Lana's Bulgarian wedding. Lana is super hot but man did she lose it in front of Russo's entire family. I mean it was water being splashed her (5 times).
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Oh and also, I watched the Marine 5 movie with the Miz. I wish it took place in more places than a parking lot. Glow Girl or whatever she is called now did rather well. I was impressed with her acting chops. His wife was killed off early with only a few lines and the Miz is good. I must admit it. I did not think for a moment that back when he did The Real World on MTV, that he would become a WWE anything let alone superstar, let alone champion, let alone he is a top wrestler today for the WWE. I did not have that vision but he is good. He cracks me the hell up too. I loved it in WrestleMania this year when he shrugged off Al Roker for saying something about his wife being hot.

Let's discuss Southern Charm. I am pretty sure Dani got engaged. That sucks for us single men though everyone on the show is better looking the next person. There is a bit of a tug of war between that new guy Austin and with Shep. I get that girls rule and they get to make that ultimate decision about what men they are into but still, it was a bit weak to intercept that hairdresser girl. Whom is new too. But she is totally hot.

The Craig and his girlfriend situation is very uncomfortable to watch. If Craig's blows it with this woman, he is doomed forever. He ain't getting too much better than this woman. Although, Craig is a good looking guy that can probably get woman at will. He is still young too but again, I cringe when he talks most of the time. I think I could still get woman when I was his age.

On the Challenge this week, I think I like the finalists. Certainly the ones from the Underdogs are probably the best of that crew. Or at least as far as I can remember off the top of my head, I think they were the best. 

Ashley is by far the best female contender. She cracks me up too socially and actually, why the heck did she lose it on the day when they are told they are in the finals? I assume for attention but man oh man did that remind me some of the girls in my life throughout my childhood and through college. That outbreak made no sense to me. 

Nicole freaks me out and the thought of her being with my girl Laurel nauseates me to death. Watching them borderline kiss grossed me out but I don't see the attraction with Nicole. Which take no offense please because the chick does get women. 

The black dude (I think nelson may be his name which sorry but I am spacing on it now) and Corey are excellent finalists as far as men challengers and they deserve to be there.

As for the Champs, I wish Johnny Bananas was still in it and knowing my main man Wes did not participate, I am a huge CT fan and therefore have rooted for him this entire time. Those three (Wes, CT and Bananas) may be my top men that I root for every season. 

So yeah, CT made it to the end and I want him to win it all next week. 

I have grown to now love Camila in the modern years and did she get hot too or what? She looks better than ever quite frankly. I was never really attracted to her until this season. I think Corey will eat her up (literally) and spit her out the day after the season ends, but for a showmance, it is a good score for him (and her) this season. I mean why not. He is a great looking too. he can get most types of women at will.

The Mick was finally good again this week. 

I'll be honest with you, I have lost it trying to watch Madame Secretary and I am not sure why I lost that interest. I have NOT seen the last episode from last Sunday (the DVR recorded NICS with LL Cool J. and the dude that played Robin in one (maybe more than one) of the Batman Films) and I watched this week's episode but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was about. I must have had it on while I was working. I did not pay attention to it. 

Finally, last week started the new seasons for Silicon Valley & Veep. They were both solid debut episodes this season but as we know especially with regard to Silicon Valley, it takes a few episodes to get rolling. I am anxious to see what they go through this season. 

And like I thought about Veep, she will never cease to amaze me. That show is the best ever as far as comedy's.

Billions was also good this week. It is starting to heat up. I really hope Axe wins out in the end. Although he is so rich that it is nuts. His house is almost too big if that can be an issue. Then again, it seems like he and his wife have places all over.

Other than all of this fun had this week, and after a hard week last week, this week went by a lot smoother. 

Next week is the start of Below Deck: Mediterranean.
A satirical look at more than 75 years of Football's Rams history, combined with discussions of American Exceptionalism and almost 50 years of personal experience in the life of a Rams Fan. The history parallels and intertwines life to form a humorous, yet serious look at American HistoryWorld History, an American Football team, and Political Science.

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