Sunday, December 23, 2018

SCA (Sunset Corporation of America, Inc.), Sustainable Action Network (SAN), Sunset Music International Group, Sunset Film Co., Sunset TV Network, Sunset Home Visual Entertainment, Sunset Book Publishing Co. Live Jam 107, Sunset Vending Co. and myself are Closed This Week and until the 2nd of January...Have a Phun Holiday Week and a Phun New Years Eve!

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Sunset Corporation of America, Inc. (SCA)
Sunset Corporate Site:

"Corporations Are People Too My Friends."

Our companies are known for creating products that enhance people's lives.  Through Sunset Corporation of America and its companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Sunset Music International Group:         
Sunset Recordings:
         Sunset Special Markets (SSM):
          Sunset Records Soundtracks
          Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J)
              Sunset Classics
              Sunset Jazz Recordings:
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Live Jam 107:

Non Profit Organization
Sustainable Action Network (SAN):

The Sustainable Action Network (SAN) is a leading global non-profit organization (a Don Lichterman non-profit organization) dedicated to building a global community raising awareness of corruption, injustice and the need for action across a full range of issues impacting people and animal/wildlife welfare around the world, such as conservation, climate change, campaign law, lobbying, government action and rescue work. SAN’s vision is to create a safer world, free from political, environmental, and social oppression, where all the inhabitants of Earth can live in harmony within their own natural environments.

Blogs & Social Media

Sunset Music International Group projected to register and scan over 2.5 Million units in 2018!
Sunset Music International Group          
70 Total Albums/Singles
          1,032 Songs / Sound Recordings in Stores
          300 Total Artists to Account for and Administrate
                    Sunset Recordings
9 Artists
                             16 Albums/Singles
                             183 Songs
                    Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM)
                             27 Artists
                             54 Albums
                             849 Songs / Sound Recordings
                    Sunset Music Supervision
79 Songwriters, Composers
                             736 Songs
                             77 Music Videos
Sunset Recordings music artists and releases scan 1,626,566 units in the last year, 288,134 in the last 60 Days, 146,178 in the last 30 days, 38,677 in the last week and yesterday we scanned 3,514 units at retail!
Sunset Special Markets (SSM) artists, soundtracks & compilation releases have scanned a total of 375,009 sales in November, 2018!

16,507 In-Store Plays registered in 2018 at the Sunset Music Supervision company!
In Store Plays for November 2018 - Song TitlePlay Counts
(Don't) Throw Up on Your Shoes32
A Choctaws Blood71
African Life32
Beautiful With You98
Between Leaving and Loving You51
Blackberry Winter103
Blue Ice50
Blue Tuesday32
Celebration Of Life167
Death Scene (Music From The Motion Picture Untouchables)103
Don't Say50
Funk Fat43
Gasp For Breathe32
Gotta Be You184
Happy Birthday39
Hey My Lady69
Home Away From Home834
I Got It2
I'm a Buffalo Soldier (Reggaeton Mix)69
Living Life10
Mama Did Say69
Me in Another Life355
Missing You329
Mr. Nobody51
My Stage Name Is MC. O.B.P.69
Nuh Gamble With My Love69
Path Through Stone45
Rise Up1
Simple Grits103
So Simple Loving You98
The Man I Thought I'd Be93
The Sea32
Thee Anthem69
Watch Me Fly98
We Don't Talk No More51
We Need Love69
What You Won't Do for Love [Original Mix]70
Where Would I Be200

SEVEN (7) new radio shows at Live Jam 107 in 2018! Radio Shows Include:
Get The Led Out Live Live!
 (Live Led Zeppelin Hour that airs every Thursday)

Clubland Live (Live EDM Music hour that airs every Saturday Night)
The Live Jazz Cafe hosted by Jazz legend Tom Reese!

Project Reggaeologist hosted by MC OBP!
NPR Music Live In Concert from the Newport Jazz Festival

Live From The Vault! (Handpicked Live Album Played in its entirety every week!)

Vanessa's Picks (A Very Special Live Concert handpicked by Vanessa Gallo that airs every Friday!)
The Coach McVay Show! (J.B. Long & D'Marco Farr with Rams head coach Sean McVay!)

Downtown Rams (with Host Jake Ellenbogen)

Live Jam 107 is the World's ONLY all live radio format and radio station where every song played is the live version! Live Jam 107 has 9 Active Radio Shows!
'Lenny!' & 'OZ Penitentiary: The Movie' and more films are now in development at the Sunset Film Co...And, new reality TV shows and scripted TV shows in development at Sunset TV and through the Sunset Television Network!

Sunset Film Co. has 77 Music Videos & 5 Documentary Films and Sunset TV has 19 TV Shows, 13 TV Shows on Hiatus & 33 Total TV Shows

Sunset Book Publishing Co. has 21 Books in stores!
Sunset Home Visual Entertainment has 62 Home Videos in outlets where DVD's and home videos are streamed and sold!
Sunset Vending Co. has 336 Exclusive Licensed Collectibles and The Sustainable Action Network (SAN), Don Lichterman & the Sunset Corporation of America (SCA) along with the Sunset Vending Co. to open a Mall, Store & e-commerce hub selling only non animal product lines!
OZ Penitentary: The Movie!
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Sunset Film Co.:

Film Development & Distribution

Television Development & Distribution

Home Visual Entertainment Distribution & Production

Music Supervision & Licensing

Music Video Distribution & Production

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EVERY SATURDAY: The Dolphin Outlook & A Whale of a Week
EVERY MONDAY: The Elephant in the Room
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Sunset TV creates and produce original internet television programs geared for a vast array of viewers including having an eye towards activism, comedy, sports, music and more. All shows are in High-Definition (HD), and can be viewed on array of television outlets (including Samsung Smart TV, Roku, YouTube,. more).

The hosts and stars on the Sunset Television network are popular actors, popular media people and experts in their fields.