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We the Kings rock star Charles Trippy and his partner in crime, Allie Wesenberg-Trippy, sat down with peta2 to share why family is family—no matter what.
Charles and Allie Trippy Want Fans to Remember That 'Family Is Family'
Charles and Allie Trippy Want Fans to Remember That 'Family Is Family'

“It’s something you see in horror movies.” This is how Detroit Dog Rescue prefaces the story of Bentley, a St. Bernard who they recently found locked in the basement of an abandoned house. The dog was left with absolutely no way to escape his underground prison – no stairs and no other way to get out. All he could do was wait. Thankfully, he did not wait in vain.

Bentley was rescued by Animal Control officers and the Detroit Land Bank. To get the dog out of the basement, one of the officers scaled the walls down to him, while another pulled him out.
Detroit Dog Rescue came to the site as quickly as possible to give the abandoned dog the urgent medical care he needed.
Rescuers found that Bentley was over 40 pounds underweight. The team feared he might be suffering from organ failure, but, fortunately, the dog “seems to be doing ok” at the moment.
Bentley is now under the vigilant care of the medical team and he will hopefully grow stronger with each passing day.
Bentley was found and rescued from his terrible trap just in time and he now deserves nothing less than the happiest ending he can get. “This is a horrific case that has left us all speechless and we want to do everything we can for Bentley,” the rescuers write.

You can help Bentley by donating to his care through the rescue’s website or via PayPal to To learn more about Detroit Dog Rescue, click here. All image source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook

When Harrington the emaciated sea lion was rescued, a miraculous recovery was all the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) team could hope for. At eight months, this young California sea lion weighed only 24.3 pounds – as opposed to the 60-70 pounds that an average sea lion pup his age should be. The animal care team was shocked at his state, at how tiny and listless he was. Since then, Harrington’s strength and will to survive was pushed to the limits … but he has made a full 180!

“When the picture came in from the reporting party, the little sea lion pup looked dead,” PMMC shared. Immediately after rescue, the pup was tube fed, rehydrated, and warmed up. His condition was so critical that care teams had to come in throughout the night to feed and rehydrate the fragile animal.
After a week, Harrington finally started to show some awaited signs of improvement. He began to perk up, showed interest in eating fish, and got more active – giving caretakers hope that he would pull through after all. Unfortunately, an infection set the poor pup back again …
Harrington had to be placed in isolation and stay under constant monitoring. “We feared we were going to lose him,” the team shared. “The volunteers at PMMC did what we do best, pull together and refuse to give up.”
It took two months of isolation and special care, but, finally, Harrington was infection-free and ready to get back into the open and play with his friends! “The day he was placed in a pen with other sea lions, the animal care team gathered around and watched, not a dry eye in the place.”
Now, Harrington is doing so much better than ever before. He is competing in the pool for his meals with his friends, which is a big step in his rehabilitation process – demonstrating his foraging skills. “In case you couldn’t tell, Harrington is a big favorite here at our center and has us all wrapped around his little flippers,” the team said.
Harrington was once a dying sea lion pup, struggling for his life – now, he is the beautiful animal he should have always been, learning all the skills a pup like him needs. The animal team taking care of Harrington is confident that he will continue his progress – and, eventually, be able to go back into the ocean, his natural home.

You can help Doris Day Animal Foundation, PMMC’s grantor, by making a donation here. The contributions will fund non-profit causes like PMMC that need assistance in their work for animals.
All image source: Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF)/Facebook
A landfill in Georgia was recently the site of the most unthinkable discovery. A group of people who came to the dump to get rid of their garbage came upon a discarded cardboard box full of what appeared to be dead puppies. Thankfully, they examined the animals more closely and discovered that one of them was still alive! The six-week-old puppy, Madison, is now under the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and receiving urgent medical help.

Once they noticed she was still breathing, Madison’s rescuers rushed the puppy to the local shelter, desperate to save her. The shelter reached out to the Rescue Dogs Rock team, which immediately agreed to help. Madison was then taken to the closest vet to receive lifesaving care.
According to the vet, the visible swelling on the side of the puppy’s face comes from a fracture, and the teeth on the same side of her head are now facing backward. “Of course, baby Madison did not do this to herself,” the rescue team writes.
Madison’s survival was a miracle. The box of puppies was literally thrown away like garbage in a clear act of cruelty, and even though she was likely hit with a hard object, Madison is still alive. Unfortunately, her siblings were not so lucky.
“We are so sick and upset over this because there is just NO excuse for this depraved act. Obviously, these poor babies were unwanted, why not take to a shelter?” the team writes. “Why in the world would anyone hit them, dump them and leave them with yesterday’s garbage to die?! What a sad world we live in.”
Madison was incredibly lucky to be found in time by the wonderful people who did everything to bring her to a place where she would get help. She is now on strong pain medication and antibiotics and will soon have her X-rays which will let the vets better assess her situation.

You can help Madison by donating to her medical care via the rescue’s website or to
To learn more about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, click here.
All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook

The kangaroo stuck in deep mud on the outskirts of Sydney was extremely lucky to get spotted by two teenagers who quickly sprung into action. The 19-year-olds, Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, were riding their motorbikes through the bush at Agnes Banks near the Nepean River when they noticed something really unusual – the head of the animal that was stuck up to his neck in the mud. The kangaroo was growling and grunting, clearly distressed by the terrible trap he found himself in. Fortunately, the two teenagers proved to be his new best friends and did everything to get the animal out of the mud.

Not being able to reach the roo, they rushed home and got a long piece of rope. Nick tied the rope around his waist, got hold of the animal, and was then pulled back in by his friend, Kerry Reynolds, Jack’s grandmother, told
According to Ms. Reynolds, dry conditions in the area have made some animals quite desperate and the kangaroo might have gone into the mud flats in an attempt to find water.
The young rescuers are very proud of what they did and even gave the roo a name – Lucas.
After rescue, the animal was taken into the care of WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation. The WIRES team believes that the roo had been trapped in the mud for some time. He is now suffering from dehydration which made the vets worry about the animal’s kidneys and whether they would cope with the lack of water. However, the team now believes that the kangaroo will luckily “pull through.”

“The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it,” Nick said about the rescue.

The kangaroo’s search for water could have ended tragically, but, fortunately, he was found by just the right people who were determined to help him. Now, he will hopefully recover quickly and soon be able to return to his home – and, ideally, steer clear of mud. All image source:
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