Friday, August 12, 2016

What a week for Animal Cruelty and Animal Crime reports

PETA is Under Attack
Help PETA Save More Animals By Standing Up to These Attacks. Right now, wealthy and organized opponents are working to cripple our ability to expose and stop the abuse of animals. Our opponents are determined to silence us so that they can continue their cruel business as usual, and we can't let that happen. Donate today and stand up for the animals who need us. I CAN HELP!
Many races are all about winning, but when you run wild with WWF's Panda Nation, you'll be a hero before you even lace up your shoes.

Thousands of people have joined Panda Nation to run, bike, walk, and more to raise funds to protect wildlife and wild places around the world. We'd love for you to be a part of our growing community, and hope you will enjoy one of these exciting fall events

Popular events include:
Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10K and 5K
Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon
Tough Mudder in Southern California

When you sign up for a race with Panda Nation, you join a community that is raising funds to secure a future for wildlife and nature. Plus, when you commit to fundraise for one of the featured events, we'll cover your race entry fee and give you some Panda Nation running gear, while you enjoy knowing that your miles are even more meaningful.

Rally For Nosey This Weekend at GLMF, Ohio! Please Share & Attend If You Can! 

Rally for Nosey this weekend hosted by our friends at Circus Protest Northeast Ohio!Here's the official public invitation for peacefully protesting on Nosey's…Click here for that information!

Workers abuse pigs and Illinois does nothing

Illinois: protect pigs against widespread abuse! Click here to help!

In Defense of AnimalsEvery year in Australia more than FIVE MILLION kangaroos, wallabies, and baby joeys are hunted down and brutally murdered ... for steaks and burgers, shoes and belts.
Worse, the world's largest commercial slaughter of land-based wildlife is made even uglier by the fact that the man-made kangaroo killing industry has existed only for profit, and only since the 1990s.  Two bloody decades.

This year, In Defense of Animals joined forces "down under" with The Australian Society for Kangaroos (ASK).

Following a series of emergency negotiations, ASK is being allowed to rescue 100 kangaroos and their joeys from the Bayles Fauna Reserve (after the park was issued a permit to kill them).
Every $100 you donate to IDA is enough to help rescue AND relocate one kangaroo and baby joey to a safe, new home ... and ensure their long-term care.

A volunteer team of highly experienced kangaroo handlers and a supervising veterinarian has been assembled.

But, with medication and transport, the total rescue operation will cost at least $10,000.
In Defense of AnimalsEven if you can only send a small part of the $100 "per roo" rescue expense, know that your generosity will be gratefully and eternally appreciated.

Give whatever you can now to save a roo and baby joey from Death Row.

In these commercial culls, it's not about removing the sick and weak, as you’d see in Nature.  No.  Kangaroo "harvesters" target the strong, the large, the "meaty."  The money.

What happens to pouch-less joeys is worse.  Starvation.  Predation.  Slow, agonizing deaths in the dusty heat.  Oversight is non-existent.

We have got to stop this profit-hungry industry from spiraling further out of control!  And it starts with saving one hundred kangaroos and their tiny joeys.

Please give as generously as you can.  An iconic species is suffering terribly.

Dogs are hung by ropes and forced to spin at high speed at this cruel festival! Your help is needed now!
Each year, thousands of peasants of Brodilovo village, in the eastern part of Bulgaria, gather to celebrate a rather twisted and bizarre ritual called ‘dog spinning’.

During this sick practice, numerous dogs are taken off the streets and suspended with a rope over the Veleka River. They are rotated in the direction of the wind, before being suddenly released, as they rapidly spin in the opposite direction at high-speed, until the rope unwinds. The helpless dogs cry in despair as they plunge into the cold and agitated waters of the river. During the celebrations, villagers can be heard laughing and giggling. To them, this twisted ritual is a source of entertainment.

Th practice, dubbed ‘trichane na kuche’ in Bulgarian, is carried out because there is this silly belief that it will keep all dogs healthy and will cure rabies (obviously, there have been no scientific proof or facts to support such claims).

The practice was initially banned in 2006, amid protests coming from animal welfare groups. But the mayor of Brodilovo decided to lift the ban and allowed the tradition to continue, citing that diseases coming from places such as Turkey, Macedonia or Greece are likely to hit the region soon. Brodilovo mayor went on to defend the practice, arguing that none of the dogs actually suffer and that owners voluntarily bring their dogs to the event and are not coerced in any way to participate.

Currently, the dog spinning ritual is exclusively held in Brodilovo village, in the month of February each year.

It is our firm belief that there is no place for such inhumane and outdated rituals in the 21st century. These dogs have suffered for far too long in the name of tradition. It is time their plight came to an end. Please take action and urge Bulgarian authorities to ban this sick practice as soon as possible. These animals are not ours to abuse. The dogs of Brodilovo certainly deserve better!

PS. There are currently far better ways of curing rabies nowadays. Spinning dogs at high-speed against a rope and throwing them in a river is certainly not a viable solution against this disease, don’t you agree? Not only will this ritual not cure rabies, but it poses a significant health risk for the dogs. There is considerable risk that the dog swallows the dirty water or get water in the lungs as they are totally disconcerted by the spin.
The dogs are forced to spin at high speed, while villagers laugh an cheer.
This twisted ritual takes place every year, usually in the month of February.
The dogs are clearly not enjoying the experience.
The mayor of Brodilovo argues that no dogs are being hurt during this event.

Click to sign!

Meet the animals at Khan Younis Zoo!
Permanently shut down the barbaric tenant farm in Westport, MA 
For years, a tenant farm in Massachusetts has been the site of animal cruelty and abuse. The owner and some of the tenants had been charged with animal cruelty in the past -- clearly that wasn’t a strong enough message. Recently, the police were called to the 71-acre farm and found hundreds of dead or injured animals.
It is time for the farm to be closed down for good.

In 2004, I adopted two beautiful dogs that were rescued from this farm. One had a rare genetic skin condition that my vet said is only seen in inbred animals. The other was kept outdoors all year long as a breeding female, covered with ticks and her fur gone. The fur fell off from a skin infection caused by sleeping in rotting hay. Imagine the pain she went through having to sleep outside through harsh New England winters without fur.

My dogs were lucky. They eventually escaped their barbaric treatment. My heart breaks for the hundreds of animals that didn’t. So many needlessly suffered and died at the hands of these so-called farmers.

We must shut down this awful place. The animals, bred for meat, private parties, or as pets, have endured enough. The town of Westport, where the farm is located, has not taken action to shut this farm down in spite of a long record of abuse. This farm is not just a detriment to the unfortunate animals who are kept there, it’s also a public health hazard. The animals are not properly vetted, harbor diseases, and the animals that are sold as pets often suffer a lifetime of health and behavioral problems.

These animals need us to take a stand. Join me in calling on the authorities to shut down the tenant farm. Please sign and share the petition today.

Learn more details about the cruelty uncovered at this farm in this article by the Boston Globe:

This is Why I Don't Go Fishing
Meat Is Murder

Please sign and stop cruel "Big Lick" horse shows across the nation!
You originally signed this petition to stop the cruel "Big Lick" horse show at the NC State Fair, and we were successful!

However, we now have an amazing opportunity to stop ALL cruel "Big Lick" horse shows across the nation - we just need your signature on this petition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

** SIGN HERE **:


The "Big Lick" horse show is cruel because trainers torture horses in order to produce a high-stepping gait (called the "Big Lick" gait) in the show ring. This torture is called "soring," and soring includes:

* Burning the horses' legs with chemicals , and letting the chemicals sit on their skin for days to produce more pain

* Putting heavy chains around the horse's now burned and painful ankles
* Driving sharp nails and other metal objects into the bottom of their feet
* Beating horses (with metal pipes and other instruments) to teach them not to flinch in pain when being inspected

Trainers, vets, and owners involved in the "Big Lick" industry have admitted that this artificially induced gait can only be accomplished through severe pain.


Yes, there is a federal law called the Horse Protection Act that addresses the issue of soring. However, the law is not effective because it does not specifically address all the types of soring that occur. In addition, the law allows for "self-policing" in the Big Lick industry - so that the trainers abusing horses only answer to themselves and other unscrupulous peers. Thus, the law is very ineffective at stopping the abuse.


** Sign Here **:

In late July 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (who is in charge of enforcing the Horse Protection Act mentioned above) issued a proposed rule that contains POSITIVE and GAME CHANGING reforms to stop soring! These reforms include:

* Abolishing the current system of "self policing." Instead, a network of independent, third-party inspectors licensed, trained, and overseen by the USDA (at no additional cost to taxpayers) would oversee shows.

* Prohibiting the use of stacked horse shoes, ankle chains, and other painful devices at competitions - specifically on horses in the Tennessee walking, racking, and related breeds (those that have been chronic victims of soring).

They have put forth this proposed rule for PUBLIC COMMENT, and that's where you come in!


We need you to sign the petition below which will go directly to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We need you to be a voice of support for this proposed rule, so that the USDA will implement these positive changes to stop the cruel practice of soring and the horrible "Big Lick" show for good!

** SIGN HERE **:

After you sign, please SHARE the petition with your friends and family via email, Facebook, and Twitter!

THANK YOU for helping these innocent horses!

Meet Some of the Animals Rescued From a 'No-Kill' Hoarder
Animals Died When a Touch Pool Tank Stopped Working

Reach out to the paws of Cuba
As Cuba slowly opens its borders, Network for Animals is amongst the first to enter, and to be alarmed. The video above shows much of the horror, but it deserves to be watched, as change will only happen through understanding.

We are seeing dogs dying in agony as Cuban government workers fling them into trucks and take them to an extermination camp where they are poisoned with strychnine. This 20-minute death brings muscle spasms to every part of a poor dogs body, leaving them dying in agony. Please help persuade the Cuban government to stop this terrible activity by signing our petition today.

Supporter, it is not all bad news. But I truly need your support:

Network for Animals are working with a Cuban organization called Aniplant, who rescue stray dogs in Havana, before the government wardens get to them. Aniplant provides sanctuary for the dogs until they can be adopted, but you will see in the video above, just how desperate they are.

Cuban vets are also heroes. Under strict Cuban law, they are only allowed to work for the government, but after work they volunteer to help street dogs with the basic equipment and medicine that they are able to find to provide sterilization and rudimentary health treatments.

Please donate today and make a meaningful difference for Cuban dogs. Help us expand the spay, neutering and healthcare programs of the volunteer vets, provide safe shelter and full bellies for homeless pups, and offer the poor forgotten dogs of Cuba the chance they deserve.

They're trapped in the world's saddest zoo

It’s been called the “world’s saddest zoo,” and with good reason. Arctic foxes, beluga whales, walruses, a wolf and a polar bear are shut inside tiny, windowless, virtually barren rooms in the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, China. These animals are living in conditions so completely removed from their natural habitats that they represent one of the most distressing examples of animal deprivation I have ever seen.

The belugas swim in murky water. The foxes are malnourished and listless. And the polar bear sits silently day after day as shoppers stop to stare at and pose for selfies with him.

Please help us speak up for these poor animals! Take action now to help close down this horror show and send its inhabitants to a sanctuary.

No animal should ever be exploited for entertainment, but the Grandview doesn’t even come close to meeting any internationally recognized standards. It is devastating to see these animals suffer helplessly with shoppers constantly banging on the glass of their exhibits.

HSI is supporting our Chinese partner groups in their petition to the governor of Guangdong and our friends at Animals Asia Foundation to try to help these animals in desperate need. We have already raised a complaint with a Chinese office, and now we need to add your voice to our call for swift and decisive action.

We can’t just leave these animals to languish endlessly. Please sign our petition to re-home them immediately to a more humane and appropriate setting.

Meet the barbary macaque of Khan Younis Zoo, Gaza!
The Pressure is on Cat-Killer Kristen Lindsey 
Last summer Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey shot an arrow through the skull of a cat named Tiger. She then bragged about the innocent animal’s death online.

Thanks to your help, the Animal Legal Defense Fund pressed hard for justice in this appalling case of animal cruelty. When the district attorney’s office declined to press criminal charges, we urged them to re-open the case and filed a formal complaint calling for Texas officials to revoke cat-killer Kristen Lindsey’s license.

Soon, a final decision will be made on whether or not the Texas veterinarian’s license will be permanently revoked. But make no mistake, the fight for justice in this case – and others like it – is not over.

Please stand with us with your gift now and help the Animal Legal Defense Fund continue to confront animal abusers and killers like Kristen Lindsey.

The fight against animal cruelty isn’t won at once. It’s won case by case, one step at a time and with your help.

920 chickens beaten to death with golf club
Response from Animal Asia this morning. I just received a response from Animal Asia together with my original email to them. I will be responding to their email later today as I have questions to ask them, i. e. if they can arrange for media coverage and deliver petition for us . Scorpion is the group who highlighted the plight of the Sun Bears.

Dear Mrs Holmes

Thank you for contacting us with regards the conditions for the bears at Bandung zoo, Indonesia.

Since January 2013, we have written on numerous occasions to the Indonesian government to appeal for the national and local government to work with captive animal management experts to address the appalling suffering currently taking place in a number of Indonesian zoos. 

We are also working in partnership with other NGO’s to try to address some of these issues.

In May 2014, Wild Welfare carried out an animal welfare assessment at Surabaya zoo and are now providing training and support for the zoo staff. More details of this work can be found at and!wild-welfares-projects/c21kz

Wild Welfare continue to liaise with the Indonesian zoo association directly on welfare improvement schemes and training programmes, and the Indonesian zoo association have asked Wild Welfare to conduct a veterinary training workshop at Bandung Zoo. We are hopeful that this workshop will both identify and help to alleviate some of the issues that the bears and other animals at Bandung Zoo currently face.

In January 2016 Wild Welfare also participated in a joint Environmental Enrichment Training and Master-planning workshop with the Indonesian Zoo Association South East Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA) at Solo Zoo in East Java and Bukit Tinggi Zoo in West Sumatra.

The enrichment workshops were attended by keepers from 12 Javan and Balinese Zoos in Solo, and 7 Sumatran and West Javan Zoos in Bukit Tinggi. No environmental enrichment had previously been practised at either zoo, and the keeper’s enthusiasm went a long way to improving some quality of life for the animals under their care. Wild Welfare hope to continue this constructive partnership into 2016 to further improve and provide for long term changes to animal welfare in Indonesian zoos.

We are also in discussions with ‘Scorpion’ on how we can further assist them to improve the welfare of animals in all Indonesian zoos.

We have also written to government ministers responsible for zoos in Indonesia to encourage the development and implementation of national zoo legislation requiring the inspection and licensing of all zoos, aquariums, circuses, and private collections keeping wild animals in captivity. Regular inspections and audits would allow management problems to be identified at an early stage before they have a serious negative impact on the health and welfare of animals, and facilitate the implementation of new national regulations incorporating animal welfare concepts to address such issues. For more information, click here:

What you can do

Animals Asia never underestimates the power of the written word, and while a single letter or email may not seem like much, the collective expression of many people's opinions can help bring about real change.

I urge you to do all that you can to encourage the Indonesian Government to further legislate against zoos being able to keep animals in such appalling conditions. Please write a polite letter to the Indonesian Ambassador and send it to the main embassy address in your country. Embassy addresses can be found here:

I also urge you to sign up to our Asia for Animals action team and join us in speaking out for animals. We need your help to improve the lives of animals across Asia. Writing a letter on a specific welfare issue is a valuable way you can support our campaigns. Please sign up to become a member of our team to receive email alerts on the latest action that we need you to participate in. For more details, click here and enter your contact details.

I hope this information is helpful. Please contact me again if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you for being a voice for animals

Best Wishes,

David Neale

Animal Welfare Director
Animals Asia Foundation

2 weeks ago, I heard about the plight of Sun Bears in Bandung Zoo eating their own dung because they have not been fed properly. I contact the local activist Group Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring and asked if they can relocate the bears and other animals to a sanctuary. They said that is their aim if it is can be done. As you carry out many bear rescue, are you able to assist Scorpion or can you rescue these bears from the zoo? I also started a petition to close down the zoo thanks so much

Get a law passed in the State of TX that prohibits chaining (tethering) of dogs.

A law should be passed to prohibit chaining (tethering) of dogs 24/7/365/all of their lives, because it is cruel, inhumane, and it is abuse.  Limiting chaining does not work, because it is not monitored. If a person is not standing with the dog, the dog should not be chained...period.   Chained dogs are kept out of sight & out of mind in the back yard, & are most of the time deprived of adequate food, water, & vet care in addition to having their emotional & social needs completely ignored. Chaining a dog for any length of time is one of the cruelest punishments imaginable for social animals that need & deserve companionship, exercise, & mental stimulation.

Since 1979 chaining has been recognized as a contributing factor in dog attacks Federal & National Agencies have found.  Nearly 3 times more likely to attack than dogs not chained.

Chained dogs are totally vulnerable to other animals & cruel people.  Many have been stolen, set on fire, shot, stabbed, tortured, or poisoned by cruel passersby or neighbors who were annoyed by their barking.  Chaining dogs is not only a animal welfare issue, but a public safety hazard as well.

Chained dogs make housing values decrease & make the neighborhood a less desirable area to live in.  Chained dogs bark more often than a non-chained dog.  Chained dogs are not neutered, therefore adding to more dog abuse.  Chained dogs cause other yards to be infested with fleas & ticks, because they are not sprayed as they should be nor do they get the baths they need.

16 Cities in Texas already has a ban on chaining dogs, and this law should be passed in the entire State of Texas immediately. City councilmen state they do not have the funds to hire more animal control or police if this law were to pass, and assume more dogs will be surrendered to Animal Services.  Statistics from the Texas Humane Society Legislature show that after 3 months of this law being passed, dog surrenders decrease. Fines paid to the city from dog owners that still refuse to obey this law gives the city more funds to deal with the abused dog issue.  There is the other argument that some people do not have fences or the money to build a fence.  I say, put the dog in the house or do not get a dog. There are many ways to help people get a fence for their dogs, and every city can figure out the best way to accomplish this goal in helping the poor.  Then, there are dog owners that already have fences, but still chain their dogs up 24/7.  Some dogs are hard to keep inside of a fence & there are dog pulley's for those types of dogs.  Dogs should not have to live on chains 24/7, because their owners do not want the responsibility of having a dog.  Chained up & neglected is not the way we should treat our dogs.  We are family to dogs and they should be treated as such.  If someone wants a dog to chain up all it's life, they should not get a dog and they should be fined or jailed if they do.

Can you imagine being chained up all day long...all after day....week after week...month after month...year after year...until you die?  A dog has no life being chained up all the time, so it would be better off dead than to go through the torture of living its entire life on a chain which is another word for solitary confinement.  A chained dog cannot run, jump, play, exercise, chase squirrels, chase a ball, run across the yard after a rabbit, or anything a dog was created for.  Instead, they live silently on their chain barking, begging, pleading, & crying for their owners to acknowledge they are alive and need their love and help.

Please sign this petition....pass it on....share it to everyone you know and lets get this law passed in Texas to show our pets we care.  We are despicable people for allowing this abuse to go on as long as it has, and it is time for us to do something about it and end this abuse.  It is a shame that it takes a petition in order to get our city council, senators, & representatives of Texas to acknowledge chaining as abuse, to have the compassion to do something about it, and the courage to make it a law. Click here to help!
Rain showers are a welcome respite for many people during hot, humid summer months. But for an "outdoor dog" without proper shelter, summer rains can make their misery even worse. They are left soaking wet and caked with mud for hours or even days at a time without a way to get dry. Unable to escape from thunderstorms, their skin, ears, and paws can become inflamed and infected from the constant moisture. 
Today YOU can offer these "backyard dogs" some of the protection and care that they desperately need. 
PETA's fieldworkers first found Fat Fat Man Man, the chained dog shown above, when it was pouring rain. He was soaking wet, with only a plastic airline crate as shelter. But thanks to the support of kind people like you, we were able to give him a custom-built doghouse and, soon afterward, arranged for him to be neutered at a PETA mobile clinic free of charge. 
Right now, many more dogs like him are still suffering outside without proper shelter—waiting for someone to make their lives a little more comfortable, a little more bearable. If we don't do something to help them, it's likely no one will. 
Make a gift today to help us protect these "backyard dogs" by giving them the shelter and care that they need. Please don't wait—don't ignore the cries, barks, and whimpers of the dogs who are neglected, abused, and still in need of help.
Illegal Meat
Despite a legislative ban in 2011, the cruel dog meat trade in the Indian state of Nagaland continues. Dogs are captured and tied up in sacks with their muzzles bound shut from the moment they are captured until they're brutally slaughtered. Customers in these markets will often select a live dog they want, which will then be clubbed to death before being roasted or thrown into boiling water.

The Food Safety & Standards Regulation of 2011 does not permit dog meat for consumption, but these regulations are currently not enforced. To help put an end to this disgusting industry, sign our petition and urge TR Zeliang, Chief Minister, State of Nagaland, India to implement the existing ban and shut the dog meat trade down for good. Help Save Dogs!
Horse Used for Racing

Seven Horses Reportedly Die in 10 Days at Del Mar Racetrack

One horse was euthanized after a horrific collapse in front of more than 21,000 spectators. Urge your U.S. representative to increase the oversight of drug use in horse racing and raise penalties for drug overuse that masks the pain of injured horses before forcing them to race. SEND YOUR MESSAGE NOW
Tiger in Cage

There Are Now More Tigers in Captivity Than in the Wild

Here is everything that tigers go through to entertain humans—it's much more than performing in circuses. WATCH THE VIDEO 
People Cut Open Bull to Drink His Blood

Urgent: People Slit the Throat of a Bull and Drink His Blood During Mexican Festival. In Mochitl├ín, Mexico, men tie up a bull, beat him, slit his throat, cut off his horns, and drink his blood while he's still alive. Act now to help ban this horrific event. MESSAGE OFFICIALS NOW 

Brutal Shark Killing Contests Must End

In Defense of Animals
Every year, people turn out along the east coast to see sharks, but unfortunately not to watch these incredible animals in the wild. Many of these remarkable predators are brutally killed, strung up by their tails, and weighed. Their sadistic killers are not prosecuted, but instead are rewarded with prize money.
Unbelievably, many of the animals who end up out of water and dripping in their own blood are also members of endangered or threatened species. It is time to end this  disgusting tradition.
These fishing tournaments send a terrible message to future generations - that killing sharks is a type of sporting activity. Sharks and all ocean animals should be respected and admired instead of feared and brutalized.

While circle hooks can limit the amount of harm done to sharks and other marine life, other animals can be injured or killed in the process. Hooks, no matter what form they take, do harm to animals..

Even though it is impossible to know how many sharks are severely injured or die during the contests, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shockingly considers shark fishing tournaments "sustainable." Click here to take action.

STOP Illegal Animal Agribusiness Dealings

In Defense of Animals
In an inspiring show of bipartisanship, Senator Mike Lee (a Republican from Utah) and Senator Cory Booker (a Democrat from New Jersey) have introduced a bill that will ensure federal programs promoting the egg, beef, and pork industries aren't allowed to attack competitors and influence public policy.

The Commodity Checkoff Improvement Act of 2016 (S. 3201) arose in response to the American Egg Board’s conspiracy with top egg industry executives to prevent Just Mayo, an eggless mayonnaise, from entering the market. Violating federal law, the American Egg Board launched a multifaceted campaign to undermine Hampton Creek, the small startup producing Just Mayo. The Egg Board hatched a scandalous plan that included getting the USDA to take action against the startup, and paying a contractor to remove Hampton Creek's products from Whole Foods.

However, when the Egg Board campaigned against Just Mayo, it wrongly used government commodity "checkoff" funds to weaken a dynamic and free market and attack a smaller competitor.  Checkoff funds are supposed to go toward research and promotion of commodities, and have been used to develop slogans like "the other white meat" for the pork industry. Click here to read more and take action.


bullet Help Tigers Languishing at Roadside Zoos
bullet Urge This West Virginia Fair to Cancel Abusive Sea Lion Show
bullet Speak Out Against Hunting on National Wildlife Refuges
bullet Ask the San Antonio Bowl Association to Not Support SeaWorld