Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Japan Ends Year-Long Poisoning Test on Dogs, Scientists put human brain in mouse, Animal Testing Weekly Updates!

I'm thrilled to report that, after hearing from PETA U.S. scientists for the past three years, the Japanese government decided this week to stop requiring that year-long tests on dogs be conducted to study the effects of pesticides
During these tests, beagles are forced to eat pesticide-laced food or inhale pesticide fumes daily for a year and are then killed and dissected. PETA U.S. repeatedly provided evidence that data from these tests are not used to protect humans.

At the urging of PETA U.S., the U.S. ended this same test in 2007, the European Union ended it in 2013, and Canada followed suit in 2016, sparing thousands of dogs annually. Japan will now join the growing list of countries that have made the right decision for dogs and for science.

PETA U.S. and PETA Asia are urging other countries, including South Korea, to end their requirement for one-year pesticide testing on dogs, and we're working to end all pesticide testing on dogs and all other animals.

Your help will bring us closer to a world in which all animals are regarded as individuals, not lab tools, and in which we'll look back on chemical tests on living, breathing beings as part of a painful, dark past.
Scientists put human brain in mouse