Thursday, March 24, 2016

Animal Cruelty and Animal Crime Weekly Report!

Someone Heartlessly Dumped 9 Puppies!

In Defense of Animals
Earlier this month, Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi took a call asking for help. Someone had dumped nine puppies at a local church! It had been raining and these tiny babies were all wet and cold. The kind caller had carried them home with her and contacted us for help. Staff at Hope Animal Sanctuary made arrangements to get the pups immediately.

When we arrived, we dried them off and placed them in a crate with a warm blanket before rushing back to the sanctuary where every single one got a much needed bath, and worming medication. Then we transferred them to a nice warm room with softened puppy food.

The pups seem to be only 4-5 weeks old, and far too young to be away from their mom. Incidents like this are deeply disappointing, but we constantly work to educate people on the benefits of spaying and neutering. Seeing tiny babies thrown away strengthens our resolve that we need to continue to spread that message! 
Please remind your friends and family to spay and neuter their animal companions.

Pet Cats Stolen From Boarder, Tortured, Killed and Thrown in Dumpster Deserve Justice.
Target: Phoenix Police Chief Joseph G. Yahner
Goal: Capture person who stole, tortured and killed two cats from pet boarder.
Two pet cats are dead after an unknown suspect broke into a pet boarder, brutally stomped on two cats and then threw them into a dumpster. A surveillance video captured the heinous crime but is not sharp enough to allow proper identification of the assailant.
The owner of the cats had left their pets with the boarder while they were out of town, only to learn the devastating news that their cats had been brutally tortured and murdered by an intruder.
An investigation is underway and a $1,000 reward has been offered for the capture of this suspect but the killer still remains unknown. Demand that the police take all actions necessary to find and capture this cat killer who is on the loose.
Dear Chief Yahner,
Two cats are dead and the person responsible is still at large. Surveillance tapes show an unknown assailant breaking into a pet boarding facility and stomping on the cats, eventually killing them. We demand justice for these innocent animals.
The cats were being boarded while their owner was away. They did nothing to deserve the torture done to them by this unknown assailant. The suspect apparently cut a hole in the outside cat enclosure and removed the cats. Then, he stomped on them until they were dead.
No animal should have to endure such torture. We demand immediate action to find and capture the person responsible for this crime.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Phoenix Police Department
Dead Dog Found Tied To Shovel Buried On Beach In Marina Del Rey. Dead dog found tied to shovel buried on beach in Marina del Rey. Officials are investigating after a dead dog was found tied to a shovel buried on Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey. A group of canoers discovered a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Marina del Rey.

As five canoers made their way along Mother's Beach, two of them spotted a shovel sticking out of the water near the shoreline.

When they approached the shovel, the canoers realized a dead dog was tied to it.

The dog appeared to have been tied to the shovel that was buried deep in the sand, and unable to get away, drowned as the tide came in.

The Los Angeles County Animal Control and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department were investigating.

Officials said the dog had an identification tag.

If you have any information that can aid in their investigation, you're urged to call the sheriff's department at (310) 582-6000.

Demand "Just Pups" to be Shut Down for Animal Abuse! On February 29th, three dead dogs were found in the freezer of the "Just Pups" pet store located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. "Just Pups" is a New Jersey chain of pet stores located in Emerson, East Brunswick, East Hanover, and Paramus.
TARGET: East Brunswick Township Council and NJ Department of Health, New Jersey

The owner of the pet store chain, Vincent LoSacco, has also allegedly exposed puppies in the store to illness, failed to prevent the spread of infection, and failed to supply proper veterinary care. LoSacco allegedly allowed sick puppies to interact with new puppies, resulting in the exposure of illnesses such as giardia, distemper, upper respiratory infections, and other infectious diseases. Even humans were at risk for these germs and diseases at "Just Pups", the state said. 

The NJSPCA (New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has already filed at least 267 animal cruelty charges against LoSacco, with more likely to come. The New Jersey Department of Health has temporarily closed the East Brunswick "Just Pups" store after it failed their inspection. However, the store has not been shut down permanently yet. And the other "Just Pups" locations are still open for business.

Please sign this petition to demand that the East Brunswick Township Council revoke LoSacco's license for the East Brunswick store and that the NJ Department of Health inspect the other three "Just Pups" locations

Ask Amazon to stop selling traps used to capture and torture animals!

Ask Amazon to stop selling traps used to capture and torture animals!
TARGET: Jeff Bezos - Amazon CEO

Thank you to all who have already signed and shared my petition asking Amazon to stop selling cruel steel leg traps. I am hoping to meet and far exceed the goal of 5,000. Please share if you haven't already and help me show Amazon trappers are the minority and we will not continue to support the use of the horrible devices.

Update #1 1 months ago

Thanks to you and your support the number of signatures has already exceeded our initial goal of 1,000! Please help us reach our new goal of 5,000 by sharing this petition with your friends and family.

About This Petition

Please take a moment to ask Amazon to take a stand against animal cruelty and stop selling cruel animal traps. About 100 countries - excluding the United States, Canada and Russia - have so far banned the use of leghold traps on the grounds that they are inhumane and indiscriminate. Great Britain (where they are called gin traps) was one of the first countries to outlaw them in the 1950's and the European Union banned steel-jaw leghold traps in 1995. Please sign and share this petition, thank you so much.

Make Animal Cruelty a Felony in Ohio. 

Target: Ohio Senate President, Keith Faber
Goal: Make animal cruelty and the abuse of companion animals a fifth-degree felony in Ohio.
Ohio plans to make animal cruelty a fifth-degree felony. The state is currently one of only four others that treat animal cruelty as just a misdemeanor. Currently, 46 other states carry felony charges for animal abuse, punishable by up to six months of prison time and a $2,500 fine. Eight bills put forward to create this change in the past have failed, mostly because of lobbyists for agricultural interests. However, this new bill excludes livestock.
The bill so far has the support of Carl Burgio, a councilman in Brook Park. He has written at least one article about the issue and urges Ohio residents to contact their state senator and ask them to support the H.B. 60. House Bill 60, which has already passed in the House. It is currently undergoing hearings in the Senate Agriculture Committee.
Despite this promising performance thus far, this and other similar bills often do well in the House part of the process, but do not survive the scrutiny of the Senate. Help this bill to pass into law by adding your name to this petition, sharing it with your friends, and contacting your local senator. Together we can all play our part in ensuring that the perpetrators of animal cruelty do not get off with a mere slap on the wrist for abusing and neglecting animals.
Dear Senate President Keith Faber,
I write this letter to share my excitement regarding the new House Bill 60, as well as my fears that it will fail in the Senate. Eight other bills proposing similar terms have died in the past, mostly due to agricultural lobbyists. However, this new bill specifically excludes livestock. As a result, the interest of this large community will not be harmed by the bill.
Please consider also that Ohio is currently one of only four states that have not yet made animal cruelty a felony. The other 46 states in America have felony charges that often result in prison time running up to six months and fines of $2,500. These felony charges also usually ban these convicts from owning or working around animals again, which prevents the likelihood of a repeat offense.
If this does not convince you, consider then the welfare of your citizens. A study conducted by the Northwest University showed that people who abuse animals were five times more likely to move on to human victims. Over the years, researchers like Frank R. Ascione, a professor at the University of Denver, have connected animal abuse with domestic violence and the abuse of children.
I urge you to throw your influence behind the passing of this bill, not just for better treatment of animals but for the safety of fellow humans. Take a stand against abuse of humans and their companions by helping this bill to pass into law.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Unsplash
Ask Model to Stop Promoting Cruelty to Horses.
Target: Isabelle Cornish
Goal: Do not promote horse racing, where horses are whipped, raced to exhaustion and later discarded and sent to slaughter.
Model Isabelle Cornish has recently signed on as a racing ambassador despite claiming to be passionate about animal rights. Horses used for racing are drugged, whipped, abused and forced to race to exhaustion. When they are injured or no longer able to run as fast, they are shot or sent to the slaughterhouse.
Isabelle Cornish is vegetarian and previously appeared in a campaign for PETA where she discouraged people from eating fish, saying that “fish are one of the most abused creatures on the planet.” Yet, Cornish does not seem to care about horses being abused and has now agreed to be an ambassador for the Australian Turf Club’s Autumn Carnival, putting money before animal welfare.
Sign this petition urging Isabelle Cornish to stop promoting cruelty to horses by refusing to be an ambassador for horse racing.
Dear Ms. Cornish,
You recently signed on as a racing ambassador for the Australian Turf Club’s Autumn Carnival, despite the horrific cruelty involved in horse racing. Horses used for racing are drugged, whipped, abused and forced to race to exhaustion. When they are injured or no longer able to run as fast, they are shot or sent to the slaughterhouse.
You claim to be passionate about animal rights and spoke out for fish in a valuable campaign for PETA. It is incredibly disappointing to see you promote an industry that abuses animals. Please put animal welfare and morality over money and stop promoting horse racing.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Everinaldi Photography
Punish Person Who Poisoned Dogs With Antifreeze. 
Target: Nicholas Kuzmiak, Chief of Police in Blackstone, Virginia
Goal: Pursue the maximum punishment against the person accused of poisoning dogs with antifreeze.
Three dogs died after a neighbor allegedly poisoned them. Food lids containing antifreeze-laced dog food residue were found along the fence of the dog’s yard. Demand that justice is served for these dogs and that the person convicted of this heinous crime be punished to the maximum extent of the law if found guilty.
The dogs stumbled around and vomited violently after consuming food left in their backyard. The dogs suffered greatly and died shortly after the symptoms appeared. Necropsy reports confirm that antifreeze was present in all of the dogs when they died.
William Homer Martin, the neighbor, is facing three counts of felony animal cruelty. He is currently out on bond. Sign below to make sure that this man goes to jail for his cruel actions against these innocent dogs if proven guilty.
Dear Chief Kuzmiak,
Three dogs died from confirmed antifreeze poisoning. A lid left in the dog’s backyard tested positive for antifreeze and dog food residue. We demand that justice is served for these innocent dogs.
The dogs suffered greatly just before their death. Their owner found them stumbling around the house and vomiting violently. A necropsy report confirmed that antifreeze was present in their bloodstreams prior to their death.
William Homer Martin, the dog’s neighbor, was charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty in this case. This inhumanity cannot go unpunished. We demand that this man be served the maximum penalty for this crime if he is found guilty.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: EvelynGiggles
Capture Person Who Threw Puppy From Moving Car.
anastasia basano puppy eyes
Target: Madeline Singas, Nassau County District Attorney
Goal: Seek justice for puppy thrown from moving vehicle.
Passersby recently witnessed a five-month-old puppy thrown from a dark sedan on a residential road. Shocked and concerned, a resident rushed over to see if the puppy was injured. Acting understandably unfriendly, the frightened puppy simply huddled on a nearby porch. When authorities arrived to evaluate him, he cowered in fear.
The puppy, who was renamed Bandit, thankfully did not suffer any injuries from the traumatic experience. He exhibits many signs of previous abuse, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise given the situation he was in. Being thrown from a moving car was the likely a small, yet dramatic glimpse into what Bandit had been suffering for weeks or even months. Normal pet owners do not partake in this kind of sick and reckless behavior–these pet owners have likely abused  before and they will abuse again.
Authorities are currently searching for the owner of the dark sedan with tinted windows, and are offering a $5000 reward for any information that could reveal the identity or whereabouts of the perpetrators. Please sign this petition encouraging the Nassau County District Attorney to seek the maximum penalty for those responsible for abusing this poor, young puppy.
Dear Ms. Singas,
I am writing this letter to you in the hopes that you will strongly consider seeking the maximum penalty for those allegedly responsible for throwing a five-month-old puppy from a moving car on a residential street. People who have such disregard for life and such a lack of compassion should never have come into possession of a pet. It is by setting high standards for animal welfare that we can hope for behavior that is worthy of adopting and caring for pets.
This poor puppy, Bandit, unsurprisingly showed signs of past abuse when being evaluated for injuries from the most recent incident of abuse. Luckily, this time Bandit was spared serious injuries but that should not take away from the callous behavior displayed by the owners who chose to throw the small puppy from their moving sedan. In considering their disgusting behavior, we can safely assume that they will abuse a pet again, if given the opportunity.
We must prevent this type of abuse from happening by enforcing strong penalties for such atrocities and setting the bar high for animal treatment. Please ensure that you seek the maximum penalty for those involved in throwing Bandit from the vehicle.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Anastasia Basano
Mariah Carey: Don't Traumatize Baby Elephants and White Tigers for Your Dream Wedding.
Mariah Carey is planning on getting married to Australian Billionnaire James Packer on Barbuda Island where she will fly her guests in a private jet. She also wants to use her money to have clowns and acrobats, which is fine, but a friend has told a newspaper that she also wants to fly in baby elephants and white tigers to the island. 
Elephants and white tigers are decimated species and should be left alone and not used anymore as circus animals. Does she realizes how traumatizing it will be for these baby elephants to be separated from their mothers and be shipped on a boat to her dream wedding? If she is pouring money, why doesn't she use it to protect elephants from ivory poachers instead of turning baby elephants into circus animals? How many will make it alive to her dream wedding and will she pay to safely return them home after?

Bobcats Need Your Help

In Defense of Animals
You may remember, In Defense of Animals fought last year to stop Illinois Bill 352, which proposed an annual bobcat trapping and hunting season after 42 years of protection. There is a reason bobcats were made a protected species. In the years before they were protected, hunters drove them to the brink of extinction. Even today, as hunting permits are again being issued. Michigan news source, MLive, reports that "officials estimate [that there are only] about 5,000 bobcats in Illinois."

Despite the fact that only 17 percent of voters actually supported the bill, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner approved it anyway, placing the interests of the hunting lobby above the voting public.

The time for the bill's passage has now come: authority “to implement regulated harvest of bobcats” in the State was granted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in Public Act 99-0033, which took effect Jan. 1 (with the exception of northeastern and east-central Illinois, where bobcat "harvesting" will still be prohibited.) Hunting season will run from early November through the end of January.

The specifics aren't pretty. The bill will allow for a four month hunting and trapping season. It will permit deplorable hunting tactics, including the use of foothold traps, nasty razor-toothed steel-jaw traps which are outlawed in many states and the European Union, and opposed by 87% of Illinois voters, and "hounding" which often results in the death of "hunting dogs."). Click here to read more and take action.

Terrified Dog Dragged Behind Truck

In Defense of Animals
Can you imagine the fear, panic, and pain of a dog who’s being dragged behind a vehicle? This is what Champ experienced just days ago. A video of Champ being helplessly dragged behind a red pickup truck surfaced on Snapchat on Monday, March 21. The Chickasaw County Sheriff's Department took 70-year-old Willie Davis, of Houlka, Mississippi, into custody the same night.

Champ, a German Shepherd mix was taken to a regional veterinarian by his new caregivers to determine the extent of his wounds and the necessary treatment for his recovery. The severest crime Davis may be charged with is a misdemeanor charge of aggravated cruelty which carries a maximum fine of just $2,500, and a six-month jail term.

Last month, a bill went before the Mississippi House of Representatives Agriculture Committee that would have made aggravated animal cruelty a first offense felony. However, SB2174 was "killed" after the Mississippi Farm Bureau took a direct aim at it.

We cannot allow unspeakable acts of cruelty like this to be ignored, but that is precisely what the Farm Bureau persuaded the Mississippi State Legislature to do, in its stubborn fight to snuff a reasonable and compassionate law. We are calling on Mississippians to cancel their Farm Bureau insurance policies to protest the Bureau’s despicable actions to keep Mississippi’s animals unprotected from heinous cruelty. Click here to read more.
Stop the dangerous, high-speed slaughtering of animals
The petition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture reads:
"High-speed pig slaughter factories are extremely dangerous for workers, the environment, and public health and lead to additional cruelty to animals. Halt the expansion and completely end the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Based Inspection Models Project (HIMP) program."
Add your name:

Sign the petition ►

As Americans’ pork consumption grows,1 pork producers across the country are looking to cash in on this multi-billion dollar industry, while putting workers, the environment, and public health at huge risk – and submitting animals to added cruelty.

A little-known pilot program implemented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has allowed pork processors to operate high-speed pig slaughtering factories that lack proper government oversight and inspection, run 20 percent faster than normal plants, and can slaughter an incredible 1,300 pigs every hour.2

These dangerous, high-speed facilities have caused serious worker injuries and are responsible for hazardous food safety issues, including increased fecal contamination and food-borne illnesses. What’s more, the accelerated conditions force workers to take inhumane shortcuts leading to extreme suffering for animals.3

The USDA is considering expanding this program to even more facilities across the country, so we must act now to stop it.

Tell the USDA: Stop the high-speed slaughtering of animals. Click here to sign the petition.
The USDA implemented this high-speed pig slaughtering program, known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Based Inspection Models Project (HIMP), over a decade ago with the intention of improving food safety and providing more benefits for consumers, when in fact it has done completely the opposite.
According to Compassion Over Killing, a Washington, D.C.-based animal rights organization, the HIMP program has “reduce[d] the number of government-trained inspectors at slaughter plants...shift[ed] much of the inspection and food safety control measures into the hands of the slaughter plants, and allow[ed] facilities to run slaughter lines at higher speeds than other plants where full government inspection is still taking place.”4

Tell the USDA: Stop the high-speed slaughtering of animals. Click here to sign the petition.
Hormel Foods, one of the nation’s largest factory processors of pork and best known for producing SPAM, is the country’s worst culprit. Hormel operates three of the nation’s five high-speed slaughtering facilities and has a long and dark history of egregious food and worker safety violations. From 2008-2011, over 600 food safety violations were reported at one single Hormel plant, and in 2012 alone, Hormel plants were slapped with over 350 worker safety violations.5

Pressure is mounting to force the USDA to end this dangerous slaughtering program. As the USDA considers expanding HIMP to more facilities, 60 members of Congress, led by progressive champion and food safety leader Rep. Rosa DeLauro, have called on Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to stop the proposed expansion of this program, citing egregious safety violations and animal cruelty at current high-speed slaughtering facilities.6

The USDA must end this program before any further expansion takes place. The safety of our food supply and the welfare of factory workers and millions of animals are at stake.

Tell the USDA: Stop the high-speed slaughtering of animals. Click the link below to sign the petition:

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