Monday, September 11, 2017

Cool Guy Of The Day is Kerry Sanders, Watch NBC’s Kerry Sanders try to save a baby dolphin in Florida

At first, it was very hard to watch as one random guy and weather person, Kerry Sanders tried to get a baby dolphin off the beach. It was exhausted. 

Kerry Sanders himself took it out further and held it in a way for it to catch its breathe. 
Image result for Kerry Sanders weather person saves dolphin
There is no better human being that I can think of right now than this weather dude and honestly, he shut me up with my new rule from last week pleading all weather people to go inside to report on the weather conditions. This of course is much different. There is no pounding rain and soaring wind to contend with and no sooner did Kerry himself get that dolphin back out into the Gulf, the mom or an adult dolphin was beached in that same area.

One positive is that I was nervous about is the baby being separated from its pod and from its mom and family. 

MSNBC went back to the beach live again to show a group of 8 to 10 people carrying the adult dolphin back out into gulf. They were at first pouring water on it but man was this hard to watch at first. I wanted to jump through the screen and through the camera on to that beach. 

But these guys did it and honestly, if it were not for this Kerry Sanders guy that took the extra steps here in a huge way, this would not have worked out to be a positive outcome.

That is a victory of sort and it will no doubt be reported and shown on Dolphin Outlook this week and at Rescue TV.

This is how it panned out live on the Today Show and on Morning Joe simultaneously about 20 minutes ago:
Reporting on Hurricane Irma from Marco Island, Florida, NBC’s Kerry Sanders tries to help rescue a baby dolphin washed ashore by Hurricane Irma. Though likely dazed and exhausted, the dolphin struggles through the waves to head back out into the Gulf. Watch the live report as it happened on NBC!

Baby dolphin rescued off Marco Island. NBC News' Kerry Sanders helps rescue a stranded baby dolphin on Marco Island, Florida. Watch it live as it happened on Morning Joe on MSNBC!