Friday, March 25, 2016

SeaWorld is like the GOP. They are both very selective and very linear with their points that they try to make to everyone!

You know when the people in the GOP say things like I dunno, George Bush Jr. kept America safe (as they whisper or even not speak about 9/11), etc.? Well SeaWorld acts that same linear way with the content in this new 'Some say free the Whales' ad that starting airing yesterday.
First off, they take a jab at the people fighting so hard against what they do, but as of yesterday, MSNBC must have been targeted for this newest SeaWorld ad campaign about how their Whales should not be released into the wild which I get, however, and fundamentally here, these animals should never have been born in this situation in the first place.

Second and overall, is that if anything, they should be released to a place like the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary or into the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary

The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is an area of 50 million square kilometres surrounding the continent of Antarctica where the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has banned all types of commercial whaling

To date, the IWC has designated two such sanctuaries, the other being the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary. 

The Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary is an area in the Indian Ocean where the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has also been banned from all types of commercial whaling. 

The IWC has at present designated two such sanctuaries, the other being the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Repeated proposals at the IWC for a South Atlantic Sanctuary and a South Pacific Sanctuary have never reached the 75% majority needed to pass.

I have seen this new commercial ad 14 times today and yesterday which is about how dangerous it is for them to release the whales that they bred mind you to be born into that pool that is the size of the one in our backyards. And, so they can make themselves money training them do whatever they do at the SeaWorlds of the world (like surfing on their backs and jumping through a hula hoop, etc.).

Honestly, it is annoying me.

SeaWorld had no business breeding them in the first place and now they are trying to justify it. They site Keiko (which of course would not have died if it were not in captivity most of its life before they let it go back into the wild) and how it died when released into the wild after of course, it lived in a pool its entire life that again, is the size of the one in my back yard while of course, it made SeaWorld money.

Maybe its better than when MSNBC showed catheter advertisements but man is this one in heavy rotation. And, they admit to it in the ad (they say how the bred these whales) so maybe its not quite like how the GOP acts all linear when they state anything, but in reality, these whales should be allowed to live in these controlled sanctuary's which would keep them safe. And, it would allow them to swim in a natural environment that is much larger than any pool at any SeaWorld. Let alone the area where they sleep and where they keep them overnight which is even smaller than that pool they perform.