Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I by Vicki Kiely via Sunset Recordings is in stores today!

On Friday (7/13), Rollz and Dice will do a "Sunset Recordings Presents" night and play songs from Mista LatexOriginal Black Pantah and Kaptial A all in one night. 
They go live at 9 PM EST at http://www.rollzanddice.com/onair and and will also be published online to listen to at anytime.

SCA Company Head Don Lichterman is being interviewed Thursday night live at 830PM EST by Rollz for his Podcast show.
The Reese Project plays starting today and through Sunday at the Strings Excel event at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania.
Image result for Strings Excel @ Elizabethtown College reese
Vicki Kiely is featured now in the “Bikinis and Martinis” Magazine.
'Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)' by Mister Sir was in the Top 40 in June 2018 in Music Videos at Our Stage!
Oh, The Payday! (Midnight), by Mister Sir on OurStage
'Charlie Brown' by Vicki Kiely was in the Top 40 in Music Videos throughout June at Our Stage!
Charlie Brown, by Vicki Kiely on OurStage
'Enticement' by Vicki Kiely was in the Top 40 in Singer-Songwriter throughout June 2018 at Our Stage!
'Thumbin' by Mista Latex feat. BadNewz & T-Woodz is currently #4 in Rap at Our Stage!

'Bring My Baby Back' by Han Drabur was in the Top 40 in June in EDM at Our Stage
'Moonriser' by Han Drabur is Currently 18th in Blues and was Top 40 in Blues in June at Our Stage!
Sunset Recordings Artist Roster: