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Why did it take Andy Cohen 17 Minutes and 50 Seconds to ask Carl Radke about the best blow job he ever had which happened to be with a man? Carl deals with the question pretty openly. He evidently had a sexual relationship with a guy when he was 22 years old and evidently it was the best oral sex he ever had. That is what he told Steven but I bet Carl was just feeding into it because Steven is gay.
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Steven from 'Summer House' dropped that bombshell as the show ended this week and I saw that carl was on 'Watch What Happens' with Andy Cohen that same night so I recorded it because I knew Andy would ask. I just thought he would have had asked the minute the show started. 

And, honestly, I love Carl's answer. I assumed he would lie about it which I am not sure what the big deal is either way now that i think of it. I guess we will see how that pans out in next week's episode.

The only other thing I want to say about that show is that Amanda chick is way hot and way cool. I am pretty sure I have seen her naked two times. I am pretty sure that second time was straight on. I had no clue they could show naked boobs. Regardless, Kyle better deal and not lose her.

Why does Lala refer to her boyfriend as "her man"? 

And, why does everyone else do too? 

It's very odd. They never mention his name which I get. He has no desire to be on the show. Let alone as a Sugar Daddy to Lala. I am so curious though what he looks like but why can't they talk about him normally using normal pronouns that are not condescending? I think I just answered my own question but even still, it is so weird hearing someone refer to someone else as her man. What if I referred to a girlfriend this day and age as my woman or my girl? It is weird.

I have referred to people like Katy Tur and maybe Alexis Bliss as my girls and maybe even Ashley Parker too which I will never do again mind you and so yeah, sorry about my brashness.

I have started to really like everyone a lot in Vanderpump Rules . 

I even like James for god's sakes. I really do. I love his girlfriend too. She seems so nice. 

You know how I feel about Stassi. I love her big time and speaking of her, she said another hilarious thing this week. What the hell was it? Something about her having an ailment to asshole guys or something like that but she cracked me up again. If she did not have three boob jobs, she'd be perfect. I means besides me being twenty years older than her but setting that aside, she is the best. 

I also love Kristen Doute (I love saying the word and name 'Doute'). Whatever. I always liked her. And, I love Katie again. When she showed her real self in the last two weeks, she pulled me back in and now I think of her as the nice chick she was at first. 

I love Tom and Tom and I get JAX. He reminds me of someone and how that person acted back in the day which is not exactly the greatest thing to admit, however, I hope him and Brittany work out. 

I liked Arianna this week the most I liked her lately so far this season and how about after Stassi's meltdown when she came into the apartment and tried to cry? That was funny. You heard crickets which was so awkward after the first sentence. It was hard to watch but it ended fine. They are friends so it is cool. I did NOT see how that melee started during her birthday party. I saw her leave and that was really it. 

And, that brings me to Scheana and Rob. I am not that into them yet but I am taking into consideration that she is recently split up and not even divorced yet. That is why she acts the way she does because it is so new. I am letting it go even though it is pretty annoying.

I cranked fitness wise all week. 

I had to bail from Monday's YOGA class because there was a sub and that sub and I have a brief history. Regardless of that, another class was cancelled so I only did yoga three times and generally do it four to five days every week. I made it up in the gym before and after my kickboxing training with Ryan McEvoy for two days and then my personal coach Drew 'Non-Stop' Aguilar ran me through the mill this week and then Alex 'Macho' Barbosa kicked my butt on Saturday. He is the most demanding by far. He is relentless. He does not let me take a breathe before he is up my butt telling me to do anything but to stand here. 

Drew teaches me every day except for one day a week. I try to take days off and I can't. I love it and i am totally in a groove now.

I also love leaving my office, home and work in general every day for 2 or 3 hours. That is very new to me. Which is why I need to be active every day. I sat at this desk for like 8 years and my weight was up to 173. Now its down below 145 and i am by far in the best shape I have ever been in and I mean by leaps and bounds.
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Katy Tur did this amazing Interview with Aaron Stark. He is some kid that was going to carry out a school shooting a few years ago but ended up not doing it. What insight and have you ever seen that type of an interview before? We have seen interviews of people that carried out psycho crimes and they told about it but has anyone ever heard anyone speak about planning to do a crime but then stopped him or herself? And, because of whatever mental behavior issues? That is just wild to grasp. I am not sure if I ever thought about hearing that type of insight into a mind of someone that has the mentality to even want to carry that out. Check it out. I found the replay of it on the site.

I think it is because I find that odd for someone to want to randomly 'spray' bullets killing anyone in random ways. Like with no 'rhyme or reason'. I just do not get that and why anyone would want to go out that way. Infamy is not good. Even if you want your name out there, is that how you want to be known? And, then add to the fact that aside from general 'Modus Operandi' of being ill, killing randoms does nothing as far as revenge or anything I can think of besides it just being weak.

And, it does nothing to make a point although I may be thinking too hard into wondering why people think this is an effective way to leave a legacy.

I do not condone it at all, but I can easily see the rationale of a mentally deranged person killing people that screwed with them over someone just randomly killing anyone for really no direct reasoning except for them being at the 'wrong place at the wrong time.'

That is how I feel about hunting. Animals and wildlife get killed just because they meandered into an area where someone will shoot them from a far, and never face to face. 

I just do not understand that random way of killing anything. 

Even a fly or anything that enters my house, I let it out because it freaks me out to think that think has to die just because it entered my place inadvertently.

Same with the selective process animals and wildlife go through because so many are born to just be killed. And again, it freaks me out.

This coming week is the last week in the dolphin hunting and killing season in Taiji, Japan. I cannot wait for that day to come. Last week was rough. And, it it is still going on today. Hunters and hunted clashed for the fifth out of the past eight days. Unfortunately, today the hunters were able to capture four Pacific white sided dolphins. 

The banger boats chased the dolphins early, only to have them escape and head back out to sea. The boats spewed black smoke as they chased after the dolphins. They disappeared over the horizon and Cove Monitors were hopeful for an escape. 

However, the banger boats reappeared, driving the dolphins towards the harbor. Skiffs full of nets and divers rushed out to meet them. It seemed the bangers had focused on a small group of dolphins as nine bangers descended upon them while other dolphins escaped. 

The dolphins were chased towards a net and surrounded by boats banging relentlessly on their poles as the net was drawn around the dolphins, encircling them. The brutal capture process began as the nets were drawn in and large numbers of divers descended upon the trapped dolphins. 

One by one, divers pounced on the trapped dolphins and wrestled them to the waiting skiffs. 

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The dolphins were then rolled up in a net and hoisted up and into the skiff, thrashing and fighting the entire time. Each dolphin was then driven to the harbor pen and dumped in. The One dolphin was observed with a large gash on its stomach. 

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The dolphins were agitated and stressed by their confinement. Hunters then tried to transfer two dolphins to the pens in Moriura bay but the dolphins were thrashing violently in the slings so they turned around and returned them to the harbor pen. Four Pacific white sided dolphins fought valiantly but ultimately lost their freedom today. Previously, seven others had been captured over the past eight days bringing the total to eleven. Eleven lives stolen from the ocean, never to swim freely again. 

Why? Because of the global demand for captive dolphins. No profit to be made, no dolphins to be caught.

#dolphinproject #dontbuyaticket - Pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show:

Last year at this time, the hunters ended the season by this date.