Sunday, August 20, 2017

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I am listening to Howard who is going over J.D. and his wife's camping trip to the Finger Lakes region in upstate in New York. It sounds like they were near Watkins Glen.

First off, Second off and third off, getting to your camping spot at midnight anywhere it is not light out which if you are not in Alaska, Upper Canada, Norway areas, or in the Arctics,  is sort of a rookie mistake. I mean I can set anything at any given time but assembling a tent while also settling into a new camp site at night following a 4 to 5 hour drive after working a full week is hard. I would have opted to get a room for cheap near the camping spot, and then get there by like 7AM even on a lazy AM. You can then deal while you still have plenty of time for an extensive morning hike. 

The other thing that is her fault which take no offense, I have no clue who his wife is, but she should have taken off on Friday. They should have then left during the day giving them not only plenty of time to set up camp, they would also get two full days before they had to leave to come back home. It would have been way more chill for the likes of J.D. Getting there at midnight on a Friday night and having to leave on Sunday when you are four hours away from home is not that great planning. It also defeats the purpose of camping. You want J.D. to by on Saturday really get a sense that he is away from the city. 

Again, I mean no offense because we all did this one time in our lives. I happen to have gone through it in high school but in defense of how hard it was for me that late night in the Pine Barrons, I was tripping my head off. 

What was hilarious though, is that he did not help her build the tent. I also think he may not have known how to build a fire. He did not even have sex with his wife which you do right away on camping trips. 

Actually, it only lasted 24 hours.

What a nightmare J.D. is; he could not assimilate to being able to hang out in the Finger Lakes region for what? Three days? They should have at least just gotten a room somewhere and just counted their losses with the try at camping. He just said that he wore his socks into the shower which now that I think about it, what the hell did he even need to shower for anyway? He did nothing. And, then he put the damp sock back into his shoe? I stand correct because it does seem like that he did a hike. I think he went to Watkins Glen State Park ( Did they at least go into the Gorge?

He should have at least gone into the Gorge. And, even if he went the opposite way on that path, it is not hard. Little kids do it and there are rails keeping everyone safe. Its also a paved hike for the most part.

It is Tuesday and my chest is still bruised to no end. It sucks and Howard ripping into Ronnie because he has to leave to be a glorified extra gig (there is an ad in the paper for extras to meet at the same set for the same scene as Ronnie) in some new Adam Sandler film, is hilarious. Which I knew was coming because it was talked about a lot.

Regardless of Ronnie, and since the subject is in the air, I am not even sure when the last decent film Adam Sandler has made. Not that that matters and besides, if you consider that they are available via Netflix, it is a total gift watching them. I thought Pixels would have been good but that was awful. His Netflix ones are eh at best. I would say the last one I liked was Blended. And, I liked it once it hit cable. I did not see it in the theatre but I have seen it at least 30 to 40 times. It also has a decent soundtrack. 

Regardless, this segment has me cracking up to the point of utter pain because laughing hurts my chest. Breathing hurts my chest. Coughing hurts the most. Clearing my throat sucks. And, I must do something active today. I am not doing anything hard and I am not doing any lifting today. I'll forgo yoga again today because it is the Root class. Which means lots of arm use which I think one more day is needed for me to start doing some poses.

Ironically, they are doing the top five coughing fits on TV news casts. It is making me want to cough.

BTW, I had no clue all of this time since May that this Brent on the show was the Brent from the Bubba the Love Sponge show. I had no clue. I like Brent. I think I talked about it on my posts that I liked that guy. I think I liked him a bit back then too but I did not care for Bubba's show. I remember him vividly from that show. I can't believe is on Howard's staff today. It is great because he (Brent) is great. He is legitimately smart which is what i really love about the dude. Obviously before I put together they are one in the same people for whatever that is worth.

I finished watching Ozark last night. The end left it wide opened for Season 2 but I am a bit bummed that Esai Morales' character (Del Rio) got nailed. It took me like two days to watch all ten episodes and I had to leave the house two times over the weekend for many hours. Even though I was injured. I still went out Saturday night but otherwise, I would have finished that one sooner. I am a huge Jason Bateman fan so no matter what he does, I watch. Even the Gift which I hate horror or revenge styled films where the high school student gets back at whomever picked on them as a kid. I love him in Horrible Bosses 2. I liked Horrible Bosses 2 better than Horribles Bosses.

Oh, and also, Howard was talking about Easi (Morales) today. I am thinking he is on Dancing with the Stars or some reality show he was described as doing well in. Robin, Ronnie and Ralph all commented on how great Ozark is in Netflix.

It is Wednesday and I cannot stand to hear the sound of Donald J. Trump's voice. Something is very wrong with this guy. It is really an awful time in American history. I have never seen a person lie so much. Much like the people in the GOP that are very linear with their actions and statements (ie: you know when they used to say how Bush Jr. kept us safe while whispering the words "after 9/11", etc.), but man has this Trump guy marveled that manipulation. He has somehow manipulated what went down in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday beginning in the middle of the clash. Rather than fundamentally admitting that in the first place, there was a rally with hate groups. And, what they are rallying for is stupid because those General Lee statues were erected in the 1920's for gods sakes. That is how many years after that Civil War? The 20's were also a harsh time with regard to racism and these statues if you will, were set up as symbols to keep black people in their places so to speak. It was not about winning or losing some battle that went down like 70 years before the statue was set up and if it was or were about battles, he and they lost them. Plus, General Lee committed treason by turning on his government to fight for slavery. He broke his oath to go fight for slavery.

One of my friends set me straight reminding me of those historical values, or lack there of, because I said that I could care less about the statues (and before I knew the real history behind them/it). I then said that I have to assume that there may be some history behind them people like. He replied saying that there are plenty of books to read about history. There are museums, etc. and I replied literally saying "OMG, duh". Because it is true.

That statue is purely symbolic.

Trump literally blamed 'both sides' and targets the 'very, very violent alt-left' which is wild. Like I said, something is very wrong with anyone that equates people protesting against other hate groups, as very bad people when conversely saying that there are people on both sides not so bad.

Then the President also somehow equates Confederate generals Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. One set is from the Revolutionary war and the latter set is from the Civil war however, the initial were nation builders. Lee and Jackson were not. They fought against our own nation in order to keep slavery a live. They fought to keep black people from being whole individuals. Trump basically referred to people like Chris Cantwell as 'fine people'. That guy BTW, on VICE felt that the guy barrelling down a street in a car that killed someone and injured 19 other people that he referred to as 'animals' mind you, as a justified kill. He said 'it was not done unjustly' and the also said 'that more people will die'. He then said that 'they won' because they 'had no deaths' and the other side I guess had one death he mentioned too. Even though they had to use a pussy way to deal rather than with bare hands because we saw what went down when the fight was a face to face one on one. We saw Bloodied Nazi faces..
Trump again blames 'both sides' and targets 'very, very violent alt-left'
You do have people speaking out against the rally, but what is deafening are the people NOT speaking up against it. 

BTW, isn't saying what that Chris Cantwell dude said borderline criminal? What if that guy was black? The Fed's would be knocking down his door because isn't that a form of terrorism? I think terrorists talk that exact way.

On Howard today is David Letterman and you know what is whacked (no pun intended (whack pack)), I am more interested in hearing about Ronnie's acting gig more than I care about hearing what Letterman is up to. It is a not bad interview but Letterman is Letterman. I guess he is another recent sign on to a deal at Netflix. I also think them (Howard, Robin and Fred) teased the Ronnie thing which makes it worse anticipation wise. At the same time, it did the trick. We are creeping up to 9AM so I assume the Letterman thing will end then at 9. He did an hour and a half till 930AM.

The one cool thing is how Letterman is praising the shows on MSNBC and Howard is saying that same thing where he feels the opposites do better like when Fox News did well, it was when Obama was in office. And, now MSNBC is doing well because of Trump being in and I totally disagree. 

The reporting on MSNBC is 99.9999% real. And, if it is wrong for whatever which is why I chopped off the mili percentage, everyone is real on every show so I give it 100%.

That is why people like it.

And, that is why Trump hates it.

That is also why it is deemed as a left wing rag when by them because I get that there are some left leaning shows with Rachel, Lawrence and Chris along with Reverend Al whom is thank god, only doing one show a week on Sundays. And, even though the likes of Chris Hayes is very progressive, that is beauty of Chris Hayes. He backs what he says. Or, Nicole Wallace which we had it out after she stopped working in Politics. I used to hate how no matter what the fact was said about her old boss back then, she would merely say the opposite. I then realized that she was on D. Her old Boss fucked things up and I get that is a hard thing to swallow. It sucked for everyone. Trust me in saying the last 15 years have sucked. But she is honestly one of the best news people out there right now and she has been great for a while now. I only saw her a few times or maybe even only one time on the View and I loved her on it. But, I cant watch that show every day to get my news. Take no offense.

Joy Ann Ried is real. She is so smart and so quick.

Chris Hayes and her are two of the best news people on TV. The problem is that no one from the GOP will even remotely go on their shows. I mean besides the normal cast of characters like Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace or whomever else is a republican, and is not scared to be real.

Everyone is somewhat real on MSNBC and that started to rise to surface. 

Conversely, the other outlets kept getting caught in lies. They totally lost credibility. Setting whatever Brian Williams said at NBC News aside, the only real blemish on MSNBC that I can remember was on Rachel's show. I hated when she and David Cay Johnston released that ridiculous two-page tax document that was totally sent to them by Trump. That is the only issue that ever bothered me and I have been watching since the day Tim Russert died. 

But if MSNBC and its shows had their ways, they would have points and counter points on them all day. No one that is not real will go on an MSNBC show because they know that they will get schooled if they try to lie. Look at Morning Joe which basically led me to every other show and its hosts on the network, they are so fair and balanced. They have a republican POV and a Dem POV and even real liberal POV. Hell, they even have a Donny Deutsch POV.

Politically, we are in a real bad state right now. It would honestly be great if the FBI people would step it up before more damage is done.

How creepy was it when Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chou said 'both my men.' I am cringing even thinking about it.

OK. Moving on. I am getting an idea of who and/or what this Heather Heyer girl is all about. If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention is what she said on facebook one time. Susan Bro is speaking now and all I can say is wow. What she said has me in total tears but honestly, in such a great way. I followed this woman's every word. At first and from what i heard about Heather is that she was tough. She maybe pushed the idea by speaking her mind too much for normal people and I was upset at first when the Pasteur and her mom basically said that Heather was a handful. This was on that day she plowed over and then again today accordingly. But then after the speech and hearing her full speech, it was a blockbuster. She did more than well.

I can also safely say when that asshole Donald Trump said that heather's  mom thanked him, that at best, it was said after he gave her condolences if that even happened anyway. I am sure Susan said thank you and of course Trump has to lie about that conversation to exploit it to help benefit is his own pea brain but again, if there was even a telephone call.

Forget what I said above about anything fighting back wise. It is not even needed because we have officially entered Bullyville, USA and Pussified, USA all wrapped into one. This is that (Chris) Cantwell guy a half a day after the VICE thing aired:.
Can you believe this fucking guy?

He talked so much shit in that VICE interview. I am not even sure what to say or how to react but I hope he is tweaking because this is craziness at its best. I was literally scared of this guy and I was wondering if there was a way to combat the likes of him with a left winged militia type of people that can fight. It is not even needed. If this odd guy is scared of a warrant for gods sakes, after of course he welcomed it, he needs to really take back what the hell he said in that interview. 

New Rules: You cannot threaten more violence 12 hours before you release a video crying your eyes out about what you said....

As for the 750 plus statue's and spaces relating to slavery or the Civil War, if they were erected during the Jim Crow era, they need to come down. If it symbolism as to why they were put up, they should be taken down. 425 or so went up pre-Jim Crow into Jim Crow years. 125 or so were placed up in the 20's. And, then another 91 or so were placed up in the 40s I think.

And, what the POTUS does is a false equivalency. He saw the protesters. He saw the flags that they were holding and the signs that they were holding. He heard that Jew chant they did Friday night which what was that again? LOL....That was a funny one...something about Jews not taking their jobs or taking something over which I am not even sure what that chant meant quite frankly. The Jews do NOT care about anyone's jobs. It did make me laugh out loud at that time hearing the exact words in that chant over the last weekend. That was great stuff. 

Hone me in please. Thanks.

He also heard all of that before Saturday Morning. 

The protests starting Friday night. It was a weekend event planned by the White Supremacists and White Nationalists.

Trump's response to the above mentioned is that they are 'fine people' based or judged on the select few of them that could have had idealistic values based on their deep belief about wanting to keep this statue up. And these same peopl do not mind aligning themselves with Nazi's, White Supremacists and White nationalists. 

Conversely, think about the thousands of counter protesters that are clergymen, businessmen, activists, students, ordinary people basically that came out to oppose white supremacy and ethnic cleansing, and you have to judge them based on the few that may have come prepared for violence.

It is very selective and again, very linear. It is another lie or diversion. What it is, is a total deflection. 

Overall, that sense of equivalency is warped.

Trump also lied again about pulling the plugs on the business committee or council when Steve Schwartzman had already told him that they were bolting that day.
Mika is very proud of Corporate America. I think it is only Thursday.

Is it only Thursday right now?

Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on, on Ray Donovan? I am lost. I think Abbey is dead but she is sure as shit in this entire latest or second episode this season. It's freaking me out. I hate back tracking or flashbacks, and I hate ghosts and I even hate hallucinations that are real slices of life. 

Did you know that I met Liev Schrieber one time? 

We laughed together at something because some woman in the line at the Starbucks in Salt Lake City's Airport thought he went to high school with her. He had to explain that he was an actor which in 1998 or 1999 or 2K or 2001 or whenever this went down after Sundance (I know it was one of those years considering whom I was with at the fest), he was also in a lot of major motion films by then. I know that he went on to get nominated for something Oscar wise or maybe I am thinking that he had a major role in major films but, obviously, he was doing Indies when Indies were sorta still Indy. We were at Sundance which I think I said. I wonder what film I saw that year with him in it because as you may know about Sundance, everything shown there is well before it hits theatres if it even hit theatres quite frankly. He's also done a lot or narration and voice over work. Like on HBO and many things I love he does. He may even do the Hard Knocks for football and the Stadium Series show again, on HBO for Hockey. Regardless of Liev, I want more of Susan Sarandon. I fucking love her. Although this London chick they are doing some dominatrix package with is overly hot. She cannot act though. 

Again, I must ask, what the fuck is going on?

Last, I will get into it on the Rams weekly at the end of the week, but man did they play well tonight. I mean really well. The ONLY issue that I saw was the defensive line which ironically on the last play of the game, came up with the sack to end it. But we knew that is an issue. That is what I called the only gap or flaw on the team in yesterday's Los Angeles Rams Weekly. I also said that if they would sign Aaron Donald, that would solve that issue at the drop of a dime. 

The following is why Ram fans should be so happy. 

That first team offense played exceptional. If whomever is not a believer in Jared Goff, they merely have no clue about football and what to look for in a QB. Watch out folks because he not only lights it up at will, he is accurate as ballz. I mean accurate. He gives the receiver's the fighting chance to catch the ball, and that is on a bad day so to speak.

That brings me back to this Cooper Kupp dude again. Holy shit is that guy amazing. 

And, Robert Woods is one of the fastest people that I have ever seen on the field. I was in shock and I had to figure out after one run after a particular catch that it was him. I assumed it was some rookie. 

I cannot believe this WR crew the Rams have in place today. It is top notch. 

Then, I was totally shut the hell up this week and I am so happy about it! Todd Gurley had one of the best games he has had in years. He looked sick. He was unstoppable. He carried like 10 players more than one time and he got to every hole big time. 

Todd Gurley considering the last year and half, was my star of the game. 

This offense is going to be and already is a serious force. I have no worry any more and all I need to do now is sit back and watch. I am confidant on all levels. I just need the team to stay uninjured now for two more games. 

I can then go to CO for a week. Come back ready for game one that following Sunday.  

Oh man. I did not even get to the back ups. That was key because we watched Sean Mannion and the non starters or the non first teamers come back to win the game. Plus, they kept us in the game because Goff and Gurley and most of the first team sat after a quarter and a half tops. Gurley did not end to take one more snap and he was taken out at the very perfect time. Goff and the WR's played one more set of downs before they were sat. Same with the line.

It was a good night of football on every level. They exceeded what I expected again. And, as the most intense Ram fan of all time, I could not be more psyched for this season. 

Anyway, it will be a busy week. Have a good one!.