Saturday, August 27, 2016

'November Rain' by Guns N Roses is playing now tune in for the Live EDM show tonight!

Live EDM airs every Saturday Night at 7PM EST! 

Brand New Frank Zappa blocks of his live music are now played throughout the week!

Get The Led Out Live Airs Every Thursday Night at 6PM EST!

The World's first and only all live radio format where every song played is the live version

Guns N Roses/Guns N' Roses
Live And Disillusioned
The Battle Of Evermore
Mike the Mike 1977-06-21 [Disc 2]
Out There: Live at Bonnaroo, June 14, 2013
Party Girl
Positive Vibrator
Babylon By Bus
The Spirit Of Radio
Different Stages - Live (CD 2)
Evil Woman
Electric Light Orchestra
Live At The BBC (Disk 2)
Just Dance
Lady Gaga
Live Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, 7/7/2010
Cortez the Killer
Neil Young
Live Rust
Bebe Le Strange