Saturday, August 26, 2017

Week In Review, Eclipse, Jimmy Kimmel, Heel, Hit em with the Hein, Underdog Woman, CO next week, Vlad the Impaler, Fuego, Hurricane Harvey & New Rule: Weather people must stop broadcasting in middle of storms!

I spent the day with my niece and nephew today (Sunday). They made me a cake and we got to do a lot of things today (FunPlex, Pool, Playground, Collingswood Street Craft Fair, Mom and dads, etc.):
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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, child, sky, shoes and outdoor

Jimmy Kimmel is co hosting on the Howard Stern Radio show Tuesday and Wednesday. He knows everything about the show. I was psyched for it this week. I will say that about Ronnie in particular, along with Shuli doing it to Ronnie, they like to deflect. Every time Howard gets up Ronnie's butt who then in turn gets up Shuli's butt, the first reaction is to always deflect. Ronnie always says 'what about you doing it' or he will say that 'everyone does it'. When the fact is whomever is talking about him. Not anyone else. Ronnie does it with Howard for god's sakes and he has done that for so many years while again, doing it literally in every conversation. I guess he tries to justify his own actions by thinking everyone else does what he does. It is very odd behavior and honestly, it is so annoying when he deflects. In defense though, Shuli did it to him one time during this last melee. Which BTW, anyone reporting on the likes of Ronnie at a filming being an extra part in the Adam Sandler movie, cannot be blamed for just reporting what went down.

And, wow. Randomly yesterday I was thinking how bad it would be to be blind. I even rationalized in my head that other senses are heightened which I quickly snapped out of but then i went on to think that I wish there was technology to be able to make everyone see scientifically. I weighed that in my head and even though part of me thinks technologically and scientifically we could feasibly make that a reality in my lifetime, I also cannot fathom how that would work. I honestly cannot fathom being blind and so every time I complain about anything, is just ridiculous in the broad scheme of life. Oh, my point is that Howard is talking about that happening with him too. Then again, that coincidence could have been in the air now that I think about it, with the eclipse happening which I must say in writing here today that I can give 8 fux about the eclipse. It is so ridiculous. I can't wait for that to end and I can't wait for Game of Thrones to end. I am sick of hearing about it.

I forgot about the eclipse today. Oops. I was doing something during when it hit the east coast. I noticed the NASA feed on TV which looked cool. It was like hours later though. I know that the 15K people that showed up in Illinois to watch it in that stadium, had to be disappointed. You could see the entire ring vaguely for about 1 and 1/2 seconds.  The anticipation must have been fun. I can see how anyone could get caught up with it but again, I am not even sure why the big deal, and people were losing it. People cried. Sarah Jessica Parker freaked out (even though it could have been for her kids). Jeff Sessions prayed during it.Broadcasters were speechless. Trump looked up at it 4 different times without glasses before and after he tried using his glasses. 

You know what is wild? I remember when it happened in 1979. The next one happens in 2024. 
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Trump is speaking tonight in Arizona. I think VP Mike Pence is going to be with him. Which means he could be tame even though that is highly unlikely. He should not be doing this rally. That is actually ridiculous. He needs to govern. Am I missing something besides him being a like adolescent that needs to be made happy every minute of every day? Because this is the classic way to prop him up in an environment where no matter what he says, people will cheer. Is that normal behavior BTW, that a person needs that form of acceptance to make themselves feel good?

This is the POTUS. He is the oddest guy on the planet. I have never really seen a bigger character than Donald J. trump. He never ceases to amaze me with arrogant antics that just get unchecked. The guy gets away with everything. 

He had those Russian leaders in the Oval office literally within weeks of him being inaugurated. He never released his taxes while every other POTUS ever did. His tried to get James Comey to be loyal to him by getting rid of the Russian probe I suppose and he tried doing the same thing with Senators and people in Congress. He tried strong arming them and what am I saying, he and Mitch McConnell had a knock down drag em out fight about it. He also runs his business from inside the White House. Everything he said about happening to Hillary Clinton, is happening to this administration.

Even with his speech last night which had no real substance, who cares what he says? It means nothing. Nothing he says is real. Everything is calculated and is done for the wrong reason (or, generally for a photo op or like I said above here, a feel good rally situation, etc., etc., etc.). I will say that he has had his best 3 days ever since being POTUS. That is why I think it is bad move for him to do a rally. He is bound to do something stupid.

Speaking of the POTUS doing another stupid thing, did you see his emails from last night about 'heel'ing? He had three tweets. Two of them had the word 'heel' (one tweet had the word heel typed in twice) as in the country needs to heal but he spells like the part of the foot not one time. Not two times but three times before his third gratuitous tweet to give him the ability to be able to spell the word heal correct. Obviously someone said to him that he spelled the word heal like the word heel three times.

His speech to his announce his so called strategy even though there is no strategy with regard to the Afghanistan war, is parallel to President Barack Obama's speech about the Afghanistan War. They echo the same theme. ThereI go again. Nothing this POTUS says is real. Why even listen? Nothing he says means anything. Besides, there is no strategy when it comes what he wants to do. One victory of sort is him not saying anything about paying Xi to privatize that war. The war is already privatized in the sense that private companies are making bank money upkeeping our stay there. To turn the military over to a private company is insane. It is everything I am against because private companies make money with as high of profit margins as possible as its main focus. Moral compass comes next if at all quite frankly even though 'Corporations are people too my Friends', they tend to leave out that thing individuals have which are morals. They selectively key on on the margins and revenues aspect of that amendment and that is it.

I leave for Colorado in a week from Thursday. I will be occupied from Thursday until Sunday/Monday although I should have time during the day to some exploring within Denver's city. I am more into hanging with phriends all weekend. Then I go out to the Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday. I am staying in Estes Park. That week away will be my first real vacation away from the east Coast in two years. The only issue is that I hate flying.

When I get back on that following Thursday, football starts that night for everyone, but notably for us Ram fans, our game is on the 10th vs. Indy. I not into wishing my life away but I have to admit how psyched I am for this season. I think the Rams will compete to win the division (remember that our division sucks and that everyone is beatable which will help).

You know what i just remembered? There was a lame "hit em with the Hein' done during the Ram / Raider game. I just did not feel like it had conviction. And, it came outta nowhere. We had a female play by play person. The male broadcaster though whom I think is an ex-Raider player, did the 'Hit em with the Hein'.

Underdog Woman is on Howard with Jimmy Kimmel, Robin, Fred and I think Shuli may be orchestrating the call. They are talking about her being Vlad The Impaler and of course all I can think about is the song Fuego.

I'm a sailor's girl, the best is yet to come
Rolling in my Fuego, I do my own stunts
I see guilty people, angels blowing horns

Some days it's just not worth gnawing through the straps
Freak out and throw stuff, World's Greatest Dad
Read a little book about Vlad the Impaler

Whoa, oh
Whoa, oh

Inside your Fuego, we keep it rolling
Inside your Fuego, we keep it rolling
Inside your Fuego, we keep it rolling
Inside your Fuego, we keep it rolling

I asked Diego if it was stolen
Inside your Fuego, we keep it rolling
Rolling, rolling, rolling
Diego, Diego, Diego

Viking warriors with animal heads
The girl begins to levitate
And, like alluded to above, Howard, Robin and Jimmy are going off about Game Of Thrones. Even Howard cannot figure out what is fully going on that show, let alone me thinking that I could chime in to see if I take to an episode. Because many times I like something and then I go back to watch every episode from the beginning.

I feel like not much went on this week. It all seemed to pile on again friday night. 

General Kelley fired that asshole, Sebastian Gorka today on Friday. He is definitely cleaning house or I should say that he has cleaned house. This guy did not even have a real job. I guess he was on vacation expecting to show up at work on Monday but that aint happening now. 

Now the problem is them finding people to fill the real spots because they are having a hard time of it. No one will work for this administration because it is such a loose cannon of a situation.

We now have Hurricane Harvey which looks like a rough one. Evidently, it is going to hit land two times. The problem always is flooding and in this case, they are getting over a year of rain in three or five days. And, of course the loss of power which I doubt many have right now. 

I have new rule for all weather people that broadcast from the storm itself. It has to stop. It looks stupid. I don't even get why they have to do it that way. They get blown to the side being all sopping wet while you can barely hear them unless they yell. Which they yell and hell, I saw one guy in a foot of water. It was so odd. I do not understand why they can't broadcast from the studio while they show footage of what is happening outside. Anyway, that is my new rule.

What else is happening now that it is Friday? 

He also sent another message into ways this friday night. he pardoned Sherriff Joe Arpio, who was not even setenced yet. Plusm, he was only getting a maximun of 6 months. The magistrate could have easily givgen him no time or time served. It was all for Trump and about hiimself. It was to show his base that he could do iot, and he is settingthe tone for whern he will need to pardon the people for the involvement in the Russian Probe. Congressman Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called President Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio a signal to witnesses in the investigation into ties between Trump and Russia "to keep quiet, stay loyal and get pardon."

Trump also signs directive banning transgender military recruits today.

This was all on the day of the biggest storm of the year. He announces al of this during it.

Tonight is the Ram / Charger game. I hate the fact that the Rams have to share our stadium mind you, with them starting in 2019. They also fought on the field in a brawl two weeks ago during a practice held with both teams. Honestly, I just want to now get through pre season uninjured. I am fine with how the team has looked this year. What I needed to see over the last two weeks have been exceeded big time. I want to get on with the normal season. 

Which is not happening until I get back from Colorado. I leave this week for Colorado. Now that I think about it, I doubt I will write here next week. Yeah. I am skipping a week but the one two weeks from now this week in review rant will be great. I'll go over my trip because I am literally doing the best of every world. It is going to be great. I really cannot wait to dive into the Rocky Mountains. I am going to Red Rocks (Joe Russo's Almost Dead), Dick's Sporting Goods Soccer Stadium (Phish), the Rocky Mountains (I'll be hang gliding, hiking, kayaking and relaxing) and I am visiting the Wild Animal Sanctuary I wrote about here two times over the past few years.

I have never been there for any extensive periods of time. And, when I travelled through the state, it was for work. It was to court band's or to babysit artists while they were on the road. I never hiked or skied there and I never did any form of any recreation there. I have however, done my share of partying in that state. Back in 1995, when I was trying to sign Leftover Salmon, I was wasted that entire time. It was not for the faint of heart. It was also during my lost weekend that lasted over a year.

Anyway, stay in touch please. Say in touch! I have kickboxing class in an hour (although this will not post until tonight). I am cutting things short today. Have a great two weeks..