Friday, August 12, 2016

Successes this week!

Victory! MiLB Takes a Stand Against Monkey Rodeos!
Thanks to tens of thousands of PETA supporters who voiced their concerns about “monkey rodeos” at minor-league baseball parks around the country, Minor League Baseball (MiLB) issued a statement today speaking out against them. The president of MiLB, Pat O’Conner, shared PETA’s concerns about the cruel rodeos with all the individual MiLB ball clubs and issued a statement urging the teams to leave all animals out of their events and promotions.

This is a huge victory for monkeys and animal rights advocates everywhere. Thank you for making your voice heard. If you would like to thank MiLB for its progressive and compassionate decision to speak out against using animals for entertainment, please leave polite comments on the MiLB Facebook page.

If you haven’t already done so, please take action against the individual MiLB ball clubs that are hosting monkey rodeos this summer.

And, you won't believe the good news! The destructive Sao Luiz do Tapajós mega dam in the heart of the Amazon has been cancelled!

1.2 million people spoke out and now this mega dam HAS BEEN CANCELED.
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Help us continue to win big for the Amazon and the environment.

After 30 years fighting to protect their home, the Munduruku People won one of the most important battles for their river, their communities, and the precious wildlife that live in the heart of the Amazon.

This wouldn't have happened if 1.2 million of us from around the world hadn't stood in solidarity with them to say no to this dam!

Will you give generously today to help ensure future victories for the Amazon and the rest of the planet? Together we can win anything!

The last months have been intense. While the Munduruku and local communities have been campaigning, you have also done so much worldwide. People demonstrated in more than 20 countries. Greenpeace supporters like you sent more than 70,000 messages to the CEO of Siemens while exposing the company on social media. Together, we’ve sent a clear message that profiting from Amazon destruction is not acceptable.

There is a lot to celebrate, and the Sao Luiz do Tapajós was the biggest dam planned in the Amazon since Belo Monte. But this doesn't mean the Brazilian government won't go ahead with other dams that could destroy pristine forest.

We can’t let that happen. We'll continue to pressure companies to stay out of the Amazon's rivers and instead invest in real energy solutions, like wind and solar.

Help us keep fighting for the heart of the Amazon and all parts of the planet we are fighting to protect. Donate today!

Thank you once more for standing up for the protection of the Amazon. The Munduruku people asked for our help and we've proved we are there for them. I can't be more proud of the Greenpeace community that have joined us in this fight.

More than one million people spoke out against the destructive Sao Luiz do Tapajós mega dam and now it has been canceled. Please give today to help us continue our work to protect the Amazon and the environment.