Thursday, August 10, 2017

Galaxy Donuts could have been a theme one night at the Phish Baker's Dozen Run of 13 shows at the Garden that ended this week!

When you consider what the band did on Jam Night, think of the possibilities that a Galaxy night could have brought us. As if what was played over that span of time was not enough but you know what I mean. In reality, I want more music but regardless of having to wait three weeks, this is an added recipe for the week...
Prepare for Perseid Meteor Shower 2017 With These Galaxy-Themed Vegan Treats. 

Twinkle, twinkle, little star; or stars; or hundreds of shooting stars! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who are interested in witnessing a series of real-life shooting stars, you’re in luck — Perseid is the annual August meteor shower, and this year, it will peak on August 11, August 12, and August 13.

Typical rates for Perseid range between 80 to 100 meteors an hour, which means with a little preparation, you can enjoy watching the brightest segment of the meteor shower at around 11 p.m. on August 12. All you need to do to have a successful viewing night is remember to scout out a nice, dark location (no street lamps allowed!), and pack some galaxy themed plant-based snacks!
We’ve been keeping tabs on our Food Monster App database the past few weeks in preparation, and have gathered together a collection of vegan treats made by some of our bloggers that are sure to make watching the meteor shower an otherworldly experience. Check some of these ideas out!

Galaxy Doughnuts

These Galaxy Doughnuts are stellar (get it?). The doughnut itself is dense and chocolatey with hidden, good-for-you ingredients like zucchini and carrot, which makes staying up past your bedtime an almost healthy activity! The icing is sweet and sugary and you can get as creative as you want when it comes to decorating each doughnut with your own edible universe. Not only that, if you don’t have a doughnut pan, you can make cakes, so it’s super-versatile.

No-Bake Galaxy Berry Cheesecake Bars

These No-Bake Galaxy Berry Cheesecake Bars made by AJ, the creator of food blog The Indigo Kitchen, have a stunning color that looks like a galaxy! They’re quite simple to make; the only time-consuming thing is soaking the cashews and letting it all solidify in the freezer, but all of this won’t cost you any effort. Making recipe though takes about 10-20 minutes total, depending on how fast you work. Minimum effort and maximum reward — gotta love it.

Galaxy Dark Chocolate With Raspberries

If you’re pressed for time, never fear. These gluten-free Galaxy Dark Chocolate With Raspberries come together in a few minutes, so you can prepare them right before you set off to find your perfect meteor shower-viewing spot. They’re speckled with puffed quinoa and bits of freeze-dried raspberries. Its taste is minimal but its smell is heavenly – with a cozy, warming sensation – a nostalgic longing for just a good piece of chocolate. The butter offers a chocolaty note while the cacao powder layers in richness. Let the maple syrup. sweeten the batter and within a few minutes, you’ve got yourself homemade galactic chocolate bars. Easy ones at that.

Unicorn Noodles 

While these aren’t technically galaxy-colored, we think the deep purple and pink hues of these gluten-free Unicorn Noodles are reminiscent of the galaxy in all the best ways. All you need to make these are noodles, purple cabbage, and lemon juice! It’s like magic, but really: it’s science. Purple cabbage has a pigment called anthocyanin, which changes color when it makes contact with something acidic. When you cook purple cabbage for a short time in some water, you’ll get a nice blue shade, cook it for a bit longer with a bit more purple cabbage will give you a nice purple shade. Now when you add something acidic (lemon or lime juice) to the blue colored noodles, the pigment from the purple cabbage will react and takes on a bright pink color.

Raw Sweet Star Cookies 

These Raw Sweet Star Cookies are simple treats that will remind you of classic sugar cookies but without any of the usual butter, flour, and sugar. You can slather them with a layer of luscious lemony icing or keep them “au natural.” Enjoy eating some stars under the stars!
Excited about the Perseid meteor shower, but still hungry for more plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes? We highly recommend you check out our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. It’s full of over 8,000 plant-based recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten brand new recipes per day. You’re bound to find a recipe on there that’s out of this world. Check it out!
Lead image source: Galaxy Doughnuts