Friday, August 4, 2017

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Animals Exhibiting Abnormal Behavior at Maple Lane Wildlife Farm

Animal cruelty: Pug owner suing dogsitter after finding 6-inch gash on its neck

In north-eastern Thailand, an innocent dog was butchered for her meat.

She no doubt died in terror - not only for herself, but for her two young pups who witnessed their mother’s slaughter.

In an instant, Pixie and Fiona were brutally orphaned – and next in line to be killed.
Please donate now to stop the horror of the Asian dog meat trade!
What happened next resulted in two innocent young lives being saved with just minutes to spare.

Our undercover team, following up on reports that the house was being used to butcher dogs, arrived at the premises with the local police force. Giving no warning, they smashed the door down and stormed the property.

The barbaric criminal was caught red-handed, the body of his latest victim at his feet, her terrified babies cowering in the corner.
One of the surviving pups emerges as the butcher is arrested.

Immediately arrested, the man confessed to butchering dogs and selling their meat. Despite such activity now being illegal in Thailand, it still continues on a smaller scale.

Our team is fighting relentlessly to end all consumption of dog meat in the country, by investigating all reports of such activity and persistently tracking the movements of those involved until they can be arrested.

The rescued pups are now at our shelter, where they are receiving the medical care and love they need in order to recover from such a horrific ordeal. 
Pixie and Fiona have loving homes awaiting them and will leave shortly for their new lives in the U.S. Despite all they have endured, they are the lucky ones. But across Asia, man’s best friend needs you now, like never before.

At this time of year, countless innocent dogs are being butchered during South Korea’s Boknal festival. Thousands of dogs are killed for their meat every day of the year across China. In Vietnam, approximately 5 million dogs are slaughtered for their meat each year. 
Please stand up for the innocent victims of such atrocities by joining the fight against Asia’s dog meat trade. Donate now to save innocent lives! As ever, I thank you for your compassion for dogs like Pixie and Fiona.

This Is 'Free-Range'

Animal cruelty: Tiger selfies on Tinder is getting PETA all riled up

Mice on glue trap

Albertsons Is Selling Vile Devices That Tear Skin, Fur, and Feathers off Animals

People were horrified by this viral photo showing several birds who recently became stuck and died on just one glue trap. But the traps are just as deadly for mice, chipmunks, and other animals, and Albertsons Companies—one of the largest food and drug retailers in the U.S.—is selling them.

Animals in YOUR Community Need Help

Every year, PETA responds to thousands of calls to help animals, no matter where or when they come in. Help support this critical work for animals by making a gift today!
Birds Plucked Alive

Bed Bath & Beyond, Birds Are Painfully Live-Plucked in Down Industry

Birds in the down industry are often plucked so violently that their skin rips open, leaving them with gaping wounds, which workers crudely sew up with a needle and thread—and without any painkillers. Encourage Bed Bath & Beyond to sell only ethical down-free materials that don't cause birds to suffer.

Kyara—Takara's Daughter and the 'Last' Orca to Be Born at SeaWorld—Has Died

Forty orcas, including 3-month-old Kyara, have now died on SeaWorld's watch—showing why it's as urgent as ever that the remaining animals at SeaWorld be moved to seaside sanctuaries. To protest the abusement park, Academy Award nominee James Cromwell recently led PETA supporters in a takeover of SeaWorld's orca show, and PETA captured it all on video.
Tesla seats

Tesla's Alternative to Leather Seats Will Give You Hope for a Sustainable Future

See what led to the electric-car company's decision to pull the ecological nightmare known as leather from its seats and what you can do to reduce your own carbon footprint while sparing animals' lives.
Kimiko Glenn

'Orange Is the New Black' Actor Kimiko Glenn Is Turning Up the Heat—to Save Dogs' Lives

She plays an activist inmate on Orange Is the New Black. Now, Kimiko Glenn is helping animals in real life.
Hamburger in reverse

WATCH: Your Hamburger in Reverse. A hamburger is so easy to buy that a lot of people don't give a second thought to the events that made their meal possible. After watching the video, you'll want to order the free vegan starter kit that PETA has waiting for you.

Buckley Fig. 1 | Kornegay, Nghiem | CC by 4.0

Help Prevent Other Dogs From Enduring the Same Tragic Fate as Buckley. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel with muscular dystrophy suffered for years at the hands of experimenters. Read his story, and take action for dogs imprisoned and tormented at Texas A&M University. TAKE ACTION

Bullfighter in Ring With Bull

Bulls Will No Longer Be Killed in Bullfights on the Balearic Islands

The parliament of the Balearic Islands voted to introduce strict new bullfighting regulations that will make it illegal to kill bulls or wound them with swords, knives, or other weapons in the arena. Now, call on Spain's Prime Minister to establish a national ban on bullfights and bull runs. END BULLFIGHTS ACROSS SPAIN
Urgent Action Needed
bullet Urge Century 21 to Drop Fur
bullet Ask UPS to Stop Shipping Hunting Trophies
bullet Another Horse Dies: End Calgary Stampede’s Chuckwagon Racing
bullet Tell the State College Spikes: No More Cruel 'Monkey Rodeos'