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Rescue TV!

Gaza-Update: FOUR PAWS provides food for the animals in Al Bisan zoo
FOUR PAWS International
Dogs Rescued From the Meat Trade
From former tourist attraction to a playful lion
FOUR PAWS International
Dog Rescued from Icy Waters
Dog Rescued from Icy Waters

A scary scene in Fairfax, VA. Angel, a 75 lb chow, fell through thin ice on Lake Thoreau. Angel's owner called 911 and within 10 minutes the dog was safe on the bank. A crew member captured video of the rescue.

New Rescues at the Farm Sanctuary:
Hudson Valley Rescue: 170+ Animals Saved from Gruesome Scene of Neglect
Laverne and Shirley: Elderly Sheep Friends Retire to Sanctuary
Duckling Rescue: Baby Birds Escape Mail-Order Death Sentence
Marcia and Dan: Blind Goat and Sheep Find Sanctuary, Friendship
Anna and Maybelle: Piglets Rescued from the Roadside
Postal Peeps: 15 Chicks Saved by Postal Worker after Shipping Ordeal
Paul Harvey: Goat Kid Benefits from Decision to Drop the Dairy
Lola: Pig Saved from Slaughter by Her Best Friend
Vince & Calvin: New Kids at Sanctuary
Jolene: Desert Stray Finds an Oasis
Peanut: Sheep Saved by FFA Teen’s Change of Heart
Patsy and Dolly: Wild Donkeys Find Permanent Refuge 
: Tiny Goat Escapes Slaughter in Brooklyn Live Market
: Lamb Receives Lifesaving Care
: Beverly Hills Calf
Mo and Koda Mae
: From Dubious Shelter to True Sanctuary 
60 Chickens Fall Off Transport Truck

: Pear Thief Sentenced to Life at Sanctuary
: Calf Loses Leg, Gets Fighting Chance to Walk
: Disabled Calf is Lucky to Be Alive, Happy to Be at Sanctuary 
Lucie and Za
: Instead of Slaughter, Birth and Sanctuary 
Flo the Piglet
: In Vino Libertas
Reubie and Summer
: Twin Lambs Born at Sanctuary
: New Lamb Born at the New York Shelter
: As an Era Ends, a Turkey’s Arrival Marks a Beginning
Incredible Rescuers Save 50 Dogs From South Korean Meat Farm!

In an incredible victory, volunteers from the Humane Society International recently carried out the rescue of 50 dogs from a South Korean meat farm! These poor pups have spent the duration of their lives in filthy, tiny wire cages, scared, and traumatized. Thankfully, these animals have been saved from the harrowing fate of becoming butchered for profit as part of the dog meat trade. Now, these dogs are on their way to get the medical care and treatment they need. Eventually, these pups will be adopted into their forever homes.

We are so blown away by the amazing work of these brave individuals and we can only imagine how grateful these pups are to be free from their wire cages.

“The conditions on the farm were terrible. We found the dogs living in barren cages during freezing temperatures, waiting for slaughter,” rescuers said.
The dogs were understandably frightened, but HSI’s Animal Rescue Team are pros at making the dogs feel safe and comfortable.
One look at the hope in this pup’s eyes shows just how amazing this rescue effort was.
While several countries allow the sale of dog meat, South Korea is the only country that farms the animals for food.
We’re so glad to know that the days of suffering are over for these little ones.
This is likely the first time this dog has ever experienced love.
A better life is not far off for this sweet family!
The dogs were eventually loaded into the HSI van. They will soon receive medical care and when ready, be adopted into their forever homes.
In this puppy’s short life, all he has known is pain and misery. But thanks to his rescuers, he will now have a second chance.
12742318_10154152729887262_5662894737236335481_n (1)
In the past year, HSI has shut down four dog meat farms in South Korea, assisted in the rescue of more than 8,000 dogs from trucks headed for slaughter, and have made great strides in shutting down China’s infamous Yulin dog meat festival. However, there are still thousands of dogs still at risk for the same fate. You can help be a hero to the dogs of South Korea’s meat trade by supporting HSI’s work.

Check out the video below to see the full rescue:
All image source: Humane Society International

Bald Eagle Trapped in a Stray Fishing Net Gets a Second Chance at Life! 

When the Wildlife Care Center in Portland, Oregon got a message from the local Harbor Master about a duck stuck in a fishing line, they immediately set out to work. WCC Operations Manager Lacy Campbell and volunteer Kathleen Studdert went down to the scene with a knife, a net, and a towel to investigate and see what they could do. However, halfway there, the harbor master sent them another message saying an Eagle had also become stuck in the net!

The tools they brought with them were perfect for dealing with a duck … not so much for a 12 pound panicking female Bald Eagle.  But that didn’t stop them!
Bald Eagle in Willamette
It wasn’t easy, but Lacy managed to climb into the water and cut the eagle free by holding the bird upside down. After the eagle was free, it was easy to retrieve the duck and get them both back to the Wildlife Care Center for treatment.
Bald Eagle Rescued from Fishing Line in the Willamette River
Sadly, the duck did not make it, but the Eagle only had minor scrapes and was still able to fly!
Bald Eagle from Willamette Eye Exam
This majestic bird has bounced back and will be released back to the wild within a few days!
Bald Eagle from Willamette Flight Cage
Had it not been for Lacy Campbell, Kathleen Studdert, and the Wildlife Care Center Portland Audubon, this eagle would have certainly drowned or starved. We have to give them a big thank you for helping this beautiful animal!

This amazing rescue and (pending) release is the perfect example of how we should interact with injured wildlife. Remember, if you ever spot an animal in distress, always contact a professional before attempting to save them. Click here for some hotlines that could help. All image source: Audobon Portland

Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom. Is there anything more beautiful to behold than an animal who was once fearful, neglected, and desolate, but has now begun to enjoy life once again? This is exactly what happened with Artemis the mule. She was callously left tied to a tree in Míres, Greece, condemned to endure endless insect bites and starvation, until the kind folks at the Agia Marina Donkey Rescue heard of her plight and stepped in to save her.
Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom (PHOTOS)
The Agia Marina staff were first alerted to her condition by a number of tourists and residents who were concerned about her. They were shocked to discover the poor mule’s legs were “raw and bleeding” as a result of her many insect bites. They said, “Each day after tending to our own rescue donkeys we visited (her), taking special sprays for flies and healing creams – very kindly donated by our wonderful supporters – and food, which she so badly needed.”

After they had been caring for Artemis for only a short while, however, she disappeared. The team was unable to find her and were deeply concerned. Luckily, it turned out that two members of Artemis Crete Rescue, a nearby dog rescue sanctuary, had found the sweet mule and were helping her to recover from her ordeal. Plans were soon made to move her to the Agia Marina sanctuary … and she is now starting to settle in well to her new life!

How could anyone have neglected this beautiful girl?
Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom (PHOTOS)
Ero – the donkey in the bottom left corner of this photograph – was eager to befriend her, but according to her rescuers, she “is not used to being with other animals. She has been tied up all her life. It will take time.”
Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom (PHOTOS)
However, that hasn’t stopped the other sanctuary residents from falling head over heels in love with her!
Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom (PHOTOS)
She now lives a peaceful, serene life, unencumbered by human negligence and cruelty. As the Agia Marina staff put it, “What more could a mule wish for?”
Mule Who Spent Her Life Tied to a Tree Gets Her First Taste of Freedom (PHOTOS)
It is so wonderful to know that in spite of all the pain Artemis had to endure to be where she is today, she is now in the hands of people who will love and care for her. To learn more about the sanctuary, visit their website or Facebook page. You can also donate to help provide for Artemis’ and the other residents’ care here. All Image Source: Agia Marina Donkey Rescue/Facebook

Stranded Former Lab Chimp Thanks the Kind People Who Refused to Forget Him in the Sweetest Way. Ponso, a 40-year-old former lab chimp, has been living all alone for years on an island off of the Ivory coast after he was dumped by a medical testing organization and left to die.

It was reported that Ponso was one of 20 chimps, all between the ages of seven to 11 years old, that were captured by the New York Blood Center (NYBC) more than 30 years ago for hepatitis research. They were forced to live in small cages, biopsied, anesthetized and chained by their necks to their enclosures. When the NYBC no longer needed them for testing, they moved the chimps to a string of islands. The lab would occasionally drop off food and water, since there was none on the island, but nearly all of the chimps died within months after the relocation. Ponso and his family survived the move to the island, but his mate and two children all died within days of each other in 2013, leaving Ponso all alone.

The chimp has managed to survive on his own thanks to the kindness of one villager named Germaine, who visits him to bring him bananas and bread. Ponso is also getting help from a coalition of animal welfare organizations which support his care. One of those organizations is the Chimpanzee Conservation Center.

Ponso recently received a visit from the director of the Center, Estelle Raballand.

Upon her arrival, it was clear that friendship is the one thing Ponso misses the most in his miserable life.
When Estelle reached out to him, he immediately embraced her in a big hug and laughed with a big smile on his face.
After how terribly humans have treated him, no one would blame him for being untrusting of people. However, Ponso hasn’t let his past affect the gratitude he has for those who show him kindness, like Germaine and Estelle.
A group called SOS PONSO is currently trying to raise money for Ponso’s care, including providing food and enrichment, according to the GoFundMe page, which has already surpassed its goal.

Sadly, Ponso isn’t the only one in need. In May 2015, the NYBC announced it would withdraw its support for all of the 66 chimpanzees it has used for testing and then abandoned on the islands due to a breakdown in discussions with the Liberian government. These animals have been left to starve. To help these unfortunate primates, the Humane Society of the United States is currently supporting the chimps and trying to raise money for them. You can support their efforts here. All image source: Estelle Raballand

Anna, tied to a pole and left to die of exposure.

Anna has only known suffering in her short life. Tied to a pole, they let DISEASE AND EXPOSURE TO THE ELEMENTS SLOWLY KILL HER.
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Urgent Alert: 50 More Animals Rescued from Extreme Neglect

ON THE HEELS of our largest ever companion animal rescue, the ASPCA is back on the ground this week assisting in the emergency removal and sheltering of 47 dogs, four cats and a horse from an overcrowded home in Bell, Florida. The investigation was initiated when a concerned citizen reported a dead horse in the front yard, as well as several apparently emaciated dogs, to the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office.

ASPCA responders arrived on the scene just hours after being alerted to the situation and worked through the night to assist law enforcement in removing and transporting the animals to safety. Their condition is critical: There was no food on the property, and many of the victims appear to be emaciated and suffering from untreated medical issues.
These 50+ victims have been transported to an emergency shelter and are receiving urgent care. Their rescue follows the ASPCA’s assistance in the removal of a staggering 700 animals in North Carolina just a few weeks ago, and your support is needed immediately. These 750+ animals are just some of the thousands who depend on the ASPCA, and we refuse to let them down. Your compassion can make all the difference.

Please support our life-saving work by making an urgent gift right now.