Saturday, April 1, 2017

Gun Safety Update

The NRA has launched a $1 Million ad campaign targeting red state Democrats on NEIL Gorsuch. When Gabby and Mark Giffords started Americans for Responsible Solutions, it was in no small part their way of saying that they had enough of the gun lobby using big money and influence to exert its will in Congress and state capitols across the country.

This latest ad buy is just the latest evidence of that unfortunate reality. The gun lobby has their guy in Judge Gorsuch. That’s clear from his time on the bench and his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now they’re going to spend what it takes to make sure he wins confirmation.
But what we have proven time and time again, is that when we have the resources to challenge them, we win. Just ask Kelly Ayotte who has been shepherding Judge Gorsuch to Senate offices instead of voting on his confirmation.

But unlike most outside groups, our work is funded primarily through small dollar donations. That’s why I have to ask:

Here’s the truth: changing the culture on gun violence prevention issues requires legislators coming to the realization that we have the support and the resources to hold them accountable for siding with the gun lobby. We did that last cycle, but we need to repeat it again and again for that message to get through and stick. That’s why your donation is so important.

Remember that time Senator Mitch McConnell accidentally let it slip that any Supreme Court nominee would need to have the NRA's stamp of approval?

Well, they weren't kidding. The NRA just poured $1 million into an ad campaign pushing Judge Gorsuch's nomination. That's on top of the $30 million the NRA spent trying to elect Trump. And they're getting what they paid for: In Trump's first meeting about his Supreme Court pick, NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre was right there next to him.

The NRA thinks they can buy the White House -- and now they're trying to buy a Supreme Court seat. But we won't let this go without a fight.

We're fighting back by mobilizing our grassroots supporters and sounding the alarm to the media that Americans deserve to know exactly where Judge Gorsuch stands on guns. Will you help fund our efforts by making a donation of $25 or more today?
Now, they've taken this fight to the highest court in the nation. But we'll be right there going toe-to-toe with them to push back against their extremist interpretation of the Second Amendment.Why does the NRA care so much about the Supreme Court? It's because, in courts across the country, they're pushing their extremist "guns everywhere, for everyone, no questions asked" interpretation of the Second Amendment -- a view far outside the judicial mainstream.

Step up to make sure everyday Americans have a seat at the table when it comes to upholding our public safety laws.

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