Thursday, August 20, 2015

NRA Update

NRA lobbyists are about to go BIG on their "guns everywhere" agenda -- and they're kicking it off in Florida, their go-to testing ground for their latest dangerous policies.

NRA Laboratory: Tallahassee, Florida
This is where the NRA tests their most dangerous policies
Their latest experiment? Guns on campus
And they want to bring it to YOUR state next
shut down the NRA's dangerous laboratory

Supporters like you helped derail the NRA's guns-on-campus agenda in all but one* of SIXTEEN states where they tried to pass it this year -- including Florida, the NRA's front line for its latest dangerous policies.

It was so bad that the NRA's top lobbyist in Florida (a past NRA president!) called the whole thing a "huge train wreck" in an internal memo.
Help derail the NRA
But instead of accepting defeat, they've doubled down on their deadly agenda by reintroducing this same guns-on-campus legislation in Florida -- and they're looking to do it in state capitols all around the country.

This dangerous policy will become the gun lobby's top priority everywhere unless we act fast to shut it down.

Chip in $5 or more to derail the NRA's latest attempt to force guns onto college campuses across the country.

We knew that if we brought parents, educators, students, and law enforcement together to speak out against guns on campus, that we'd prove that the NRA doesn't represent most Americans.
These fights aren't ever easy, and they're about to get harder. We know that the gun lobby will fight TWICE as hard now to pass these dangerous laws -- and so must we.

We depend on your support to provide volunteers with training and resources to wage campaigns in dozens of states. Your donation also helps us keep pressure on the gun lobby in the media and in state legislatures across the country.

Donate $5 or more today to send a message to the NRA that NO state will accept their deadly guns-on-campus agenda.

We're never going to let the NRA's agenda go unmatched again. But to keep winning, we're going to need to come together and take a stand.

Earlier this year I wrote you a letter promising, "In 2015, we are committed to going wherever the gun lobby goes."

Gabby and I have kept our word: we've challenged the gun lobby, and won, in states across the country - victories that will save lives.

But we must continue the fight, and we need you if we're going to succeed. Please re-read my handwritten pledge to you and add your $3 contribution to help us move forward.

By Mark Kelly
Americans for Responsible Solutions 

Handwritten note from Mark Kelly

I really appreciate your support.

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