Saturday, May 11, 2019

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We were informed about a young bear cub found alone on a main road by a member of the public, within a National Park in Kosovo. We immediately offered assistance, and requested to bring the cub to safety at our Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. ­čî▓ However, the local authorities decided that the bear cub will remain in the care of rangers from National Park SHARRI. Now we have discovered something unbelievable - the poor cub is living in a tiny wooden box, in the cellar of a house within the National Park SHARRI. With no possibility of moving around and no professional care, the fate of the tiny bear is worryingly uncertain.

When PETA's fieldworkers first saw Murphy, they weren't sure what they were looking at—all they could see was a sad, mat-covered little figure huddled inside a filthy wire crate in a dark hallway. But after mats weighing nearly a third of his body weight were removed, this little dog's coat and personality are shining as he enjoys a new lease on life.
Don Lichterman
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