Saturday, February 2, 2019

One (1) month remains of the Hunting and Capturing Seasons off the coast in Taiji, Japan, 72 Dolphins killed & 16 Dolphins captured last week, A fourth dolphin has died at Dolphinaris Arizona, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), Dolphin Outlook Weekly Report!

2018-19 Taiji Weekly Updates - Week #22

2018 19 Taiji Drive Hunt Season Quota Cove Japan
Captive bottlenose dolphin
Kai’nalu, a 22-year-old bottlenose dolphin was euthanized on January 31 after falling ill approximately two weeks ago. His death comes only one month after another dolphin, 10-year-old Khloe passed away from what aquarium officials claim was a chronic illness caused by the Sarcocystis parasite.

In a span of 16 months, four dolphins have died at Dolphinaris Arizona. That’s 50% of their captive dolphin inventory dead – and Dolphin Project is asking why.

"With four out of eight dolphins dying inside of 16 months, the situation has reached critical mass. For the safety of the public and the remaining dolphins, all activities should cease at Dolphinaris Arizona until an independent investigation takes place.” ~ Lincoln O’Barry, Dolphin Project
Dolphin Project-sponsored plane was flying our massive banner when Dolphinaris announced their 4th death.
Dolphin Project-sponsored plane was flying our massive banner when Dolphinaris Arizona  announced the death of a fourth dolphin.

We’re lending our support to DolphinFree AZ, a local group of grassroots campaigners in their efforts to help educate on the plight of the remaining four captive dolphins at Dolphinaris Arizona. Dolphin Project had procured a plane to fly a banner all weekend over various high-profile locations in the Scottsdale area, including Arizona State University, The Phoenix Open (which boasts an average attendance of 500K spectators), a demo planned for Saturday, and Dolphinaris Arizona, when we learned of Kai’nalu’s death. The plane’s banner – Dolphinaris: Why Are 3 Dolphins Dead? – calls out the aquarium on their recent dolphin deaths but tragically, this number is now 4.

"Dolphins are free-ranging, self aware, creatures of the sea. We have been keeping them in captivity since 1938. We should have learned by now that dolphins and other whales don't belong in captivity and they definitely don't belong in the desert. The recent death of yet another dolphin in the desert serves to expose a vile, greedy industry which is totally out-of-control.” ~ Ric O’Barry

Shut Down Dolphinaris, Arizona!
If you’re in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, please join us for a protest on Saturday, February 2 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. MST. We’ll be at the West corners of E. Via de Ventura and North Pima Road, Scottsdale. Together, let’s show our opposition to dolphin captivity! Signage will be provided. 
Bottlenose drive and capture, Taiji, Japan
In Taiji, Japan, dolphin hunters hit a sizable payday with the capture of a large pod of bottlenose dolphins. Over four days, Dolphin Project Cove Monitors documented the mammals as they were put through a grueling captive selection process. Our team witnessed hunters and trainers working side-by-side, building sea pens to house the wild-caught dolphins. Held without food (or hydration), 71 dolphins were selected for captivity, approximately 50 were released back to sea and three dolphins succumbed to the stress of the ordeal and died.
Dolphins are play toys for tourists at Dolphin Lodge Bali
Horrified at this photo of tourists manhandling a captive dolphin? So are we! At Dolphin Lodge Bali, tourists pay large sums of money to interact with the mammals in swim-with programs. Our Indonesian team is hard at work exposing such abuses, including collecting water samples from the dolphins’ habitat – which tested high for metals. Dolphins do not swim with people, “kiss” people or tow people through the water because they like to – they do it because they have to. None of these are natural behaviors, and every captive dolphin is trained to correctly perform these behaviors because if they do not, they will not eat.

Dolphin Project is committed to exposing the horrific reality of dolphin captivity, but we cannot do this without your generous support. Please take a moment to click on one of the links below, and make a positive difference for dolphins. From shopping our authentic gear to making a recurring donation – every action counts and is greatly appreciated
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