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Here is a story from ACCT Philly that is going to break your heart, and that we desperately need your urgent help with.

This beautiful boy named Chubb has been stuck in a shelter for a long time, and no one has come to claim him. All he wants is a loving home with a family who will give him all the affection he’s missed out on all these long months. With it being summer, this shelter is packed with dogs desperately waiting for someone to adopt them, and it’s too much for poor Chubb.

He’s become scared in the kennel, where sudden and loud noises startle him. A crowded kennel is no place for a dog who is constantly frightened. Chubb might be put down just because the shelter environment scares him and it’s too overcrowded.
All this poor boy needs is a little love and attention. He is great with people and has a great personality. Chubb is house-trained, and would sell his soul for a biscuit — and a squeaky toy!
Chubb is a great fan of the outdoors as you can see here. He is much happier outdoors than in, handles great on a leash, and is an entirely different dog outside than when stuck inside the shelter.
We’re fighting for you, Chubb! He needs to be picked up immediately to save him from being euthanized. Please take a look at this beautiful little boy and consider making him a part of your family.
Adopted dogs have so much love to give, and so many like Chubb end up in desperate situations. Dogs kept in shelters for long periods can become agitated and develop anxiety and stress. 6.5 million animals enter our shelters each year. It is essential then that we become a nation of animal lovers who adopt their pets, instead of feeding the constant puppy farm cycle of store-bought pets.

ACCT Philly manages the city’s animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia, handling nearly 28,000 animals annually. If you are in a position to adopt Chubb or would like to know more about their vital work, please get in touch. Image Source: ACCT Lifesaving/Flickr

Puppy Who Was Hit by a Car Needs to Get Out of the Shelter NOW. When you think of Bruce Lee, you probably think of martial arts. But even Bruce Lee would stand little chance against a car!

An eight-month-old puppy of the same name arrived at the ACCT Philly shelter as a stray and is suspected to have been hit by a car. His right front leg is injured as a result, but to be honest, it is difficult to tell he even has an injury sometimes based on how wiggly and happy this little boy is!

Bruce Lee is looking for a new home – and what an amazing addition to the family he will be. Look at him wriggle!
Bruce Lee has amazing leash skills for such a young dog, and he knows the sit and wait cues. Bruce Lee loves treats and takes them very softly. He allows all handing, mostly wanting lots of love and attention, including the chance to be on your lap!
Oh, yes. Bruce Lee also likes giving kisses. Lots and lots of kisses!
Despite his injury, Bruce Lee is able to bear weight on his front leg, though it will need further veterinary consultation and treatment. Bruce Lee is quiet and well-behaved in his medical kennel, and he kept himself busy while in there with a Kong toy and a frozen treat.
Bruce Lee is amazing with other pets as well, so he would fit right in with the others already in your home!
This beautiful little boy needs a rescue that can give him all the love and affection he is so willing to share and receive. And what he needs more than anything is to be adopted by tonight. If not, he faces the risk of being put down!
Adopted dogs have so much love to give and are so deserving of a second chance in life. By adopting a dog, you are providing a home to one of the thousands that enter our shelters across America each year. We can stop the cruel puppy farming that produces so many of our store-bought pets if we become a nation that adopts instead of shops. Please think of loving dogs like Bruce Lee here, and consider taking them into your home!

ACCT Philly works hard to provide shelter, care, and life-saving efforts for homeless, abandoned, and abused animals. If you are in a position to adopt the beautiful Bruce Lee, or would like to know more about the incredible work they do, please get in touch. Image Source: ACCT Philly
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She survived a death pit, now poor Nancy has cancer!

A few months ago, I wrote to you about our dramatic and dangerous raid on dog meat traders in the Batangas province of the Philippines.

Accompanied by local police and deep within an overgrown lot, my team found a filthy metal holding cage inside a sunken concrete pit.
Imagine our distress to find eight pairs of terrified eyes, blinking back up at us from that death pit. Without your help these dogs would have been butchered for the dinner table!

But, I need to tell you about Nancy, one of the dogs you helped us rescue that day. She has survived so much already. Now she could succumb to cancer.

Please will you donate today to help cover the chemotherapy that will give little Nancy her happy ending at long last?

This precious pup has a vaginal tumor that one of our partner veterinarians was able to remove. It’s only a temporary solution, because the kind of cancer she has will return along with the pain and discomfort unless Nancy undergoes a course of chemotherapy.

We are quickly trying to source a cost-effective way to get the medicines needed and a place where she can have the chemotherapy that will keep the tumors from returning.

You know how hard I fight for every animal in need. Nancy is so close to our hearts because she was so fragile after we saved her from that evil, stinking death pit.

Can you give a little today to help give Nancy the cancer treatment she needs?

Dogs who are abducted for the dog meat trade get no care, no kindness, no love. Only pain. For weeks after the death pit rescue, Nancy could scarcely eat. Her frail body shook with every cough.

I wish you had seen how she fought for life, and thanks to you, we never gave up.

Now, I just can’t let her story end without one last fight to give her a happy ending. I just can’t let a highly curable cancer rob Nancy of her chance at a normal life with a forever family.

We have this one chance to save her! Please help me raise the funds to help Nancy.
Dog Was Locked in a Basement So Long the Wire Holding Her Cut All the Way Through Her Foot – Now She’s Finally Free

Rescue Dogs Rock is calling for help to care for a beautiful little girl who has been treated appallingly and is in desperate need of surgery.

Grace was found tied up with a wire cable in the basement of a home in Georgia. This poor little girl was left on a dirt floor surrounded by walls made of the same, alone, suffering, and in the dark. Rescuers have no idea how long she had been there for, but it has to have been for some time. Poor Grace had gotten the cable tied so tightly from wriggling around and trying to find a way out that the cable was embedded so deep it went through to the bone in her leg, and no doubt Grace made it worse by repeatedly licking at the infected area.

Grace was found curled up in the corner of this basement that had become her prison, looking like she had given up. Who could blame her when she has been treated like this? Yet she didn’t lash out at rescuers or try to attack.
Her back leg is in a very bad shape and vets can’t tell yet if they can save it. It is beyond our understanding how a person could knowingly leave her alone like this and allow this to happen.
The cruelty of this act is truly astonishing, and we hope the person responsible is prosecuted. You can see the extent of her injury below: please be warned, it is very graphic.
Neglect and abuse of defenseless animals is beyond excusable. There will never be a good enough reason to tie a dog up and leave them for dead. If you no longer have the capacity to care for your pet, why would you not give them up for adoption, or do your best to find them a home?

This is why organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock are so vital, working tirelessly to raise awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. If you are in a position to donate to Grace’s medical care or would like to know more about the work Rescue Dogs Rock does, please get in touch. Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

After Being Rescued From Captivity, Mama Orangutan and Her Newborn Son Finally Return to the Wild!

It was a proud moment for conservationists with the International Animal Rescue (IAR) and forestry officials in West Borneo when they successfully released a mother orangutan and her son back into the wild. Considering that orangutans are endangered, it is a reason for all of us to celebrate. The journey it took to reach this momentous occasion started after the mother named Maili was rescued from captivity in 2015. She then underwent rehabilitation at the IAR orangutan center in Ketapang.

During rehabilitation, orangutans are placed in groups on artificial islands that simulate their natural habitat. They are monitored closely to see who may qualify for release. It was here that Maili became pregnant with her son, Osin. After baby Osin’s birth, both mother and son were monitored, eventually getting the green light to be released back into the forest near Mount Tarak.
It took the release team four hours by road and a four-and-a-half-hour trek deep into the forest to get to the release site. Along with forestry officials and the IAR team, twelve local villagers also assisted in the release, transporting the cage to the designated release site. As you can see, it was not for the faint of heart!
Maili and Osin will continue to be monitored for an additional one to two years. According to IAR Indonesia’s Survey, Release and Monitoring Manager, Argitoe Ranting, “Monitoring is carried out to ensure the orangutans are not only surviving but thriving back in the forest. If the condition of one of the animals gives them cause for concern, then the medical team is called in to assess and assist them.”
It was a long-time coming but thanks to the dedicated work of everyone involved, two more orangutans have been given the chance to start new lives in their natural habitat with a new-found freedom that will consist of implementing everything they learned at IAR such as climbing, foraging for food, and building a nest.
Dr. Llano Sanchez, Programme Director of IAR Indonesia, ended the release by adding, “It is so uplifting to witness Maili and Osin climbing the trees in their natural habitat. I am thrilled they can both be returned to their rightful home – and on my birthday too! Their release is the most precious gift of all.”

International Animal Rescue saves animals from suffering around the world. Their work includes everything from rescuing and caring for dancing bears in India, rescuing primates from captivity in Indonesia, and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in developing countries. They rehabilitate and return rescued animals to their natural environment whenever possible but also provide a permanent home for animals who can no longer survive in the wild.

To learn more about IAR and support their efforts, click here. Image Source: International Animal Rescue

The Arrow Fund is asking for your help to save the life of a puppy named Hemingway.

This Aussie pup was brought into a shelter as an owner surrender. This lethargic, lifeless, little boy is in a pitiful state, sick with an upper respiratory infection. And despite testing negative for Parvo at the shelter, Hemingway tested positive for it overnight. He is riddled with fleas on top of everything else. This poor little boy is really suffering!

The shelter was going to euthanize Hemingway within minutes of receiving him because of lack of resources, but luckily The Arrow Fund stepped in to save him despite being full themselves.
Hemingway is fighting for his life at the Crestwood Veterinary Hospital, still in a very critical state despite his numbers looking a little better since his arrival. Please keep Hemingway in your thoughts and donate to help pay for this life-saving treatment if you can. This pup deserves all the love and affection he can get. Get well soon, Hemingway! There is a forever home out there waiting for you when you are better.
We know it can’t be helped sometimes when a pet guardian has to give up their animals, but seeing this beautiful little boy suffering is just another reminder of why it is so important to be sure we are able to take care of our pets. There are resources available to assist you if you are struggling, and our shelters are already overcrowded, with more than 6.5 million animals entering those shelters every year. As in the case of Hemingway, a lack of resources and dogs being too ill to easily treat, means around 1.5 million of those pets end up being euthanized. We have to become a nation of animal adopters if we are ever going to turn the tide on this.

The Arrow Fund works tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate severe cases of animal abuse and neglect. If you are interested in finding out more about that work, or are able to assist in any way, please get in touch. Image Source: The Arrow Fund

Leashes of Love Rescue has a story about a special little boy who has had quite the rescue! Let us introduce you to the beautiful Nooney.

Nooney is a Chi-mix who was clearly left to suffer for a very long time. Rescuers from Leashes of Love set out to save this little one in the middle of the night – or as they say, into the “wee hours of the morning.” He is currently being cared for by the Yorba Lake Pet Clinic, where they have found Nooney to have so many problems!

Nooney came in with an ulcerated testicular tumor, and it is infected in just about every way, in every place you can imagine. Look at all those patches of itchy, red skin!
Nooney has a heart murmur, demodex mange, and his claws are overgrown. How could anyone let him get like this?
This poor little boy has been through so much already, and when the vets operated to remove his huge tumor, they found two others that they are concerned about. But the good news is that if these tumors prove cancerous, they haven’t metastasized in any other part of poor Nooney’s body.
Nooney is currently recovering from his surgery while the tumors are biopsied, and he is receiving medical care for his painfully sore skin, along with a lot of attention and love.
Here he is looking sleepy after that surgery. Get well soon, Nooney! There is a loving family out there waiting to take you home!
We can’t know for sure how long poor Nooney has been left like this, but these conditions take time to develop. What has happened to Nooney and so many dogs across the country is pure neglect. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing an animal to get into this state. This is why it is so important that we become a nation of dog adopters rather than buyers. These poor, neglected animals need to find love in our homes.

Leashes of Love Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and arranging the adoption of dogs like Nooney who deserve a second chance in life. If you are in a position to donate to help them continue their vital work, or would like to know more, please get in touch. Image Source: Leashes of Love Rescue

Cyclists Chris Dixon and Jarrett Little were taking part in a group ride just outside Columbus, Georgia, when the group noticed an abandoned, badly-injured puppy. This beautiful five-month-old Great Dane mix looked like he had been hit by a vehicle, with road rash, a broken hind leg, and a broken toe. This poor little boy was also severely malnourished.

There was no question of leaving him, but there was one of how to take the puppy with them when all they had were bikes! After some trial and error, Little hoisted the dog up on to his shoulders, putting his legs in his jersey’s back pockets to keep him secure, and braced the dog with one hand.
This thankfully worked for most of the journey, with Little then cradling the dog around his neck for the final two miles when he was slipping. Jarrett Little said, “We couldn’t leave him. Out there where he was next to Oxbow, he was going to end up alligator food. In my head, it was, ‘We’re saving you from that now, we will figure out the rest later.’”
This little boy found more than one good friend that day, because the moment the cycling group got into Columbus, they walked by Andrea Shaw, a Maine native in town on business. One look and she was smitten, and it went both ways! The puppy walked straight up to her and licked her, bleeding all over her new shirt!
Shae named the little cutie Columbo and even made him a Facebook account called the Adventures of Columbo to share stories of his recovery. Columbo has a cast on his leg, he had to be shaved for life-saving surgery, and it seems with all that’s happened to him, he’s also broken a tooth. But he’s doing so well, making a name for himself on both TV and online!
Columbo has now settled in with his new family members, both big and small!
We wish you well, Columbo! And will follow you on Facebook!
Columbo’s story might sound like a movie in the making, but it just goes to show what a difference a little care and attention can make. These cyclists saved this little boy’s life, and we want to hear about more heroes like these! Why not be a hero yourself and think about adopting a dog like Columbo into your family?

Also, if you’re an animal lover like Little and want to assist stray or injured animals, check out this guide with tips on what to have on hand to help! Image Source: Adventures of Columbo/Andrea Shaw

Open wells are a very serious problem for wildlife throughout India. Often these wells are extremely deep, and have wide openings, and everything from hyenas to pythons can fall in and require a rescue. It can be a race against time for the rescuers — animals that survive the fall can quickly become exhausted trying to stay afloat in murky water at the well bottoms.
But today we bring you some good news. After surviving a fall into a 40-foot well, the 10-month-old cub in the photo below was safely extracted — then reunited with her mother, to boot! This was only possible because local villagers, government officials, and Wildlife SOS all came together to save one young cat — and because of the generosity of our supporters. Click the photo below to watch a video of the rescue!

One very brave leopard cub.

Because everyone worked together, a beautiful young leopard in danger of drowning is alive today. We wish her a long and healthy life. Thank you again for helping make heart-warming rescues like this possible!

If you have a minute to sign our petition about open wells in India, please go HERE.
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