Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brand New Sunset Music Videos produced by Don Lichterman using the GoPro with the 'Secret Life of Pets' & Vicki Kiely along with Mista Latex feat. Bre-Z (from hit TV show, Empire) & Chivas Kimber, Kapital A feat. Mari G, The Reese Project, Hiroaki Serizawa, The Real VA Rude Boy, Original Black Pantah feat. Zecario & El Rubio & Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir

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Title * Performer *
Satellite Moon 3 All Mighty
Indigo Love Spells 3 All Mighty
Babe Damsel 60 Wrap$$
Es Blies Ein Jager Wohl in Sein Horn The Studio Group
Hyperdiamonds DJ Zevzek
Hail To The King Down From Zero
Cervantes Dreamdoktor
You Can Have It All Eve Gallagher
Touch The Light Federal Moguls
Vicarious Federal Moguls
I'll Get There Gina Thompson
Annie House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Home Away From Home House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Punk Ass House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
She's Not A Woman House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Are You Lonely For Me Baby I Kong
Moon Sabeled Nights Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir
Doe Rae Mi Kapital A
Warreeyaz Kapital A
They Call Me Bond Kapital A
Genie Key Of X
Summertime Los Marijuanos
Elevations High M.R.S.B.L.K.
Oh, The Payday! (Midnight) Mister Sir
Haiser Bulgare Mov Sessian Project
African Life No-Limitt
Celebration of Alia (Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral & Communication Difficulties) No-Limitt
Celebration of Life No-Limitt
Keep Hope Alive No-Limitt
Oleku No-Limitt
A Dysfunctional Family Affair Phillip Morris
Catch A Fire Respect
Feeling Pain Respect
High Miles Punny Respect
Kings and Queens Respect
Poverty Respect
Good Days Are Gone Richtaste
Night of 1,000 Dreams Richtaste
Supermen Richtaste
The Sea Richtaste
Sentinels Steve Tilelli
Three Thousands Store Thousands
Tengo Una Manta Susan Schwartz
Boy From Space Mania The Boy From Space
Come Home The Boy From Space
Don't Call Me Sir The Boy From Space
It's So Easy The Boy From Space
I Don't Know What To Do House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
I-40 Blues Travis Warren
Truth Love Spirit Weed
Vrelo Woodcock Group
Anthem For Animals Gaia's Eye feat Azucena Azul 
Big Cat Shanel
Pick Me Up (Stage N1) Mister Sir 
Sandksatru (REM) Mister Sir 
Enticement Vicki Kiely 
Charlie Brown Vicki Kiely 
Mercy Vicki Kiely 
Mr. Player Vicki Kiely 
Mr. Nobody  Matchtown
Moonriser Han Drabur
Wild and Free Vicki Kiely 
Take Me Round Mista Latex
One Night Mista Latex feat. Bre-Z & Chivas Kimber
If I Die Tonight Mista Latex
What Dem Do  The Real VA Rude Boy & Original Black Pantah
I'm a Buffalo Soldier (Reggaeton Mix) Original Black Pantah feat. Zecario & El Rubio
We Need Love Original Black Pantah
Turning Out The Light Vicki Kiely 
Romeo Vicki Kiely 
Sunshine When It Rains Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir
Light it Up Hiroaki Serizawa
North Pole Kapital A feat. Mari G
Kitchen Girl The Reese Project
Walk Away Vicki Kiely