Monday, June 18, 2018

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Sunset Film Co.:

Film Development & Distribution

Television Development & Distribution

Home Visual Entertainment Distribution & Production

Music Supervision & Licensing

Music Video Distribution & Production

Blinders Documentary Film

The Last Lioness Documentary Film

Lion Ark Documentary Film

Soundtrack Supervision:

  • Dreamgirls: Remixed
  • How Weed Won The West Soundtrack CD
  • American Drug War: The Last White Hope Soundtrack CD
  • My Fellow Americans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Sunset Music Videos:
New Sunset Music Videos by Vicki Kiely, Hiroaki Serizawa & Joe Atman feat the Riohc Choir and more videos by Kapital A, Original Black Pantah, Weed, Mista Latex feat. BadNewz & T-Woodz are coming soon!

Title *
Performer *
Satellite Moon
3 All Mighty
Indigo Love Spells
3 All Mighty
Babe Damsel
60 Wrap$$
Es Blies Ein Jager Wohl in Sein Horn
The Studio Group
DJ Zevzek
Hail To The King
Down From Zero
You Can Have It All
Eve Gallagher
Touch The Light
Federal Moguls
Federal Moguls
I'll Get There
Gina Thompson
House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Home Away From Home
House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Punk Ass
House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
She's Not A Woman
House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
Are You Lonely For Me Baby
I Kong
Moon Sabeled Nights
Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir
Doe Rae Mi
Kapital A
Kapital A
They Call Me Bond
Kapital A
Key Of X
Los Marijuanos
Elevations High
Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)
Mister Sir
Haiser Bulgare
Mov Sessian Project
African Life
Celebration of Alia (Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral & Communication Difficulties)
Celebration of Life
Keep Hope Alive
A Dysfunctional Family Affair
Phillip Morris
Catch A Fire
Feeling Pain
High Miles Punny
Kings and Queens
Good Days Are Gone
Night of 1,000 Dreams
The Sea
Steve Tilelli
Three Thousands
Store Thousands
Tengo Una Manta
Susan Schwartz
Boy From Space Mania
The Boy From Space
Come Home
The Boy From Space
Don't Call Me Sir
The Boy From Space
It's So Easy
The Boy From Space
I Don't Know What To Do
House On The Hill (H.O.T.H.)
I-40 Blues
Travis Warren
Truth Love Spirit
Woodcock Group
Anthem For Animals
Gaia's Eye feat Azucena Azul 
Big Cat
Pick Me Up (Stage N1)
Mister Sir 
Sandksatru (REM)
Mister Sir 
Vicki Kiely 
Charlie Brown
Vicki Kiely 
Vicki Kiely 
Mr. Player
Vicki Kiely 
Mr. Nobody 
Han Drabur
Wild and Free
Vicki Kiely 
Take Me Round
Mista Latex
One Night
Mista Latex feat. Bre-Z & Chivas Kimber
If I Die Tonight
Mista Latex
What Dem Do 
The Real VA Rude Boy & Original Black Pantah
I'm a Buffalo Soldier (Reggaeton Mix)
Original Black Pantah feat. Zecario & El Rubio
We Need Love
Original Black Pantah
Turning Out The Light
Vicki Kiely 
Vicki Kiely 
Sunshine When It Rains
Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir
Light it Up
Hiroaki Serizawa

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'Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)' by Mister Sir is featured at TMV Cafe!
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'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa is now added to the 'What's Hot Playlist' on Graffiti Radio!
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DJ Bryant from Global Vibes Dance Radio says "LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT" about 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa!
Gianni Montagna at OL3 Radio in Italy says "LOVE THIS SOUND" about 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa
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Hiroaki Serizawa@SunsetDaily - Today we play for the world to listen 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa at 1:33PM (PT) May 11, in #NewMusic show, invite your friends to come and listen at
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'Soldier' (feat. Original Black Pantah) is placed on the Holohedron Doorways EP!
Soldier (feat. O Black Pantah) (Original Mix)
'Is This Thing On' Podcast! Great show this week with some new tracks and some randoms I found rattling around my folderOriginal Black Pantah – We Need LoveTonota – She Let Go, Sean Robert Jones –  Choices, Anewta C – I Need Time, Jennifer S – Breaking My Soul,  Anjana Vasan – Outsider Blues, Out Of This World -The Devil’s Tiny Chains, Nick Tann – Never Did Me Wrong...
The aim of the podcast is to showcase the best independent music:
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Christopher Munoz plays 'I'm a Buffalo Soldier (Reggaeton Mix)' by Original Black Pantah feat. Zecario & El Rubio at his shows at the Wynn Hotel!
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DJ MGee / Michael Gesdorf plays 'What Dem Do' feat. the Real VA Rude Boy & the Original Black Pantah at Alando Palais.
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Stefano Vaglio at the T Club gives/rates 'I'm a Buffalo Soldier (Reggaeton Mix)' by Original Black Pantah feat. Zecario & El Rubio a '10"!
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'Thee Anthem' by Kapital A debuts for the Ohio State Buckeye Spring Football Game on Saturday!

Prior to the football game, Ohio State's men's lacrosse team, the 2017 national runners-up, hosted Michigan in another exciting "Showdown at the Shoe" event.

'Thee Anthem' is also being featured on the upcoming 'Light it Up! compilation CD with SSM!
Sunset Home Visual Entertainment creates home videos for viewing on DVDs, Videos On-Demand and for Distribution into stores everywhere. The company thrives by releasing popular movies, including movies on BluRay, as Boxed sets and works hand in hand with the Sunset Film Co. and the Sunset TV Network to work any viable productions through this distribution network.

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