Friday, June 15, 2018

Rams Sign All 11 2018 Draft Picks along with Nate Holley while Aaron Donald is Absent at Minicamp, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Rams Playbook 'Episode 2' w/ Sean McVay & Watch Episode 7 of Rams Original Series "Behind the Grind"

Rams Sign All 11 2018 Draft Picks
The Rams took care of some offseason business on Friday afternoon, signing all 11 players from their 2018 draft class.

The group includes offensive tackle Joseph Noteboom, center Brian Allen, and defensive end John Franklin-Myers, who were selected in the third and fourth rounds. It also features fifth-round picks linebacker Micah Kiser, outside linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and sixth-selections like running back John Kelly, offensive tackle Jamil Demby, defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day, and defensive end Trevon Young.

Rounding out the rookie class who signed their official contracts on Friday afternoon were linebacker Travin Howard and defensive end Justin Lawler, both taken in the seventh round of the draft.

Here’s what a few members of the 11-player draft class had to say upon putting pen to paper.

What have the past few weeks been like leading up to this moment? “Since I got here it’s been mostly kinda exciting. It still hasn’t really set in yet. I don’t know why, maybe after signing this it will. But it’s just still football, just having fun still. It’s a great opportunity to be out here and I’m really thankful that they wanted me in the third round, so just trying to give my best effort and make it worth it.”

What are you looking forward to the most now that the contract is done? “To be honest, I wasn’t really worried about this or had any lingering thoughts about this in the back of my mind. I’ve just been excited since I got here to keep playing football and get better at that. To be honest this is awesome to sign and get it out of the way, but that doesn’t really change much. Still here, excited to come to work everyday, work hard and get better.”

What have you learned in the time leading up to this? “Just about my technique and how to improve my technique. Most of it was my stance — you know in college I was a stand up D-end, moved to a hand-to-the-ground guy, didn’t have a good stance and I changed that. Just by that, these last three weeks, I’ve noticed night and day improvement in my game and my pass rush ability.”

Who comes to mind as you sign your contract? “Just my parents and my family. I’ve been playing ball for a long time and it’s all credit to them. My little brother looks up to me, so a long time coming and a great dream. This is just the beginning, more work to do.”

What is going through your mind as you sign your first contract? “This is crazy, this day is finally here. See I originally thought we were gonna sign the day we got here, so I’ve  just been super anxious waiting. It just feels great to finally be able to get it done.”

Who is coming to my mind as you sign your first NFL contract? “My family [comes to mind]. It’s been a long road, so this is just a huge achievement for me and my family. That’s just everybody who I’m thinking about right now — my niece and my nephew. I know they’re going to be happy when I send them a picture.”

What is going through your mind in this moment? “Everything happened so fast. It’s so hard to take it all in, but I’m just more excited, happy. I just talked to my parents today and they’re just so proud of me, all I can do is smile. As you know, this is when it kind of hits you, when you sign on the line. So, just a lot of excitement, joy, smiles, and motivation going forward.”

You’re the best dressed person here today, why was it important for you to wear a suit? “I just feel like it’s a business setting or a business thing, so I thought you should probably wear a suit since this is a big honor. It’s a big opportunity so I gotta come dressed. You gotta dress like money to make some money right?”

Coach McVay Partners with United Way of Greater Los Angeles
On Friday, June 8th, United Way of Greater Los Angeles and The Los Angeles Rams joined forces for an exclusive event, “Innovation & Collaboration to Drive Competitive Greatness,” showcasing a conversation with Los Angeles Rams Head Coach and 2017 NFL Coach of the Year, Sean McVay, as well as the host for NFL Network and DIRECTV’S RedZone Channel, Andrew Siciliano.

More than 75 guests, including United Way's affinity group members, enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the interactive, high-tech L.A. Stadium Premiere Center in Playa Vista. The afternoon included an exclusive tour of the facility, a virtual video tunnel giving guests a preview of the stadium and a 25’ x 40’  model of the entire 298-acre campus, networking opportunities, and a compelling program. The program featured Los Angeles Rams COO and EVP of Football Operations, Kevin Demoff, United Way of Greater Los Angeles President & CEO, Elise Buik and United Way of Greater Los Angeles Education Program Coordinator, Katherine Trejo. Trejo shared her captivating story about her journey and struggles through the LAUSD public school system and her triumphs through the support of key teachers, mentors and organizations such as United Way.

Coach McVay and Siciliano engaged the audience with an intimate look into the life of Coach McVay- how he became the Head Coach for the Rams, his grandfather's football legacy, along with the importance of leadership, innovation and achieving competitive greatness. Also discussed was how the Rams organization continues to give back to the community- tackling important issues including poverty, homelessness, children's health, underserved youth, and providing support in emergencies such as the SoCal Wildfire Fund.
Watch Episode 7 of Rams Original Series

Watch Episode 7 of Rams Original Series "Behind the Grind"

Episode 7 of Rams original series "Behind the Grind" is available now on Facebook Watch. In the latest episode we get to know more about new CB Aqib Talib and take an inside look at Sean McVay's second OTA's as head coach of the Rams.

Rams Sign DB Nate Holley

Rams Sign DB Nate Holley

The Rams signed DB Nick Holley on Friday, adding depth to its secondary ahead of minicamp.

Donald Absent as Rams Begin Minicamp

Donald Absent as Rams Begin Minicamp

HC Sean McVay said he spoke with DT Aaron Donald last week, and expected the defensive tackle to remain in Pittsburgh as the team continues to negotiate a contract extension with his representation.

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