Wednesday, June 13, 2018

'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa from the 'Light it Up!' Compilation CD released at Sunset Special Markets (SSM) is available everywhere!

DJ Fresh at the Brooklyn DJ Factory gives 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa a '10' saying that "love the track"!

'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa is now added to the 'What's Hot Playlist' on Graffiti Radio!
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DJ Bryant from Global Vibes Dance Radio says "LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT" about 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa!
Gianni Montagna at OL3 Radio in Italy says "LOVE THIS SOUND" about 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa
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Hiroaki Serizawa@SunsetDaily - Today we play for the world to listen 'Light it Up!' by Hiroaki Serizawa at 1:33PM (PT) May 11, in #NewMusic show, invite your friends to come and listen at
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