Thursday, June 7, 2018

Anti-Animal Congressmember Steve King, Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation (glorified Roadside Zoo), Nguyen Binh Khiem-Cau Giay High School, Cruelty-Free Foie Gras & So Much More in the Animal Welfare report!

Animal protection laws are under attack in Congress! 

The notoriously anti-animal Congressmember Steve King recently introduced an extremely dangerous amendment to the U.S. farm bill that could overturn some of the strongest laws protecting animals at factory farms, puppy mills, and more. A Harvard Law School study estimates that thousands of important laws across the country could be threatened by King’s amendment. 

Fortunately, the House of Representatives rejected a recent farm bill draft last month that included King’s amendment, but the danger is far from over. Please make sure the “King Amendment” is not included in the final farm bill by making a quick call today. 

Click here to look up and call your representative and senators. You can say this: “Please vocally oppose the inclusion of the King Amendment, which is identical to HR 4879, in the U.S. farm bill. This measure is an unprecedented attack on consumers, animals, and states’ rights.” Once you’ve called, please send a polite follow-up message. Your lawmakers receive a lot of emails, so personalize your message to make it stand out. 
Schoolchildren prepare for Vietnam's bear bile free future
Animals Asia 
Exposed: cruelty and suspected illegality at Vietnam animal circus
Animals Asia 
roadside zoo

Animals Seen Pacing Frequently in Tiny Cages, Many in Poor Condition at Sham 'Sanctuary'Roberta Kirshner, the operator of a California roadside zoo, regularly gets big-cat and bear cubs from notorious wildlife breeders just to exploit them for photo ops. These types of encounters are traumatic for baby animals—who should be with their mothers—and Kirshner has been seen hitting them, including a lion cub named Samson, who was hit with a broom while he had broken bones.

Animals Pacing Endlessly at the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 
Animals Suffering at Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation
This Cow was on Her Way to be Slaughtered
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

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Fish Languishing in Tiny, Barren Glass Bowls and Treated Like Decor at The Pearl Hotel. This is no life for these betta fish or any sentient being—message the hotel and urge it to stop exploiting these fish immediately. Read More!


Baby Cows Skinned, Hides Tied With Twine Onto Living Calves. Is there any length that the meat and dairy industries won't go to? When you learn what "calf grafting" is, you'll be horrified. Read More!

This RSPCA Tweet Shows Why the Egg Industry Can Never Be 'Humane'. The RSPCA recently stated that it permits "the use of gas and maceration [grinding] for the killing of day old chicks" in the egg industry as part of its "RSPCA Assured" scheme. Read More!