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SeaWorld Career Day
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 
Love Dolphins? Never Pay to Swim With Them
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Japan is slaughtering countless whales...for dog food.
A recent report showed Japanese vessels have harpooned 333 minke whales this year alone. 122 of these whales were pregnant females. 53 were just babies.

And this slaughter was completely unnecessary. Whale meat isn’t an important source of nutrition for the Japanese public AT ALL. Those dead whales are just going to become pet food.

It’s up to us to stop this needless slaughter. Our whales are worth so much more than the dog food they’re about to become.

But if we don’t act right away, we’re going to lose these precious whales.
Lawsuit Launched to Save Puget Sound Orcas
The Center for Biological Diversity yesterday filed a notice of intent to sue the Trump administration for its failure to protect ocean habitat off California, Oregon and Washington to save the last remaining Southern Resident killer whales.

The Center petitioned to win federally protected "critical habitat" for these magnificent mammals — also called Puget Sound orcas — in 2014. But the administration hasn't moved forward in designating the protections as required by the Endangered Species Act.

These endangered orca whales live along the Pacific Coast and are starving for lack of their preferred prey, spring chinook salmon. They're also threatened by oil spills, water pollution, ocean-vessel noise and more.

"These iconic orcas are going extinct, but Trump has proposed oil leases rather than habitat protections," said Center attorney and scientist Catherine Kilduff. "These whales can't wait any longer."

Read more and consider donating to our Endangered Species Defense Fund.
UNESCO Delays as Vaquita Porpoises Slide Toward Extinction
Despite vaquitas' near-extinction, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre has recommended postponing "in danger" status for the Gulf of California World Heritage site where these little porpoises live.

Fewer than 30 vaquitas remain on Earth, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto isn't protecting them from fishing-gear entanglement. The World Heritage Committee will vote on the recommendation later this month. "In danger" status could help eradicate illegal fishing in vaquita habitat.

"Delay equals death for the vaquita," said Alejandro Olivera, the Center's Mexico representative.

Read more in our press release.
Rose Atoll Marine National Monument
New Paper Defends Marine Monuments
As ocean advocates anxiously await President Trump's imminent decision on weakening marine monument protections, the Center's Miyoko Sakashita has coauthored a new academic paper outlining the vital role marine monuments play in healthy oceans.

"The government should refrain from altering the current, science-based boundaries and protections of existing Marine Monuments and Sanctuaries," explains Sakashita's paper, which she coauthored with academics from Stanford University, the University of North Carolina and elsewhere. "Such changes would have a detrimental impact on their ability to provide ecological and economic services to the communities they serve."

Read more about the threats to marine monuments in The Washington Post.
Join our 3rd Annual Virtual Race for Dolphins! 🐬🏃🚴🏊🏽

Ready to make a difference for dolphins?
Dolphin Project is proud to announce our third annual
Virtual Race to raise awareness about dolphin captivity and the drive hunts of Taiji, Japan. This August, no matter where you are around the world – run, walk, cycle, or swim on behalf of dolphins!
It’s fast and easy to join. To get started, click on our
Virtual Race page on Crowdrise, and help raise funds to support our upcoming Taiji campaign while spreading the word about the slaughter that takes place each year. Join as an individual, or create a team for mutual encouragement and some friendly competition! Last year was a blast, as our participants walked, ran, and swam over 283 miles to raise awareness for the Taiji hunts and dolphin captivity.

Think you can keep up with us?
This event is a terrific opportunity to raise awareness in your local community while getting together with friends and doing something fun and healthy. In the month leading up to the start of the Taiji hunting season, we want the world to know what takes place in The Cove, as documented by the Oscar-award winning movie of the same name. Dolphin Project will once again be on the ground in Taiji during the entire hunting season, documenting and disseminating information as we continue our critical mission of ending dolphin captivity and the hunts that supply dolphins to aquariums and marine parks across the world.

The official race will take place on August 18, but you can complete the race any time during the week before, or spread out your mileage across several days. All participants who reach our fundraising minimum will be awarded with a t-shirt and medal, and additional prizes will be awarded for race times, most funds raised, and most creative fundraiser. We hope you’ll join us this year to make an even bigger impact!

On behalf of us all at Team Dolphin Project, good luck!

CLICK HERE to register.

Dolphin Project’s Cove Monitor Program
Interested in joining our dedicated volunteers on the ground in Taiji? CLICK HERE to learn more about Dolphin Project’s Cove Monitor program.

Let's protect dolphins together,
Ric O'Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

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