Monday, December 18, 2017

Sunset Music Supervision Placements This year!

World-Renowned Music Licensing Placements and Global Distribution for Creative and Commercial Uses. 

Available Tracks by Award-Winning Artists, Composers, Bands, and Orchestras. High-Quality Music for Major Films, TV Shows, Commercials, and Branding -- Fun, Creative, User-Friendly.

Featured Client Videos & Recent Placements
Roster Includes:
Chivas Kimber
Haji Al-Uqdah
Melvin Glover
Blind Willy Johnson
Blind" Willie
Blind" Texas Marlin
The Blind Pilgrim
Pete Girvan
Flux Future
Phillip Morris
Sunday Anthony Diayi
Daniel Monday Ntuen
The Jetsuns
Rob Greenway
Nic Knock
Arthur John
Bardo Pond
Steven Knox
Sunset Music Videos: