Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sunset Book Publishing Co., Three Weeks In June, War on Drugs, Criminal Justice System, Private Prisons, War On Terror, Don Lichterman, Indian Reservation, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2004, Phish Final Tour in 2004

In this classic story that takes place on a road trip throughout the United States, Don Lichterman tells of his experiences at an Indian Reservation, the country's largest music festival and a band's final tour. During his journey all around America, Lichterman talks about his relationships gained and lost along the way debating important issues facing the U.S, such as the upsurge in government spending, the job market, the state of the economy, religion, the criminal justice system/laws, the War on Drugs, the War On Terror, the housing bust, the health care systemprivate prisons and private jails.


Sunset Book Publishing Co.

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- Three Weeks In June by Don Lichterman
- Diary Of A Ram Fan by Don Lichterman
- Something Known by Joseph Atman
- The Woman and The Ape by Peter Hoeg
- All The Presidents Women by John Berecz
- A Bugs Life, Flik the Inventor by Disney
- Hannah Montana Advanced Learning Reading, Writing &
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- Upper Deck Winx Club Comic Book Magazine #3 “The
  Boys From Red Mountain” by Upper Deck
- Memoir In Two Voices by Francois Mitterrand and Elie
- Almost Adam by Petru Popescu
- Art, Angels and Miracles by Andy Lakey
- The Martha Stewart Holiday Collection – Homemade
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