Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I-40 Blues...Sunset Music Video of the Week...Travis Warren...Blind Melon...

Travis (Warren) rejoined Blind Melon as Their lead singer this year/last year.
All Video Footage for all Sunset Music videos was done using the GoPro Hero!

Thanks especially to Kevin Booth (American Drug War: The Last White Hope, How Weed Won The West, etc.) for being the first to spread this message of the failing Dug War or that "War On Drugs" and he, his first documentary film and then another film called the Corporation alerted me about Private Prisons again, well before it hit the mainstream in the last few years. Which prompted me to key on it in my first book, THREE WEEKS IN JUNE. That which was even written many years ago but even to this day, there is still a huge problem with regard to this fight and/or so called "War on Drugs". Private prisons continue to make bank money while they trade on Wall Street based on how many and/or its' occupants. And, this film and this Soundtrack CD has that OVERALL message and remember too, we did these years ago. Even though it could deemed as dated; it is NOT!
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