Saturday, August 26, 2017

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DrawMyLife: SeaWorld Edition. Orkid has been imprisoned for decades. She's watched other orcas die in front of her, dragged trainers into the water, and never had even a taste of freedom.
DrawMyLife: SeaWorld Edition (Portuguese)
But Orkid's story isn't unique. SeaWorld enslaves many animals in small tanks at marine parks around the country, where they're forced to perform tricks for food. It's a business built on the suffering of intelligent, social animals who are denied everything that is natural and important to them. As a result, animals imprisoned by SeaWorld often die prematurely from captivity-related causes, including ones related to stress.

In the wild, orcas are intelligent predators who work cooperatively in search of food. They share intricate relationships in a matrilineal society. In some populations, orcas rarely leave their mother's pod, but at SeaWorld, they are often separated. Free orcas are among the fastest animals in the sea, and they swim as far as 100 miles every day. But at SeaWorld, orcas swim in endless circles or float listlessly in small, barren concrete tanks.

Please, don't go to SeaWorld. Visit to learn more. And, click here to view the Drawing...
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Ask Thomas Cook to Stop Supporting Orca Abuse. The travel group continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company's cruel treatment of animals for profit. SPEAK OUT

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