Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Message from my mom: "What a great day volunteering once again for our special olympics with Bancroft...a picnic and softball games! Love our "grillers" and of course the "girls" & my mom who cooked and served and also and our coaches (Dad is at first base) and Voorhees Middle school for playing with our special team....was great seeing friends whose kids were playing....Just another special day!"
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The POTUS is in Israel today after being in Saudi Arabia over the last few days. And, by the looks of the pictures below, we may need to be calling on the Avengers. These guys look like they want to take over the world:
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I am listening to Howard and watching Morning Joe while working of course but I am just finding out that Chris Cornell hung himself after that first show in Detroit. That makes no sense to me. Why would he do that? What the hell could trigger that in him? His wife or girlfriend were there (not in the room but was on tour with him). He had the old band (Soundgarden) in town with him. I am baffled about why? And, why in MI after show 1 of your first tour in years? Why not do it before he left home? Why not wait to get through tour to see where things land? regardless, that sucks.

As for Trump being overseas, I can safely say and see quite frankly that everyone including everyone in that GOP, are so glad he is not in America. They have to deal with budgets this month or by the end of it (unless they push it again). Or, who knows what they can do. I foresee nothing policy wise is even remotely on the table. The healthcare bill is being re worked in the Senate but it's been radio silence about it since it hit the Senate.

I just did an all nighter. This work is so boring, but I am done with it.

Regardless of my work load this week, someone bombed people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Which BTW, I thought Bathtub Gin was just that. A tub filled with gin. I thought that is how they made gin back during prohibition but these analysts are saying that it was a Bathtub Gin of products maybe about the bomb used in that terrorist act at the Grande concert. I gather he is alluding to it as a concoction of crap to create the explosion and/or the damage it does when it blows near people.

I am gonna sleep for a few hours before I start my long day tomorrow. I have to pick up a few more pieces to get caught up and then I hope to be able to coast towards the total end of the transition that has taken many months to conclude.

The POTUS BTW referred to the bombers in Manchester and maybe even all terrorists as 'losers' which honestly, I agree with quite frankly. They are total losers. They are assholes.

OK. I am no doubt passing out for a few hours. Talk to you today and later on this week.

It is now Thursday and honestly, this week sucks. The Music Industry sucks. 

It seems like there are more drips of Russian links to the Trump organization. Jeff Sessions never disclosed Russia Meetings in his Security Clearance Application which is illegal and against federal laws, but the DOJ evidently never pursues it. 

There are so many ties between this Trump administration and with Russia. For instance, why is there never any meetings or ties to say them and the French leaders? Or, with Germany or South Americans or Sudan's leaders or anyone but the Russian's? 

Also, the C.B.O. rating and report finally came out a good three weeks after G.O.P. Health Bill to dismantle the Affordable Care Act which narrowly passed the House. It would evidently leave 23 Million more people uninsured by 2026 but what is most alarming for the GOP and a most concerning stat to me is that it would also leave 14 million more people uninsured by next year. The Congressional Budget Office then said Wednesday that some of the nation’s sickest people would pay much more for health care. That will not bode well for the GOP is my point.

Then, what is even most alarming and most telling with regard to the actual budget they set forth this week, it just manhandles programs for Children's organizations.

That is the thing because look at the actual actions completed by this POTUS and by the House. They want to cut Medicaid while also wanting to cut children's programs.

I think it also cuts for drug abuse programs and Opioid education or maybe those types of programs too. which is in step lock with Jeff Sessions plan to incarcerate more people. If you educate people to stay off certain addictive drugs, that would decrease the prison and jail population big time.

In reality, Jeff Sessions is the truly scary person over everyone in that Trump admin. He is much worse policy wise than Trump can be on a bad day. Trump just does not care about much of anything policy wise. 

On a lighter note, it was a long night of Survivor last night. Sarah won over Culpepper by a couple votes when all was said and done. The choice was correct I suppose. Her or him would have been fine for me if either of them won it. I don't think that much new stuff came out of last night. I think the the two telling points was Sarah saying that because she does undercover work with the police, that she could manipulate people better now because of that training. Then, Tai said more of the same but almost as if he knows that he has to act that way in order to win Survivor. I maintain there could be and should be a fine line between everything and all of the above. It is a million dollar contest that happens over a few months tops if you count air time. It is not gonna be a cakewalk however and as far as Tai goes, he is just wishy washy. He makes poor decisions. He is not shady per se. He does not set out to be shady but he is one of the last people you can ever depend on because he can rationalize changing his mind or decisions at the drop of a dime and at any given time. He is untrusting (is that a word? Maybe I should have said non trusting) in that way. He is not dependable is his issue. People balk or laugh at him when he claims to be loyal. He is just very bad on the fly.

I am watching the latest Chelsea Handler show. The interview with Danny McBride was exceptional. Chelsea herself does know a shit load nuance wise, about many specific drugs. Her and her staff did mushrooms on some retreat but I have to say the Geoff Rush interview was boring. These two young politicians are on the show now. They seem real. Oh. He is gay. That came out of nowhere. Chelsea is also very much up on current events. Especially with Politics now. I had no clue she paid attention but I may have noticed her interest at last year's Convention. Then, I saw her on Bill Maher like a month ago which I wrote about that day. She is very smart. And, she is a great public speaker because she seems to deal off the cuff many times on her segements. She is also very clever and very witty which again, makes her very smart. She is now bowling with some Trump supporters. 

Did this one guy just say that when Trump said that he wanted to bring the term Merry Christmas back as in part being what swayed his vote towards Trump? Did I just hear that sentence? This is exactly what is so screwed up with our country. Can you really believe that resonated in any way? Merry Christmas is your issue in life? That guy must have an easy life with no issues if that is his main political stance. The gay guy said that whatever Trump did after the Orlando shooting as in part reason he voted that way. As if Trump cares about "the gays."

And, there you go. Chelsea finally said that we can't believe a word that trump says and honestly, these people (aka his supporters) do not care that he lies. They toss it off by saying every politician lies. I heard that in real life last week or maybe even this week. However, it is not on this level and there is also a fine line with not fulfilling your campaign promise and actually lying about nonsense. That does not count. There are so many nuances to pass bills into laws. But saying you are for one thing and then altering that or acting another way is a lie.

These guys believe the wall will get done. I agree that there needs to be a good process with regard to immigration issues and even being able to go back and forth over the border should be efficient. It should not be that hard considering the day and age we we live in today.

Leah Remini is on now talking about her Scientology show on A&E. They (Scientologist) must be hating that show. I know she is against Scientology today and she has been outspoken about it over the last few years. It is implied that her show is not pro Scientology at all. I have also seen the Documentary film on HBO and so I know the nuances and tricks, let alone the aggressive tactics used by Scientologists. It was also a story line on a Boston Legal in Season 3. Alan Shore said some funny things about it. Here is that script if you wanna good laugh.

There have been a few jokes or pokes at the Mika and Joe relationship. Howard talked about it quickly this week when Rachel Maddow was on the show and Chelsea just did a joke about it. I thought it was just me that was the last to know about it, and I dunno how much I am really into it. I mean good for them but I mean from a dynamic on the show POV. Part of that beauty is that they were not together. Kind of like Robin and Howard if they hooked up ever since I mentioned Howard's show in this paragraph. 

OK. Check this out. I had it in my head all week that I was seeing Trey on saturday at the Fillmore in Philly. However, I got back from the gym to see Facebook reminders about the Trey show starting in an hour. I looked at my ticket and was like oops. The show is tonight (or was last night). I quickly showered, ran through a sick rainstorm, drove to Philly without even really speeding and I somehow managed to get their during Sand. Which I thought was like the 5th song but I found out later it was the first song. I did not miss squat.  Plus, I also ran into two people that I guess I last saw in 1998 which we figured out, but I honestly thought I had not seen them since before Jerry died in 95.
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Anyway, the show was good. My girl Natalie was in fine fashion looking hotter than ever and her and Jennifer Hartswick were great. Jennifer may be married. I think I saw a ring on her finger but why am I wondering if whomever if TAB is married or not? The keyboard player really shined or not only shined but was really prevalent throughout the entire night. BTW, I think Natalie may have done one of her own songs which whatever song it was/is, is a great song. There are a few songs that I really liked last night. I assume I saw them before at other Trey shows but all of those songs run together for me. I like the ones with everyone singing in harmony or layered or whatever it is called. They have great harmonies. 

I know they played Sand which we mentioned. I know they played Jiboo which I thought then was the break, however, it was more like the intro. They also did Ocelot in the first set and maybe even to end the set. I forget. Then, I have no clue what else they played. They did Simple Twist of Dave in the second set and Hartswick sang a Zep song. 

Overall, its a cool sound but I like the horns of course the best. I love horns and a horn section that works. Trey does real well but it is not he plays in Phish. He almost orchestrates things in this band or almost guides the rest of the band in a much different way than in Phish. It is a very specific sound too though it does vary, however and again, when you add the great horn section, it has that vast sound rather than intense or intricate guitar sound. I don't know what I am trying to say but I hope it makes sense. The 2 drummer's and bass player were totally solid. I recognize the one drummer. I may have even met him. The keyboards stood out for me all night.

I guess I can get the live download even though the notice has not come in yet. I get or have gotten notices for all other shows or at least most of them on this latest tour. I'll also post the setlist when I grab it:

Set One: 
Sand, Sometime After Sunset, Mozambique, Magilla, Gotta Jibboo, Pigtail, Curlew’s Call, Cayman Review, Ocelot, Valentine, Tuesday

Set Two: 
Drifting, Night Speaks To A Woman, Delta Lady, Simple Twist Up Dave, The Song, Feel It Still, 49 Bye-Byes, Last Tube, Architect, Clint Eastwood, Black Dog

The Parting Glass, Heavy Things, Push On Til The Day

I am free all weekend now. I am having a miserable week if you have not picked up on it. It was so good getting the hell out last night. It would be great to finalize certain music related issues which is glorified data entry mind you, starting today and that way I can crank work all weekend. But I guarantee it that I get nowhere today. The people in the music industry just do not like to work and moreover, most of the people in it, are clueless that have no idea what the hell they are doing. It is the one industry today with literally the most uneducated people, the most wannabees and it has the the biggest arrogance over any other industry in the history of mankind. Let alone there are so many scum bags in the music industry even today.

No other industry works the same ways the people do in the music industry.

The dude (Greg Gianforte) that body slammed the Guardian reporter won but then again, 75% of the vote had already been cast before he took that guy down. 

I have dinner tonight with family friends and my parents. I have Yoga at 430 and I guess I will work out at 3PM to get a full one in. This weekend is all stomach and Yoga and then that's it for me. I got nothing going on this weekend. I should go to the beach. Maybe I will. All of a sudden it is Memorial Day Weekend. I may even do some kayaking if the weather stays nice.

I leave the house for two hours and not only do I come back to a blockbuster headline or breaking news, a minute later there was also more breaking news to that breaking news. 

If this hold true, it is criminal and moreover, it is treasonous. And if Jared knew, Trumps knows or knew. They have Jared Kushner on film entering and exiting the Russian embassy for gods sakes. That comes after he said he wanted a private channel of communication to the Kremlin. Evidently, he needed or wanted to use the Russian Embassy's phone system because that way the CIA and FBI could not track it or listen into it. So far, the WH is silent as hell about it. Actually, they are setting up a so called war room using our tax money to thwart or deal with all Russian probes and the appointees are all Trump's yes man cronies (Reince Priebus, etc.), including one Jared Kushner. 

The other thing is that Jared did not put this meeting on his security clearance form. You cannot use that excuse which I am sure they will try to do when you say that something like that did not cross his mind. A meeting on this level is not something one forgets about. To put that in perspective please and once and for all, it is one thing if someone forgets something like knowing the exact amounts of times you cross the border into Canada to see your grandma or something. That was a david frum example he gave today, but anyway, not disclosing these meetings gets you 5 years in Federal Prison if the DOJ wanted to act on it. 

This story is the one that does not look good for the admin and for Trump. These issues are criminal and illegal is my point because I can care less about planting fake news. That is on us if we believe it or if whomever does not investigate into it. Honestly, I doubt that is even illegal to plant fake news. However, planning to erect a candidate with the Russians at the helm or with Russian money to help with campaign costs is not even remotely legal. Or, claiming that we would let go restrictions and sanctions because Trump may need to get finance for his own businesses or even for his friends is also not legal.

I am a bit bummed out because last night I woke up in the middle of the night to see one of those graphics or pictures of Zbigniew Brzezinski with the years he lived below his pic. I woke up literally a minute ago wondering if it was part of a dream even though I knew it was not. Mika was out on Friday. I am not sure if there was a correlation. I just know that he (Zbigniew) is one of my favorite people to follow. I am pretty sure I thanked him in one of my books. I got so much information from him that I had to credit him or thank him. The banter between him and Joe (Scarbourough) was the best and even though it had to be hard to follow what he has done in life, Mika always looked up to her dad in every way. She was intimidated by him but then again, he was one of the most knowledgeable and brilliant people in American Politics. He was 89 years old and again, I am very bummed about this death. I am bummed out about all deaths but you know what I mean.

Overall, have a good weekend.