Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Dolphin Outlook!

Stop Mutilating Pink Dolphins for Fish Bait
Target: Gabriel Vallejo López, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development

Goal: Stop fishermen from mutilating pink dolphins.

Pink dolphins, also known as Amazon river Dolphins, are facing severe endangerment due to many factors. Urban development and water contamination are destroying their habitats, but the most horrifying cause is fishermen cruelly cutting off their fins to use as bait and leaving the mutilated dolphins to bleed to death.

The practice of ripping the fins off of these innocent creatures is barbaric and it must be stopped. It is bad enough when humanity destroys the habitats of aquatic wildlife via careless pollution and taking urban development too far, but what these fishermen are doing is willfully cruel and inhumane. This practice is most common in the Amazon and in China, and is slowly spreading to other locations.

These dolphins do not deserve to die slow and painful deaths just so these people can have slightly better bait. We must do more to protect the species and their habitat on the whole, but we must especially stop fishermen from killing them to use their flesh as bait. Sign this petition to demand the cruel mutilation of these innocent, gentle creatures be completely outlawed.

ALERT: The world’s rarest dolphin is being driven to extinction!

Just 400 miles off the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Maui’s Dolphins are clinging on to survival.

Currently, there are only about 50-60 of these animals still alive.[1]

Known for their friendliness to humans, Maui’s dolphins are a gem of a species. But New Zealand’s giant fishing industry is driving this rare mammal to extinction.

 If we don’t take action today, it will be too late to save these gentle creatures.

Over the past three decades, the Maui’s dolphin population has PLUMMETED as thousands drown in fishermens’ nets.

New Zealand’s fishing companies have pledged to fix their netting practices by 2022 -- but by then, it could already be too late.

Saving this precious dolphin species is a matter of now or never.

Will you sign your name to save Maui’s dolphins? Go here:
In Defense of Animals
Air Force Wants To Deafen Whales And Dolphins Near KauaiIntroducing the U.S. Air Force Weapons - Test Plan: something that could harm or kill hundreds of dolphins, whales and potentially many other marine animals off the coast of Kauai. Scheduled to last from from September 2017 through August 2022, the plan would involve exploding about 110 munitions (bombs) each year just above or below the surface of the ocean, with some weighing as much as three hundred pounds! The stated purpose of the exercise is to give pilots practice in bombing targets. READ MORE

Final Thoughts and things to remember this season about the ending of the last and latest Hunting, Killing and Capturing of Dolphins off the coast of Taiji, Japan: