Friday, November 4, 2016

Donald Trump, The President Of The United States of America

First, 8 years ago, many of you people may not remember or care to remember and/or could have selective and linear thinking about where we were as a country. We had been living through two (2) long wars which began using false information with false pretenses by the George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney administration. The country was in the early days of the worst economic crises in 80 years. Because of it, people had lost their jobs, their houses and their 401K's had plummeted to nothing.  Home values plummeted to all time lows. The economy was just about at what could have been another Great depression.

Since that time, and since President Obama has been in office, and since last year, we have seen incomes rise faster than any time since 1968. Since that time Poverty fell at fast rates. Businesses turned job losses and created more than 15,000,000 jobs.

Additionally 20,000,000 people now have health insurance who did not have it before. This could be a bit deceiving since it is now mandated. We stopped our dependence to use foreign oil even though it did lead to us using more Natural Gas, aka 'Fracking'. We did however, more than double our production of renewable energy while becoming the world's leader to fight and create awareness for climate change.

This administration brought more military people home from the aforementioned wars that had begun in the early 00's. This administration also took out Osama Bin Laden in less than a few years, something the old administration could not do in more than double that time.

And, the freedom for anyone to marry whom they want and whom they love is now allowed in the entire United States.

With that said, let us now turn our heads to see what it will be like if Donald Trump makes it into that office. I can safely say that his entire campaign, including his catch phrase, 'Make America Great Again' is a page out of not only Ronald Reagan's playbooks, his platforms are also a throwback to the way things were in the 1980's.

What would Donald Trump's economic policies actually do to the United States economy and what are his jobs plans? In reality, there is no understandable policy for either issue outside of it potentially being the "biggest economy" in the history of mankind that would also somehow create the "most jobs" in the history of mankind. That is about the end of it. Moody's analytics states that 3.5 million jobs or what is every 35th person currently employed would lose their job and that 4 million jobs that would be created in the first four years after this campaign would NEVER materialize. Trump would enter us into a 'trade war' and he would undo NAFTA. That would affect commerce between the USA with Mexico and Canada along with it affecting trade with countries in the Pacific Rim who would all go to China for certain goods that we currently provide them. That would in turn benefit China which would be ideal for a Donald Trump considering his debt to the Communist Chinese Bank. He could be in a position to gain a lot of money if that were to occur. The irony of that platform is how much a Donald Trump had used products such as Chinese Steel for his buildings structures.

There is another major impact he would have by turning back some of what has been set in place over the last few years. For instance, in 2013, the median wage in the United States grew to 3 times what it had been in previous years and into 2014. It more than tripled again in 2015 showing great wage growth in this country and because of two things, a program Obama set up in 2014 along with the taxes on the top 1% that went up. Trump would radically cut that even more than what George Bush Jr. enacted. Donald Trump's tax plans consists of three personal income tax brackets: 25%, 20%. 10%. He would repeal the Estate Tax and reduce the corporate rate to 15%. That would then create many new tax loopholes for himself and for the very rich which even though there is no causal relationship to that, there is always a clear core relationship when there are tax breaks lowered for the mega rich. It creates job loss at the bottom.
Image result for graph job growth private sector
In the 3rd Quarter this year, the GDP grew to 2.9%. Do you think there is anything that Donald Trump proposes that would improve on that number? Trump would run up huge budget deficits while over the last 8 years, deficits have come way down. The debt has doubled but the deficits per year have come down every year until right now. Donald Trump has never proposed any way to finance what we really need to make the economy grow (as Wall Street stated just last week) which is public investment. That means investments with infrastructure, with the commonwealth goods and services that make private wealth creation possible. 

Next, President Trump's immigration policy and deportation force. This has been a vital part of his campaign and platform since literally day one of his announcement to run to be POTUS. Is this even practical? Could there be such a mass deportation force to upheave immigrants and their United States born family members? Overall, his (Donald Trump) immigration platform consists of course of building a wall between us and Mexico. He would end catch-and-release, sanctuary cities (to fine cities that do not abide by any so called deportation law) while creating an extreme vetting system (whatever that entails) along with there being a 'new deportation task force (which I guess would go door to door to investigate who is living in each house in question) set in place. Any of this happening would have to go through Congress too.

I am not even sure if Donald Trump even knows this about our 14th Amendment, but undocumented people are indeed entitled to rights of due process by law. Therefore, not only is no one being sent home that day, there is also a major time consuming process that costs us taxpayers money for hearings before an immigration Judge. They are entitled to those due process rights and that is truly how this system works in the U.S. Let alone it undermines any hope of immigration reform because there is an element that includes Donald Trump that thinks that we can 'get them out' right away. I will say that is also a cash cow for the private prison system to then house these people for however much time before that due process by law. This plan would need a massive spending law set up for buildings, employees, offices along with the prisons.

Even that so called wall Trump proposes, he says that funding will now come from the American taxpayer which would eventually be paid back by Mexico. That is a far cry from him saying that "Mexico is going to pay for that wall, believe me, believe me." He basically said that he would get an appropriation bill to take to congress for us to pay for that wall and that he would send the bill to the Mexican Government. No one in congress is going to vote for that although who knows now that I said that out loud. Because with a Republican Congress in place along with a Donald Trump as POTUS, they could go along with whatever he says to do. We would have to get that money from some place.

If all of this happens, according to the Congressional Budget Office and UCLA, we should expect the U.S. to have a 2.6 trillion dollar loss to its' GDP. With 'fear' in the air, many immigrants are not buying houses today and in turn are not contributing to our economy because they believe they could be deported at any given time. There is also a lot of uncertainty with any undocumented people that are already here in the U.S.

Next, to repeal Obamacare.. It would take getting that through Congress as well and that would happen only if Paul Ryan knew for certain that it would get stopped in the Senate. He would get through the House to approve it. That way everyone in the House can tell everyone that they voted for the repeal knowing damn well it would never get through the Senate. They truly do not want to repeal Obamacare. It is a mere talking point that is easy to resonate to the common folks and to the base. There is a 100 or so House members that think it's a good idea but everyone else knows that it is something that gets a vote. The Senate has always been there to make sure it does not happen.

With a majority Republican Senate in place and with a Trump in as POTUS, Mitch McConnell would have a field day if the Democrats tied this up and moreover, he would do anything in his power to have it tied up in the Senate. If this gets pulled, it collapses all around us and practical politicians know the that it affects only the people in one's District, and in one's State. They may say that they want that done, but they do not really want it to happen. Like I said here, it is an easy sound bite talking point for that GOP. Besides, most people's health care has nothing to do with Obamacare. The latest Trump rhetoric, aside from last week's Comey email announcement, is him saying how rates have increased and how premiums have risen, but no one has a clue what the increases would have been without Obamacare in place.

What else? Who would Donald Trump avenge once he gets into office? It is a long list of people that he has made threats about and to punish using his power as President. There is Hillary Clinton of course which he plans to appoint a special prosecutor to go after her day one. Now, that is not how a country with democracy acts but it is total 'red meat' for his base. He would also have a great problem getting any Attorney General to do and so it is not exactly that easy or cut and dry like he makes it out to be. The President could of course do it himself, however, the people in the Department Of Justice would not exactly take too kindly to it. Honestly, that is not going to happen. Even if he appointed a Rudy Giuliani or a Chris Christie, neither of them would even get confirmed in the first place.

He then threatened to sue every woman (all twelve (12) of them) that came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment to which Trump responds to by saying that every one of those women have lied. Stating that "it never happened" and they would all "be sued" after the campaign is done. Including friends of the women that came forward evidently have lied which this is sexual abuse 101. This is exactly how an abuser acts. Even Bill Clinton denied his affairs until he knew he could not anymore. Same goes with Anthony Wiener and Bill Cosby. In some cases like with Cosby and I guess even Clinton, they demoralized the accusers using smear campaigns just like Donald Trump has done.

The woman who accused Trump of raping her when she was 13 canceled her press conference due to threats. “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed,” the plaintiff said in an affidavit.
The press conference that was scheduled to take place at was canceled allegedly due to threats.

The irony is that he will bring in a number of lawsuits into his Presidency. He is the Defendant in many of them. He has also been counter sued in many lawsuits he brought to the table. The Supreme Court ruled that any President can be sued in Civil Cases while he is sitting in office. He has also talked about revamping the libel laws since he wants to sue anyone that down talks him in anyway. However, he cannot do that since it is controlled by the Supreme Court. They are the ones that dictate that body of law and a Congress (even if he got them to go along with it) or a President cannot change that law with the approvals of the Supreme Court Justices.

He also claims to want to 'get even' with a former Miss Universe that refused to introduce him at an event in Australia. He then proceeded to call her up on stage saying to the audience in that theatre that "Jennifer is a beautiful girl on the outside but she is not very bright" going on to say how "that wouldn't have been true", but that "he would have said it anyway." He made a joke afterward saying that "she came" anyway tonight before going in for the kiss which was very awkward to view.

Women during a Trump Presidency would themselves be diving way back in time since he vowed to appoint Supreme Court Judges to overturn Roe vs. Wade even though that issue has been settled for decades since 1973. He also feels that women should be faced with "some of punishment" if they use abortion as a method. Although, he had yet "determined what that punishment should be." As for the man involved with that pregnancy, he would "say no" to any punishment. Only the female would be responsible for that pregnancy. Then again, Trump's first huge decision is to appoint the most anti-choice and most extreme anti-abortion Governor in office today, with Mike Pence as his Veep. Pence enacted a law that mandates funerals for an unborn fetus if they had a miscarriage.

On Foreign Policy, one part of that issue is with regard to Russia. And, to be honest with everyone, I am on the fence with that because I have no issues with the people that I know that happen to be from the Russian Federation. I also have a great band (Mister Sir) signed to my record label (Sunset Recordings) that happens to be from Siberia. His bromance with Vladimir Putin, have many people scared, and even members of his own GOP absolutely hate it. 50 of them claim that Trump would put the 'Nation's Security at Risk.' Michael Morell, the former CIA Director feels that Donald Trump is being used 'as a tool' for Vladimir Putin and for Russia.

It is much more than Trump wanting to be buddy, buddy with Putin and Russia. He is making the entire strategic and global map turn upside down. He is creating a landscape where our allies are squirming since he claims to want to have them to "pay up" and "do more to earn our affection, attention and support," otherwise, the U.S. under a Trump admin, will not be there in a time of need. That is with a tumultuous situation with Russian and the Ukraine happening today and while Russia threatens parts of Eastern Europe. He has questioned NATO. He states that not only should Japan and South Korea pay more for protection and security to the U.S., that they also "ought to Nuclearize" making any ally wonder if we are there for them or not.

His casual rationale after all, to use Nuclear Weaponry is "why do we make them" he said in one town hall event this year. In that same response, he refused to take "any cards off the table," including the use of them in Europe. It is completely naive and it is a reckless way to even think about in general let alone coming from someone running for the POTUS. 

Trump also makes the claim that the Iran Nuclear deal is the worst deal ever done by any human since the cave man days, whereas I truly believe he does not know one thing about it. I can safely say that he has never read it since his attention span is like a fly. Further, he would shoot the Iranian military people "out of the water" for them giving the middle finger to our coast guard or military people. That begs me to ask that what if the President would order military action on another country for them giving U.S. military people a middle finger gesture? 

We then know that Trump feels that climate issues are a product of a Chinese hoax which honestly, I am not even sure what he means by that one. Regardless, he would turn back any progress we made in that regard and in a big way. At a Trump speech in Hilton Head, South Carolina, he said that "Obama’s talking about all of this with the global warming and the — a lot of it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax. I mean, it’s a money-making industry, OK? It’s a hoax, a lot of it." During all three presidential election debates, which totaled 4.5 hours, less than six minutes was spent discussing the candidates’ policies related to climate change.

Donald Trump's promise to "the African Americans" (how he refers to what are a vast amount of people that live in America) and I guess to people living in cities is for more police. I think that he would add more militaristic police styles to these cities. He claims the areas where "the African Americans" live in inner cities and "pockets of land" aka "our ghettos" to be worse than most war zones. He goes on to say how many problems there in those areas. "The horrible, horrible problems, the violence, the death, the lack of education, no jobs." He plans to expand 'stop and frisk' nationwide and again, that "we need more police" asking "what do they/we ("the African Americans") have to lose." Even at his own rally in Florida, some white woman holds a "Blacks for Trump" sign and at another Trump rally last week, Trump himself mistook a black supporter for a protester referring to him as a "thug."
Therefore last and with regard to Gun Safety issues, I would say that he would be worse for gun safety laws, but at the same time, how much worse can we get? We are at an all time low with that issue today. He would never enact what are strict background checks. He would never overturn the Equal access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act, and he would no doubt cater to the NRA Lobby to make it easier to get a gun in our society. He also promotes hunting and he did that big time during the primary season and most of all, his kids are trophy hunters. 

I am not getting into his past when it comes to how he treats black people since that is old news and its a story in itself. Plus, I did not get into his antics for the most part, about how he has treated women. Those issues have been widely reported on and they would not have a direct correlation to what a Trump Presidency would be like.

Overall, we all know that Donald Trump is playing a role. He knows how to perform. He does have those great marketing skills. If you think about it, he could feasibly play that role of being the President of the United States. What he has done over the last year is one big promotional tour. The prize or winning or being the best at something is all Donald Trump believes in and therefore, I wonder if he would even entertain taking on a second term.

The problem is that Donald Trump is a complete fraud. He always has been. He is also a person that threatens people, stiffs people out of money, says that he pays out to charity when he does not and he lies so much today in general on the campaign trail, let alone how much he lies about what he has done in his life. His entire life is a complete lie. He not only has had a sweet inheritance given to him by his dad, his dad also bought Donald out of many of the problems he has had with many of his failed businesses. I would go so far to say that his dad paid anywhere between 40 to 60 million dollars to get Donald out of troubles with those failed businesses. That leaves a lot of room to rebound after failing many times. Forget about the many bankruptcies he had filed over the years and forget about the fact that he refuses to show his tax returns claiming that they are under some audit (his most recent tax return is not under audit BTW and therefore there is no conflict there), I personally cannot believe anyone with a right mind buys into what he says. 

He is the same guy that said his casinos would do great things for that local economy at that time, and would do great things for businesses that he hired at that time. He says those same grandiose things now without any scientific root to it. He is also a scary person that threatens lawsuit after lawsuit and that has been a part of thousands of legal cases over his life. You must ask yourself, do you take his threats seriously and will he act that way in office? The question is would  congress go along with it?  I don't take anything he says as being real and I certainly do not believe any of these legal threats (like with the 12 women he groped or with the NY Times and countless other people he threatens with legal action) will manifest in any way. If you want to know what Trump is going to do or how he is going to act, ask a Trump University attendee what they think about it.