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Hurricane ASPCA Readies Responders for Hurricane MatthewThe ASPCA has activated its Disaster Response Team in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Several states on the East Coast have declared a state of emergency. Make sure you're prepared and learn how you can help now.
Once a Traumatized Hoarding Victim, Buddy Works Toward a New Life
buddy being petted
“They told me he can’t be left home alone for too long, he can’t play in the park, he can’t be outside at all. Everything scares him—the pigeons, the bus, especially other dogs—but from the moment I saw him, I knew what he needed the most:  love.” –Deanna L. of New York, NY

An estimated 250,000 animals fall victim to hoarding situations every year. The issue of hoarding is a complex one, and in many of these cases, the animals involved are at an extreme disadvantage and left without much hope of ever seeing the outside. Buddy was one of these animals.

Buddy came to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) this summer after being rescued from an overcrowded home. The one-year-old Maltese was in a state of constant fear and unrest. His behavior indicated to the team that his interactions with the outside world had been extremely limited, if there had been any at all. The poor pup had to be taught things very slowly by the ASPCA Behavior Team, and even had to be put under anesthesia just to be groomed properly. Things we normally think come easily for dogs were difficult for Buddy:  he didn’t know how to walk on a leash and he couldn’t go outside to use the bathroom. The team at the ASPCA Adoption Center worried that Buddy’s extreme fear and lack of socialization would make it more difficult to find the perfect adopter.

Fortunately, fate had other plans for Buddy. The sweet little pup was with us for a little over a month when something remarkable happened. While touring the Adoption Center looking for a new furry friend, Deanna L. stepped off the elevator and saw Buddy.
buddy with his tail in the air
“It was love at first sight. I came off the elevator and as soon as I turned the corner, I saw the glass enclosure and a beautiful puppy with sad eyes,” says Deanna.

Deanna says that she knew that Buddy was going to need a lot of extra attention and special care, but it only made her want to give him a home more. She was certain that the small, white dog with the big, beautiful eyes was the one for her. “He needed as much love as I had to give, and we were perfect companions,” she says. “I named him Leo the Lion, both symbolic and fitting, and we became a family.”

But Leo still had a long way to go in his adjustment to normal life.

Recalling her few first days with Leo, Deanna says, “Every day he was getting better. By day three he had the run of the house and would race back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom in one straight line. By day seven he stopped barking at night and would cuddle up in a blanket next to my thigh, warm and comforting.”
Buddy walking
Deanna continues to work hard every day on Leo’s transition to his new home, surroundings and interactions. She tells us that although it is a slow moving process, her love and understanding of Leo is what helps them move forward.

“I used all the love and patience in the world and tried to get him to fight his fears, a little bit more each time. Like a trainer training an athlete for a competition, I set higher goals each walk. I take him a little bit further every time, I expose him to new experiences and sounds. It is a work in progress but he is getting better.”
buddy running
Leo has even broken his own record and can now make it around an entire city block. Deanna sees this as one of his biggest accomplishments. “It means he is rehabilitating, he is feeling more confident, he trusts me and he trusts himself.” His progress may seem slow, but it is incredible to see a dog from his background make it so far. Deanna and Leo the Lion’s companionship must have been written in the stars, because we couldn’t think of a better ending for this “Happy Tail.”

Meet Nano, the Tiniest Kitten Ever Saved by an Incredible Cat Rescue Organization.

Feral cats may look just like domesticated cats, but they actually couldn’t be more different. Domesticated cats are used to interacting with humans, have a guardian to call their own, and even if they wander outside, they always have a home to come back to. Feral cats, on the other hand, are not well versed in human interaction, fend for themselves and the other members of their feral colony, and take up shelter anywhere they can – be it under raised buildings, in sheds, under porches, or under the hoods of cars. The ASPCA currently estimates that there about 20 million free-roaming cats in this country.

While many of these cats are able to adapt and thrive outdoors, frigid winters or a dry spell food-wise can be the difference between life and death for these animals. And sometimes, without proper care and a steady supply of food, feral cats become malnourished or die from untreated disease. Just recently, animal rescue group, Tiny Kittens, located a feral colony of cats that was taking up residence in an abandoned shed. During their search, the rescue team found one particularly unique cat.

This Photographer Went to Hell and Back to Save Endangered Sumatran Elephants. Throughout the world, elephants have historically been regarded with admiration by humans who can acknowledge their many positive qualities. Elephants share deep emotional bonds with one another, often spending their entire lives alongside their immediate family members. Adult females and young elephants generally live in close-knit matriarchal herds – headed by the eldest and most experienced female – while older males form separate “bachelor” groups. These animals have demonstrated an enormous capacity for empathy and compassion,  and have frequently been recorded grieving when a loved one dies.

Tragically, however, these majestic creatures are in grave peril. Endangered Asian elephants are routinely exploited by the elephant tourism or illegal logging industries: torn from their families,  subjected to cruel training procedures, and forced to work to the point of collapse. African elephants, meanwhile, are dying at the tragic rate of 100 per day to feed the ivory trade. Africa has lost 60 percent of its elephant population over the past few decades, and experts fear that they may soon become extinct if this trend continues.

Thanks to the tireless actions of conservation groups and animal activists, the plight of these animals has become more highly publicized in recent decades. However, there are some lesser-known types of elephants who are facing a different – but just as serious – struggle to survive.

Pygmy elephants (also known as Sumatran elephants) are indigenous to the Leuser Ecosystem of Indonesia: a vital forested area that is home to many animal species who are not found elsewhere on the planet, and boasts the second highest level of biodiversity in the world. Sadly, this region – in addition to many other wildlife refuges throughout Indonesia and Malaysia – is being systematically destroyed to feed the demands of the palm oil industry.

Together, Indonesia and Malaysia produce 90 percent of the world’s total supply of palm oil. This product can be found in approximately 50 percent of consumer goods, including snack foods, cleaning fluids, and even pet treats.

Palm oil is highly valued by manufacturers because of its versatility and low cost, but its large-scale production has had a devastating effect on the areas in which it is grown. Palm oil companies frequently clear their desired patches of rainforest by igniting highly damaging fires that wipe out countless wild animals and cause serious health problems for local children and families. Shockingly, an estimated 300 football fields’ worth of rainforest are cleared every single hour to make way for palm plantations. It is estimated that burning forests and peatland account for a whopping 97 percent of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions. This has pushed Indonesia’s daily greenhouse gas emissions level above that of the U.S.

The Leuser Ecosystem’s ongoing conversion from lush rainforest into sterile palm plantations is driving many of its indigenous species to the brink of extinction. For example, orangutans can be shot on sight if they wander onto a palm plantation. Over the past two decades, 20,000 of these animals have been killed at the hands of the palm oil industry. Just 60,000 of them remain, and they are now critically endangered, with some experts predicting that they could be extinct within thirty years. Malayan sun bears, Sumatran tigers, and Sumatran rhinos are also threatened with extinction by the actions of the palm oil industry.

Meanwhile, Pygmy elephants often suffer the fate of being poisoned to death or ensnared in traps set by palm oil producers. The Indonesian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has estimated that over 100 Pygmy elephants were killed in the Riau province of Sumatra between 2004 and 2014. Just 1,300 of these animals now remain. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists them as “critically endangered” … and so long as palm oil manufacturers continue to regard them as a nuisance that must be eradicated, this status is not likely to improve anytime soon.

These elephants’ plight was recently highlighted by Paul Hilton, a renowned environmental photojournalist who specializes in raising awareness of the Leuser Ecosystem’s continued destruction. In a heart-wrenching photograph Hilton shared to his Instagram page, the fate of this once burgeoning rainforest – and by extension, all of the animals who depend on it for sustenance – is laid bare.

Hilton said, “I’ve been to hell and back following the wildlife trade and to live in a world without wild elephants to me is unthinkable.”

Haunting Image by Conservation Photographer Exposes the Heartbreaking Future in Store for Sumatra’s Elephants – Unless We Act Now

Hilton is currently running a crowdfunding campaign that will help protect the Leuser Ecosystem’s endangered elephants by monitoring their movements and increasing patrols to help steer them out of harm’s way. “Please people, dig deep and make a donation,” he said in the caption of his haunting image. “We are more than half way there to raising funds for the dedicated elephant patrol teams. It’s up to us to make things right. We can blame everyone but it’s not going to change anything, so let’s do this.”

Hilton’s crowd funding campaign link is available here. Alternatively, you can help by going to the website of Wildlife Asia and making a donation to help support their elephant patrol units in the Leuser Ecosystem. Their donation link is available here.

The desecration of Indonesia’s rainforests – together with the people and animals who rely on them – can come to an end once the demand for palm oil goes down. We can all help by seeking out more environmentally friendly alternatives to this product in our everyday lives. To learn more about the problem with palm oil, and how you can take steps to avoid it, check out the articles below.

Image Source: Paul Hilton/Instagram

A Cruel Person Abandoned This Dog in a Ditch, So One Kind Man Decided to Right This Wrong. There are millions of homeless animals wandering the streets in the U.S. Unfortunately because they have no guardians, it’s virtually impossible to know each and every one of their personal stories. Some have ended up on the street  after being cruelly abandoned by their guardians. Others were born into a feral colony and are simply in a group of many homeless animals. And a few have gotten lost and sadly never made their way back home. How ever they got there, animals, like stray dogs, have to deal with several challenges while trying to make it on their own. They have to search for food constantly, usually from the trash. They have to make sure they are able to locate water to drink every once in a while. And of course, they must be careful and try to avoid being hit by cars while out on the streets.

Recently, a kind man, that goes by the username nizzle on Imgur, stumbled upon a dog in a ditch while out driving. Clearly, a lover of animals, the fellow immediately stopped the car and tried to approach the pup. Unfortunately, it appears the skittish pup was not used to much human interaction, so he bolted onto the street. Determined to help, the Imgur user spent two hours trying to coax the little fella towards him.

Eventually, he was able to grab the fearful pup and settle him into the front seat of the car. He even wrapped him in a towel for comfort. 
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving
Considering the puppy had been taking up home in a ditch, the Imgur user figured the best first course of action was drawing a bath. But first, a picture to commemorate the rescue! 
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving 
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving 
After inspecting further, the Imgur user realized that the puppy had an injured leg and fleas. Thankfully, most of the fleas were washed off during the bath, and flea medication was given to take care of the rest. 
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving
Now, this kind man is doing everything he can to make the puppy as happy and healthy, as possible. We think there are a lot of fun times ahead for these two! 
Kind Man Saves Dog He Found in Ditch While Driving
Without the help of this kind Imgur user, there’s no telling how much longer this little pup would have survived in the ditch, especially considering he had an injury and fleas. Not everyone is necessarily able to welcome a stray animal into their home, but there are other ways you can help these innocent creatures. Click here to learn how! All image source: nizzle/Imgur

This Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers. What would you do if you found an injured wild animal? We humans can be very prone to doing anything we can to save an animal caught in a tricky situation — and in some cases, we have no other choice but to act in the moment to save a life. But, when it comes down to it, we should always leave the rescues to the professionals.

In the case of an injured bald eagle found wandering up and down the streets in Florida, that’s exactly what this awesome rescue team did. While the police were the first to arrive on the scene, they did just the opposite of moving her so drivers could get to their destinations: they set up cones and stopped traffic completely and waited for the real professionals. Anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic knows what a headache it can be when you can’t get where you need to go, but for this majestic bird, it was totally worth ticking off a handful of drivers.

Traffic along a Clearwater, Florida highway came to a halt for one lucky injured eagle.
Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers (PHOTOS)
Officers stood guard while they waited for wildlife rescuers to arrive on the scene.
Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers (PHOTOS)
Once rescuers arrived, they were able to wrap her in a blanket while she was transferred to a net.
Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers (PHOTOS)
Safe and sound in a pet carrier, the eagle was carried away to be brought to Busch Gardens in Tampa to begin rehabilitation.
Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers (PHOTOS)
Once at the rehab center, the eagle was treated for a chipped bone and bruised wing, and then she got a snazzy and patriotic bandage. How fitting.
Injured Eagle Stopped Traffic While She Waited For Rescuers (PHOTOS)
Once this nameless eagle is deemed fit to return to the wild, her rehabbers plan to release her close to where she was found. We’re so glad because this beautiful bird deserves to fly free!

While it might be difficult to resist the temptation of springing to action to help an injured wild animal, we ask that you leave it up to the trained professionals. If you ever come across an injured wild animal, please call your local wildlife rescue hotline immediately. All image source: Clearwater Police Department/Facebook

Severely Neglected Pup Who Had Nothing But a Pile of Dirty Laundry to Comfort Her Gets Rescued. Dogs hold a special place in our hearts. No matter what their age, our dogs are always there for us — but it’s not just dogs who are loyal to us. We humans have gone to some amazing lengths to create beautiful memories with our beloved dogs. Not only that, but we also go to incredible lengths to rescue dogs we have never met before and all across the world, humans fight to help homeless dogs find what is every dog’s dream: a forever family. Knowing what a huge responsibility that welcoming a canine companion into one’s life is, we can hardly fathom cases of neglect. Just how is it possible for humans who have opened up their home to a canine companion, to suddenly lose empathy? In the case of a Labrador puppy named Bella, it’s one of the most heart-breaking cases of neglect we have ever seen.

We do not know where Bella the puppy got her start to life, but there is one thing that we can be certain of like we’ve seen time and time again, she must have been ecstatic to find her forever family. Unfortunately for Bella, the family who adopted her did not hold her best interests in their hearts. The photos below are difficult to look at but what matters now is that she is safe and she is loved. When the Humane Society of Houston set out to investigate the case of a neglected puppy after receiving a call from a concerned citizen, this is what they found.

Curled up on top of a pile of filthy laundry in the garage of an abandoned home, Bella was weak, shaking with fear, and completely alone. She’s only six-months-old.
Severly Neglected Pup Had Nothing But a Pile of Dirty Laundry to Comfort Her (PHOTOS)
The puppy was immediately brought to the Houston Humane Society veterinary clinic for evaluation. Not only was this poor little dog suffering from severe weight loss and mange on practically every inch of her body, but she also had several kinds of intestinal parasites.
Severly Neglected Pup Had Nothing But a Pile of Dirty Laundry to Comfort Her (PHOTOS)
According to Houston Humane Society spokeswoman Monica Schmidt, “This is one of the most horrific cases of neglect I’ve seen in a long time.”
Bella has a long road to recovery ahead of her but at the very least, she’ll recover with the help of humans who love her.
Severly Neglected Pup Had Nothing But a Pile of Dirty Laundry to Comfort Her (PHOTOS)
Houston Humane Society estimates that it will be months before Bella is ready to find her true forever home, but we are so thankful that she’ll one day have the opportunity to get there. Bella’s story is a lesson to us all about how we should never treat welcoming a dog into our lives so flippantly. Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment. If you adopt a pet and run into circumstances out of your control where you are no longer able to take care of them, please, do not abandon them — contact the animal shelter where you adopted them from so that they have a chance at finding a new home.

Houston Humane Society is currently seeking any tips related to who left this poor puppy to die all alone. If you live in the area and know any leads, please contact 713-433-64521 or email To learn more about the Houston Humane Society, visit their official website. All image source: Houston Humane Society

From Frat House Mascot to Thriving at a Sanctuary: The Journey of Maxie the Goat. Three years ago, the Tompkins County SPCA was contacted by the house manager of a fraternity whose members had purchased this tiny goat baby; he was concerned for the kid’s future. Baby goats need bottle-feeding, warmth, and constant care.

They also need plenty of sleep, and frat parties and frat houses are no place for little baby goats (or any baby). So thankfully, the SPCA agreed to help, and thanks to enforcement of zoning laws, Maxie could be picked up and brought to our New York Shelter.
No friends yet, but this tiny stuffed pig will due for right now. 
She was not being abused, but again, she was not being seen for who she was: a newborn baby who needed a suitable home and place to grow up. And Maxie did need care. Arriving with pneumonia, she needed treatment (which of course she got).
She also needed more feedings than she had been receiving in order to gain some weight. She immediately fell in love with all of her caregivers and spent hours playing with them.
She spent hours playing with her caregivers, that is, until she got the dream of all baby goats: a family. Goats are herd animals and feel far safer in a group of their own people — and the group Maxie was introduced to included two kids, just born at the sanctuary and only a few weeks younger than she was.

Delilah and her two daughters move into the next pen and life changes for the better. 
And they had a beautiful mom, Delilah, who acted like she was also Maxie’s mom and accepted the tiny orphan as her own.

The girls. Maxie, Ingrid, and Marilyn bask in the sun and in the warmth of their new friendship and family.
But unlike the other two kids (Ingrid and Marilyn), Maxie kept her independent streak and her loving, brave, and gregarious personality. She was raised at first by humans, you see, and she met so many other species early on during her walks around the farm as a tiny baby.
She shied away from nothing — any newcomer was her friend.
She also is known for her huge smile and her in-your-face attitude — her moxie.
She has always been vocal, and if you call her, she immediately calls back with a “ga ga ga” sound to ensure that you know she heard you. Usually when she hears people she knows, her head is out of the gate and she is calling to her human friends.
She has kept her best friends, but added another super-special goat, Nancy, to her inner circle. She loves her herd and spends all her time with them, but still comes running when she hears her name.
We hope she will always be the silly clown, lover of life, and the goat with all the moxie — our beautiful girl Maxie.

I held the paw of this stray dog and asked her to help me. Please share.
Meet Nano. At 146 grams, he is the tiniest kitten Tiny Kittens has ever rescued. 
Nano 1
At five weeks old, Nano was significantly smaller than his  four brothers. According to the rescue team, he was about a quarter the size of his siblings. 
Nano 2
Likely the runt of the litter, Nano was emaciated, lethargic, and was suffering from severe anemia and fleas. Even after a much-needed bath, rescuers were unsure of whether the little one would make it. 
Nano 3
Still, the rescuers were not willing to give up on this little kitty, so they brought him and the rest of the family back to headquarters for further care. Just look at that little face! 
Nano 4
While all of the cats were given food and medication, Nano was given extra care. His parasites were promptly treated, and he was given ample time for feeding with his feral momma. 
Nano 6
In just a matter of days, Nano was doing significantly better. He had more energy, was eating regularly, and was affectionate as ever. 
Nano 8
All of these kitties still have more treatment ahead of them but Tiny Kittens is doing everything they can ensure their survival. We’re crossing our fingers for this adorable group! 
Nano 7
This group of cats is a great example of how feral colonies can appear to be thriving but actually are suffering. While most of the cats in this group were in relatively good health, it is all too easy for one to slip by and become sick or malnourished. And if there’s not enough food to go around, a great deal of time can pass before the kitten is able to recuperate, if ever. One of the best ways you can help feral cat communities is to participate in or start a Trap, Neuter, Release group in your area, an unspayed female cat can have hundreds of kittens in her lifetime, leading to more hungry mouths up against the perils of the world. Click here to learn about how you can help the feral cats in your community survive. All image source: Tiny Kittens/Facebook 

Scared homeless dog tried to bite his rescuers. See what happens next and please share.
To make a small donation, please visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.orgTo adopt Toto, please contact: http://www.StarPawsRescue.orgPlease share. Thanks, Eldad

A man risks it all to save a dog trapped on the edge of HPP dam in Russia.

As the man approaches, you can see the dog standing as still as can be. I have no idea how he got there, but he has to be so scared. This hero’s act of kindness is sure to warm your heart. Click to watch!

Dog cries real tears when puppies rescued.
A short video I saw on Facebook and could NOT find on YouTube?? Facebook has 9 million views and I can see why!!!

Puppy Rescued From the Brink of Starvation Grows Up to be the BFF of an Autistic Little Boy. Every being on Earth has their own set of struggles. There are animals, like orangutans, in Indonesia who are losing the forests they call home. There are humans that are born with incurable diseases and must cope with it every single day of their lives. There are marine animals, like turtles, who try to navigate their way through the ocean and end up getting entangled in plastic debris. And there are dogs who end up in the wrong hands and are forced to deal with abuse and cruelty for months or years on end.

Although many times these problems are different and we are destined to deal with them on our own, every once in a while, the abused are able to come together, connect, and help each other through their hardships. Sometimes, through mere companionship, two people with difficult pasts, are able to put it all aside simply to relish in each other’s company.

In September 2012, a puppy was brought to an animal rescue center. The frail Pit Bull mix arrived in such a severe state of starvation, it was pure luck that she was still alive.
Xena Puppy 1
Her somber demeanor and low hanging head were indicative of a life of abuse, and vets knew it would take a while before the sweet puppy would feel comfortable opening up to any human.
Xena Puppy 2
Amazed at the resilience of the tiny pup and confident that this strong girl would make a recovery, the vets named her Xena the Warrior Puppy.
Xena Puppy 3
Once Xena started getting proper treatment and eating regularly, it wasn’t long before the pup began putting on some healthy weight, recover from her injuries, and restore the twinkle in her eye.
Xena Puppy 4
Now came the task of finding Xena a forever home. After garnering a lot of interest on a Facebook page, the center made for the pup, they decided to host an adoption house and show everyone how lovable Xena could be.
Xena Puppy 5
While there were a lot of prospective adopters there, Xena connected with one in particular: a little boy with autism by the name of Jonny. They spent all day together.
Xena Puppy 6
Jonny, who isn’t too fond of social contact, even let Xena lick his face! Clearly, these two had made an exceptional bond.
Xena Puppy 7
After witnessing how well the two connected, Jonny’s family knew what they had to do … adopt Xena!
Xena Puppy 8
According to Jonny’s family, Jonny’s communication skills have improved immensely with Xena by his side. It looks like this pup helped this little boy just as much as he helped her!
Xena Puppy 9
Yep, they were clearly destined to be BFFS, for life.
Xena Puppy 10
Watch the adorable friendship unfold here:
Xena and Jonny are the perfect example of the kind of magic that occurs when two kindred spirits find one another, regardless of species or circumstance. Both Xena and Jonny had to deal with rough times before meeting one another, but the unconditional love and companionship they share is strong enough to overcome all of the upsetting memories of the past. In fact, their story touched so many people, that Xena was named the ASPCA dog of the year in 2013! This duo’s friendship is a reminder of the amazing benefits of welcoming a companion animal into the life of a child, especially one who has difficulty opening up. We sure are glad these two found each other!

On October 29th, 2016, “Spread the Words,” a 5K run/walk in honor of Jonny and Xena’s beautiful friendship will be held in Johns Creek, Georgia in support of animal rescue and autism programs. To learn more about the event, click here. All image source: Arachnofondler/Imgur

Incredible Lengths Rescuers Went to Save Horse Trapped in Mud Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. How to you react when your 1,700-pound horse goes missing? Recently, Cyrus, a Clydesdale horse, was nowhere to be found in his Thornbury, Pennsylvania home. Like any responsible human, Cyrus’s guardian did the right thing placed a call to the authorities. But, it was not until two-and-a-half-hours later that the missing horse was found with his legs completely submerged in the mud near his watering hole.

The Fame Fire Company No. 3 rescue crew were called and soon, volunteers arrived to free Cyrus as quickly as possible. He was sedated in order to prevent further injury and then they got to work trying to free him. A crane also arrived on the scene, but according to photographer Pete Bannan, rescuers believed that they could free Cyrus without it. The crane would have likely made rescue efforts a little easier, but we can guess that using the crane to pull Cyrus from the mud may have resulted in further injury. The rescuer’s dedication to taking the safest possible route (not the easiest) to free Cyrus is admirable.

Rescuers worked tirelessly for three-and-a-half hours to free Cyrus by using planks, boards, shovels, and elbow grease.
Rescuers Work For Hours to Free Horse That Fell in a Deep Muddy Pit (PHOTOS)
We are absolutely amazed that rescuers were able to keep the crane out of the picture until after Cyrus was freed. It goes to show you how hard humans are willing to work in order to rescue an animal in need. According to 6abc Action News, Cyrus is currently under “guarded” protection. Once he recovers, veterinarians will be able to fully assess this lucky horse’s health. Like another horse who was trapped in a similar situation, it’s likely that Cyrus has sustained some form of injury from his original attempts to free himself, but we wish him a speedy recovery.
To stay updated on Cyrus’s condition, check the 6abc Action News official Facebook page. To learn more about the volunteer organization that helped save Cyrus, Fame Fire Company No. 3, visit their official website. In-text image source: Fame Fire Company/Twitter. Lead image source: Pete Bannan/Twitter

140+ animals rescued from North Carolina puppy mill.
On September 26, 2016, we were called in by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office to help rescue nearly 130 animals from a North Carolina property.

After an anonymous tip to the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office, it was determined that further action was necessary. Once on the property, we discovered the animals living in unsanitary conditions. Many were being kept in rusty cages and had untreated medical issues. The HSUS has safely transported the animals to a temporary emergency shelter, where they will receive medical attention. Want to help? Click here:

55-Year-Old Rescue Elephant Heals Old Wounds With Water Therapy. If you were to see Nam Phon today, you’d see a happy elephant splashing in her special pool at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) sanctuary and elephant refuge. But not very long ago, things were very different for her.

Nam Phon was probably poached as a baby and sold to work in the logging industry, and then later in the tourism industry giving rides.

Elephants, though huge, are sensitive, intelligent creatures, and so all those years of labor and loneliness took a toll on Nam Phon, both physically and emotionally.

Luckily, though, she was freed from her life of hard labor for good in 2016, and came to live at WFFT. It was here that she met her best friend, another senior elephant named Jele, and began her journey of emotional healing.

But the 55-year-old elephant’s physical health was still reeling from the hard labor she’d been forced to endure, and her back legs suffered the most.

Then one day she collapsed. After the episode, she was unable to stand on her own for several days, and relied on a harness to stay upright.

But the people at WFFT knew that she would need ongoing care to prevent her from collapsing again, and potentially doing more harm to her bones.

So they created a perfect physical therapy pool for her, where she can hang out as long as she feels she needs to.

Check out Nam Phon’s rehabilitation below.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
Nam Phon the elephant is 55 years old, and has spent much of her life enduring hard labor in Thailand’s logging and tourist industries, both of which regularly exploit elephants.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was finally able to secure her release earlier this year, ensuring that she’d be able to spend her retirement in peace and quiet with her new best friend, Jele.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
But the people at WFFT were more than concerned when one day, Nam Phon collapsed. Years of hard labor had taken their toll on her back legs.

It took a crane and a harness to lift her, and she was unable to stand on her own for a few days after that.

To make sure something like this wouldn’t happen again, WFFT came up with a unique therapy solution for her.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
Water therapy! Tom Taylor, assistant director at WFFT, says that she uses this pool once a day. “She… spends however long she wants to in the pool,” he says.

Just like with physical therapy for humans, the water both alleviates strain on her joints while also helping her build muscle through the resistance of the water.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
And she seems to like it!
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
She’s been getting stronger, and is currently able to walk on her own.

But she still likes her pool, and sometimes even has to be coaxed out with treats.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
“The daily swimming lessons will strengthen her muscles, as well as giving her something to smile about,” Taylor says.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
For now, the harness is being kept on just in case, but it looks like Nam Phon is recovering well.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
And she’s practicing on land, too.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
And, as in the water, there’s nothing like some snacks for encouragement.
Facebook / Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
The staff is still keeping an eye on her, but it seems like Nam Phon will keep on walking tall. After all, she has to get back to her friend Jele and to enjoying her retirement!

You can keep up with Nam Phon’s progress, as well as the other animals that WFFT cares for, on their website and on Facebook and Instagram, and you can also donate to make sure they all stay healthy and happy.

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TV Host Breaks Down Talking About What Was Found In This Backyard Pen. Click to View the story!

Rescued Baby Elephant Is Healing Thanks To Daily Cuddles With Orphaned Ostrich.
A baby elephant named Jotto and an ostrich named Pea can not get enough of each other! The two orphans were both found by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 2014 and have formed an unlikely bond. Jotto was saved after being born prematurely. He was rescued by a helicopter from a well and handlers were not sure he would made it. Pea was found with her brother, Pod. They were meant to be released when they were well enough but Jotto's friendship was too strong to abandon.

Dog saved after huge porcupine quill pierces into eye lid.
We got an urgent call on our helpline to come rescue a dog who had a huge porcupine quill piercing 3 inches deep into her eye lid going under the skin under her forehead. Without rescue and fast medical care this injury would have had devastating consequences. Donate to save helpless sweethearts in India :

Scared Dog Hiding Under Car About To Have Emotional Reunion With Owner.
Please become a monthly donor of $5 to Hope For Paws so we can save more animals: Also, please-please-please SHARE this important video on Facebook and help us raise awareness about the importance of microchipping and placing collars with name tags on their pets. Thank you so much!!! Eldad

Rescue Dog Helps her Owners Feed 30 Stray Cats on her Daily Walk.
Fay and Dionisis are a young couple from Athens, Greece, very active in animal welfare. They first became involved when they adopted their dog Meli. They started feeding the stray cats in their building and this became a daily responsibility. The cats started following them around, and in a way the "formed" new colonies of stray cats that approached the neighborhood. The cats have a very special bond with their dog, Meli - they have basically related dinner time with her, and every time they see her take her walk, three times per day, they follow her around and wait for their food. 99% of the cats have been neutered by the couple and they are doing their best to maintain a steady number of healthy cats in the neighborhood. Both of them are founding members of SCARS, a Greek charity very involved in TNT and cat rescue. You can help them take care of their feral friends by donating to SCARS:

Read more about them:
SCARS website:
SCARS Facebook page:
Video: Valia Orfanidou
The Orphan Pet Blog:
Facebook Page:
Facebook profile:

Caramel’s tail wags hesitantly; she steps forward, sniffs and looks around, blinking. She spent years in a barren cage being used for breeding.
Little Sandy lies calmly in the arms of her rescuer, soaking up all the stroking she can get. A gentle, loving touch is still something new to her after so much time neglected on a dog meat farm.

These dogs are now safe after HSI rescued them from a dog meat farm in South Korea. But across Asia, other dogs just like them are still suffering for the dog meat trade. Please donate now to help fight the cruelty »
Thousands of these inhumane facilities exist across the country—but hope remains.

The younger generations don't eat dog meat, and the farm operators themselves tell us this is a dying industry. With your help, we’re doing everything we can to hasten its decline.
Please join the fight with your urgent donation today.

Tarzan's Story
Laziz: after a life in a zoo, the tiger finally enjoys nature!
Bull crashes through glass door and faints on shop floor.
Two street bulls got into a fight with each other and one was pushed through the glass door of a clothing shop. He collapsed on the shop floor and was unable to stand. Watch his difficult rescue from the tiny shop. Donate because sometimes even big boys need help :

A Firefighter Pulls A Puppy From A Burning Shed, But You Won’t Believe What Happens Next. Friendship is beautiful; but a friendship that is born from a heroic rescue is downright heartwarming. We are in love with this story about Jake, a Pit bull mix, and Bill Lindler. Jake was a victim of a house fire but thankfully rescued by Bill and others from Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department. After Jake was rescued, although he was in rough shape, he was taken to a local clinic for treatment. Jake needed a new home; that’s where Bill came back into the picture. Bill adopted Jake and the two formed an incredible bond. Jake is a fighter and a survivor. After such an ordeal, he found a new home and became an official Firefighter thanks to the Mayor. Jake not only won Bill’s heart, but everyone he meets as well. 

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot by Caleb S. Varnadeaux and edited by Andrew Osborne. To see more heartwarming animal rescues, check out our HooplaHa YouTube page!

Meet the People Giving Former Bile Bears a Second Chance!

Rescued moon bear Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves
#AlMaWaTransport: bear Balou
Rescued sun bear Murphy’s first year — they grow up so fast!