Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Animal Testing Weekly Report!

The Do No Harm initiative, our critical push to get EVERY remaining medical institution to stop using live animals in training and research.

Thanks to the more than 34,000 people who took action online, we’re gaining momentum quickly!

This is hard work and it's going to take a lot more resources. We have to prepare and mobilize in at least two dozen places—including the University of North Carolina—to get the final holdouts in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and paramedics training programs to stop using animal training methods.

That's why I am turning to you today. Will you make a special gift of ?
You'll save:
  • Sheep, pigs, and rabbits who suffer and die to teach emergency medicine.
  • Cats and ferrets who suffer from the same procedure over and over again to teach pediatricians.
  • Pigs who suffer and die to teach paramedics.
We're in the home stretch of our fight to end all animal use in all areas of training and we cannot let up now.

You've been such a loyal member of PCRM and I am counting on you to step up today. So please, make a gift right now to save suffering animals before it’s too late!
Breaking — I’m outraged. But not surprised.

My team just uncovered unmistakable proof that the New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) – Hercules' and Leo’s chief jailers – hired a private investigator to monitor my advocacy for many months.Jane

Their goal? To keep tabs on the Nonhuman Rights Project’s life-saving work, which they know threatens to expose the lives to which they subjected Hercules, Leo, and hundreds of other chimpanzees.

This is what happens when an animal-exploiting industry sees that the end is in sight but refuses to admit wrongdoing – and it’s why we must be tireless in our efforts to combat the mentality NIRC represents and free from captivity Hercules, Leo, and all other nonhuman animals who suffer as they have.  

Please follow this link to help me fight back with an urgent tax-deductible donation to the NhRP. Let’s send a message to NIRC and other animal-exploiting industries: we will never back down from the struggle for nonhuman rights.

Make no mistake: NIRC’s approach isn’t merely an attack on me. It's an attack on everyone who believes Hercules and Leo have suffered enough and deserve immediate and unconditional release to a chimpanzee sanctuary.

But don’t take my word for it.

In an email correspondence uncovered by my team, NIRC admits, "Wise only wanted to make these law students aware that ‘all’ animals have rights … Our analyst will be monitoring activities closely."

Not only did they monitor my activities; they also shared internally all of our updates, petitions, and calls to action and some of the emails our supporters wrote to the powers that be.

As the attorney for Hercules and Leo, I’m not bothered by this. I expect it. This is my life’s work … and I won’t back down when the stakes are so high.   

But I can’t do it alone, and I need to know that you’re still in this fight for Hercules’ and Leo’s freedom. Hercules and Leo are not yet in a sanctuary, and there are countless other nonhuman animals who suffer as they have and need our help.

So please follow this link to help me fight back with an urgent tax-deductible donation to the NhRP.

Let’s send a message to NIRC: we’re in this for the long haul, and a private investigator can do little to prevent what the long history of civil rights struggles tells us is inevitable.

The Dutch Government Is Working to Phase Out ALL Animal Experiments--With PETA's Help!

In a historic move, the Netherlands is taking a major stand for animal—and human—rights! The Dutch government is working to end animal experimentation completely—and PETA scientists were asked to help.
The Netherlands has already passed a motion in Parliament to phase out experiments on nonhuman primates, and now its goal is to be using only human-relevant, non-animal testing methods by 2025. This groundbreaking action is the first of its kind by any country. It reflects both today's innovations in cutting-edge science and changing attitudes about the morality of using animals in experiments. It is a momentous step that will save countless animals and, hopefully, inspire other countries to make similar changes.

We are thrilled that the Netherlands continues to strive for ethical animal-free science and look forward to the day when cutting open, drugging, poisoning, shooting, burning, and electrocuting animals is relegated to the garbage heap of history.

Read the full story and show your support for animal-free testing by tweeting your thanks to the Dutch government: 

Please also take action for monkeys who are suffering at Primate Products, Inc., a facility that breeds monkeys for use in deadly experiments.

Our campaign to help end animal testing is gathering pace, rallying compassionate people all over the world. Will you make a generous gift to PETA today and double your impact for animals?

No animal should be forced to endure this

No animal should be forced to endure cruel experiments.

Your gift will strengthen our work to end animal testing.

Retired Chimps Must Go to Sanctuary

Last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) uplisted captive chimpanzees as endangered, a move preventing the import, trade, and harmful use of all chimps under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). But now the FWS is twisting the meaning of the very law it is meant to uphold by allowing the transfer of seven chimpanzees from a lab to an unaccredited zoo in the UK, instead of to a sanctuary in the U.S.

These chimps, Agatha, Elvira, Faye, Fritz, Lucas, Tara, and Georgia, need you to take action TODAY!

Despite a serious legal challenge on behalf of these chimpanzees by our colleagues at NEAVS, a federal judge is letting the FWS's controversial approval for the transfer stand on a legal technicality. However, the judge made it clear that the agency was overstepping its bounds, stating that "FWS's broad interpretation appears to thwart the dynamic of environmental protection that Congress plainly intended when it mandated that no export of endangered species be allowed…unless the agency permits such export pursuant to certain specified circumstances."

Because the judge agreed with some of the key points made in the lawsuit opposing the FWS's flawed decision, animal advocates believe there may be a chance to prevent the transfer of these chimpanzees by appealing directly to the decision-makers in this case: the President of Emory and the Director of FWS.

Agatha, Elvira, Faye, Fritz, Lucas, Tara, and Georgia deserve to go to a sanctuary in the U.S. These chimpanzees could be moved any day, so please take action now!

In the News

Animal Researcher Turned Primate Advocate

An opinion piece in the New York Times appeared in advance of an NIH workshop that was organized to focus on ethics and the use of primates in experiments. Author John Gluck shared his ethical journey from primate researcher to primate advocate, and wrote, "There is no research more valuable than our own integrity and ethical coherence."


The Dog Cloning Business

With little fanfare and media interest, the pet cloning business is attempting to relaunch in Texas. As reported in the blog Ohmidog, a company called ViaGen will store tissue samples from a dog and then deliver a clone of the animal for $50,000. Its first clone is a terrier named Nubia. When asked for more info, the company was vague as to where the many other dogs used to clone just one animal are acquired.


Foreign Law No Excuse for Animal Testing, says EU Court

The UK recently asked an EU court for clarification on the EU animal cosmetics testing ban. The inquiry was made because three companies tested their products on animals so that they could be sold in China and Japan, which require animal testing. The EU court stated that allowing animal testing, even if required abroad, "would compromise the testing ban," adding that requirements in other countries are "irrelevant."


Federal Employees Can Help AAVS

Thoughtful federal employees and military personnel across the country and around the world have generously supported AAVS for many years through the Combined Federal Campaign. The 2016 CFC is active until December 31. For those who qualify, please designate a gift for AAVS (ID 10965) when completing your pledge form. We cannot thank you enough for helping the animals, and for your service to our country.