Thursday, October 6, 2016

Animal Cruelty & Animal Crime Report

***Please wear all black***
Signs and leaflets will be provided.

Shame on PATCO for killing pigeons

We got reports of pigeons being trapped in netting under the tracks of the speedline in Collingswood, NJ and went to check it out. 

We found some very disturbing things - decomposing pigeon bodies, pieces of pigeons' bodies stuck in the netting and strewn about on the ground, and pigeons trapped inside the netted areas. The netting was put up to eliminate pigeon poop from droppings on the cars below. 

PATCO's CEO, John Hanson and GM, John Rink are aware that their method of using netting to control birds is lethal. We are waiting for a reply as to whether they will be removing the netting asap and installing 
a non-lethal alternative.

Join the protest to protect the pigeons and other birds!
The Farmers Market is held on Saturdays in Collingswood. Our message will be spread to a large group of people.

In the meantime, take these actions:

---Contact PATCO by phone and tell them to come up with non-lethal ways to deal with pigeon droppings - (856) 772-6900 or (215) 922-4600. Ask to speak to John Hanson, CEO.

---Review PATCO on Facebook

#ShameOnPatco #PatcoKillsPigeons

It was wrong to try to make a political point  by blocking a bipartisan bill that would punish people who torture kittens, puppies, etc., but that was exactly what Senator Minority Leader Harry Reid did on the floor of the Senate.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) was seeking a vote on a bill he introduced with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to make it a federal crime to commit the animal abuse known as "crushing." The move to vote on the bill was crushed - by Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Click to Help!
Humane Society Legislative Fund
A Donald Trump presidency would be an immense and critical threat to animals, given the power of the presidency in shaping animal welfare policy.
Just look at Trump’s closest advisors when it comes to food and agriculture and wildlife issues.
Trump’s sons, who are at the center of his campaign and act as surrogates for the candidate on hunting and wildlife issues, made headlines for shooting some of the rarest animals in the world as trophies—posing in photographs with a dead leopard and even holding the tail of a slain African elephant. Donald Jr. has been floated as a possible Interior Secretary—in charge of hundreds of millions of acres of federal lands, wildlife law enforcement, international treaties on trade and conservation, and import policies for wild animal parts and trophies. That’s like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse.
Then there’s Forrest Lucas, the money man who has put millions into a network of organizations devoted to fighting animal welfare. Lucas worked to let puppy mills operate without regulation. He backed horse slaughter for human consumption. And he’s an advocate of factory farming and animal confinement.
These people, if they direct a Trump administration, could wipe away animal protection laws. Trump himself has even called for the Food and Drug Administration to stop regulating pet food—not long after thousands of dogs and cats were sickened or died from consuming contaminated pet food and treats.

Sheep tied to flagpole needs your help. After meeting Jett, I am sure you will want to help!
Kids tied Jett to a flagpole on a hot summer day, leaving the woolly sheep to die.  Determined to survive, she bleated loudly until found. 

Animal control officers took custody and boarded her at a pig farm. We rescued Jett, and brought her to our sanctuary.

Now she needs to overcome her past...and you can help! Your $15 donation covers the costs of her veterinary care.

Our veterinarian will test her for parasites, illness, pregnancy, and vaccinate her. 

Despite her mistreatment, Jett is friendly and trusting with people. After she recovers, our adoption specialist will find her a fabulous, safe home. Until then, she continues to receive fresh hay, grain, and hands on time with her caregivers.

Dogs Caged Without Water, Bullied at Florida Kennel
We Need Your Help to End Cruel Trapping Now.

Deep in the hardwood forests of northern Maine, in the dead of winter, magnificent Canada lynx are caught in steel traps, their remarkable large paws mangled and crushed, their lives ebbing out into the snow until the trapper comes along.

The cruel practice of trapping on public forestland has to stop. That's why, in a few weeks, the Center for Biological Diversity will be going to court to argue for an end to Maine's trapping of these beautiful big cats.

Help us put an end to trapping on public lands with a donation to the Center today.

We plan on winning in Maine, but unfortunately, across America, the deeply inhumane practice of trapping continues. Now we're throwing our support behind an effort to end all trapping on federal lands by working to pass the Limiting Inhumane Federal Trapping for Public Safety Act, which would at last help stop this killing across a vast swath of federal lands. Painful traps have no place in our parks, wildlife refuges and wilderness, yet trappers continue to target our native wildlife, including wolves, coyotes and mountain lions. It’s unacceptable to use federal lands to kill these important predators, just as it is to trap foxes, beavers and other wildlife for their fur.

Fighting to end trapping on public lands is going to be costly, and we need your help with a donation today.

When the jaws of a trap snap shut, animals can suffer excruciating pain for hours or even days before a trapper returns. Many die of dehydration, injuries or predation. These traps are indiscriminate -- capable of seriously injuring people and pets along popular trails or waterways.

That's why we're not just working for a federal ban -- the Center has gone to court in Idaho as well to end lynx trapping, sought protection for the vanishing fisher in the northern Rockies, and even petitioned to end trapping in Missouri, which is sweeping rivers clean of wild snapping turtles. We just defeated a proposal for bobcat trapping in New Hampshire. Our wilderness is no place for these dangerous and cruel devices.

We have so much work to do before traps are gone from our public lands -- we need your help to get there. Please contribute to the Center today.

Cruel People Sold Their Dogs Into the Meat Trade – Then Something Incredible Happened. While the brutality and upsetting reality of dog meat farming in parts of Korea and China gain the most press around the time of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, this horrific practice actually goes on all year long. Many of the dogs in these farms are strays that were taken off from the street, stolen pets (some with collars and microchips at the time of capture), and some, shockingly enough, are sold into the trade by their own guardians. Many animal lovers can not bear the thought of having to part with their companion dogs (even if just to go to work), so the idea of a guardian consciously setting their dogs up for a short life of misery and painful death is truly mind boggling. However, where eating dog meat occurs, this is sadly a situation that still happens.

Recently, Lilly and Pinch, two golden retrievers living in South Korea, were sold to a dog meat farm by their guardians. 

Rescued Dogs 1
Put into barren filthy cages where they could likely witness the terrible scenes of bloodshed, the dogs awaited their slaughter. 
Rescued Dogs 2
The dogs never met their grim fate, though. By a stroke of luck, Humane Society International shut down the illegal facility where the pups were being held. 
Rescued Dogs 3
The duo was released and given a much-needed scrub down. Just look at that face of pure joy! 
Rescued Dogs 4
The dogs went from scared and serious to calm and visibly content. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do! 
Rescued Dogs 5
The dogs were brought into the United States and were promptly adopted, as a pair no less! 
Rescued Dogs 6
Now, these pups will be able to stay together and live out the rest of their days in a safe and loving forever home. 
Rescued Dogs 7
It is still a long and complicated journey before all dog meat farms are officially shut down in Korea and China. However, Humane Society International and similar activist groups are doing everything they can to put an end to this barbaric and cruel practice. If you’d like to donate and help them on their mission to end the dog meat trade, click hereAll image source: Free Korean Dogs

300 dogs URGENTLY need food, medical care and shelter!

The 300 dogs in the Zarkovica Animal Shelter in Dubrovnik have a wonderful view overlooking the famous tourist city, but that’s all they have. They need food, medical care and proper shelter. And the city of Dubrovnik, the richest place in Croatia, won’t help.

The situation is critical because winter is coming and the dogs live on a wind-and-rain-swept mountain top. They need our help to get through the bad weather months.
· $25 will buy a worker for a full day (cleaning, walking the dogs, giving water, food, building new housing, driving them to vets, etc…)

· $35 will buy a big bag of food, enough to feed 40 dogs for a day.

· $50 will buy a visit to the vet for one dog for vaccinations and treatment.

Please Help Marley.

Thousands of pitbulls at risk for euthanasia after Montreal bans the breed

Save Lily: Roadside zoo must surrender its animals to reputable sanctuaries. Click to help!
Pizza the Polar Bear needs our help!
Pizza the bear, a.k.a "the world's saddest polar bear" currently resides in cramped quarters at a Chinese shopping center in the southern city of Guangzhou where visitors to the Grandview Mall like to pose for selfies with him and the other residents of the aquarium. Click to help!

Cancel and Boycott “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Classes - North Carolina Championship Show
Larry the Dog

Dog Rescued From Neglect Gets Makeover and Loving 'Forever' Home. Once forgotten in a backyard, he is now the center of attention and is stealing everyone's heart. SEE LARRY'S STORY