Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Animal Testing

$40M to Run Monkeys to Death on Treadmills  
As we wrap up our summer vacations and send the kids back to school, the nation will turn its full attention to an election and campaign unlike any we've ever seen before. The divisions between left and right will be deep and on display for all to see.

Here's one issue that transcends party labels. Taxpayer-funded animal experimentation isn't a red issue for Republicans nor a blue issue for Democrats. It's a "green" issue about your money.

Consider: If you're a conservative who opposes government-funded medical care ... then why would you support government-funded "medical research" on animals?

If you're a progressive or animal lover, then why would you vote to keep the NIH flush with cash as it wastes $12 billion abusing them each year?

Make no mistake: our fight isn't to ban animal experimentation. We're waging an innovative new campaign to "drain the swamp" by stopping Washington's endless supply of tax handouts and subsidies for animal experimenters.

Taxpayers shouldn't be forced to pay for this senseless abuse ... including several shocking new examples we just exposed this week in Washington (read more below).

Abuse Exposed: You Paid $40M to Run Monkeys to Death on Treadmills

Just recently, the NIH gave The Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC) at Texas Biomedical Research Institute a whopping $40 MILLION grant to experiment on its 3,000 nonhuman primates.

So we exposed it to the Beltway media here and here.

Senator Jeff Flake, who tracks wasteful government spending, recently reported that $8 MILLION was spent to see how 12 monkeys responded to running on a treadmill and in a hamster's exercise ball. And the results?

As we just exposed to RedState, one monkey "vomited in his exercise ball and three others defecated in their exercise ball. Another monkey in the treadmill running group died during week 11 of the study."

This "research center" has been slapped with fines totaling more than $30,000 by the federal government for a number of violations in recent years, including performing a necropsy on a baboon that was still alive. Alarmingly, the USDA identified 14 violations of the Animal Welfare Act at the center over a two-year period.

In the real world, there's a word for this: incompetence.

When it comes to wasteful spending, it doesn't get much worse. That's why we must sustain our fight to stop taxpayer-funded abuse in the future.

Her eyes were fine. Then they became itchy and swollen. A few days later, she went blind.
I'll spare you the rest of the gruesome details, but this is what happens every year to thousands of young rabbits. Rabbits taken from their mothers, shipped off in cages to testing facilities where harmful chemicals are injected into their eyes.

Why? To be used in the Draize eye test, which is often performed on new drugs and cosmetics ingredients.

PCRM is working to convince the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to replace the Draize test with nonanimal testing methods—and we need your help.

Please add your name to our petition to the FDA and stand up for all the rabbits out there who are being used in this terrible test. Ensure no more animals have to undergo ulceration, hemorrhaging, and even blindness from this unnecessary, painful experiment.

From all the rabbits needlessly suffering from the Draize test, thank you for speaking out on their behalf. Together, we can save them from a life of misery. Tell the FDA to Stop Testing on Animals