Friday, January 22, 2016

This Week on rescue TV!

BREAKING: Cow Who Escaped Slaughterhouse, Only to be Returned, Gets a Happy Ending! Cow Escapes slaughterhouse in Queens - Runs down Jamaican avenue. A brave and determined calf managed to escape from a New York City slaughterhouse on Thursday, January 21, 2016 and went for a romp through the streets of Jamaica, Queens. Not knowing where to turn, the calf wandered into the busy traffic and pedestrians, and drivers zoomed around him, in awe of the cow wandering the streets. Thanks to some incredible rescuers, though, this calf will have a happy ending. The calf took off into the street desperate to save his own life.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.53.21 PM
After he wandered inside of a parking garage, members of the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit finally corralled him in with a rope.
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.59.10 AM
This was the same police department that saved a goat from slaughter just days before. Unfortunately, the young cow was not about to be as lucky, as police officers brought the cow back to the slaughterhouse he had escaped from. Despite the cow’s valiant effort to reclaim his freedom, the slaughterhouse said that he would be killed along with the rest of the calves the following day. Upon learning this, amazing rescuers from Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue stepped in to intervene.

As soon as word spread that this cow was going to be sent back for slaughter, the Skylands team leaped into action to save the cow within hours of his planned death. Unfortunately, the team arrived at night, only to find that the slaughterhouse had closed.

They stayed overnight in hopes of saving the cow before it would be too late.

With determination and a bit of luck, their hard work paid off just before 8 a.m. the next day. Just hours before the slaughter was set to begin, rescuers were able to negotiate with the slaughterhouse to allow the calf, now named Freddie, to be taken to the sanctuary.

Freddie is saved!
The first stop on Freddie’s trip home to Skylands will be a trip to the vet so he can get the medical care he needs. From there, he will join new furry and feathered friends on the rolling pastures of the sanctuary. There he will live out his days in peace, never having to fear the sounds of a slaughterhouse again!

To help Freddie on his journey to health and happiness, you can make a donation to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue here. Lead image source: NYPD 103rd Precinct/Twitter

The most incredible rescue this week and maybe ever is the Cat Who Jumped 18 Stories to Escape House Fire on the Mend Thanks to Rescuers. Ganesh the cat is a very lucky fellow who, along with his family, was the unfortunate victim of a house fire in Brooklyn, New York. After his family narrowly escaped the deadly blaze, poor Ganesh was forced to escape the only way he knew how. He jumped the 18 stories to the street below, where, luckily a crew of firefighters was waiting!

The good news is that Ganesh survived this fall, although he still sustained a number of injuries from the impact.
ganesh the injured kitty 3
The firefighters rushed him to him to the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group, where he received surgery on his broken legs and the cracked hard palate in his mouth.
ganesh the injured kitty 2
Since then, his recovery has been slow but steady. Unfortunately, surgery and round the clock veterinary care can be very expensive. The Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group of Brooklyn (VERG) took him in, and very  offered a grant through Positive Tails to help keep Ganesh alive.
ganesh the injured kitty
Although Ganesh has now recovered from his injuries, his family is still struggling to recover from the financial and emotional consequences of losing everything that they own. The remaining cost of his care equals out to $2,000, and the family is struggling to cover this expense.
ganesh the injured kitty 4
To help pay for the cost of Ganesh’s medical care, a GoFundMe page was launched in his honor. In the most recent update, it is happily reported that Ganesh is out of the hospital. “He’s fat as ever and still walking with a limp but getting stronger every day, and full of vim and vigor and victory, he is,” the update explains. So far, GoFundMe page has raised over two-thirds of their goal!

Thanks to the amazing kindness of Positive Tails, the animal rescue group that helped get a grant for Ganesh’s care, and the kind contributors on Ganesh’s GoFundMe page, this kitty is well on his way back to a happy  healthy life!

To learn more about Positive Tails, check out their website here. If you happen to be in the New York area, they’re hosting a fundraiser event to help them provide more grants, as well as care for NYC’s needy animals, on February 11th. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards their amazing work. For more details, click here.  All image source: ForGanesh/GoFundMe

And, the Speranza Animal Rescue is the featured animal welfare organization of the week! Watch this very special before and after video!

Happy Together : Dogs come in need to their rescuers. 
All dogs are now in Germany with her new loving owners . More information
Hope For Paws: saving a German Shepherd abandoned in the desert. Please share this unusual rescue.
To make a small donation to Hope For Paws, please click here: To adopt Venus, please visit:

Cat rescued from sewer drain.
Starving, Hairless Dog Makes Incredible Transformation Thanks to Caring Rescuers.

A kind person called into the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue to report that a homeless dog was wondering the streets, severely in need of help. Her fur had completely fallen out due to demodex and she was all skin and bones. The team knew they would have to step in and help. If not, a terrible fate would likely fall upon her. They set off on the 43-mile journey only knowing a rough area where she might be. Luckily, rescuers located the ill, abandoned dog, but what they found was deeply troubling.

A dog in this condition would surely have met her death soon if rescuers had not stepped in to help.
“We know the abuse that even a healthy looking street dog will suffer, getting kicked, chased off and having things thrown at them, so we could imagine what might be happening to this poor dog,” rescuers said. 
“She has to be one of the saddest cases we have seen,” they said.  She was  covered in fleas and ticks and her ears and skin were torn and sore. She was taken for immediate medical care.
It also appeared as if a front leg had been broken and healed poorly. Despite her condition, Khaleesi was very sweet and handled the vet visits like a pro.
With a team of incredible vets and a wonderful caretaker, Khaleesi started to come back to life.
She was eating well and enjoying the comfort of having a roof over her head, and a bed to sleep in.
Given multiple baths, the dead skin began to come off and revealed a healthier body.
As her skin renewed, so did her spirit.
She started to love life.
Her caretakers said she would sleep the whole night, feeling safe in the hands of those who loved her.
She especially loved her vets.
She’s made a complete transformation!
She loves her foster parents.
And playing in the snow.
And bedtime stories.

There is no doubt she is one very happy dog.
Khaleesi is still recovering from her poor health traumatic experiences from living on the streets. You can help support her care by making a donation to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue to help Khaleesi and Bulgaria’s street dogs and cats be rescued from a life of abuse. All image source: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue 
Meet the Incredible Imam Who Welcomes Istanbul’s Stray Cats Into His Mosque. Did you know that there are over 70 million stray animals living in the United States? The numbers and statistics surrounding pet homelessness are nothing short of heartbreaking. While many of us believe that cats, unlike dogs, are capable of fending for themselves in the outdoors, the truth is that they also need help from humans every now and then to get by. One such human has taken action to help the feral cats of Istanbul to his Facebook page. Imam Mastafa Efe opened the doors of Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque to a group of stray cats who needed shelter from the freezing winter temperatures.

Mustafa Efe is a shining example of how just one person can make a difference to animals in need. 
Imam Opens Mosque to the Stray Cats of Istanbul
 While there’s no official number on the amount of cats currently living in the mosque, but to Mustafa Efe, they are all welcome guests. 
Imam Opens Mosque to the Stray Cats of Istanbul
Regular visitors to the mosque also accept the cats into their space. 
Imam Opens Mosque to the Stray Cats of Istanbul
Mustafa Efe’s kindness towards these homeless cats has recently earned him a fair amount of internet fame — but he does it for the love of animals. 
Imam Opens Mosque to the Stray Cats of Istanbul
Providing shelter to these kitties might seem like a small act, but it could make all the difference for these animals.
Imam Opens Mosque to the Stray Cats of Istanbul
It seems that Imam Mustafa Efe’s mosque still hasn’t reached cat capacity! When one local stray gave birth to a litter of kittens, he gladly welcomed the new mama and her babies. You can see a video of the babies below:

Although they have their own fur coats, the winter is a terrible time to be a stray cat, but there are steps that we can take to help make their lives better. To learn how you can help stray cats in your area, click here. All image source: Mustafa Efe/Facebook

Dog Burned and Thrown Off Balcony Now Receives Star Treatment Thanks to Incredible Rescuers. Last year, Tuffy was left for dead by his previous owner, who poured a pan of boiling water over him and threw him off a fourth four balcony in Chengdu, China. Luckily, animal lover Yan Yingying rescued him and took him to Animals Asia, whose vets saved him. Months of dedicated care later, Tuffy’s life now is just like the lives of millions of other dogs around the world – happy and much loved. So, what’s new with this miracle dog? During the Christmas season, Tuffy received plenty of new sweaters (some from as far away as the USA!) – which he needs to keep warm, as he’s still missing fur on many parts of his body.

Tuffy was found burned, beaten, and nearly dead.
He also received a visit from Animals Asia UK Ambassador Lesley Nicol, who had heard his story and was anxious to meet him. The Downton Abbey star and animal advocate participated in a “tea party for Tuffy” at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary, that saw the happy pup reunited with all his favorite people.

Tuffy gets star treatment after meeting “Downton Abbey” star and Animals Asia UK ambassador Lesley Nicol.
Tuffy gets all the love from his famous friends.
Tuffy’s been happy to share his good fortune – last seen cuddling up to a grey kitten named Lucky, who Yan also recently rescued. Yan found Lucky abandoned on the street looking sad and bedraggled. The kitten was taken in, and before long the two were playing in Yan’s apartment – and smiling for the camera.

Everyone wants to be friends with the resilient, little dog, especially kitten Lucky, who knows what it’s like to finally receive the TLC they deserve.
The story of the rescue and rehabilitation of Tuffy from his life-threatening injuries became known to animal lovers across the world late last year. Alongside newspaper headlines, the YouTube movie of his ordeal received almost one million plays.

Tuffy has become an internet star, but all he really cares about is being happy, healthy and making new friends – both four-legged and two.
Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said: “The most wonderful outcome is that the greatest gift this extraordinary dog can ever enjoy is to have an ordinary life, and that’s exactly what he has now. He’s a dog that lives without pain, has nothing to worry about and is simply loved in China. He’ll never know just how much adoration he enjoys from animal lovers across the world – or how much he inspires us all too.”

Go on, Tuffy! Take on the World!
All image source: Animals Asia

Amazing Image Shows How Bear Who Was Rescued From a Decade of Abuse Feels About Circuses. When you think of the animals who are usually harmed by the entertainment industry, you probably picture tigers, elephants, and monkeys. But what you might not know is that many other animals species like bears also suffer in circuses, roadside zoos, and photo shoots.

Cholita the Andean Spectacled Bear is a surviving victim of the circus industry. This bear spent over a decade living in a small, defunct circus in Peru. Her previous handlers smashed in her teeth and removed her claws so she couldn’t defend herself from their attacks. After years of neglect, abuse, and stress she eventually lost all of her hair. This bear spent over a deecade living in a small zoo in a remote part of Peru while her caretakers attempted to make arrangements to have her transferred to a permanent home. When they couldn’t find a home, Animal Defenders International intervened and built a lush natural habitat for her at the Taricaya Ecological Reserve in Peru, where she was relocated and now lives her life in peace.

Now that she is safe and sound in the care of Animal Defenders International, here is what Cholita thinks about her time in captivity.
We have to say that we share the same sentiments! We have to say that we share the same sentiments! Animal Defenders International relocated Cholita to the Taricaya Ecological Reserve, situated on the edge of the Tambopata reserve in the Amazon Cloud Forest – the natural habitat for Spectacled bears. She loves to explore her lush, natural habitat, and now has new neighbours, bears Lucho and Sabina who were also rescued by ADI.  Her life as a circus bear may have been devastating, but now she’s getting to live the life she deserves!

Animals may not be the same as us, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated as if they have any less value. No one deserves to have their body abused and their free will taken away for another’s amusement. If you agree that circuses should never use animals, there are a few things you can do. First, refuse to attend circuses. Second, share this article and help raise awareness for the animals who are exploited for entertainment. Image source: Animal Defenders International/Facebook

Rescued Horses Frolic in the Snow Like Puppies.
There is something completely magical about a blanket of white snow – and the rescued horses in this video seem to think so, too. These horses are living the life at Hof Butenland, a farm animal sanctuary in Germany. Lolle, Kaspar, Polly, and Cello, have all been rescued from dismal conditions where they were forced to work in entertainment. According to the sanctuary, some of these beauties were saved from the horse racing industry, where they were subjected to cruel, painful abuse in order to put on a show for gamblers.

Now, they live free from harm at the sanctuary where they are loved and cared for. There was a time when they wouldn’t have had the freedom to enjoy the wonder of a snow day, but now the horses are able to run, frolic, play, and even show off their somersaults in their new home.

If you’re feeling winter’s cold, this video will completely warm your heart.

Nearly 2,000 Cats Destined for Meat Market Saved Thanks to Chinese Animal Activists. Nearly 2,000 cats were rescued from being sold at a meat market in China’s  Jiangsu Province. These poor kitties, many of whom were reportedly stolen from their families, were found stacked in crates within a truck that was destined for restaurants. According to a report from People’s Daily Online, if  animal rights activists had not found the cats, they would have been slaughtered to be sold under the guise of rabbit or pork. .

In crates stacked one on top of the other, the cats awaited their grim fate in the back of a truck.
1000s of Cats Rescued From the Meat Market in China
The cats were tightly packed with little room to move.
1000s of Cats Rescued From the Meat Market in China
Volunteers who found the cats inside the truck alerted the police immediately. Many of the cats had sustained injuries as a result of their capture.
1000s of Cats Rescued From the Meat Market in China
Police are currently working to locate and contact the guardians of these animals.
1000s of Cats Rescued From the Meat Market in China
Although this experience must have been traumatizing for the captive cats, they’re now in good hands.
It’s amazing that these cats were found and taken into police care in time. Instead of an unthinkable fate, these kitties will hopefully be reunited with their families.

Dog Who Lost Her Paw to a Hunting Trap Gets a Prosthetic Leg – You Won’t Believe How Happy She Looks! 
Alice, the dog in the video, arrived at the vet’s office after being rescued from having her paw caught in a hunter’s trap. The trap had clamped down so tightly on this poor puppy’s lower front leg, that flesh and broken bone were exposed. Vets were able to save her left leg, but the best course of action to take for this poor puppy was to have her right paw amputated. After that first step, they were able to focus on helping her down the long road to recovery.

Now fitted with a prosthetic, Alice the dog couldn’t be happier — her tail just can’t stop wagging as she struts over to greet humans using her new foot. It’s amazing how we’ve managed to use prosthetics not only to help humans but to also help our animal friends. According to Let’s Adopt International, fitting Alice with her prosthetic, called an intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis, is among the most difficult procedures – but based on her happy smile afterward, she seems to have come out of it better than ever! To read more about Alice’s amazing journey, visit her page on Let’s Adopt International.

Goat Found Wandering the Streets of a Suburb Gets a New Life at Sanctuary Home. Meet Domino. This sweet little lady was found wandering the streets alone, in a neighborhood just outside of Melbourne, Australia. Life can be tough for a little goat all alone in the big city. Luckily for her, a kind police officer intervened, setting off a domino effect of kindness. Domino was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where they were able to contact Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary to help.

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue dedicated to saving the lives of Australia’s abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals. Nestled in Victoria’s picturesque Macedon mountains, at Edgar’s Mission, their “mission” is kindness. Once they were on the case, Domino was on her way to her new forever home.
domino the goat
After a few days of medical screening, Domino was introduced to rest of the goats. The staff delighted in seeing this timid little lady light up at the sight of her own kind.
Domino the goat 2
She even engaged in a bit of friendly horseplay, or “goatplay” that is, with Pee Wee, one of Edgar’s Mission’s long-term residents.
Domino the goat 3
Whatever horrors were hidden in her past, life is looking up for little Domino. If you would like to help Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on their lifesaving mission of kindness, you may visit their website by clicking here. All image source: Edgar’s Mission.

Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped All Alone on an Island Gets Rescued. Muchichili is a one-year-old elephant calf with quite the tale to tell. He was rescued from a tiny island in the Zambezi river by a group of dedicated volunteers, working with the Elephant Orphan Project. The Elephant Orphan Project (EOP) is an elephant sanctuary devoted to the care and management of Zambia’s baby elephants who have been orphaned by poaching and human conflict.

When they found poor Muchichili, nicknamed Muchi, it was reported that he had been alone on the island for weeks. Although it is customary to wait and see if the herd returns when rescuing baby elephants, Muchi was still dependent on his mother’s milk and needed immediate attention. He had to be tranquilized for safe transport. Upon inspection, the team saw the true extent of how thin and emaciated he had become.

It took ten people to carry the youngster back to the waiting boats, which had a 30 minute trip back to the Kanyemba Lodge. Here, he had to again be carried from the boat to a waiting truck, which transported him to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery (LEN), outside of Lusaka.
Elephant Calf Rescue 2
When they arrived at the LEN, Muchi seemed to perk up at the sight of other elephants. After being by himself on that island, he was clearly lonely and enjoyed the attention of the other elephants and keepers. After some playtime, it was time for bed, and the staff reports that the exhausted baby elephant happily followed the others into the barn.
Elephant Calf Rescue 7
It’s common for rescued baby elephants to experience a bit of a crash due to the rush of adrenaline they get from their initial arrival. In Muchi’s case, this happened on his second day. To help him recover, he got an IV and bed rest. Luckily, it was short lived. He was back up and eating again in no time!
Elephant Calf Rescue 3
Like the other elephants at the sanctuary, he will remain at the LEN until he is old enough to move to Zambia’s protected Kafue National Park. There he will join another, larger herd of youngsters who are being transitioned back into the wild, where they belong.
Elephant Calf Rescue 5
If you would like to learn more about Muchi or the work being done by Zambia’s Elephant Orphan Project, you may visit their website by clicking here.  All image source: International Fund for Animal Welfare/Flickr

Cat Bound With Tape and Stuffed in Backpack Deserves Justice
Target: Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp
Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man who allegedly wrapped a cat with electrical tape and stuffed the animal inside a backpack.
A 24-year-old male reportedly had a cat in his backpack with electrical tape tightly binding its legs, neck, face, and nose. When the police found the man behind a Walmart, they removed the tape from the cat’s face but assumed it was dead because of the horrific shape it was in. The cat, thankfully, began breathing again and was taken for treatment while the man was arrested on animal cruelty charges.
The cat was taken to a veterinarian who reported that the poor cat would’ve been dead if the officer hadn’t rescued it. It had a microchip, so they’re looking to return the cat to its owners. To bind an innocent cat in such a manner and carry it in your backpack is cruel. Anyone who could commit such heinous acts of animal cruelty is a danger to society and animals. Demand that this man be sentenced to the maximum extent possible, if found guilty of animal cruelty.
Dear District Attorney Smittcamp,
A cat was found inside a man’s backpack with its face, nose, and legs tightly bound with electrical tape. Thankfully, police found the cat and was able to remove the tape from its nose before the cat died. The person who did this is appears to be a demented, cruel individual with no regard for an animal’s life.
We urge you to help display a zero tolerance stance against animal cruelty and see to it that this violent man is sentenced to the maximum extent the law will allow, if found guilty.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Clovis Police Department

Dog Saved From Mud Hole.

Noah Jeff Miller
Target: Chief of Police Herbert Blake, Henderson Police Department
Goal: Thank Officer Blake and the rest of the Henderson Police Department for saving a dog from a barren mud hole.
Construction workers continuously saw a sweet dog confined to a small, barren mud pit in Henderson, North Carolina. Day after day, they saw this friendly boy who just wanted to experience love. Thankfully, this all changed due to public outcry, the hard work of animal activists and and petitions like this one on ForceChange.
Chief of Police Herbert Blake, a city councilor and animal welfare workers arrived to the dog’s house and took him out of the mud pit for good. The dog, now named Noah, was brought to a no-kill shelter where he is hoping to soon find his forever family.
Sign this letter and thank the Chief of Police Herbert Blake for taking this matter so seriously and saving Noah.
Dear Officer Blake,
Thanks to the public, the story of Noah was brought to your attention. Noah was a lone, sweet dog stuck in a barren mud pit. Upon hearing about Noah’s conditions, you and your team quickly assembled to help the dog. You were able to talk to the owners and take Noah to a nearby shelter where he is now waiting for his forever home.
Thank you and your team so much for saving Noah and taking this matter so seriously. Thanks to you, Noah now has a second chance at life.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Jeff Miller
Dozens of Homeless, Unwanted Dogs Take Jet-Setting Trip To New Loving Homes. You could hear the yelps, barks, and whines before you could see them — scores of dogs, encrusted in mud, kept at the end of chains attached to small, run-down doghouses, with no bedding. Fed primarily on white bread, the dogs lacked adequate nutrition, veterinary care, and crucial human interaction. They had little hope of ever being adopted. This was the grim situation at the municipal shelter in Jajce, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Like many places around the world, Jajce is faced with public safety issues caused by roaming dogs. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been working there for more than a year through a partnership with the United Nations Development Program, in order to help the community identify and establish a plan to address related problems. This on-going work is part of IFAW’s Humane Community Development Program, assisting communities to create long-term, sustainable plans to improve the relationship between people and dogs. Soon after coming together to draft a plan for roaming dogs in Jajce, community  members realized the town lacked the resources to make their shelter a functional and happy place for dogs. Instead of continuing to house dogs indefinitely, without adequate care or a chance to be rehomed, the community decided to permanently  shut down the shelter and asked IFAW for help.

Puppies at the shelter in Jajce, Bosnia-Herzegovina before heading to Germany where they were adopted by waiting families.
So IFAW partnered with the German organization Streunerglück (literally “stray luck”), which would coordinate the fostering and adoption of the dogs. Our Companion Animals team would evacuate the shelter and transport the dogs from Jajce first to quarantine for three weeks, and then on from quarantine to their final destinations across Germany and Austria.

Unfortunately, there were simply too many dogs to take in one trip, so we planned for two. The dogs who had been lined up with homes would be in the first group, along with any dogs who needed immediate veterinary care or had brand-new puppies.

We delivered the dogs to a quarantine shelter in northern Bosnia, just a few miles from the Croatia border. Here, they received veterinarian checkups, and were spayed and neutered. Best of all, they got daily walks and as much affection as our team could possibly dole out.

IFAW Companion Animals team members Ellie Milano and Kati Loeffler check Mateo’s microchip number to prepare for the move.
We expected the young puppies, who have never really had much human interaction, to be fearful and wild. But once they were freed from the terrible confines of the shelter, they blossomed into extremely sociable dogs, and proved they would be perfect companions for the dog lovers waiting to adopt them.

After three weeks in quarantine, we set out for the Bosnian border and crossed into Croatia. The veterinarian on the Bosnian side had spent days preparing the necessary paperwork to allow the dogs to leave the country, and we passed customs without incident.

The team and its truck full of dogs passed through Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria, and finally into the parking lot of a church in Munich. People were gathered, awaiting the precious delivery. The dogs were off to join their new families, after having suffered such an awful start in life. We continued on to pre-appointed meeting spots to introduce dogs one by one to the wonderful people whom Streunerglück had screened, interviewed, visited, and at last selected as the best match for each dog. People waited for us with coffee and sandwiches, hand-painted signs, grinning from ear to ear.

Rescued dog Emma prepares for the trip to its forever home in Germany and is placed in the carrier by IFAW’s Companion Animals Program Director Kate Atema.
kate loading 4.00_00_13_09.Still001 
After this trip, we returned to Jajce to pick up the remaining dogs, and to close the shelter for good. The process was the same; check microchips, load dogs, bring them to quarantine for three weeks until they could be transported into the EU and to their new homes. But this time, after the last dog was loaded, we stopped on our way out to close the big metal gates for the last time, and post signs that read in Bosnian “Shelter for dogs is closed.”

Later that day, we gathered to commemorate the closing of the shelter. A representative from the Mayor’s office, the UNDP, and IFAW’s Companion Animals Program Director Kate Atema all spoke. In turn, they congratulated the community on this milestone, and reiterated that the closing of this shelter marks a crucial step toward improving the lives of animals in Jajce.

The community members were all smiles. They were proud of this moment, pleased with the knowledge that their shelter would no longer harbor suffering, empowered because they created this change for their town and willing to devote resources to improve animal welfare for roaming dogs.

IFAW’s Companion Animals Program Director Kate Atema provided comfort to Sarabi a rescued dog at the shelter in Jajce, Bosnia-Herzegovina before the move.
All image source: IFAW

Kitten Born Without Eyelids Gets Rescued From Euthanasia, But Now He Needs Our Help! Milo is a sweet little kitten who was found abandoned on the side of the road with severely infected eyes. The kind couple who found him tried to help poor Milo by taking him to the vet, only to find out that he was suffering from a rare condition called Eyelid Agenesis, which basically means that he was born without eyelids. Unfortunately, the couple was not able to afford the long-term expenses of treating a disorder like his, so they took Milo to their local animal shelter.

Without adequate facilities or finances to help an animal with Milo’s condition, the shelter was close to euthanizing this poor little guy at only three months old. But luckily, he found his guardian angel, and a new, forever home.
kitten with no eyelids 4
Since then, Milo has enjoyed bonding with his new family and they seem to be quite smitten as well.
Kitten with no eyelids 2
But because of his condition, he has developed painful ulcers that could lead to the loss of both of his eyes.
Kitten with no eyelids 3
Milo’s only option is an reconstructive skin graft surgery, but it’s expensive. His family needs help covering the cost.
Kitten with no eyelids
The vet seems confident that the procedure will work to alleviate Milo’s deteriorating condition, but saving this kitty will cost a whopping $3,500! With very little time left to save Milo’s eyes, his family has set up a GoFundMe  page, in the hopes of raising the money in time to save this sweet kitty.

If you would like to contribute, you can access that information here. Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time.

Rescued Dog is So Happy to Be in a Forever Home, He Claps His Paws to Show It!

Benny, the dog in the video, was once unhappy and unloved, but no longer! He’s happy, he knows it, and he claps his paws to show it! Well, actually… maybe he’s protesting the halt in belly rubs. We all know that stopping belly rubs is some pretty serious business, but the way Benny puts his paws in the air is just too cute.

It’s amazing how quickly we connect with our dogs after adoption. Even the most unhappy of dogs come to life through the smallest acts of kindness. We don’t know Benny’s full story here, but there’s no denying that he’ settled right into his forever home. Now, he’s at ease with demanding that his human pet him.

For cats and dogs, adoption is life-saving, but adopting a four-legged companion takes commitment. If you’re looking to open up your home to a shelter pet like Benny.

Injured Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Home. When a couple found Primrose the lamb on the side of a busy highway, they reached out to the local council, RSPCA, the police, and other government animal welfare organizations, but because Primrose is a farm animal, she was denied the help that she desperately needed. Thankfully, their search for help lead them to Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary for farm animals located in Australia.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
A couple on their way to the hardware store postponed their trip when they found a little lamb in bad shape on the side of a busy highway.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
The couple reached out to many groups, including the police and the RSPCA, in order to find somebody who could help her. Every one of them turned Primrose away, simply because she was born as a farm animal.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
Luckily, they found Edgar’s Mission, the perfect place for a little lamb like Primrose.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
In light of how hard to find somebody who would take in Primrose, Edgar’s Mission asks a heavy question: “So what exactly happens to animals like Primrose and the people who come by them?”
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
Now among other rescued farm animals and humans who love her, never again will Primrose’s fate be in question. At Edgar’s Mission, she and all farm animals are safe.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
A broken front leg and other wounds indicate that she was snatched away by a bird of prey, then dropped. A traumatizing experience for a lamb to go through, but her past is now behind her. This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
Edgar’s Mission is grateful that they were able to help her — and we’re grateful to them for all of the tireless hours spent dedicated to making life better for animals like Primrose.
This Little Lamb Was Denied Help Because She is a Farm Animal, But Now She Has a Sanctuary Home
It’s a sad reality that many animals like Primrose are subject to a life that’s less than decent because of the species that they are born into. Thankfully, there are humans like the ones at Edgar’s Mission who are dedicated to making a change for animals. To learn more about Edgar’s Mission and their resident animals, visit their official website. All image source: Edgar’s Mission

Stray Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor. In early November of 2015, a young cat found outside of a laundry room was brought to Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter located in Denver, Colorado. The fluffy white cat’s ears, face, tail, and all four paws, were covered in burns. Vets were able to determine that the 10-month-old the cat, named Phoenix by the shelter, had likely received these injuries from hiding underneath a dryer in order to keep warm. Of the 70 million homeless pets living in the United States, Phoenix is very lucky to have been found and brought somewhere where she could receive the medical treatment that she needed. She’s even luckier to have found a forever home with a kindred spirit: a woman named Gloria, who is a fellow burn survivor. She was then renamed Rosebud.

Shelter veterinarians reconstructed what they could of Rosebud’s burned skin and then wrapped her burned paws so that they could heal.
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
Rosebud spent two months in a foster home where she could safely recover from both her physical and emotional trauma.
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
If this kitty hadn’t been found and brought to Dumb Friends League, then it’s likely that her wounds would have become infected and she may not have been as lucky as she is today.
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
Then, Rosebud met Gloria, a woman who was also a burn survivor.  The fluffy kitty spent the entire visit curled up in Gloria’s lap, purring contently.
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
As fitting of a name as “Phoenix” was for the kitty who almost literally rose from the ashes, Gloria says that she named her new feline companion “Rosebud” after how her ears looked like pink rose petals.
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
It’s a happy ending for this unique-looking kitty who was found covered in burns. Gloria and Rosebud were meant to be together!
Cat Who Was Found Covered in Burns Finds a Forever Home With a Fellow Burn Survivor
The fact that Rosebud and Gloria found each other is nothing short of amazing and it’s because Gloria chose to open her home to a shelter cat. Many cats in shelters, like Rosebud, start life on the streets, without access to food or a safe, warm place that they can call home. If you’re thinking of welcoming a pet into your home, check out these great reasons why you should always adopt and never shop. All image source: Dumb Friends League/Facebook

Beau the (dying) cat is reunited with his loving guardian after a medical emergency. Pledge to end animal homelessness: Subscribe:
Beautiful Swan Released Back to the Wild by The Humane Society of the United States.
Cape Wildlife Center's volunteers are involved with wildlife intake, releases and everything in between! Here, seasoned volunteer Nina Geatrakas releases a mute swan who was in the Center's care for nine days. The swan was rescued by Sandwich, MA Animal Control, likely after being hit by a car, and regained his health at our Center. Now healthy, the young swan was returned to the wild. He may not yet have found a mate; if he has, he will fly back to her. If he is not yet attached, he will find a mate and establish a territory in a place conducive to thriving and raising cygnets (baby swans).

Orphaned Joeys Lost Their Home to Forest Fires, Now They’re Getting the Love They Need. It may be winter here in the United States, but on the other side of world, Australia is experiencing some serious brush fires during summer’s dry heat. The fires are not only a threat to local forests, but also to all of the animals who live there. Many kangaroos and other wildlife animals have been burned and severely injured in the fires. Luckily, veterinarians from the affected areas are stepping up to help save animals from the blaze, like this guy, Little Boy Blue.

Little Boy Blue was badly burned in the recent brush fires, even his tail got scorched, but thanks to the caring staff at Waroona Veterinary

Little Boy Blue is all bandaged and on his way to recovery thanks to this amazing vet team.
After Little Boy Blue became a bit of an internet sensation, the clinic was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and donations to help care for the animals. The clinic has treated hundreds of animals suffering from smoke inhalation and burns, including joeys, galahs, chickens, sheep, goats, and alpacas. Many of these animals were left in the brush with no food, water. Some were even orphaned as their parents were killed in the flames.

Luckily, after seeing the work of this clinic, caring people have been bringing bags of food, bandages, and donations to help the animals, the clinic told 7 News Perth. So many people have done their part to help, that the clinic has now raised more than $7,000 to help care for the animals and says it now has all it needs to get their furry residents on the mend.

It’s clear that the clinic is overjoyed by the support of the community to help its joeys and other animals, and from the looks of it, it seems the animals are very happy too.

To learn more about the Waroona Veterinary Clinic , click here. You can also follow their rescues on Facebook. Image source: Waroona Veterinary Clinic/Facebook

14 lions, 5 days.
Due to our new veterinary clinic in LIONSROCK, it’s finally possible to treat all of our animals in South Africa. Watch the video and see what the results were after the whole vet check.

We would also like to thank everyone who donated to the new clinic in LIONSROCK. Because of you, it is possible to provide the lions with the best possible medical care. Thank you!

For more about LIONSROCK, Click here!

And last, Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats. Lynea Lattanazio of Parlier, California loves cats so much that she started fostering needy animals in 1992. By the end of the year, not only had she given care and shelter to 96 cats, she was also able to find a forever home for each and every one of them — but the number of cats she took in continued to grow. Lynea was so dedicated to her cause that she became licensed as a vet tech to cut down on veterinary costs so that she could afford to take care of more abandoned cats and strays. Today, she’s changing the lives of 800 cats and 300 kittens; Lynea has donated her 4,200 square foot home to the animals she cares for by transforming it into California’s largest no-kill, no-cage sanctuary for cats and kittens.

Lynea Lattanazio’s dedication to cats and kittens began in 1992 when she was able to successfully re-home 96 cats and kittens.
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
When she couldn’t find it in her heart to turn anyone away, she earned her license as a vet tech to better take care of the cats in her care.
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
Today, she owns and operates California’s largest no-cage no-kill cat sanctuary, Cat House on the Kings. Lynea gave up her own 4,200 square foot home so that the sanctuary cats had a place to live. She now resides in a trailer on her property.
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
Over 24 years, she and her sanctuary volunteers have given care to more than 28,000 cats.
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
Days start early at Cat House on the Kings — Lynea and volunteers begin daily feeding and medical treatments at 4 AM.
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
“Thank you, Lynea!
Meet the Ultimate Cat Lady: California Woman Moves Into a Trailer to Turn Her Home Into a Sanctuary for Cats in Need
It’s amazing how Lynea has taken her love for cats and transformed it into a means of saving countless feline lives. She truly is the world’s greatest cat lady! To learn more about Cat House on the Kings and to see who they have up for adoption, visit their official website. All image source: Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft USA