Friday, November 20, 2015

Your Dolphin Outlook Weekly Updates!

It has been a rough few week in the Cove off the coast in Taji, Japan
Day Two: Carnage in the Cove
Update #2 – November 20, 2015, Taiji, Japan:

Large family of pilot whales huddle together for comfort as more are brought in. First drive of pilot whales now netted in the cove. Hunters still at sea driving in 2nd pod, or rest of this pod. The surviving pilot whales huddle together as the bodies of their family are dragged by them. Lifeless bodies of pilot whales await transfer to the butcher house. The pod of pilot whales huddles together near the outer net as preparations for the slaughter. Here with the pilot whale pod at the cove this morning in their last hours. We imagine the slaughter will happen today. Pilot whales swimming near outer net still tightly together in two groups. The first pod of pilot whales are spending their last night alive in‪#‎TheCove‬They are all huddled tightly together protecting the younger ones. They are spy hopping and terrified. Matriarch just swam through pod like she was checking on them all. Shocking. 2nd part of pod now inside the killing nets. We reckon about 40 or so pilot whales of all ages. This poor pod. They won't leave each others side.

Taiji: Cynthia and I (Vicki) are sitting at the cove tonight with the pilot whale pod. They are netted right into the killing cove. We wish nothing more than to swim in and cut the nets, but we would be arrested then deported, and never allowed back in again. All we can do is show the world this is happening and be their voice. Our hearts are desperately heavy and sad this evening. ‪#‎dolphinproject‬ ‪#‎tweet4dolphins‬

"What took place this morning could only be described in terms of varying degrees of horror.” ~ Cynthia Fernandez, Dolphin Project Senior Cove Monitor

After being netted in the cove and left overnight, with no access to food, the pod of approximately 50 pilot whales would soon learn their fate as divers arrived first thing the following morning. Skiffs were maneuvered into place while nets were rearranged as approximately half of the pod was separated from the group. The remaining dolphins were terrorized as they were pushed closer towards shallow water and ultimately under the tarps where they would meet their violent end.

But the pod didn’t succumb easily. In one instance, as divers manhandled a dolphin into the ropes in order to tie it to the skiff, another pilot whale rammed his/her head into the diver. In another example of the camaraderie of this pod, when a dolphin became entangled in the nets, other pod members appeared to attempt to assist the thrashing animal.

"What we witnessed today wasn’t about personal safety or survival, but rather, about all members of the pod trying to help each other. I’ve not seen anything like this before.” ~ Cynthia Fernandez, Dolphin Project Senior Cove Monitor

This was all caught on Dolphin Project’s Livestream where minutes felt like hours and dolphin after dolphin was either run over by skiffs, entangled in nets or dragged by their tails away from their family and under the tarps. One dolphin was removed in a sling, destined for captivity.
Pilot whale, Taiji, Japan, 11-20-15
Terrorized pilot whale trapped in nets. Photo credit: Dolphin Project, Cynthia Fernandez, Vicki Kiely

The water became cloudy as the cove ran red. All the while, the other half of the pod swam in tight circles, in the blood of their family.

"Their will to survive will stick with me forever. Down to each of their last breaths, every dolphin fought hard, not only for themselves but for the rest of their pod.” ~ Vicki Kiely, Dolphin Project Senior Cove Monitor

Several dolphins actually died before being killed by the divers, and their bodies were clearly seen floating on the surface.
Pilot whale Taiji, Japan 11-20-15
Body of a lifeless pilot whale floating beside living pod members Photo credit: Dolphin Project, Cynthia Fernandez, Vicki Kiely

The hours passed, and, with no further activity in the cove, we realized the survivors would be left alone, trapped for yet another night.

The cruelty witnessed over the past, two days is unspeakable. We can only hope for a quick end to the torture these gentle beings have endured.

At the time of this update, the remaining pilot whales are being held for a second night in the cove. Tomorrow will mark day three since they swam as free beings. They have had no food since the drive began. We will be back tomorrow morning to continue documenting and sharing their plight with the world. Please check back for updates.
The remaining pod members will be kept overnight. Must be so traumatized and hungry.

And, earlier inthe week, more Dolphins were captured and/or killed depending on what the people in Taji, Japan want to do with them (kill them for meat or sell them off to perform:

The boats are slowly pushing the pod towards the harbour of Taiji. It's taking them a long time, so this pod must be fighting them hard. . Dolphins have been fighting for hours now. It must be a species the hunters really want to be out this long, but you never know here. We can confirm it's Risso's Dolphins.Pod are now netted in the cove and coast guard has left. Seems they will leave them overnight. Only two hours ago these dolphins swimming in their last moments of life and finally, the lifeless body of Risso's dolphin to be taken to the butcher house‪#‎dolphinproject‬ ‪#‎Tweet4dolphins‬ 2015-11-15

#EmptyTheTanks! Hilarious SNL Skit Slams SeaWorld.
Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a great source of political commentary. Since 1975, it has been a finger on the pulse of American society, poking fun at what people are talking about. With comedy as a buffer, people are able to open dialogue about topics that might otherwise be taboo.

This week, SNL took a stab at some animal and environmental issues that have been in the news, lately. Using a skit involving teens in a high school play, they poked fun at the casual destruction of our planet, as well as the cruel and sadistic confinement of SeaWorld’s orca whales. Orca captivity is an especially hot topic right now, following the recent California Coastal Commission’s decision to ban whale breeding at Sea World San Diego, which was followed by the park’s decision to end their killer whale performances, just last week.

With a number of celebrities and films like Blackfish drawing attention to what captivity is really like for these highly intelligent creatures, the public is becoming less interested in seeing these animals perform sadistic tricks. Hopefully, this is a sign that we are finally evolving from the days of the Roman Coliseum, learning that bullying terrified animals is not entertaining.

We’ve just had some amazing news and I wanted to share it with you right away.

You might have read last weekend that Sea World Australia plans to expand into China, South-east Asia and Russia. It is likely the new parks would have been stocked with dolphins and whales stolen from the wild. 

Well, not anymore.

Over the past week, thousands of dedicated AFD and Animals Australia supporters like you emailed Sea World and its parent company Village Roadshow, asking them not to buy into animal cruelty overseas.

And you can take it from me, they heard you loud and clear.

I have just received public confirmation from Sea World making the HUGE commitment never to buy dolphins and whales from the wild for any future marine park - including their current project in China.

This is a big win, and will save countless beautiful beluga whales and innocent wild dolphins from a lifetime of misery.

Thanks to the actions of caring animal welfare advocates like you, these animals will not be hunted down in the wild, viciously torn from their families, and thrown into tiny, chlorinated tanks.

It also means we are one step closer to shutting down terrible dolphin hunts like those in Taiji, and the violent beluga whale hunts in Russia.

With the help of our supporters, earlier this year AFD was able to launch legal action and shut down the aquarium market for dolphins in Japan. Now, you’ve helped take down the biggest remaining buyers of wild dolphins and whales in the world.

This is another incredible achievement. And it would not have been possible without the help of dolphin defenders like you.

It’s clear the captivity industry is running scared. Help us put the foot down on this evil trade, by becoming a member of AFD, or making a powerful one-off donation to stamp out dolphin cruelty.

It’s rare multi-million dollar corporations like Village Roadshow and Sea World listen to anything other than their bottom line. But today, you made them put animal welfare first.

Now that we have this pledge, you can be sure I intend to hold Sea World to its promise.

Together, we will win the fight against dolphin cruelty.
Stop Killing Dolphins for Shark Bait.

Target: Peruvian President Ollanta Humala.
Petition: Click Here To help
Goal: Stop fishermen in Peru from slaughtering dolphins for shark bait.

Dolphins are being slaughtered en masse in Peruvian waters. Despite a ban on dolphin fishing since 1996, fishermen continue to kill thousands of dolphins every year with little to no consequence. Although some of the dolphin meat may be sold in local markets, the majority of the catch supplies fishermen with shark bait. Shark fishing has become more and more prevalent, partially due to the demand for shark fins in Asian countries. We must act now to stop the slaughtering of dolphins and sharks.

Dolphins are intelligent, social creatures that suffer greatly at the hands of indiscriminate fishermen. Sharks have sustained dramatic population declines in the wake of the shark fin soup boom and are struggling to recover. Both sharks and dolphins are slow to reproduce and hold important places in ecosystems as apex predators. Killing large numbers of dolphins and sharks can permanently decimate their populations while causing serious damage to ocean ecosystems. Additionally, dolphin meat is considered by many to be dangerous for human consumption due to its high mercury levels.

The president of Peru must begin to actively enforce the ban on dolphin fishing. Banning harpoons, which are only used for dolphin fishing, while also introducing stricter fines would serve well to discourage fishermen from engaging in this illegal act. It is also important to take steps to ban shark fishing because, if not, shark populations may never recover. Sign the petition below to urge President Humala to protect dolphins, sharks, and ocean ecosystems from the damages of unchecked killing.


Dear President Humala,

I am deeply concerned by the slaughter of thousands of dolphins each year in Peruvian waters, despite an apparent ban on dolphin fishing. Dolphins, which are highly intelligent and social creatures, are being slaughtered predominantly to serve as bait for shark fishing. Not only is this terrible treatment of dolphins, shark populations are in serious peril as well.

I understand that shark and even dolphin meat has become an important source of food and income in Peru. However, these unsustainable fishing methods only serve to further deplete the fisheries that people rely on. Dolphins and sharks are apex predators and slow to reproduce, meaning the damage done by killing large numbers of them can be almost irreversible. Additionally, dolphins are not only unethical to consume but also dangerous to eat due to the meat’s high levels of mercury.

I urge you to protect ocean ecosystems and the health of your people by enforcing the ban that is already in place on dolphin fishing. Banning the possession of harpoons and introducing hefty fines for lawbreakers would go very far to discourage dolphin fishing. Additionally, it is imperative you take steps to ban shark fishing as well. The global market for shark fins is decimating shark populations and, if we don’t act now, sharks may never be able to recover.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: NOAA.
This is Why I Love Dolphins — They’ll Help Anyone in Trouble!
This poor young seal lost its way — and even lost the will to find it. After expelling all its energy getting a mere 100 meters from where it first embarked, it seemed that this pup had given up.

But thankfully, a nearby pod of dolphins spotted the seal pup’s dilemma, and were ready and willing to help. Just some more evidence that dolphins are possibly the most intelligent and helpful animals on the planet.

Watch the video to see the beautiful footage!
SeaWorld's New PR Strategy: 'Let's Just Pretend'
First, SeaWorld told us that it wanted to build new tanks. Now it's telling us that it will phase out the practice of forcing orcas to perform "circus-style" tricks. But don't be fooled—it's business as usual at SeaWorld, and these are just the company's latest deceptive attempts to save its dying image and its profits.
Ban Dolphin Shows in Indonesia

empowered by

Earthrace Conservation hopes to bring about lasting change that will benefit marine life and the oceans.

about the petition

In Indonesia today, more than 70 captive dolphins are performing shows in circuses, restaurants, and hotels. Dolphins are kept in the most appalling of conditions. Pools are tiny, and dolphins often have damaged noses from hitting the sides and floor. They are starved for food to encourage them to perform mindless tricks during shows. They have skin problems and eye damage from living in highly chlorinated water. Many exhibit psychotic behavior from living alone or away from their natural family structure. Some have even had their teeth removed, thereby ensuring they can never be released back into the wild.
These dolphins were captured illegally. A law allows for dolphins caught inadvertently by fishers to be placed in a rehabilitation facility. What happens, though, is places wanting live dolphins for shows register as rehabilitation providers and then purchase live dolphin from fishers, who today actively target dolphins. These dolphins are not caught by accident at all.
Several years ago, the government announced plans to move all its existing captive dolphins to a new sea pen and gradually release them back into the wild. On the day the first dolphin transfer was to happen, the police received word that a special permit had been issued by the Ministry of Forestry allowing dolphin captivity to continue. Today it remains unclear what the legal status is, and police are unwilling to move.
The losers in all this are the dolphins who continue to be targeted by fishers and exploited by circuses, restaurants, and luxury resorts.
To: President of Indonesia, Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
I recently became aware of a show, The Operatives, that showed a number of dolphins being held in appalling conditions in Indonesia.
What I found particularly disturbing was the following:
  1. The dolphins were held in tiny pools. Several had damaged noses from hitting the pool floor and sides.
  2. Some had eye problems and skin infections from being in highly chlorinated water.
  3. A number had ribs clearly visible, suggesting they were malnourished. Dolphins are often starved to encourage them to perform tricks in exchange for food.
  4. Some had all their teeth removed. I am completely at a loss as to why this could be justified.
  5. One dolphin was even held alone. These animals are highly intelligent, and to hold a dolphin in solitary confinement is an appalling practice.
I am asking you to ban the capture of dolphins and the sale of dolphins to circuses, restaurants, and resorts. Further, I am urging you to ban the captivity of all dolphins in Indonesia and to have all existing captive dolphins in your country transferred to an existing sea pen, where they will be rehabilitated and, in suitable cases, released back into the wild.
Your immediate action is needed.
[Your name here]
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