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Hungry Kitten in the rain.
According to the ASPCA website, there are approximately ten million homeless pets currently living in the U.S. Of those, only about six million will ever make it into animal shelters, leaving four million animals left to fend for themselves. Life isn’t easy in the streets for animals like cats and dogs. It is a constant struggle to find food, a safe place to sleep, dodge traffic and figure out which animals and humans are friends or foes.

So when a man saw a homeless cat looking for food in the rain, he seized the opportunity to make the animal’s life that much easier. After a tasty meal in a dry place, the sweet kitty said thanks to the kind person in the only way that he could – with love!

Writer Milan Kundera once said “Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.” This kind animal rescuer has definitely proven himself to be a life saver, at least for this hungry kitty, proving that love, even the smallest gesture of live, saves lives.

Tiny puppy saved by heroic police officer after falling into sewer and getting stuck.
The poor pooch had wandered away from his mum and slipped down the hole where he got well and truly trapped
A heroic police officer saved a helpless puppy after he wandered away from his mum and fell into a sewer.

The tiny one-month-old pooch has slipped into the tiny hole, that was approximately 45cm hight and 60cm wide, but had been unable to hitch himself back out.

The dog was eventually spotted when villagers in the Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District of Thailand heard him crying.

At first, officers attempted to coax the puppy out of the concrete tunnel by poking sticks through the drainage holes.
But when the puppy refused to budge, 54-year-old Yak Srivijaya jumped into the sewer head first and crawled through the passage to rescue the poor pup.
All the while, the puppy's concerned mother hovered around officers, nervously poking her head into the tunnel as she watched the team's rescue efforts

This Incredible Man Gave Up His Millions to buy a Dog Slaughterhouse and Set up a Shelter for Strays.

To those of us who are fortunate enough to have a beloved animal friend in our lives, it can be heartbreaking to realize that so many other sweet, living beings just like our pets are deprived of the experience of a loving home. Around 70 million homeless cats and dogs wander the streets of the U.S., and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are at least 200 million stray dogs worldwide.

In areas where the stray dog crisis has become particularly acute, and governmental assistance for these dogs is inconsistent at best, compassionate individuals and groups have taken it upon themselves to alleviate the animals’ desperate plight. These people, who devote their time and energy to caring for the dogs whom authorities so often ignore, are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the animal protection world.

And now, prepare to have your faith in humanity lifted by Wang Yan, a former millionaire from the Jilin province of China, who has given up everything to help rescue stray dogs in his community.

This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
Yan’s passion for helping stray dogs had a tragic beginning, starting after his own cherished pooch went missing in 2012.
This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail,” he recalled. “Finally someone let me go into (a local slaughterhouse) to try my luck there.” He continued to visit the slaughterhouse for a week, hoping to catch sight of his dog, but no luck. However, the grisly scenes he witnessed shocked him, and he knew that he had to do whatever he could to help the defenseless animals.

Yan had accumulated a fortune of several million yuan after running a successful steel manufacturing business in Changchun city, but he made the selfless decision to devote his fortune to caring for as many stray dogs as he possibly could. He immediately bought the slaughterhouse from its previous owners, to ensure that no more killings could occur there, and set about establishing an animal shelter in a disused steel factory.

 He now spends his days searching for loving homes for the dogs under his care.
This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
The good news is that Yan’s efforts are paying off! The shelter currently houses 215 dogs, but that number used to be approaching 1,000. Wang explained that this is because, “many of them have been adopted.”

This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
 His devotion to helping the dogs has ensured that hundreds of them, who might otherwise have been sent to slaughter, have found loving forever homes instead.
This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
 Although Yan has gone into debt as a result of his kind actions, he refuses to accept any financial donations.

This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
“I do not accept monetary donations,” he explained. “I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home for these 200 dogs.”

This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)
 Yan’s obvious love for the dogs in his shelter is enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded cynic.

This Incredible Man Has Given Up Everything to Care for Stray Dogs in China (PHOTOS)

Sadly, local authorities in a number of Chinese cities take an unsympathetic view toward stray dog populations. In this context, it is so heartening to know that kind people like Yan are fighting on the animals’ behalf.

They Found a Kitten Crying in a Flowerbed and Did Something Amazing!

Opening your home to a homeless animal is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Especially when that animal is a helpless orphan, too young to make it on the streets alone. This is just what Imgur user MetalCupcake did when they found a lost kitten crying in a bed of flowers, clearly in need of help.

The kitten, who came to be known as Mr. Duo Mewell was in terrible shape when his family found him. He was severely malnourished and covered with fleas. Luckily for this little guy, his entire life was about to change.
Poor Duo was so tiny and frightened, it didn’t look like he would have lasted long on his own. It’s a good thing that his new family was kind enough to offer him a better life! 
kitten named duo
For three weeks, his new parents spent every waking tending to his every need. Kittens this tiny need constant care and feedings every few hours. But sure enough, this little guy has filled out and cleaned up. As you can see he’s now performing the cat duties of claiming his spot on the computer. 
2 kitten named duo
Now that he has gotten this whole jumping thing down, this little fella has become an expert at jumping on the bed.
3 kitten named duo
After winning over the humans, he got to work on his cat siblings.
4 kitten named duo
Soon, he and his sister were cuddle buddies!
5 kitten named duo
Duo, hanging out with his favorite ladies.
6 kitten named duo
When you are this cute, you can sleep wherever you want. This looks like a good a spot as any.
7 kitten named duo
Life is difficult on the streets is difficult for any animals, but lucky for this little guy, he can leave all of those bad memories behind. This heartwarming story of animal rescue is proof  that love saves lives, so if you are considering adding a new furry friend to the family – be sure to adopt! All image source: Imgur

As many as 15,000 primates are kept as pets throughout the United States and tens of thousands more around the world. Although, for many people, it’s hard to imagine why one would desire to confine a wild animal to a life of captivity let alone fathom how to care properly for one, it happens more often than you’d think. Individuals who acquire primates as pets may do so thinking that these animals are simply cute and intelligent – making them great companions – but in reality they’re much more complex.

The Downside of Keeping Primates as Pets
Compounding the horrors of the primate pet trade is how they are acquired. Most primates sold through the wildlife trade as exotic pets are taken from the wild as infants, their mothers killed during the capture. This experience is especially traumatic for a species that is dependent on its mother and generally lives in tight-knit family groups. From this, they are forced to live in small, unnatural enclosures and deprived of their ability to perform natural behaviors. Consequently, they can become aggressive and act out in manners dangerous to both themselves and their owners.

Primates in captivity, like many species, also suffer from stereotypic behaviors. These behaviors are repetitive and serve no obvious purpose or function, but can be harmful to the animal. Primates are also prone to aggression in captivity as a result of their lack of enrichment and ability to display and follow through with a wide range of natural behaviors.

Efforts to obtain some semblance of control often end with owners administering medications or physically abusing their animals to establish dominance. As the animals grow, owners inevitably begin to lose control as the animals become stronger, more destructive and demand more attention.

Despite all the reasons to not obtain primates and other wild animals as pets, people continue to buy them and fuel the illegal wildlife trade in the process. What many don’t realize is that these animals are more than commodities, but individuals who suffer. This fact is incredibly evident in the example of one monkey who was recently saved from life as a pet in Chile.
Nicolas the Monkey
Of all the stories we’ve heard of primates being held as exotic pets and abused, a recent developing story has garnered attention for the specific way in which caretakers abused their pet monkey.

Nicolas, a tufted capuchin monkey, was being held in captivity at a shop in Santiago, Chile. When he was young his owners had his fangs removed so that he wouldn’t pose a threat to them, a relatively common and incredibly painful practice.

Not long afterward, his owners began giving Nicolas cigarettes as a form of entertainment and ultimately began to supply him with alcohol.

“They liked to see his reactions when he drank. He became more aggressive, and that made them laugh,” veterinarian Nicole Rivera Helbig explained to Discovery.

So much so that he, quite literally, became addicted to the substance. Nicolas began to display aggression in response to the alcohol he was consuming, but his owners found this amusing and not frightening, in large part because the animal no longer posed a threat to their safety.

After years of abuse, Nicolas was rescued by authorities and transported to the Primate Rehabilitation Center in Penaflor. Along with 150 other illegally trafficked animals, he continues to undergo treatment.

“Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the most common things (abusive owners) give to monkeys, because they see it as a game,” Rivera continued. Sadly, what these cruel individuals see as a game is at a horrible, crippling cost to the animals. Although Nicolas is on his way to recovery, there are many, many others like him who may never be rescued from this life or given the help they need.

How Can You Help?
While the situation with Nicolas is certainly surprising to most, it’s not entirely out of the ordinary, either. That is, taking advantage of primates or other wild animals and supplying them with something dangerous as a form of entertainment is not uncommon.

The illegal wildlife trade continues to thrive and be as discreet as ever, but thanks to a number of organizations working within local communities and at border control stations, we’re seeing an increase in the number of smugglers captured and the number of wild animals that never enter circulation. Although not all of the animals rescued are candidates to be released back into the wild, those that are rescued are at the very least given a chance to live the remainder of their lives in a sanctuary.

If you’d like to learn how others are helping to shut down the illegal trade or how you can help, check out some of these other informative articles:

  • How U.S. Citizens Are Stepping Up to Shut Down the Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • Do Consumers Have the Power to Shut Down  the Illegal Wildlife Trade

 Lead image source: Heather Paul/Flickr
We Are Their Voice
Over 100 adoption events are taking place at Subaru retailers across the country. Find an event near you!
For the eighth year in a row, Subaru has selected the ASPCA as one of four national charities to participate in its annual Share the Love Event. Last year alone, the ASPCA’s participation in this campaign resulted in a donation from Subaru of more than $2 million, thanks to all the Subaru customers and ASPCA supporters, like you, who chose the ASPCA when they purchased or leased a new Subaru.

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When you choose the ASPCA this year during Share the Love, you’ll be helping to support programs like the Third Annual ASPCA/Subaru Share the Love Rescue Rides. These life-saving animal transports will take place between January 1 and June 30, 2016. Since 2013, Rescue Ride grants have totaled $188,000 and have helped save more than 4,000 animals.

Additionally, the ASPCA has provided grant funding to 45 animal welfare organizations across the country to support pet adoption events with their local Subaru retailer this holiday season. Visit our event directory to find an event near you! We encourage you to share photos of how you’re sharing the love using the hashtag #aspcaSTL.

Please help us spread the word and share the love! Support from Subaru has already helped us save thousands of lives, but there are so many more that need our help!

One last thing! As part of the Subaru Share the Love Event, the ASPCA is hosting a very special photo contest that celebrates rescued pets and the people who gave them a second chance—and a loving home. Enter to win today!
Set alight, fed drugs and left with a broken neck - one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the RSPCA has ever seen

Chunky after his ordeal at the hands of a teenage gang RSPCA
Four teenagers have been disqualified from keeping animals after torturing a stolen dog in a case the RSPCA described as one of the worst they have ever seen.

Three of the teenagers, aged 15 and 16, admitted kicking and punching the chihuahua cross, named Chunky, before breaking his leg and neck.

They then set him on fire, fed him drugs and dumped him in a rubbish tip in Margate.

Despite his ordeal the dog survived and has now been returned to his owner.

The age of the teenagers means that they cannot be identified.
Chunky has now recovered to full health Credit: RSPCA
This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with - by an absolute mile.

The whole thing sends shivers down my spine. The defendants may have been young and confessed to being under the influence of drugs but the cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric and inexcusable.

I will never forget how terrified and depressed he was when I first saw him. The injuries were so severe that despite the fantastic veterinary care and medication he was on, the medication was unable to numb all of the pain, and he suffered for at least six days according to veterinary experts.

Three teenagers pleaded guilty in October to cruelly ill-treating the animal in a way which they knew would cause him to suffer unnecessarily, and were all disqualified from keeping all animals for five years, given a referral order for 12 months and ordered to pay costs. One of the youths was made to pay £1,000 and the other two £500.

A fourth youth, aged 16 at the time of the offence, pleaded guilty to the same offences under the Animal Welfare Act, at a trial at Folkestone Youth Court

He was also disqualified from keeping animals for five years and given a referral order for twelve months, plus his father was made to pay costs of £5,800.

After Being Abandoned by People Who Wanted a ‘Teacup’ Pig, Snuffles Gets a New Lease on Life!

Farm animals are rarely given the love and respect that they deserve. Despite the fact that these animals are just as intelligent as cats and dogs and are equally capable of feeling emotions, they are marginalized and treated as “commodities” in our society. Viewing these animals as somethings rather than someones is a common mechanism used to justify the horrors they’re subjected to in the animal agriculture industry. But, when you strip away this false view of farm animals and see them as individuals, you’ll find that they are incredible creatures that deserve so much more than this sort of life.

Thankfully, the kind people at Edgar’s Mission not only recognize this about farm animals, but they are also actively working to get others to see this too!  They’ve saved countless animals from abuse and have given us some amazing stories of animal liberation including one of the cutest special needs animals we’ve ever seen, Pixie!
Now, Edgar’s Mission is celebrating the arrival of a new pig named Snuffles!
Snuffles is a cuddly and loving piglet with an affectionate demeanor and a golden heart. She downright adores people!
This sweet piglet was initially purchased as a gift for a couple who quickly grew bored of her and shuttled her off to a shelter. She stayed there for a while and no one knew what was gonna happen to her.
Luckily Edgar’s Mission stepped in before she could end up with who-knows-who doing who-knows-what. Three cheers for Pam Ahern (pictured below) and the staff of Edgar’s Mission for saving another animal in need!
Snuffles is still adjusting to her new home which is unsurprising seeing as how she bounced from one home to another over the course of a few weeks. But she’s growing big, strong, and healthy now.
It’s obvious why she’s named “Snuffles” from the second you meet her…
This little cutie makes friends everywhere she goes, so it’s no surprise that she now has a bovine companion!
The two spend a ton of time together. We’re glad that these two have a chance to get to know what it feels like to have a best friend.
Many people think that buying a teacup pig is a great way to show their unique personality … but the reality is there is no such thing as a teacup pig – only baby pot-bellies who will eventually grow to weigh at least 200 pounds. Rather than going for pig-parenthood, consider sponsoring a piggie at your favorite farm sanctuary. To learn more about sponsoring one of Edgar’s piggies, click hereAll image source: Edgar’s Mission

Rescuing a Dog Who Was Starved to the Brink of Death - Her Recovery Will AMAZE You! Please Share!
Please make a small donation and help us save more lives:
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This Amazing Woman Knits Sweaters for Rescued Chickens 
Nicola Congdon and her mother, Anne are two amazing ladies from Cornwall, England who have been knitting sweaters for chickens for the past six months. They were inspired after Nicola read an article about hens rescued from crowded battery cages on factory farms. The stress of living in this sort of cramped environment often drives chickens to pluck out their own feathers or lose them after rubbing against wire cages. After rescue, these poor battery hens highly susceptible to the cold, so a kind person thought to knit a sweater for these little birds. This thoughtful action inspired Nicola to start making her own!

In no time at all she came up with a design and created sweaters for her birds in a variety of colors, which apparently, they love to wear! Six months later her birds are regular fashion models, sporting their fancy sweaters all over the barn.

In fact, they  have gathered so much attention that Nicola has been receiving orders from as far away as Canada. However instead of accepting money for her chicken couture, this wonderful woman has an arrangement where customers can pay by donating to an AIDS Orphanage in South Africa. Now that is inspiring!

Homeless Pup Dying From Mange That Was Hard Like Stone Makes a Miraculous Recovery Thanks to Rescuers.
A street dog in India was suffering from severe mange. Her skin had become hard like stone from the mange and she was emaciated. Watch her amazing recovery. 

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Super Vets Nurse Owl Back to the Wild!
We don't usually get attached to our patients, but sometimes, there are animals that are more memorable than others... Our two Spanish vets, Emma and Maru, recently spent a long time treating a tawny owl with a broken wing, and got quite fond of the cheeky little fella!

The owl was brought in by RSPCA, after being found collapsed in a driveway. The bird had several small wounds on the wing and on its flank, in addition to a broken wing. Luckily, the X-ray showed that the wing was easily fixable, it just needed a splint and time to heal. Emma and Maru took really good care of it during its stay at the hospital, enduring the clacking and clawing of this feisty owl, who clearly wanted to live!

The release was an amazingly rewarding moment for the two vets, when they saw the bird flying beautifully into the night!

PLEASE DONATE - Just £3 from every viewer can help us save many more animals! - Thank you for your support. 

Dog with neurological problem is so happy to be rescued - Fofi just doesn't care!
This is Fofi and she is adorable! She was a stray wandering in the streets of Athens - Greece untill she was brought to the shelter of the "Save a Greek Stray" organization because it was believed she was hit by a car. After examining Fofi it was discovered that she hadn't really been in an accident. Fofi walks funny and ocasionally loses her balance and falls down because she suffers from a neurological problem cause probably by a disease she went through when still a puppy or malnutrition. However she feels no pain and is as happy as can be. She enjoys her life at the shelter but needs a home ASAP and she totally deserves one. For more info on her please contact Save a Greec Stray at
Please share her story! She's a survivor and she deserves it!
And don't forget: It's not how you fall, it's how you get up!
Visit Save a Greek Stray Facebook page:
Follow other rescue pets and get updates on them: 


SCARS - Greece (Second Chance Animal Welfare Society):
baby elephant
If ever an elephant deserved your help, it's Musolole.
He and his mother were attacked in Zambia by ruthless poachers who shot and killed his mother in cold blood.

Musolole escaped, but at just five months old, he was left alone in the world. Musolole wandered for days. When he was finally found by officers from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), he was painfully weak and dehydrated.
In fact, without his mother's nourishing milk, his skin had become so thin that it would bleed when he scratched it. 

He urgently needed care.

The frail elephant calf was rushed to the Zambia Elephant Orphanage.

The Orphanage named him Musolole after the brave ZAWA officer who was killed protecting wildlife from the very poachers that shot the young elephant's mother.
With your gift today, you can help provide the food, expert veterinary care, and everything else he needs to grow strong and healthy so he can one day be released to the wild.

And you'll help us care for other orphaned elephants in Zambia and ease animal suffering wherever we find it.

You've so generously taken action before to help the animals. I'm hoping that this Holiday Season, you can make a special lifesaving gift to help animals like Musolole and the rest of the Zambian orphaned elephants.

Most of the calves at the Orphanage are there because their mothers were killed by poachers. They've suffered so much. They're safe now, but they need your help.

You can help provide the specially-made formula to take the place of their mothers' milk ... help provide them with expert veterinary care ... help keep them safe and teach them how to survive in the wild.

Your gift will be a lifesaver for these orphaned elephants, and for suffering animals everywhere we help them.

This Orphaned Baby Elephant Lost His Family – But Now He Has a New One in His Sanctuary Home.

The team of staff and volunteers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) are, without a doubt, conservation superheroes. They work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate ill, injured, and orphaned animals throughout East Africa, in addition to tackling the ever-persistent threat of illegal wildlife poaching.

And now, their newest arrival, a baby elephant named Tusuja, has been welcomed by other herd members with open arms.
Baby Elephants Welcome a New Rescue to Their Herd!
Tusuja was rescued after being found wandering alone through the Olare Orok Conservancy in the Maasai Mara ecosystem of Kenya. There were no herd members in sight for the vulnerable baby so the wildlife researchers who found him decided that he had to be rescued urgently, as they feared he would not survive through the night on his own.

Tusuja’s carers said, “his resolve when rescued and once safely back at the Nairobi Nursery, his understanding of the situation, cooperation and gentle calm nature have led us to choose a Maasai name for him, ‘Tusuja’, which means ‘to follow’ in Maa.” On their Facebook page, they further added: ”It’s been a long journey for Tusuja since his rescue but, thanks to expert care and treatment, he has finally overcome the parasites (picked up from livestock) which caused him to lose so much weight. A friendly and playful elephant, he is extremely gentle and always takes good care of his best friend, Rapa.”

Elephants are highly intelligent, social beings. They typically live in matriarchal herds, headed by the eldest female member, her daughters, and their calves. When the matriarch dies, she is replaced by one of her daughters, usually the eldest. Adult males live in separate bachelor groups.  Elephants of all kinds are renowned for going through an elaborate mourning process when a herd member dies, and the bonds they form with family and friends can last a lifetime.

The ease with which baby Tusuja has been welcomed into his new herd by the other orphans shows that when it comes to love, friendship, and trust, elephants have a lot more in common with us than we realize. These animals lead complex emotional lives – and we humans have only a limited understanding of what this entails. It is a tragedy, then, that so many elephants around the world are forced to live in captivity and solitary confinement, or forced to perform back-breaking work for years on end. These majestic creatures are also exploited by the tourism industry, with elephant trekking camps and elephant painting demonstrations known to be particularly cruel.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the African elephant population is being systematically decimated by the ivory trade. An estimated 35,000 to 50,000 African elephants are killed for their ivory every year. International pressure to end this horrific trade is growing by the day, but unless concrete action is taken, the African elephant could be faced with extinction in the near future. You can find out how to help here.

It is such a relief to know that the DSWT team were on hand to save Tusuja from his precarious fate and that he now has a new loving rescued elephant family. You can help donate toward the cost of his care here. To find out more about the incredible work of the DSWT, visit their website or Facebook page. Image source: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook

Amara splashes around. Amara enjoys the pool in our sanctuary more than most – and today she's got it all to herself. 
Check out Amara's #MoonBearMonday exploits at
If you’d like to sponsor a bear rescued from a bile farm you can do so here: – Thank you!

This Lawsuit Says Animal Planet Is Doing Some Really Insane Things. The beleaguered network's latest debacle involves some seriously shady antics in the woods.
A Kentucky farmer has accused Animal Planet of setting a fire, damming a creek, chopping down trees, and illegally trespassing and building structures on his property during the production of the reality TV show Call of the Wildman.

Ratings of Animal Planet Show Nosedive After MoJo Exposé
Scandal is all too familiar for viewers of this once-popular show, which follows the supposedly real-life antics of a wily Kentucky wildlife rescuer nicknamed "Turtleman" and his buddies. First, Mother Jones uncovered evidence of repeated animal mistreatment, including drugging an endangered zebra and trapping a sick coyote and other animals for elaborately faked scenes. Then came revelations of state and federal animal welfare investigations, abrupt cancelations of broadcasts, and plummeting viewership—all while Animal Planet representatives denied any wrongdoing.

Now, Turtleman, a.k.a. Ernie Brown Jr., along with his fellow cast members and producers, is facing a potential trial over allegations stemming from an episode filmed in the summer of 2014, called "Call in the Cavalry." During the episode (part of which can be watched online), the so-called "Turtle Team" builds an elaborate tree house, using only materials that they find in the woods, and the "backwoods wisdom" for which the show is famous. "Everything we're going to get is going to come from the backwoods," Turtleman instructs his team—and the cast can be seen chain sawing at least one tree, cutting shingles, and mixing cement.

But behind the scenes, J.D. Long, a 54-year-old resident of the rural hamlet of Liberty, Kentucky, says the show's producers came onto his approximately 49-acre property after his sister, who lives there, explicitly told them they weren't welcome. Long was furious when his sister told him that the team had built the tree house at least partly out of lumber he says they logged on his land. (One of Long's lawyers, Andrew Trimble, says he saw multiple tree stumps at the site during a survey—consistent, he said, with claims in the broadcast that the tree house was built using local materials.) Long told local police that he commissioned a survey and found that three-quarters of the new tree house along with a recreational zip line had been built on his property, near the boundary line he shares with his neighbor, Rodney D. Finn.
The tree house in question, as featured in the episode "Call In The Cavalry" Animal Planet.

"They didn't cut just any tree," Long said. "Some of these trees they cut, they're not replaceable. They only grow in certain places. They grow in deep, dark hollows." Long, a landscaper and nurseryman by trade, says people tend to pay top dollar for this type of wood, which is prized in log cabin design.

Along with trespassing and cutting down his trees, people working for the show allegedly chipped away at the rock face of a waterfall—which Long says is also on his property—to make the concrete (in a scene that plays out in the actual broadcast), and then used that concrete to dam up one of his creeks.

But the most bizarre part of the incident, Long says, came in the middle of the night some months after filming had wrapped up—around November 20, 2014—when he woke to the sound of machinery. "My sister jumped out of bed, she was scared to death," he said. "It made this whizzing that sounded like the whole neighborhood was going to blow up." He called 911.

It turned out the whizzing was coming from a crane, Long said, which had arrived under the cover of darkness to tear down the tree house. Long says the remains of the tree house were then set on fire. "I mean, they could have set the whole mountain on fire, that's what got me," he said. "I was really aggravated."

Sheriff's Deputy Jamie Walters says he saw evidence of burned wood at the site of the tree house when he went to look, and he found debris in the creek, according to a police report he filed about the incident. In the same police report, Long's neighbor, Finn (whom Long is also suing), admitted to building the tree house that the production company had wanted for the episode. In court documents filed in his defense, Finn admitted to being an "associate" of Turtleman but denied the other allegations.

Finn did not respond to a voicemail left by Mother Jones, but in an interview with Walters last year, Finn said he had rented a crane and attempted to move the cabin after Long complained. Walters wrote, "He said when they tried to move the cabin it buckled in the center and came apart. Some of the cabin was salvaged but the remaining parts were burnt."

"I'm the poorest famous guy around," Turtleman said.

According to Walters, Finn said he admitted that he had "made a mistake when he constructed the cabin because he thought it was on his property." Long refused to accept $1,000 from Finn as an apology.

Animal Planet and Sharp Entertainment—the New York-based production company that makes the show—did not respond to repeat attempts to seek an interview for this article. Neither did attorneys Rebecca Schafer and Emily Newman, from the Louisville legal firm representing the bulk of the defendants. Schafer and Newman filed documents asking the court to dismiss the case in May and denied all the central allegations. The judge has yet to rule on that request.

In March, Long filed a suit against Animal Planet and its parent company, Discovery Communications, along with the show's production company, Sharp Entertainment, CORE Media Group (which owns Sharp), the cast of the show, and his neighbor Rodney D. Finn, who he says also trespassed and was involved in the construction and destruction of the tree house. Long has since been locked in the back-and-forth pre-trial exchange of documents between lawyers. No trial date has been set.

For his part, it seems Turtleman might need all the financial help he can get from the production company he has worked for since 2011. "People think I have a million dollars," he told the Post Standard, in March. "I got the famous part, but I haven't got the rich part figured out yet. I'm the poorest famous guy around. I only made $50,000 last year, and that's before taxes."

Call of the Wildman is still under investigation by the US Department of Agriculture, which is looking into multiple claims of animal mistreatment raised by Mother Jones' reporting last year:
Sick Dog Abandoned to Die Deserves Justice.
Target: Don McSpadden, Batesville Prosecuting Attorney
Goal: Punish person who allegedly abandoned dying dog.
A sick dog died after being abandoned. We need to take action to make sure the person who apparently left the sick dog to die is prosecuted.
Shelter officials at City of Batesville Animal Control in Arkansas said the dog was dropped off by a group of people. However, a man can be seen on a surveillance camera callously disposing of the dog next to the animal control sign.
The dog unfortunately died because it was thought to have already been in extremely poor health at the time that it was dropped off. While the person who owned the dog may not have had the money to take it to an animal hospital, he could have waited until the next day to take it to the animal control center. A veterinarian may have been able to help the dog if the owner had chosen to do this. Instead, the animal suffered alone up until its last breath.
Demand officials do everything possible to bring whoever committed this heartless act to justice. Animals deserve better than to be tossed out in the cold like yesterday’s trash.
Dear Attorney McSpadden,
A dog owner reportedly abandoned his sick dog outside an animal control center after hours. If this person is caught, he must be prosecuted.
According to people who work at City of Batesville Animal Control, the animal was dropped off at the shelter by several individuals. They also saw one man on their surveillance camera leave the dog next to the building’s sign during the late afternoon hours.
Because the dog was in such poor health, it died outside that night. Although the man who dropped off the dog may not have been able to afford to get it help at an animal hospital, he could have kept the dog at home with him and dropped it off at the shelter the next day. There is a chance that a veterinarian may have been able to help it under those circumstances. The dog would then not have had to suffer throughout the night before passing away.
For all of these reasons, I urge you to do everything in your power to make sure that whoever did this is found and prosecuted. People who abandon pets as if they are trash deserve to be legally punished.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: City of Batesville Animal Control
Yorkie Dog Beaten Almost to Death Deserves Justice.
Target: Channing D. Phillips, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia
Goal: Prosecute woman who allegedly almost beat small Yorkie to death.
A 6-pound Yorkie was allegedly beaten by its owner. We need to take action to better ensure the person responsible gets the maximum prison sentence so that other animals will be less likely to meet the same fate.
Kristina Washington allegedly beat her Yorkie and then failed to provide it with medical care. The dog was hit numerous times in various areas of its body and it now has multiple fractures. Some of these fractures include 11 spinal fractures, five limb fractures, multiple fractures to its skull, four broken ribs and a broken foot. The dog’s left leg was also broken so many times that a part of the bone actually absorbed into the body tissue, making it less likely that the leg will properly heal.
Surgeries done on the animal have already cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the dog needs many more surgeries and the animal may not be able to be saved.
Urge the United States Attorney to bring this woman up on two felony counts for this alleged crime, so that she will likely have to spend 10 years in prison. Beating a 6-pound animal is both disgusting and inexcusable.
Dear Attorney Phillips,
A woman allegedly nearly beat a small Yorkie to death. If found guilty, it is important that she is punished to the fullest extent of the law so that other animals will not have to suffer under her ownership.
Kristina Washington reportedly beat her Yorkie and then did not get the dog medical care. The dog was beaten to such a great extent that it has multiple fractures. Some of these fractures include 11 spinal fractures, four broken ribs and even multiple fractures to the head.
Veterinarians are not yet able to guarantee that the animal can be saved. Furthermore, surgeries done to help the animal have already cost well over $10,000 and more money is still needed to do other surgeries.
As a United States Attorney, you have the power to bring this woman up on two felony charges in order to better ensure that she will spend 10 years in prison. I therefore urge you to do everything possible to make sure this woman is punished to the fullest extent of the law for committing this alleged, heinous crime. Anyone who almost kills a 6-pound defenseless animal by beating it deserves to spend a great deal of time in prison.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Mary Ann Barton
Rescued Kitten Only Has Two Paws, But She’s Still the Fastest, Most Lovable Kitty Around!
There’s something about special needs animals that awes and inspires us. Whether it’s their never ending tenacity in the face of hardship or their ability to be joyful despite their trauma, we are constantly motivated to fight harder for their protection every time we get a story like this.

We’d like you to meet the adorable little gumdrop that has stolen our hearts, Alfie! This little lady was rescued by Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control at just five-weeks-old. She was found with malformed back legs and missing paw pads. It is unclear how this happened, but her rescuers think is it due to an unknown trauma.

Despite the pain that she must be in, she’s constantly overflowing with energy and is active from the moment she wakes up to the second she goes to sleep. In the short period of time she’s been in the shelter, she’s managed to win over everyone she comes into contact with … once you see her, we’re sure you’ll understand why.

Meet Alfie: when she isn’t cuddling with one of the staff members at her shelter, she cuddles with her favorite stuffed bear.
rescue kitten without paws
She’s still a little too young for surgery so once she is big enough, the extent of her injuries will have to be assessed. Don’t worry about her, though, Alfie is one of the most resilient kitties around!
rescue kitten without paws
Alfie doesn’t let her injury stop her from doing anything she wants to do.  She’s still just as spry and agile as any other kitty her age. In fact, she’s actually able to outrace some of the other kitties in the shelter that have all four legs intact!
rescue kitten without paws
As you can see, Alfie is effortlessly gorgeous. In addition to that, she’s high-energy and loves people, making her a great candidate for a loving home with lots of people!

rescue kitten without paws
Alfie is going to need a forever home after her back legs are taken care of by the vets. Sadly, it can be difficult to find homes for special needs animals, but Friends Of Chicago Animal Care and Control is determined to find her a loving forever home. You can help Alfie along the way by sharing her story and inspiring others to consider adopting a special needs pet. All animals deserve a warm, loving home! All image source: Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

Pit Bull Rescued From Death Row is Now a Foster Mom to Needy Animals All Over The World.

Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation for being aggressive and vicious dogs. These stereotypes primarily come from the dog fighting industry where dogs, typically Pit Bulls or Pit-mixes, are abused by their cruel owners and forced to fight and even kill one another. In reality, Pit Bulls are not inherently aggressive or dangerous dogs, in fact, they used to be known as Nanny dogs because of their loyalty and sweet disposition. Unfortunately, the perpetuation of negative myths about Pit Bulls has caused many people to be afraid to adopt these pups, and consequently, they are among the most highly euthanized breeds in U.S. shelters.

Princess, the Pit Bull was one such Pit Bull mix was was scheduled to be euthanized. That is until Jenny and Jimmy Desmond found her and swept her away from harm.

Jimmy Desmond is a wildlife veterinarian. He and his wife travel internationally, rescuing animals and Princess was a welcome addition to their crew!
foster dog @ the beach
With her new parents by her side, Princess went from an “unadoptable” Pit Bull to a loving surrogate mother to other animals. 
foster dog and kitten
The Desmond family works internationally as consultants for the Jane Goodall Institute, the Harmony Fund, and the Humane Society, treating abandoned, orphaned and injured animals of many different kinds.
foster dog and birdie
The best thing about being in a family that travels around rescuing animals is meeting new friends.
foster dog and rodent
“Princess is part of everything we do day to day and in the bigger picture.  She travels everywhere with us,” Jenny explained.
foster dog and piggy
A few weeks ago, this on the go family headed off to Liberia, to work with a group of chimpanzees who were abandoned after having been the victims of cruel experimentation.
foster dog and baby
The Desmond’s were a part of a project that included the legendary primate expert Jane Goodall. Princess even got to meet her too!

foster dog and jane goodall
If there is someone for everyone that must be true for pets too, as Princess is a perfect match for this altruistic family. People like this are living proof of how many wonderful people there are in the world helping animals every day. All image source: Jenny Desmond
Suzy: Before and After
Sweet Suzy has come a long way since you helped us rescue her from the circus last February. Prior to her rescue, 60 year old Suzy had been continuously chained, subjected to mental torture, and forced to perform despite her many infirmities.
After just 9 months of being under the care and supervision of our vets at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Suzy has shown tremendous improvement in terms of her health. She loves mashed fruits and can be spotted following Asha, her best friend, who navigates her all around and even shares meals with her.

SkyVet attend to a wild baby with a snare.
This Epic Rescue of Baby Elephant Stuck in a Hunting Trap Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. The African elephant population has been dealt a huge blow by illegal poaching. It is estimated that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory. Luckily, animal conservation organizations like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) are working diligently to put an end to this senseless killing.

In addition to providing a home for the orphan victims of the ivory trade, DSWT works with Kenya’s Wildlife Services to provide mobile vet care for animals who have been injured by poaching attempts. Poachers commonly wound their targets with poison arrows and leave them to wander until they ultimately collapse and die. The mobile vet team can keep the latter from happening by responding to the scene before too much harm is done.

This video shows the rescue of a young elephant who walked into a snare trap. These sort of traps can be very harmful to animals as they will become embedded in the flesh over time causing blood infections, permanent wounding, and eventually death.

It’s so heartbreaking to watch the calf’s mother try in vain to prop him up after he falling in the trap, but luckily the mobile vets rush in to solve the problem in a hurry! The baby and his mother both needed to be tranquilized to carry out the successful rescue, after which, they were released back into the wild safe and sound.

DWST is a great organization that has earned our respect and admiration through their activism. To learn more about them, visit their website or Facebook page!

The 4 Gemini Circus elephants have been safely taken to the Doddaharve Elephant Rescue Center today, a 50 hectare forest next to the river Kaveri.
Weeks of struggle led by team HSI along with CUPA, PETA, WSOS and of course PFA has finally made this happen. Concerted action by at least half a dozen other organisations was critical.
Also, this is a good result by Vasudev Murthy, who we tained to become HAWO. Very heartening to have enthusiastic new activists taking up matters so systematically. Cases filed by AWBI and HSI are still pending before the High Court and the Magistrate's court to take the matter to its logical conclusion which is to ensure good living conditions at the rescue center and punishment to guilty officers and elephant 'owners'. Jayasimha Geethaprabhu Nuggehalli Shreya Paropkari are the twin stars of this remarkable rescue
A Plan to Save Elephants
A plan to save elephants
  Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS
In the forests and savannahs of central Africa, elephants are being slaughtered by poachers. Some are slayed with bullets, others poisoned. At this rate, African forest elephants face near extinction within 10 years.
But we can ensure a future for these elephants. Our plan addresses the crisis at every level. Together we can stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand.

Kitten and Puppy Who Kept Each Other Warm in the Rain Have Been Rescued Together!
A friendship that can brave a Michigan winter is quite the warm and loving one.

When Michigan Humane Society rescue driver, Chris Ouwerkerk, received a call that a puppy had been left out in the rain near an abandoned house, he went to the scene quickly — as he usually does — but what he found was anything but usual.

He called to the puppy, and the little one ran out to the street from his hiding space in between two trashcans. But when he picked the puppy up, he heard frantic meowing. If he could’ve translated it, the kitten probably would’ve been saying “Hey, don’t you take my cuddle buddy!”

Ouwerkerk found the kitten hidden between the two trashcans and figured that he had been snuggling with the puppy to stay warm and protected from the wind and rain.

Now, the puppy, Camarin, and Tomas, the kitten, can resume their friendship out of the scary winter winds. They’ve continued to snuggle and show affection for each other at the animal shelter, and it’s clear that it will take more than a bad storm to break their bond.

Help Feed Animals In Need
Although Thanksgiving is a day of abundance, the sad reality is that animal hunger doesn't stop during the holidays. In fact, there are thousands of homeless and neglected animals out there right now wondering if their next meal will ever come. That is why the ASPCA is asking you to open your heart by making a gift today.

Here’s a look at how your generosity can make a big difference for hungry dogs and cats this season and all year long:

$20 can $35 can
$50 can $100 can
This month alone, the ASPCA will help provide over 10,000 meals to animals in need—and it is only through your donations that we can continue to feed, house and care for animals rescued from abuse and neglect. So this Thanksgiving, please give them something to be thankful for: Make a donation to the ASPCA today.