Friday, October 23, 2015

Progressive Breakfast: Elizabeth Warren: No Mystery Why She's A 'Progressive Champion'


Senator Warren has earned the brickbats and the praise because she’s willing to take on the most powerful financial interests in the country in defense of everyday Americans. She is a first term minority party senator, but she has already earned a national following and is transforming our political debate and disrupting the corrupted politics of Washington. On October 27, hundreds of progressive leaders and activists will gather at the Campaign for America’s Future’s Annual Gala to celebrate Elizabeth Warren. We’ll show her that we’ve got her back. A few tickets are still available at Join us.

Ryan Compromises With Freedom Caucus

Rep. Paul Ryan formally declares Speaker bid. NYT: ” The Republican conference is expected to vote on Mr. Ryan on Wednesday, followed by a vote on the House floor next Thursday … Speaker Ryan might unify the House Republican Conference around his election, but he has far to go to rally them around a legislative agenda.”
Ryan won’t immediately demand rule change to protect Speaker. Politico:Rep. Paul Ryan has agreed to delay a discussion about reforming the procedural motion used to remove a House speaker, a major concession to the House Freedom Caucus … Should he become House speaker, Ryan will set a deadline by which the House Republican Conference will change chamber and party rules.”

Boehner Struggles To Finish Up

Boehner still can’t get a debt limit increase passed. Politico: “Senior leadership aides said they couldn’t find the 30 Republican votes needed to join with all 188 Democrats to pass that proposal — a bleak indication of the current state of play.”
Though some say Republicans will have to relent soon. The Hill: “…with the Senate likely to take multiple days to act on legislation, that leaves a window of voting next week on a ‘clean’ debt limit bill without preconditions. ‘I think it will be relatively clean,’ said Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), a Boehner ally…”
“Congress has one week to prevent a highway funding shutdown” reports The Hill: “Lawmakers are scrambling to pass at least an extension of transportation funding by next Thursday to prevent an interruption. The Department of Transportation has warned that it will have to stop making payments to states and local governments for infrastructure projects in November if Congress does not reach an agreement.”
House committee passes transportation bill that differs from Senate. The Hill: “They balked at that [Senate] bill, in part, because it contained six years’ worth of transportation commitments but only three years’ worth of funding … the highway bill that was approved by the House Transportation Committee on Thursday would require lawmakers to pass new legislation to ‘unlock’ additional funding…”
Obama vetoes defense spending bill. The Hill: “Obama argues the bill irresponsibly skirts spending caps adopted in 2011 by putting $38 billion into a war fund not subject to the limits, a move he called a ‘gimmick.’ He has called on Congress to increase both defense and nondefense spending.”

GOP Governors Fight EPA, GOP Voters Accept Science

“Numerous States Prepare Lawsuits Against Obama’s Climate Policy” reports NYT: “As many as 25 states will join some of the nation’s most influential business groups in legal action to block President Obama’sclimate change regulations when they are formally published Friday…”
“Americans Have Never Been So Sure About Climate Change” reports Bloomberg: “Three-quarters of Americans now accept the scientific consensus on climate change, the highest level in four years of surveys conducted by the University of Texas at Austin. The biggest shocker is what’s happening inside the GOP. In a remarkable turnabout, 59 percent of Republicans now say climate change is happening, up from 47 percent just six months ago.”

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