Friday, July 24, 2015

Your Dolphin Outlook Weekly Update

Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny pool at Wake Bali Adventure.
As a regular ocean user and surfer, interaction with dolphins in their natural habitat occurs semi-regularly.
The discovery of an adventure park on the beach containing a small pool 10m x20 m about 400 metres south of Komune Resort and the famous Keramas surf break housing 4 dolphins in chlorinated water for tourists to swim and play with was a huge shock.
A similar dolphin facility was closed down 2 years ago by the Minister of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, with a pledge to close any other dolphin attraction sites.
After initial protests when the Indonesian owned, Wake Bali Adventure Park opened last July, the resort still remains open and the dolphins remain trapped in a tiny chlorinated pool.
This is a request for Wake Bali Adventure Park to free the dolphins and allow them to be re-introduced into the wild, where they belong.
Please note that there are NO dolphins in the pool at Komune Bali Resort at Keramas and Komune’s owners Tony Cannon and Luke Egan are both surfers and actively support organisations protecting marine mammals.
Also note, these dolphins can't be simply rescued and returned straight to the ocean. They need to be rehabilitated and there are pens setup for this detailed here.
Wake Bali Dolphins
Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia DR. IR. SITI NURBAYA BAKAR


  1. Craig Brokensha started this petition 1 month ago

Model Finds Toothless Dolphins at Wake Bali Adventure

1w nataschaelisaAfter seeing and signing a petition on last week about 4 wild dolphins being held in a small pool in Bali for tourist entertainment I went to see them myself and it was absolutely heart breaking...
Via: Instagram nataschaelisa: After seeing and signing a petition on last week about 4 wild dolphins being held in a small pool in Bali for tourist entertainment I went to see them myself and it was absolutely heart breaking…On July 11th, 2015 Fashion model Natascha Elisa and creator of Models Of Compassionintentionally visited “Wake Bali Adventure” to document the four dolphins barely surviving in horrific conditions, whose teeth had all been intentionally extracted, in a tiny chlorinated pool, after reading and signing an online petition: “Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny pool at Wake Bali Adventure” by Craig Brokensha.

After seeing and signing a petition on last week about 4 wild dolphins being held in a small pool in Bali for tourist entertainment I went to see them myself and it was absolutely heart breaking… I laid with them for a while and they swam up to me and cried. I have video of the dolphins on my snapchat ‘nataschaelisa‘. Please sign the@changedotorg petition linked on my profile @modelsofcompassion“.

Elisa posted several heartbreaking videos and images on Instagram and Models For Compassion. In one video two dolphins approach Elisa, one opens his or her mouth to reveal all his or her teeth had been extracted. The pool was filthy and reeked of chlorine  and the dolphins could be seen listless and floundering their eyes obviously burning from the excessive chlorine permeating from the cloudy pool.
All the dolphins teeth have been removed via:  Models for Compassion
All the dolphins teeth have been removed via: Models Of Compassion - Long time dolphin activist and creator of Save The Blood Dolphins Facebook Page and co-creator of Dolphin Talk Radio Barbara Napoles is no newby to the ongoing battle for dolphins in Indonesia. Her petition to Garuda Airlines, “Stop Transporting Dolphins” ended in victory, and has been written up in the Jakarta Globe. Napoles had this to say:
“Look at the picture, these dolphins are only feet from the open ocean yet here they are imprisoned in a cloudy pool filled with feces, urine and chlorine.  Look at their eyes Napoles pointed out, and and watch as the dolphin turns on his or her side in agony! “What vet would extract all of a dolphins teeth”? And then to make them work all day dragging tourists around a tiny pool is criminal. This is abuse at it’s worse!
Sea turtles in the corner of a drained spa taken by Rodney Westerlaken
Sea turtles in the corner of a drained spa taken by Rodney Westerlaken - In addition Napoles was given images of wild sea turtles that had been captured and were being held in a drained hot tub at Bali Wake Adventure.
A sea stressed wild sea turtle begins laying her eggs from stress. Image by
A  wild sea turtle begins laying her eggs from stress. Image by Rodney Westerlaken - What can you do to help these dying dolphins and wild sea turtles being used and abused at the Bali Wake Adventure:
Please sign the petition on and continue to share and voice your outrage at the obvious abuse and exploitation of the 4 dolphins and now endangered wild turtles suffering at Wake Bali Adventure for human entertainment.
You can also email Bali’s Forestry Minister Bakar about helping the Wake Bali Adventure dolphins, his email is
Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Stranding Found With White Radiated Lungs FukushimaJapanese scientists are dumbfounded by the discovery.
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The Georgia Aquarium, SeaWorld and the Shedd Aquarium are trying to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales to display and breed in their cramped tanks.  Like orcas, beluga whales do poorly in captivity, dying at an early age and suffering acute stress.  The US National Marine Fisheries Service denied the permit, after more than 9,000 people commented against the import.  This was the result of Earth Island’s and other organizations’ grassroots organizing efforts. The Georgia Aquarium filed suit against the US government to overturn the ruling and allow the import to proceed.  We have joined the legal intervention to stop the appeal.

We must counter this attempt to allow Russians to do the dirty work of capturing wild belugas for US aquariums. Meanwhile, these sea-circuses falsely claim that they aren't catching wild dolphins and whales any more.

Your support will help us shut the door on US aquariums importing wild-caught dolphins and whales from Russia and other countries.  48% of the belugas kept in these aquariums represented by Georgia Aquarium have died. The trade also harms wild populations of dolphins and whales in US and Canadian waters. Now the captive industry is turning to Russia, Cuba, the Solomon Islands, and Taiji, Japan, to get wild dolphins and whales.  We must stop this trafficking!  Your tax-deductible donation makes a big difference. Click HERE to donate.
Beluga Whales.jpg
Help us keep belugas wild and free!

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Save Imprisoned Wild Dolphins

Target: The Indonesian Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan
Goal: Free four wild dolphins being kept in a small, chlorinated pool.
Indonesian citizens have been protesting the Wake Bali Adventure Resort since its first opening last year, and because they still have not changed the resort’s treatment or protocol of dolphins since then, it is time to speak out again. A similar facility was already shut down two years ago by the Minister, who then made a pledge to close down every other dolphin attraction site in the country. It’s time for him to follow his word and help us in our efforts to save these wild dolphins from cruel and harmful conditions.
Dolphins that have been kept in confined captivity for long spans of time cannot simply be returned to the wild. These animals will need professional rehabilitation and habitation, and the rescue center supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry have no record of ever releasing their “rehabilitated” animals. The adjacent Komune Bali Resort at Karamas has no dolphins whatsoever and both owners actively support organizations that protect marine life. It is imperative that the dolphins at Wake Bali Adventure Resort be turned over to a responsible center that will do its best to meet their needs.
Tell the Minister of Forestry to act on his own word and save these intelligent animals from cruelty and mistreatment.
To the Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan:
In August of 2013, you vowed to ban all dolphin attraction sites from the country of Indonesia, and yet more have continued to spread. For an entire year, Wake Bali Adventure Resort has held four wild dolphins captive in a confined pool of chlorinated water. Chlorine releases ammonia into the animal’s living environment and will eventually cause serious chemical burns that can become deadly. These animals have been taken from their homes and are now being tortured for the fleeting entertainment of tourists and vacationers.
Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures. They have advanced communication skills and have developed remarkable problem-solving skills.  Treating a mammal of this intelligence the way the dolphins at the Wake Bali Adventure Resort have been treated is the equivalent of abusing a human toddler. As the Minister of Forestry, you have taken the responsibility of these animal’s lives and well-being into your own hands. These creatures have been cruelly mistreated and psychologically damaged, and it will take time for them to heal before they are simply cast back out to the wild. I urge you to please save these animals from exploitation and return them to their rightful homes.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Scott Kalman
Cruel Dolphinarium Proposed in Poland – Here’s How You Can Stop It!
Up till now, there has never been a dolphinarium in Poland. With a new investment planned to be carried out in the city in Mszczonów, this may soon change.

Exploiting Dolphins for Profit

The Paradox of the Dolphin's Smile: How the Captivity Industry Capitalizes on Dolphin's MiserySimon_sees/Flickr

Mszczonów is a small town with over 6,000 inhabitants, located in central Poland, 30 miles from the capital city of Warsaw and over 240 miles away from the waters of the Baltic Sea. This year, a Warsaw-based company purchased 5,500 square meters of land near the largest local tourist attraction – a complex of thermal pools – as a place for a dolphinarium. The investor, named Polskie Centrum Edukacji i Ochrony Mórz (Polish Center for Education and Sea Conservation) states that the main purpose of this facility will be dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT), education and entertainment. The facility will cover 3,814 square meters, with 17 meters in height and consist of two pools – one indoor pool and one outdoor pool. It will house four dolphins: three females and one young male, obtained from Ukraine and supposedly born in captivity. The opening date for the dolphinarium is set to 2017.

Say No to the Dolphinarium and Take Action!

Do Dolphins Have Healing Abilities, or is Dolphin Therapy Just Another Guise for the Captivity Industry?Michael Gray/Flickr
This investment is a source of major controversy, both in Poland and abroad, as it is contrary to the global movement to cease dolphin exploitation in dolphinariums and theme parks. For many years, there have been independent reports that the educational value of dolphin shows is close to none while DAT is used to take money from desperate parents, with little credible scientific justification.
In the light of above-mentioned facts, we have launched a campaign, NIE! dla delfinarium (“NO! for the dolphinarium”), the aim of which is not only to stop the dolphinarium in Mszczonow, but also to widely educate Polish society about the dolphin captivity industry and the suffering those animals endure in facilities like the one that is planned to be opened in Poland. We are a group of experts and advocates, supported by Viva! Foundation. Our website was created as an information hub for individuals and institutions who wish to get more information about dolphin and whale captivity as well as the campaign.

Through educational efforts and changes in legislation, we hope that not only the shameful and irresponsible plan of dolphinarium in Mszczonow is stopped, but also that there will never be a dolphin kept in captivity in Poland.

Please support our campaign, by signing petitions launched by WWF andGreenpeaceShould you wish to obtain more information about the campaign, please send your message to
Thanks for making a world of difference for dolphins and whales.