Friday, February 20, 2015

Wind Power

Cape Wind was supposed to be America’s first offshore wind farm. This historic project, to be built near Cape Cod, has been 14 years in the making -- but now one of the oil billionaire Koch brothers is doing everything he can to kill it.

Last month, a lawsuit funded by Bill Koch prevented Cape Wind from securing financing for the project, leading a company called National Grid to back out of its agreement to purchase electricity from Cape Wind.

The Cape Wind project is now on life support, and needs our help. Marcy Reed, the president of National Grid in Massachusetts, has long been a strong supporter of offshore wind – and a strong surge of public support for Cape Wind could save the project.

Tell National Grid Massachusetts President Marcy Reed: Show your dedication to clean energy and keep your commitment to Cape Wind. Click here to sign the petition.
In 2010, Cape Wind signed a major, 15-year power purchase agreement with National Grid, a British electricity and gas utility company operating throughout the Northeast U.S. National Grid committed to purchasing 50 percent of the power generated by Cape Wind – a major step forward for the project, turning the prospect of America’s first offshore wind farm into a reality.1

But for the past 14 years, Cape Wind has faced attack after attack from a small group of wealthy individuals and business organizations in Massachusetts. That list includes the Koch-funded Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, which filed the lawsuit that resulted in Cape Wind losing its financing.

The fate of Cape Wind could have major ramifications for America’s clean energy future, deciding whether we choose wind turbines over gas pipelines, or continue down the road of rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and heightened disaster risks.

A project like Cape Wind shouldn’t fail at the hands of a few wealthy special interests. We can’t afford to let oil billionaires like Bill Koch kill the nation’s first offshore wind power project.

Tell National Grid Massachusetts President Marcy Reed: Show your dedication to clean energy and keep your commitment to Cape Wind. Click here to sign the petition.

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I’m asking you now because—though we may not have not have the multimillion dollar budgets of the anti-wind interests—our Power of Wind community has proven that with a lot of voices and just a little support, we can be a powerful force for smart wind policy.

And with anti-wind groups spreading misinformation in order to get our elected officials to turn their backs on wind-friendly policy—we need you with us now more than ever. So I have to ask…

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Our opponents don’t want our state and federal legislators to know that you and millions of other Americans want more clean energy, and the common-sense policies that support it.

But by standing with us today, you can ensure that Power of Wind can keep fighting to secure the common-sense energy policies that can unleash wind power’s full potential in 2015.

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