Monday, July 24, 2017

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up

English: Kodiak, a 13-year-old captive North A...
English: Kodiak, a 13-year-old captive North American wolf at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire, England. The photo was taken by myself in early June 2007 and shows Kodiak moulting (with large tufts of loose fur visible). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Trump administration has released a long-awaited draft recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves -- and it's deeply flawed.

Against the recommendations made by independent scientists in 2012, the plan would suppress these rare wolves' numbers and distribution, hand over key management decisions to anti-wolf state game departments, and prematurely strip protections once numbers in the wild reach just 320 in the United States and 170 in Mexico, with no connections between populations. 

Please add your voice to the call for substantial revisions to this disastrous draft.

Around 150 Mexican gray wolves now live in the wild in the U.S. Southwest and Mexico, along with another 250 in captivity. In the U.S. wild, the wolves suffer from inbreeding. That's why scientists have repeatedly urged new releases of captive wolves to boost genetic diversity -- and why Trump's plan will lead only to extinction. The plan would allow Arizona and New Mexico game officials to veto new releases and limit recovery to south of Interstate 40, although much of the best wolf habitat lies north of this arbitrary line.

Join us today in opposing this sham recovery plan -- to be enforced with traps, neck-snares and bullets -- and insist on a rewrite based on science.

Right-wingers in Congress are pushing a bill to strip funds for wolves in the Great Lakes and halt all wolf recovery work from coast to coast.

Please give today to our Trump Resistance Fund. We need your support now to fight this disastrous legislation and keep wolves safe.

These beleaguered animals face a dangerous future. While we celebrated a new pack in California last week, the population is perilously small and still vulnerable to the kind of persecution that exterminated the state's wolves a century ago. In the Southwest there are just 113 Mexican gray wolves in the wild -- not nearly enough for safety and stability. Elsewhere wolf families are struggling to stay together as they're chased, hunted, trapped and killed.

This new funding bill makes the situation so much worse. We have to stop it.

The Republican-led Congress has contempt for wildlife -- that's clear. This is a continuation of their war against wolves and other species, and another shot at weakening the Endangered Species Act.

Wolf supporters have been contacting elected officials and demanding they oppose this shameful bill -- your gift today will strengthen our resistance.

The only thing standing between gray wolves' survival and their extinction is the Endangered Species Act. Already congressional Republicans have launched 35 separate attacks on the Act, our country's most successful environmental law. The newest wolf bill is among the worst because stripping federal protections from wolves before they've recovered increases their vulnerability, pushing them closer to the edge of extinction. We won't let that happen.

Please make a gift to the Trump Resistance Fund so we can stop this all-out attack on wolves. Every gift helps.